james potter and the wolfish secret

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i am gonna start writing a story like harry potter but instead about james potter when he was young. It starts when james is on the train about to go to hogwarts for the first time.

James walked along the train trying to find a compartment. Most opf them were fulland some of them were reserved. fiannally he found a compartment with three boys sitting in it. He walked staright in and sat next to one of the boys.
'Hi', I am james what are your names?' he asked
'Im Sirius' said the boy next to him.
'Im Lupin and this is peter',said the boy oppisite him.
James noded and then said, so do any of you lot like quidditch?', he asked.
'Yeah its quite good', said the boy called sirius.
'I have never really played it', said Lupin
'You havent!'said James suprised..
The conversation continued all the way to hogwarts were they were all told off for not putting on their robes.
Once at hogwarts they were greeted by quite a young but vey stern witch.
'Hello and welcome my name is proffessor mcgonagall and i am the duepty head of hogwarts. Soon you will pass through these doors and enter the great hall ready to be sorted.' she said
there was some nervous mumbling but james was not scared.
'what is there to be scared of' , he asked sirius.
'I dont have a clue' , he answered.
Just before they entered james put his hand through hair to make it more messy he done this a lotbut in his opion it made it look 'cooler'.

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James followed the croud into the hall were hundreds of children were watching them. James looked up at what was supposed to be a celing and gasped. Instead of the normal plasterboard celing they had at home there was a beutiful nights sky. Other children had obviosly noticed it too because a man who Jmaes recognised as Albus Dumbledore stood up and said:
'What a beutiful night to welcome you into hogwarts and hope you enjoy your stay.'
There was a round of appluse followed by the brisk voice of proffessor mcgonagall,
'When i call your name you are to sit on this stool and put this hat on', she guestered towards a very tatty hat,'It will then sort you into the houses.
James looked at the hat in disgust,
'If she thinks i am putting that-' He was cut off at mid-scentance because a hem in the hat had just opened like a mouth and it burst into song

oh when I was a young sorting hat
four founders lived in bliss
They created a school called hogwarts
and it is because of them i do this.
I will sort you in to houses
the one which you belong
So come on place me on your head
it will do no wrong.
See if you are in gryffindor
were the bravest of them be
Or in wise old ravenclaw
well we will have to wait and see
If you are a slytherin
then you are very cunning
or maybe in hufflepuff
were your freindship is stunning.
so let me see inside your mind
what thought are in your head
wether your noble brave nasty or kind
or a fantastic freind instead!

There was a vey loud round of applase but James did not clap he turned to sirius who was also standing, hands stationary and said
' What the heck was that all about i have never had a most pointless 2 miniuts in my life.'
Sirius nodded and was about to answer when proffessor mcgonagall said
' Black Sirius'
Sirius got up and lazily sat on the stool the hat was completily silent for a few moments and then it said

good good contiune

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Sirius, who looked vey suprised went to join the Gryfindor table.
'Even more reason for me wanting to be in Gryffindor' thought James.
Lock derek became a Hufflepuff It was Lupins turn. He rushed foward and shoved the hat on his head. It was another few moments before he became a Gryffindor as well. When Pettigrew Peter becam a Gyffindor as well James vowed that if he was not one he would get on the train and go back home.
'Potter James'
James strode foward and casually put on the hat
'Hmm yes i see,' It said in his mind,'There is lots of bravery here oh yes and determanation i know what to do with you GRYFFINDOR'
James was delighted he rushed to the table and squeezed in beetween Lupin and Sirius Who both said.
'Well Done',In his hear.


'Thanks you too',he replied to his new found freinds.
After the sorting Dumbledore said a speech followed by a fantastic feast with every food you could imagen.
'I cant belive i am in Gryffindor',Sirius said to his three freinds,'All my family are in Slytherin'.
James noted the digust in Sirius's voice when he said My famiy and so did lupin beacuse he said,
'Is their somthing wrong with your family then?
'Yeah I hate them all my mum and dad are really into being a pure blood it drives me crazy,they recon if you are less then you are deisesed or somthing.'
'It must be terrible to live with a family like that specially if you dont agree'.

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'Yeah It is and its even worse if they all hate you',Said sirius.
'It sounds horrible',said peter who had spoken for the first time,
'Yeah but I dont want any more sympathy or i will begin to sound like my mother.
eager to change the subject James said
'So not that it matters of course but what blood are you?
Lupin suddenly looked a bit akward.
'I am half i think because my mums a half blood and my dads pure what are you James?
'Im pure i think what are you peter'
'I dunno I think i am pure cause my mum and dad are witch and wizard.'
James could tell that Peter was not very bright.
Onec the feast was over the prefects lead back to their domatories by the prefects. James choose a dormatory with Sirius,Lupin and peter.

Chapter 2 Lupins short departure

James, Lupin, Sirius and Peter went down to breakfast together the next morning to find mcgonnigal handing out the timetables.
It was a plesant suprise to see that he had Defense against the dark arts with the Hufflepuffs first. Although he diddnt know the Hufflepuffs apparently they were the most likeable houseteam

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Very nice, it's different from all this harry potter 7 stories

yeah it is, but a little change can't do any harm, it's nice

I like it, but it'd be better if it had less spelling errors.....but i do like it....i hope you don't take that offensively, cause i want to keep reading your story.

