Batman Begins Video Game Discussion

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Talk about the Batman Begins video game here.I just rented it today and I haven't beat it yet but it's AWESOME!I especially like the levels where you have to drive the bat-mobile and I loved crashing into the villains' cars.This game is AWESOME!

The sequel game to Batman Begins should have more villains but the Batman Begins video game was still AWESOME!I wonder will they put the Joker in the next sequel game to Batman Begins even if he isn't in the movie?And if he is in the game but he's not in the movie,Mark Hamil should do the voice of the Joker.

Do you fight Scarecrow on the Batman Begins game?

They won't put The Joker in the game if he isn't in the next movie, that'll ruin some anticipation. I don't think they'll do any of that stuff like Spider-Man does. I think they'll keep it standard to the film. If anything, they'll do small characters, like The Creeper and stuff.

ive been playing it, its cool as hellsmile I Like that face that you put fear into the enemy before githing thembig grin

Me too,I love the fear factor.I beat it on Sunday and I'll rate this a 10 out of a 10.Who thinks that it was a little better than the Spider-man 2 video game?

Spider man 2 was good thought becuase you could run around the cuty and do missions if you felt like it, it ouwld be good if you could do that in batman returns and like glide around and also use your bat mobile moresmile

I agree but still,the new Batman Begins game was awesome!

that games easy got it and beat it in one day

That'd be a good idea...if they based it off of the Spider-Man 2 game. Like someone said, if you could drive around in your batmobile and glide around Gotham, and you can foil small robberies and stuff, as well as keep the story going. This videogame had pointless levels that weren't in the movie...which always is annoying. With that time, you could add Spider-Man 2-esque missions

I was worried about the game. Most movie games suck.

So should I try it?

Yes,definately try it!It was an awesome game!

moving to videogame section...

I like this game. But I still haven't beat it yet.
I just seem to never keep an interest in a game long enough to beat it. I have many games like this.
And it is especially hard for me to go back to a game that I didn't finish when I buy a new game to take its place.
Hopefully I can find the time to play this game again and beat it. I believe the stage that I am on is the first batmobile stage.
I haven't even drove in a batmobile stage yet. Isn't that a shame.....

you missed out big time man and SM2 put villans in the game and SM2 was better but this was very cool! I especially liked it when th ey saw you as a Gargoyle! and when you sared th eholy hell out of them... and that one guy in the third level if you keep interogating him the last thing he says is "I'm wearing ladies under wears!" LOL! I noticed it th e4th time through when I decided to enterogate every one accept for th elawyer guy...

I think this game is good.. its very fun.. but i dont think its worth a buy, i rented and i didnt beat it yet, but i dont play it everyday and if i do play its only for an hour or so

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