Harry Potter book 7:Harry Potter and the final battle

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This is going to be my version of the seventh book. If you have not finished reading the sixth do not start to read until you have finished. I will try and write everday(no promises). if it is good please replie i have no problems with them. I will start posting tmrw, july 19.

HINT: People like perfect grammar.



thanx for the advice Dark thats why i write all my stories in word (also write on mugglenet) before i submit them ill post my first chapter tmrw


HINT: .......and good use of paragraphs. Make it steady, not too fast-paced. The readers love detail.

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Harry sit in his room 2 weeks after Dumbledors tragic death. He would be expected at the Weasleys for Bill and Fluers wedding that day. He stood up and began to pack for he had to be there at 12:30 that day and it was already 12. He packed his muggle clothes and his maurders map. He even packed his school books in case he needs help with a potion or learning a spell.

After he finished packing he went down stairs to tell his aunt and uncle goodbye and see them happy for the first time in his life.

"Aunt Petunia...Uncle Vernon I need to tell u something."

"Hurry up..." said his uncle.

"This will probally be the last time you will ever have to see me again...I am going off to do something that i was meant to do for the whole wizarding community in Britan." they looked nervous. Almost like they were going to get in trouble for letting him go" Before you say anything you are not going to be hearing anything from Dumbledor this past year a teacher killed him."

"Harry please keep in touch get to know us better and we can get to know you better." said petunia. harry was takin aback. He did not know what to say. He just looked at her and nodded.

"I must be going there is a wedding at the weasleys tomorrow. Goodbye." His uncle looked relived that he would no longer have to look diffrent or feel diffrent.

Harry apparated to the burow without a thought from the kitchen. He walked up to the door and knocked.

"Who is zit?" asked a lady behind the door

"Harry Potter."

"What is zee password?"

"RON!" he yelled he was getting no where. A mintue later Ron opened the door and was pulled in. Inside looked a mess things were all over and not because there was a wedding the next day either but because there was a death eater attach.

"Ron what happened?"

"Draco Malfoy paid us a little visit along with that betraying Snape!" said Hermione coming up and glaring at Ron it was clear that they had gotten into a row.

"Snape and Malfoy? Man I wish I was here i would have killed them for what they did to Dumbledor." scowled Harry. Then he heard a yell from the other room.

"Ron go get Remus!" yelled Mr. Weasley from the other room. ASnd with that Ron sprinted off. Harry wen to go look to seee what yelled but an arm caught him and helled him back.

"Not yet Harry." said Hermione sitting down" Have a seat."

that was really bad i know but it gets better

Well........it IS a little fast-paced.....

it's cool

its good , but i have to admit its a bit far-fetched (i mean no offence by this

i just wrote another part but it all got deleted! MY COMP. SUX!!! anyway it was a lot better than the last partnot so 'far-fetched' as the last one so ill write that one in word tmrw and put it on

your going great so far though .i make the same mistake as you do ,(i'm too fast paced) though i'm trying my best to improve.

your going great so far though .i make the same mistake as you do ,(i'm too fast paced) though i'm trying my best to improve.

support really helps you improve though.

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im confused today

Harry took a seat at the kitchen table and the thing yelled again.

"What the bloody hell is screaming?!" he asked a little nervous.

"Well its Bill he hes almost the same. When he got out of St.Mungos he was said that he was in shock of what happened. He will act like a werewolf every month on the night of the full moon. Although he will not transform. Lupin will escort him to the shrieking shack the night before and stay with him. If the potions that Mrs.Weasley is giving Bill does not help him recover from the shock of the attach then he will probally be mad for life. And belive it or not hes gotten better." Harry did not know what to say to this. A minute later Ron and Lupin came running through the Burrow from the garden. Hermione looked away.

"I have a couple questions for you." he said looking at her.

"Go ahead." she looked at him knowing what was coming.

"Why did Ron just go and get Lupin and also..." he paused to look at her a moment"why are you mad at Ron I thought you liked him?"

She took a deep breath."Somehow Lupins presence makes Bill calm down mabye he can feel another werewolf in the room or something. And the thing with Ron, he just dosent seem to get that I like him its almost like he forgot that i couldnt stand being around he and Lavender."
Harry thought about this for a moment and then he thought about Ginny who he had not yet seen. He broke Ginnys heart and he broke his own in the process.

"Hows Ginny?" he asked almost in a whisper.