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After breakfast James walked with Lupin, Sirius and Peter down to The defense against the dark arts classroom which was on the second floor. When there they took four seats at the classroom.
'Good Morning Class',Said an elederly witch.'I am proffessor Longbrook and i will be your Defense against the dark arts teacher.'
She continued on and on about her expectations of the class and what they would be looking at this term untl James found him self face-to-face with Sirius trying to dis-arm him. James suprised even himself by manageing to do it first time.
45 miniuts later and James found himslef listening to mcgonagall also lecturing about her expectations wich were a lot higher than proffessor Longbrook's.
James looked at Sirius and let out a long false yawn wich unfortunatly proffessor mcgonagall saw.
'Mr Potter I suggest you go to bed earlier tonight then maybe you will find you are not so tired tommoror',she said harshly.
'But im not tired proffessor I am bored',He said innocently.
'Detention Potter to-night 5.00' she said and continued.

James glared at Proffessor Mcgonnigal but restisted the urge to say anything. James found him-self 20 miniuts later turning match sticks into pins wich James found extremily easy, him and sirius managed to complete theres by the end of the lesson.
'Well it wasnt exactly hard was it',said James walking out of class with a huge stack of home-work.
'No mate it was well easy'said Sirius.
'I still cant believe that i diddnt even manage to change the match at all.' Said Lupin
'Dont worry mate'said sirius bracingly,'It dosant matter by the way are you feeling alright.?' he added.
James could see what Sirius meant he looked very tired and had big bags underneath his eyes.
'Yeah course im fine' he said not meeting their eyes'Anyway we better hurry Potions starts soon.'
The rest of the day was pretty boring and James was actually begining to look foward to his detetion.
'At least its somthing to do.' he told Sirius.
So at 5:00 James rushed out of the commen room and down to mcgonnigals office.
'Your late potter' she said as she closed the door.
'Yeah I know Proffessor',he said brightlyshe paused for a moment and then said you will be writing lines tonight.
'Will I Wow that sounds exciting'he said in a fasley cheery voice
'Mr Potter stop ansering backl and get on with it' she barked

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James thought he had written at least one-hundred '
I will not back-chat the teacher'
before Mcgonnigal said
'Ok James you can now go'
James got up to leave.
'By the way good work in transfiuration today not many first-years can complete turning a match into a pin by the first lesson'.
James Truded along the corridor and straight into a girl.
'Do you mind!' she yelled
'Sorry its-'He looked up to find the prettyiest girl he had ever seen in his life she had long ginger hair and soft emerald eyes.
'Its ok but llok where you are going in futer'she said and walked off.
James spent the rest of the walk to the commen room thinking about girl and it wasnt until he clambered into the commen room and walked over to Sirius and Peter that he forgot about her.
'Hi mate detention any good' asked sirius
'Allright i spose weres Lupin?' asked James who had only just realised he wasnt there.
'Im not really sure he said somthing about his gran being ill but he was in such a rush that i diddnt really understand him.'
'What hes gone not for good though'
'Oh yeah he decided he'd had enough and packed he bags and left' Said Sirius sarcasticly.
Peter giggled.
James sighed and got out his Homework.
'Spose I better do this then' He said
'Dont worry mate iv finished here you can copy mine' Sirius handed him his homework.
'Cheers mate hey guess what i bumped into this girl earlier'
'Wow theres Girls at this school' said sirius in mock amazment
James ignored him and continued
'Yeah well i dunno i just guess' he stopped
'You guess you fancy here'Said Sirius trying to hold back his laughter .
'Well yeah i spose i do' said james qeutly.
'Well then why diddnt you ask her out?'
'I would of but she kind of like walked away'
The conversation went on until James managed to get through all his homework by wich time it was 10.40.
'Right i am going to bed i dunno about you but i am shattered'
'Yeah so am i mate'said sirius and he followed James to the dormatory.
The next morning James woke up to Peters snores. He looked at Lupins empty bed then at siriuses sleeping form.
'I wounder' he thought.
he crept silently to Siriuses bed and drew his wand.
'Augamenta' he said and a jet of watercame out of his wand and landed on sirius who woke with a start.
'James you what the!' he said
'Good moring Sirius Just testing out a charm i learnt.' he said laughing.
'You wait',Said sirius who has begain to see the funny side and was also laughing.
'For what?' James asked as Peter roared with laughter

