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hello this is for all my fellow harry and hermione shippers out there scince there isnt enough to spit at this is a place where h/hr shippers can share evidence and then we'll make a list of good vailid evidence and show it to the public.....we'll talk about new rumors and just plain hermione and harry!!!!!have fun!!!!!!!!!!!gossip

Reasons for Supporting H/Hr

(1) I have found many times R/Hr arguments revolve around HE likes her, HE gets jealous over her, etc., etc.
However there have been few times where her feelings are taken into account and after reading all five books I
really believe Hermione has feelings for Harry. I've given evidence of this so much; but I'm sure someone will
say where was that in the text; so I'll give one from each book.

I spoke about the ending scene in my last post and some persons completely missed the point. I specifically
said that I'm sure some would argue that for plot reasons Hermione had to go on with Harry, leaving Ron
behind. Sure enough some made mention of Harry being the hero and needing to save the day. Yes, but this
was NOT my point. The point of my referring to Ron's falling off the horse and Harry getting ready to go face
Snape/Quirrel was Hermione's REACTION to each. I don't think Hermione sees Harry as "oh he's the hero so my
reaction has to be more intense". The fact is BOTH boys were her friends and BOTH made decisions that could
have potentially ended in their deaths. For BOTH incidents we saw Hermione's reaction and the fact is deny it
all you want; but she was WAY more intense towards Harry than Ron. Hermione knew what Ron was going to
do just like she knew what Harry was going to do; so one can't use the argument that the whole thing with Ron
happened too fast for her to fully react. Hermione stood and watched Ron fall from an extremely dangerous
height and while she screamed; she didn't even stop to make sure the boy was alive. Nothing. Yet with Harry
he has to convince her to leave and that's after her full "you're a great wizard, etc." speech. Might have been
nice to tell poor Ron how brave he was before the kid almost got himself killed.

Her reaction to him during the year-end feast. I'm not going in-depth with this again. Her immediate belief that
he was the hero, he saved the day, her obvious pride in him again. It certainly makes a very romantic image of
Hermione running towards Harry, wearing pyjamas (of all things) screaming "you did it". It parallels the
romantic imagery from early in the book with her waving at him from atop a white stairs and running down to
meet him; hair flying behind her.

Hermione going to see Harry's game when she wasn't speaking to him. You know there were a number of
different things I could have used but I chose this because it's seemingly a little thing. However I've always
believed the little things can be just as beautiful as the big, dramatic demonstrations of love. Harry obviously
didn't see Hermione, which is why he asked her if she was even there. Thus, here we have Hermione who is not
even that fond of the game (witness her eventual boredom in the discussion about the World Cup in GOF), who
is technically not speaking to Harry and is mad enough to not run onto the pitch like the other members of the
house, yet she was there. I know many persons will just shrug it off as insignificant but obviously Harry likes
having her there or (a) he wouldn't even notice that she wasn't and (b) he wouldn't ask about it. Through all
that was going on with her (too much work, stress, fighting with Ron, etc), she came to see his game. I mean
really it wasn't like Harry would be lacking for support if she wasn't there; the whole Gryffindor house treats
Harry like a God when it comes to Quidditch and she obviously didn't come to make a point to him; or she
would have made sure he saw her. She did it because she WANTED to be there. She WANTED to see him play
and her words later are significant, when she tells him that she was happy they won and " I think YOU did
really well". One wonders sometimes if Hermione really watches the other players at all. I say that when you
consider her immediately being on the pitch before Harry had even finished saying he couldn't see with his
glasses because of the rain.

Her pride over his accomplishments in the first two tasks. I can understand being nervous and afraid but really;
nail marks on the face? That's a little intense, since she herself was well aware that DD would never allow for a
task that would get the kids killed. Then there was the Lake Task. I said this a long time ago, but Hermione
NEVER asked about Ron. Persons rushed to the whole "oh Ron was with Percy at the time" defence, but as I
said then; are you telling me Ron had to physically be in Hermione's presence for her to ask about him. The
boys were the LAST getting back, they were well outside the time limit; I mean even Percy was extremely
worried, yet all Hermione does is gush over how proud she was of Harry for figuring out how to get in the water
on his own and if something happened to him because he was so late coming back. Hermione is so preoccupied
with Harry that she barely even glances at Krum when he speaks to her and almost irritatingly brushes the
beetle off her hair. When Harry's marks are given she's just glowing at Harry like he's just accomplished the
unthinkable. No wonder poor Krum was annoyed. We can compare this to Ron's shining moments. When Harry
and Hermione realize Ron and the team won the cup, they both just smile up at Ron and as soon as he passes,
go back to worrying about their initial problem of Grawp. I mean honestly the boy just won after sucking SO
bad at the sport and that's the extent of her excitement?

(2) Respect For Each Other. Hermione DOES NOT dominate Harry and he DOES NOT dominate her. I love that
she will tell him the truth whether or not he wants to hear it. At the same time she can be extremely
sympathetic and understanding. Persons love to say how Hermione just coldly tells Harry when something is
not a good idea not thinking of how he is feeling but I'll refer to a moment in POA. When Hermione and Ron are
trying to convince Harry not to do anything crazy about Sirius, Hermione got to the point of getting tearful and
pleading. She WAS NOT lecturing, she WAS NOT nagging, she was pleading and breaking down, trying to reach
him. Hermione and Harry NEVER belittle or insult each other. EVER. They will have disagreements and as was
the case in OOTP some intense blow-outs but neither one aims to deliberately hurt the other or make them feelbad. Now compare that to Ron's yelling at Hermione at the Yule Ball. He had a look of satisfaction when she left
hurt and upset. A look of SATISFACTION. Yet persons defend this; all because the girl had a date. What crime
did Hermione commit to deserve that kind of humiliation from Ron? I want someone to answer that for me.


hoping that no arguing will happen here big grin

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