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how good was the movie, because from the cover it looks good rolling on floor laughing

not very. When i was a kid the movie was good, but now it is garbage. I still watch it for nostalgia purpose, but i would rather read the book. There is about 10 percent of the book actually in the movie

el barto_1
i saw it at ca. 10 yrs, it was a lode of crap then, and it is a lode of crap now

Freaky Zeeky
Theres already a thread for this.

Evil Dead
not on the first page......... you're not a moderator, Backfire does not need your help.

hey freaky zeeky **** you

Evil Dead
don't be childish........I got the point across just fine.......

Evil Dead defender of the repeat thread smile

I liked the book but, the movie was rubbish.

Originally posted by basementred
hey freaky zeeky **** you
Calm down.

Evil Dead
damn straight my man. I get tired of new people being treated like second class citizens when they want to discuss a topic. People chime in like, "hey.....there was already a thread posted about this movie 16 months ago, it's on the 8th page, tack a reply on can't start a new topic"..............if the same topic is already on the first page, I'll be the first to say, "'re just wasting space, post in the existing topic"...........but I'm not going to tell people that they shouldn't be allowed to post their thoughts on movies simply because the same movie was talked about 2 years ago in a thread.

i rule
it was dumb

thanks evil dead

thats a good point......and well made

The Movie Sucks. Thats what it is. The clown sux, you can kill it easly. Damn it!

you know whats funny people post a reply that has nothing to do with topic. that always made me laugh its like can you read? anyway it the movie.

It was a movie that was way too long and honestly the bit scary part was a stupid clown showing pointy teeth oooooooh gee i am scared. it had potential but honestly the movie sucked cause whoever got ahold of it diced the crap out of it.

the clown guy who was suppose to be evil and have all this power showed nothing when he did finally come out of his shell at the end of this. it was like oh thats what i sat here for 4 hours for! sorry i did.

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