"Upset, you broke her heart. All she ever does is mope arund here. I thought i heared her crying this morning." said Hermione in a comforting way.

"I know I broke my own heart too. I did this for her own protection. If she got hurt i dont know what i'd do." he said. Hermione smiled almost like she found a loop-hole in his plan.

"Harry do you remember what Dumbledor said the diffrence between you and Voldemort is?"

"Yes the ability to love but what-"

"Mabye you can date Ginny. Mabye because you have love that would protect her and you."

"Yes thats true and by me being protected I can also protect the rest of us by defeating Voldemort! Hermione your a genius!" he knew what he had to do. he would find Ginny and see if her feelings had not changed for him. Hopefully they did not. Hermione looked happy to help. "thank you!"

"Your welcome. And Harry by the way no matter what you say the three of us are coming with you. Where ever you go were right next to you." Harry smiled. He liked knowing that he had friends that would risk their lives for each other and him.

"Wheres Ginny?" he asked

"Behind you." said a voice. Harry spun around to see a bright red-haeded girl standing in front of him smiling. She must have heard him because at that moment she went up to him and gave him a small kiss.

"Will you two knock it off?" said Ron coming out of the bedroom.

He pulled Ron aside. Harry thought the least thing he can do was do the same thing for Hermione as she did for him.

"What they hell are you doing?" he yelled.

"Do you like Hermione or what?"

"Yes ofcourse i do!"

"Then why didnt you ask her out last year you ninny?" he said and hit him in the back of the head which made him yelp. Ron turned red and he did not know what to say. Then Mrs. Weasley came out of the bedroom in which Ron came out of and went to Harry and gave him a hug.

"Harry dear. Its great to see you. Ronny told me of your plan . I was not for it at first but seeing as Hogwarts is not re-opening until his whole You-Know-Who mess is over I am granting my permission for my Ronald and Ginerva to come with you. And we will forever be in your debt." she said beginning to cry.

"Thank you Mrs.Weasley." then they went to the kitchen to see what the girls were doing. When they got there they saw something that was shocking. They saw that n their kitchen stood Viktor Krum.

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sorry that i have to say this but i loathe VIKTOR KRUM


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but i really really really loathe VIKTOR KRUM. dont ask me why
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hi i think ur story is great so far and even though it is fast pace, i dont mind coz it gets right to the point, when r u going to write more?

sorry yesterday i threw something at my mom because she was treating me like a slave so i go banded of the comp. ill right more today and to misslilsweetie its ok to loath Krum because i do to buthe wont be in the story very long only a couple chapters

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when r u going to write more? but no rush, take ur time

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Harry and Ron stood frozen in their shoes. They could not belive what they were seeing. Harry could tell that Ron was a little angry. He had reason, Krum was Hermiones ex.

"Viktor what- what are you doing here...at the burrow?" asked Hermione.

"I have just moved here and i got a job at your ministry of magic. I was told my boss works here. " and at that moment almost like it was a rehearsed scene Mr. Weasley walked in.

"Ah Viktor how are you? Did you find the person who had made the fake invisiblity cloaks?" he asked shacking his hand.

"I might have...their names are Fred and George Weasle." everyone turned towards Fred and Geaorde. They slowly backed out of the kitchen and up to their room.

"Well kids i belive you know of this young man right here. Viktor Krum. Was one of the champions during the Tri-wizard tournament." no one spoke they just looked at each other and nodded.

"Hermione should know him the best. She dated him." said Ron stomping up the stairs, his ears turning redder than his hair.

"Oh! God Mr.Weasley why'd you have to bring him here?" said Hermione running up the stairs after Ron"RONALD!"

"Well I guess I must be going. Nice seeing you again Harry." he said and went stomping of muttering something under his breath in a diffrent language.

The yelling began again around six o'clock that night before dinner. Harry was brought in by Ginny to help give him his hourly potion.

"So what potion is he been given? Wolfbane?" he aske dstruggling to hold him down.

"That anda calming potion"

Sorry i no its a weird place to stop but i have to ill finish off this chapter tonight.

HINT: krum will be back! evil face

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Harry was having a hard time holding down Bill by himself. Ginny was the only other person in the room and she was the one giving him the potion so he did the only thing he could think of.

"RON! HERMIONE COME HERE!" he yelled and they were soon beside him

"WHATS WRONG?" asked Ron shacking a bit

"Help me hold him down." after about a half hour they were done and Bill was asleep.

