The Wachowski's Next Project

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The masterminds responsible for the successful "Matrix" film franchise, may be preparing to bring their next Sci-Fi story to the bigscreen. According to rumors sent to us by an anonymous source, the Wachowski brothers are planning a new Sci-Fi film franchise tentatively titled "DreamscapesAxis." According to the source, the Wachowski's are now secretly working on cutting a deal with a writer for their new Sci-Fi film project, through the William Morris Agency.

It is not yet known, whether or not the Wachowski's will be the directors or producers for this film project, who will be starring in it, or which studio it will be made by. According to our source, "DreamscapesAxis" or simply "The Axis", will possibly be the first film of a new Sci-Fi film franchise similar to the "Matrix" series, and may possibly be a trilogy. According to our source, "DreamScapesAxis" will be using new special effects as groundbreaking as the "Bullet-Time" effect, but were not used in any of the "Matrix" films.

Having seen a script synopsis for the film, our source added "I seen some ideas that definitely are new and almost controversial for the film industry." The source continued "The key words I do Remember are 'Second Messiah', 'DIA', 'supernatural', and strewn all over the script is the word Axis. There were some Action scenes describing 'Gung fu' moves and something about Ultra dimensions."

This information has not been confirmed, and thus should not be taken as fact until proven otherwise. We will bring you more details on this story as it develops.

Actually isn't their next project supposed to be V FOR VENDETTA? It's a comic book film and it's starring natalie portman. It's coming out november 5th, 2005. I'm not sure who's doing the film but i think it's the wachowski brothers * Scratches head *

Anyways sounds cool but I'm not sure about the effects. If it's gonna be like the matrix then great but if it's gonna be like reloaded and revloutions I'm out.

yes it is... Im looking forward to it eek!
and about the axis, any info on whats it about?

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