dumbledore in the 6th book discussion

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ok so 4 all the people who read the 6th harry potter u know that dumbledore dies!
my problem is it cant be true, there has to be a logical explanation to his death!! i still think (more like hope) that he is still alive and he only pretended to be dead so that voldermart (for the sensitive people: he-who-must-not-be-named) will be happy (if he can be).
so what do hp fans out there think???????

Well, i was sad when he died, but he definatly died. There was a portrait of him in the headmasters office.

but it could easily be all set up, i mean he is the greatist wizard!
and if he is dead then i hope he will come back as a ghost!!!

I don't think that he will....but if Harry really, really wanted to talk to him Harry could talk to the portrait of Dumbledore....but i don't think that Harry will think of that...because he seems to forget things...like in the 5th book, when Harry was trying to see if Sirius was home, Harry forgot about the package that Sirius gave him...(with the two way mirror)....so yeah....i don't think that Dumbledore will be a ghost...

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yeh well it isnt gonna kill you if it is in the harry potter fiction smile but your right it should be!! my bad!!!!!!

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This should be in the Harry Potter Forum.
dumbledore died. and it was such a bad dath. he went begging.

hey peps im back smile so here is what i think is gonna happen in the 7th book harry is gonna track down snape and kill him and then realise that it was not snapes fault!! harsh but i think it will happen.

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whats up who do you think will die in the seventh book shifty

i think snape will!!!!!!!! and hope fully voldemart sorry, he - who - must - not - be named smile

actually, now that i think about it... maybe harry himself will die! i mean there's no 8th book, so he doesn't have to come back. also he might be one of Voldemarts horxcruse...scary but it is possible!

Actually,what I think is that Dumbledore is not dead. Even few of my friends also think the same. If u talk about the portrait, when Mcgonagal
asked Harry about their mission he disagreed to tell her. Dumbledore through his portrait could have supported Harry or told him to tell her or
he would have told Mineva himself. But he didn't because he was not dead. Portraits can talk only if the person is dead (in this case Dumbledore).

hey, your rightsmile i mean dumbledore is the greatest wizard in the wizarding world, he could possibly have put a portriat there somehow!!!!smile

One more thing he knew that, although it sounds odd, Snape will not kill him so he casted the stunning spell on Harry. If Harry wasn't stunned, he could have disarmed Malfoy & Dumbledore might have escaped easily.

but, if dumbledore is not dead and it was all planned, then it makes sense dumbledore froze harry because he knew that when snape or malfoy tried to kill him he would of course defend dumbledore.
and ruin the plansmile


Maybe if this was in the right forum.

Harry Potter Fiction is for stories about Harry Potter written by members. Not for discussion of the books.

I know. i am only asking since i am bored. i'm surprised it's still opened, if not moved.

I think he is dead!!!!!!!

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