"Do we have to do THAT again?" asked Ron. The others rolled their eyes and started to clean up the livingroom. There was broken glass every where. Mrs. Weasleys only thing that could tell her if her fanily was i danger was broken. They all tried to fix the grandfather clock but it would fix. Around seven Mrs.Weasley served dinner. They were told to go to bed early that night for the next day they would have to clean the house for the wedding that week.

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/\ What she said.

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Wolfsbane potion? But I thought Bill wasn't bitten on the full moon....that wouldn't make him a werewolf, would it? confused

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Harry was laying in bed awake that night. He had to many things on his mind to fall asleep. Dumbledor was dead, Hogwarts was closed until Harry himself killed Voldemort for the whole wizarding community, he had gotten back together with Ginny, He was going to Godrics hollow the next week. In the middle of his thoughts he heared the door creek open. He reached for his wand and looked towards the door. He strained to see who it was in the dark. He finally reconized that it was Ginny.

"Hey Gin, whats wrong?" she laughed at his seriousness.

"Nothind silly. I just could not sleep." he gestured her to come and lay down next to him. She of course she accepted his offer. She layed under the covers next to Harry. They sat and Talked for hours on end about everything that was on their minds. Harry even cryed when it came to the deaths that he had witnessed. Harry put his arm around Ginny and they drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Ron was told by his mother (who was angry at him for not helping around the house more often) to go around and wake everyone up. Harrys room was the first stop. He knocked on the door and entered.

"Hey Harry wake-" then he stopped to see who was laying in the bed. He saw his best mate and his little sister nesstled in the bed toghther arms around each other. Ron stood for a minute not sure if he should be mad, confused, happy for his best friend, or pissed beyond all meanings. He decided on pissed beyond all meanings.

"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING!!" he yelled waking them up. He took Ginny by the arm and pulled her out of bed.

"Ronald nothing happened! I couldnt sleep so i came to Harry and we talked" she stretched out the word 'talked' to make it sound longer. "shit happens you big bloke" then she smiled at Harry and went back to her room.

"Why were you in bed with my sister?! Harry you out of all people! I cant belive you!"

Harry chimed in."Ron nothing happened! We really just talked! I would never do anything to your sister! I love her god sake and i wouldnt want anuthing ti happen to her!" Harry suddenly realized what he said and became confused he sat down. His eyes were bulging out of its sockets. Ron was now calm and understanding

"You love my sister?"

" I dont know..." then Harrys scar began to burn

Happy lynnette?

to Dark: I know he wasnt bit on the full moon but the 6th book said that they dont know what the effects will be so i made it so that he would nit transform but he would act like a werewolf on thge full moon. i think it said it somwhere in there

It said that his appearance had a slight wolfishness to his face, and that he had a new great liking for very rare steaks. stick out tongue

ooo my bad sry

Your story's great!!! Write more!!!

hey ppl wanna talk but where the seventh book is going to go ?

i want to know where the book is going to go because harry has said tht he has no plans to return to school, so will this book be totally different and start with harrys adventure to destroy the horcruxes or will he return to hogwarts for another year theres so much stuff for jk to put into her last book this is goin to have to be one big book

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Harry sat on the edge of his bed listening to Ron's babbling.

" If you and Ginny ever got married we'd be family and actual brothers- then-" Harry couldnt take it anymore.

"Ron shut up. We got bigger problems. My scar hurts." Rons eyes became as big as

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Rons eyes became as big as galleons.

"Harry what should we do?"

"There is no longer anything to do." he said solemmly.

They always had something to do. They would either write Dumbledor a letter or run to his office. Now that was impossible. Dumbledor had no address. He had no office. Only weekds ago he had passed. He was now in a better place where there was no Voldemort and he did not have to help Harry with his problems.

"Ron can you go so i can get dressed?" he said acting like he was no longer in pain. Ron turned on his heal and exited the room. Harry sat n his bed for about ten minutes and then stood up and got dressed.

He walked downstairs and saw the usuals. He saw the Weasleys, hermione, Fluer and some from the order of the pheonix. Harry saw Lupin and Tonks sitting close by so he went to join them.

"Wotcher Harry." said Tonks a little shaken.

Hey Tonks. Hi Lupin." he said looking at his new gaurdian. Lupin looked up at Harry and hi new fiance, Tonks. He looked upset, even warn out. Not only had it been the full moon three days ago but he had just lost his school old school professor.

"Hi Harry how are you?" he asked

"Im doing alright. But my-my-scar hurt a little while ago." as he said this the whole house became quite and looked at Harry. Ron was the only one shocked by the news.

"What?" asked Mrs.Weasley

"Did he say anything to you?" asked Lupin.

"No but he was happy. Very happy."

"I know why." said Hermione handing him the Daily Prophit.


It is to be said that most of th inmates in Azkaban prison were Death Eaters(followers of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named). The former gaurds of the wizarding prison,Dementors, have went to the other side. Last night they let out the prisoners. Most were able to leave. Some were to old or to sick to. Please be cautious on who you trust. If you see anyone you belive is one of these inmates contact a ministry official right away.

Harry finished reading the artical out loud. He then put it down and looked at everyone.

"Harry you do know what this means don you?" asked Ginny sitting down next to him.

"Yes they are going to try and find me. Ron Ginny Hermione can i talk to you in the other room?" they nodded and followed him.

"What is it mate?" asked Ron sitting on the sofa.

"I might have to go to Godrics Hollow a little early." he said. Ginny began to sulk.

"You mean WE might have to leave early. Right Harry?" said Hermione furiously.

"Guys if you come with me youll miss the wedding an you could be-" the cut him off

"Put in danger." they said in unison.

"We already told you we are coming. We dont care what you say." Harry smiled and they walked back into the other room. Harry was thinking how they would tell the order and the Weasleys that they would be leaving. Just thensomeone apperated in.

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c] something to do with hogwarts...

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Tmrw i swear on my next 3 post ill write tmrw.

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Originally posted by HPrOx
tell me what you think im not sure....

A] Good/Happy
B] Danger/flee
C]Something to do with Hogwarts

Pick 1

B] Danger/flee - more excitement ! big grin

Sorry like i said...moving sucks!

They all turned to the center of the room and saw professor McGonigal. She looked nervous and scared. She turned to the four teens, and then back at the rest.

"I have some unfourtunate news." Harry saw a tear flow down her left eye. " I guess you have all heared of the Azkaban Prison breakout?" everyone nodded"The death eaters that broke out have taken over the castle. Tonks, Arthur I need you to go to the ministry and inform the aurors. Molly,Fred, George Charlie I need you to come with me to headquarters in case they find out where it is. Lupin I need you to help the children pack for their journey and take them to Godrics Hollow. I am sure all of you can apperate, except for Ginerva. Harry can help you. Ok lets go." Mrs. Weasley said her goodbyes and told them to to write as much as possible changing owls every once in a while.

"Mees McGonigal what should i do?" asked Fluer. Harry, Ron Hermione and Ginny exchanged amused looks.

"Nothing. Like always. Make sure Bill does not try and get out of bed." she answered her rudely. And with that everyone left for their assinments.

The four Teens and Lupin ran upstairs to their diffrent rooms and packed as hastly as they could. In a matter of 15 minutes they were all downstairs and ready to go. Harry was not sure if he should be excited or scared.

"Ok since none of you have ever seen Godrics Hollow or remember what it looks like, we will join hands and apperate together." they did as they were told. Harry felt the strange sensation after apperating. A second later they were standing in a dusty but beautiful cottage. Harry looked around amazed.

"I am sorry but i must go to headquarters. I will stop back later with your parents Ron, Ginny. Feel free o look around. This is after all Harrys property." and with that he was gone.

Harry looked around silently. He did not know what to think or where to start looking. All he knew was that he was back where he started and that there had to be some useful information to find the horcrux's that he needed to destroy to destroy the person-or thing- thats soul they consist of.

"So this is our new home-sweet-home for now. Huh Harry?" said Hermione looking around.

"I guess so" Harry smiled even though there was nothing to smile about. He couldnt help it he was in his first real home. He knew that there advetures that would happen in that house.

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Harry sat down on a close by sofa and tried to get a feel about what his parents were like. Then he remembered that Hagrid said to him in his first year that the house had been almost destroyed.

"I just thought of something' he said to his friends.

"What is it Harry?" asked Ginny.

"Well, in my first year Hagrid said that the house hadf been almost destroyed...Look at it now-its fully recovered."

"Well Harry Dumbledor was pretty fond of your parents, and he is a powerful wizard. Mabye he was ablr to I dunno fix it." Hermione said a little confused.

"Shes right you know-like always- Dumbledor was a very powerful wizard. He could do almost anything." all the sudden Harry heared the front dor slam. They all quickly took out their wand s and put them down by their thighs in case it was a muggle. They saw a young lady in muggle clothes and with red hair like Ginnys walk in and put her keys down on the counter and walk into the kitchen. She had bags of fod in her hand.

"Who the bloody hell is that?" Ron asked in a whisper.

"I dont know. But I'll go find out." Harry kept his wand close and crept into the kitchen.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" the lady yelled at Harry

"I should be the one asking you. I inheritaded this property from my parents. My I ask who you ae?" he asked trying to be nice.

" The names Carrie, Carrie Black, and you are?" that was a first. Harry had never been asked who he was. 'she must be a muggle' he thought.

"Harry Potter. Did you say your last name was Black?" he asked astonished. Ron Hermione and Ginny ran in and stood next to Harry.

"Yep. My dads name is Sirus Black and my mums name is Lynette-but know one ever told me her last name she died when i was about 3. Your Harry Potter?" Harry nodded still trying to take everything in that he just heared. "Its a pleasure."

"Merlins beared! You are Sirius' daughter?!" said Ron

"You know him?" Harry looked shocked. How could Sirius not tell him

"Yeah we know him. Have you ever met him?" Ginny asked trying to be calm.

"No he was a murderer and I had to go into hiding when the filth broke out of azkaban" she said disgusted. Harry could feel fire in the pit of his stomach. Rage in other words.

"You know nothing about Sirius you little git!' he yelled and ran up the stairs.

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Harry looked around for his parents bedroom. He thought that he would stay in there room instead of his own where his mother died. At the far end of the hall he saw a a door and figured it was his parents. He opened the door and saw a messy clattered room

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He was a simple four poster bed much like the one he had at Hogwarts. He also saw his parents trunks that they must have brought with them to Hogwarts. He looked around and saw pictures and clothes. Suddenly he heard footsteps behind him. He turned quickly to see Ginny Ron and Hermione standing there.

"That must of been hard." said Ron in all seriousness.

"So did she tell you why shes here?" he asked opening the trunk labeled 'J.Potter'

"Yeah she did. She said that when she had to go into hiding she heard of this place and came to it. I dont belive her though." said Hermione

"Niether do I. What do we do?" asked Ginny

"Well she cant stay here what if shes a death eater? Harry what do you think?" Ron asked. He had a good point. A lot of the Black family were and are deah eaters. He looked up from the trunk which he was staring at and looked towards his two bestfriends and his girlfriend.

"She is going to have to leave. We can bring her to the Ministry, better yet Tonks. I heard that they always take blood from every prisoner in azkaban so we can first get a test done to see if shes telling the truth or feeding us a lie." He said. Everyone seemed to agree. They walked back downstairs with their wands at theh ready just in case she was lying and then dropped the act.

"So have you come to a conclusion to trust me or not?" Cassie asked rudely. Harry explained what their plan was. Cassie agreed but with little bit of a struggle. And with that they were off to the minisrty.

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OK first of all,
You need to slow down, I would also recomend spellchecking all of your work. Use facts from the other books. I would recomend having someone read over your work and correct and edit it. You need to stick with a subject and not switch around so much. I know this is your story but you need to talk like an adult not using slang. Use the proper punctuation and words and you will have a hit. The Viktor Krum thing went a little too far. I would encorporate him a few days later. You are trying to fit too much into a couple paragraphs. I read for a minute what should have been covered over several days.

This was a little harsh but trust me you needed to hear it.


LIsten to black hawk...
This is ganna be kinda harsh but you need to hear it.

You dont need to sound like a complete jack when you give advice. I dont want to sound mean but i really dont have time like everyone else does to stop and have an adult check my work for your pleasure. I understand after this if no one wants to read but i just dont like it when people disrespect me.

Anyway ill write tomorrow i have been cleaning all day so yeah ill poat if you still want to read

I was not trying to be disrespectful only trying to help. I'm not one of those previous people who are going to say it was great. It was good but not great. I"m the editor of my school newpaper and these were hard earned tips. THe main one is slow down! we have plenty of time to read. Please if you do this it could be great. Ohh by the way its called constructive criticism. I really didn't know I was being a "jack". Sorry if I hurt your feelings but I thought you would want to hear it.

I understand what your saying and i like the tips and i dont expect anyone to like and i dont care but just try not to sound like you are are a pro

well anyway sorry that i havent posted ill post within the next 48 hours

the story is GREAT!!! and i hate it too when pepople act like pro's , no offence BH9130 smilebig grin

Harrys feet touched the apperation point of the ministry of magic. They walked to the welcomewitch to see if she could point them in the right direction.

"Hello how may I help you?" said an old horse voice from behind a witch weekly magazine.

"Hello, we are here to talk to Mad-Eye Moody and Kingsley Shackolbolt. Where can we find them?" asked Hermion in a sweet voice which any of them rarely hear.

"Yes, they are in a trial at the moment but you can wait for them at the law enforcment floor." she said not looking up from her artical. Hermione looked annoyed.

"Could you tell us where that is?" the older witch finally looked up.

"Listen kids cant you read?" she said and then her eyes peered at Harry and then up to his forehead. "Third floor. The auours office is the very last door on the right side. May I please check in your wands." said the witch trying to smile. The five handed over their wands with caution whil the witch said and incantation which made green sparks come out of the tips. Once they got their wands back they made their way to the third floor. The third floor was dark and gloomy. They made their way to the very last door on the right and went through. They saw another witch that they were all to familiar with walking by. She did not give a glance at them at first. Then she backed up and looked. She did not look happy at all to see them. She looked like Mrs.Weasley when Fred and George play a trick on her.

"WHY THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU HERE AND NOT AT GO-THERE?" she yelled with all her might. "Harry Im telling Remus, Ginny, Ron, Hermione I am contacting your parents! Why the hell would you just leave like that? You are supposed to be in hiding! Your supposed to be doing research!" she snuk a glance at Cassie "Who the hell are you?"

"Hello, Im Cassie Black. I am the curent resident of Godrics-" Tonks cut in.

"Listen here you are never to talk about that place...Come to my office so we can talk." she said so that they would not be over heared. they walked down another hallway and then into a small office."Now I want to know everything." she said warningly.

"Im sorry but before i give out any information who are you?" asked Cassie.

"Nymphadora Tonks and you are Cassie what?" she asked with narrow eyes.

"Cassie Black these kids say they knew my father." Tonks lstared at the young girl in shock.

"Sirius said there was a possiblity but-but we all reasearched it and there was no trace. We must have missed something." she muttered. Tonks was making no eyecontact but pacing and staring at the floor.

"So it is true? Sirius did have a daughter?" said Ginny.

"Yes." Ron Harry Ginny and Hermione all gave each other a look. They were not expecting for it to be true.

"What do we do now?" Ron asked Tonks. Once they leaft the office to talk leaving the confused Cassie in the office.

"We will have to make sure that she is not a death eater and then she will have to stay at Godrics Hollow woth you until we can arrange for her to live at Grimuald place were people can watch her twenty four seven. Her story isnt all convincing and i think we should have her monitore for as long ass we can."

"Well cant you take a blood test and match her and Sirius' blood if it does infact match?" asked Hermione

"No. Once a prisoner or ex convict dies then they get rid of their blood. There is no real way of knowing."

They sat there for a minute trying to take everything in.

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They re-entered the office and took their seats. Tonks looked at Cassie with narow eyes.

"Cassie you will be staying at Godrics Hollow with the Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny until I can arrange for you to stay at Grimmuald place, your fathers home which was passed down to Harry. But there are some rules that you will have to go by." Harry glanced at his friends curiously. Rules were never brought up in there conversation outside the office or at the Burrow."One you are not to bring anyone to the house, peope might come and go but that is none of your buisness at the moment. Two, you are not to ask questions on what these four are researching, it is up to Harry to tell you or not." Harry gave her a look and a quick headshake indicating that he would not"Three, You are not to wonder out of the house until there is a spell casted on all of you that will protect you and will not let anyone-who does not know you are there-see you. This spell was casted on this house before when your parents lived in it, Harry. One last thing. Try and keep the owls to a minimun. We dont want any death eaters to find you and tell Voldemort where you are. That is the most important thing of all. Understood?" They all nodded to show they did. They left the ministry to go back to Godrics Hollow where they would start looking first and formost who the initials R.A.B. belong to.

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They landed on the floor of Godrics Hollow. For a while the house was quite.

"I think that i am going to make some lunch...erm, anyone want to help?" asked Ginny akwardly. Hermione and Cassie followed. Harry and Ron sat down in the living room and silence overcame them. Ron talked first.

"Harry have you figured out who R.A.B. stands for?" he asked. Harry looked at Ron, and shook his head.

"No but i have an idea on how to start." Ron listened intently." The last letter is 'B' and there is a possibility that the last name could be of someone we knew...Sirius...so if we check the Black family tree then mabye we could find a match." Harry and a slight grin on his face. He had a feeling that he was right.

"And I thought that Hermione was the clever one!" they had a quick laugh and then they heard something fall and shatter.

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I have started writin my own book 7. i suppose it sucks but i enjoy writing it. ive called it Harry Potter and the Lost Prophecy?? wot ur opinions on my title?

^^^^its really good,. big grinbig grin......... and the title is OKsmile

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That was great. You have a real talent. i hope you post some more soon

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That was great. You have a real talent. i hope you post some more soon oh yea,when are you going to get ron and hermine together. that will reallt make the story good big grin cool cool

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Harry and Ron jumped up and ran into the kitchen. Harry saw what looked like a bowl in two pieces. He automaticly knew what it was.

"Harry whats wrong?" asked Ginny putting a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"Who broke it?"he asked. They all looked confused.

""I did." said Carrie akwardly. "but its just a bowl." he looked at her with narrow eyes.

"He may look to you like a bowl...but to me its a pensive." Hermiones eyes widened.

"So thats what allt his liqued on the floor is?" she asked nervously.

"Yep. " he said. Hermione took control.

"Harry this is acid it

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"Harry this is acid...acid usualy isnt in a pensive." said Hermione. Harry looked at her.

"If it isnt a oensive than what is it?" asked Ginny. Harry thought for a minute. If it wasnt a pensive what else could it be.

"A Horcrux." Harry whispered.

"What?" asked Cassie in a shocked voice.

"Harry what do you mean-" started Ron

"Hermione your the one who is best in our year. What is that spell that reveals what something really is?" he asked excitedly.

"Well there are a lot of them. There is one you could use called revilo or you could use reveal you secrets or-"

Harry pulled out his wand and pinted it at the liqued on the ground.

"Reveal your secrets" he said in a rush. The acid suddenly started to come together. It started to come into a shape that was hard to tell at first. Then it started to form the shape of a cup. Harry smiled.

"OK. Dont touch with your bare hands. Im am going to pck it up and put it in one of the coburts. Whatever you do,do not mess with this thing...its dangerous. Am i understood Cassie?" As he said this he looked straight at the girl.

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big grin wonderful story, i'd love to read more...great plot, and I don't mind how it's fast-paced because I don't need to hear the useless details like "and harry blushed like a rose, which reminded him of looking at roses..etc etc". It gets stupid after a while. Anyway, great story. Suggestion: Harry and Ginny need to get more serious, just to smite Ron. shifty (I know, it sounds dirty, but seriously. Consider it. At least put some kissing in there.)

Dont worry i plan on putting some kissing or something in there just not yet pml

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Almost an hour later the group was sittingwith the Weasleys and the order starting to explain their plans.

"We are not going back to Hogwarts as you know. Dumbledor has sent me on a mission. I cant tell you what it is Moody he didnt want anyone to know. The only ones who know about it are the four of us." Harry said. The order looked at him in awe. Moody looked furious." We have a small problem...Everyone this is Cassie. Sirius's daughter. We cant afford to drag her along with us. Its too dangerous. We need you to take her to headquarters and keep an eye on her. We just met her today. I am sorry for the troubles. We will stay in touch an owl a day if possible most likely every other day."

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"So it was true...all of it the things Sirius said. We all thought that it was a joke, to make himself sound more interesting." said Tonks.

"we need you to take her in Mrs. Wealsey we cant do it. We need to work on this alone. We cant bring her with us." Said Hermione

The Weasleys looked at each other and nodded.

*** ***

An hour later the group apperated back to Their homes. Hermione and Ron went to their rooms and Ginny and HArry were left alone to clean up the mess of the order.

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to darkness~calls please dont stop posting on this story its great!! i just found it today but i really like it and i would keep reading it. so please dont stop posting it!! yes

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to darkness~calls please dont stop posting on this story its great!! i just found it today but i really like it and i would keep reading it. so please dont stop posting it!! yes

^ What she or he said

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