Jame , Sirius and Peter went down to break-fast 20 miniuts later with sirius now bone dry,
'hey look Sirius theres the girl I was on about',said james excitedly pointing to he red-headed girl he had seen last night.
'So why not try asking her out?' asked sirius
'ok', said james and he got up and strode towards her putting his hand through hos hair as he did it.
'Hey sorry about last night whats your name'he said quickly.
The girl glared at him and then said'Lily Evans why?'
'Evans will you go out with me ',He asked
'No way' She said
'But why?' He asked confused ignoring her giggling friends.
'I havent got time for boys and especially not for a boy like you.'she answered and walked away.
James walked back to the gryffindor table very disapointed
'So what did she say' asked Sirius.
'No' Said james
'Ah dont worry mate shes probibly playing hard to g-'
'Hey look theres lupin' said Peter suddenly pointing to the entrance.
Sure enough lupin was walking down the corridor and to the gryffindor table
'Hey Lupin mate were have you been?' asked james forgetting Lily at once.
'Um I have been to visit my gran in St Mungos she was quite ill but shes beetter now' he answered
'Oh right' Said Sirius not sounding 100 percent convinced, ' Well its flying with the slytherins next so we'd better hurry'
'Yes! im exelant at flying pity its witih the slytherins though'
Peter, Sirius and Lupin and James all walked out of the hall and onto the place were flying lessons were held.
'Welcome to your first flying lesson I am Madam Hooch and I will be teaching you how to fly.'
'Well normally thats what flying instructers teach' whispered James.
Peter and Sirius sniggered but Lupin gazed up at madam Hooch pretending not to hear anthing.;
'Right now first of all I would like you to mount your brooms by saying up, once you have got on you broom I would like you to rise up a cople of feet and comes taight back down' she said in one long breath.
She blew her whiste and instantly the only noise you could hear was up.
James managed to do it on his first go and Sirius on his second Peter and Lupin were having problems.
'How do you do it?' asked lupin whos broom was moving about ont he ground.
'I dunno really im just good' answered James who was rising into the air.
James knew that he was supposed to come staight back down but he had no intentions to. James flew higher and higher and begain circling round the team doing dives.
Everyone seemed impressed apart from two people Lily Evans and madam Hooch.
'Mr Potter come back down here this instant' she screamed
'I cant hear you Proffessor speak up' he called
Sirius who was laughing his head of got on his broom and came to Join james.
'Well if you get detion your not doing it by yourself again' he said.
'Cheers mate' replied james.
They circled round the pitch another four times befor they decided they had,had enough.
'Mr Potter and Mr Black that is the worst behavear from first years i have ever seen you wait here why I go and get the headmaser' she said
'Ok' answered James happlily as she walked off.
While she was gone James spotted a boy in the croud who he did not like the look of. He had a darke greasy curtain of hair and a hook shaped nose. He apeared to be laughing at james.
'oi you whats so funny?' james asked him.
'Oh nothing really just that this will be your seconed detetnion' he answered.
'So why is that so amusi-' James was cut off in mid-scentance.
'Mr Potter, Mr Potter Mr Black please step this way' said a very calm voice it was dumbledore.

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James and Sirius followed Dumbledore up to a very odd looking room covered in strange looking instruments and portraits.
'So Mr Potter it apperars you find it necassary to copletely ignore teachers instructions and do the oppisite
'Yeah i do how did you know?' he said
Dumbledore did not answer James but turned to Sirius
'So Mr Black I understand that you feel you have to acompany James in detention'
'Well Its better than him getting board isant it.' he answered.
Dumbledore looked at them both then said,
'Right then you will both lose 25 house points a apeace nd be put in detion for a week.'
James srugged then said,
'Fine who with?'

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'Well You really shouldnt of done it-'
'Oh be quiet lupin your supposed to be consoling us'
It was the next day and James Sirius, peter and lupin were sitting in the commen room
'Yeah but im just trying to say your lucky you werent expelled'
'Lucky were not lucky do you fancy spending an hou locked up in an office doing deadly chores' said Sirius
'No but how do you know that your doing chores' asked lupin
'what else would we be doing' asked James.
'Hey James mate were late for dumbledores detention'
'oh' said James and he and sirius ran off.

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5 miniuts later James and sirius found themselves in Dumbledores office
Good evenng Mr Potter, Mr Black today you will be helping me to file these papers' Dumbledore gestured towards a stack full of papers.
'Without magic'
James and sirius looked at each other and then begain to file the papers.
It was boring work and it wasnt for another two hours that dumbledore exused them.
'Have fun?' asked peter when they were back in the commen room.
'Yeah it was great' lied James.
'Weres lupin?' asked sirius who had noticed he wasnt there.
'Oh he disapeared again i dunno were he's gone' answered peter.
'Oh right,' said sirius turning to face the window.
James turned round to, then it clicked he looked at sirius.
'You dont reckon he a-'
'Werewolf yeah' said sirius.
Peter gasped 'no he cant be.'
'It makes sence doesant it i mean he disapeards mysteriously, he's allways looking ill before he disapears.' said James.
'Yeah it does make sense theres no other option were gonna have to talk to him when he gets back.

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Lupin arrived late the next day during Herboligy.
'Hi Guys',he said,'My mum wanted to take me to this um..place'
James and Sirius nodded knowing he was lying.
That afternoon James knew it was time to ask Lupin.
'Hey Lupin mate' he said
'Yeah' said Lupin looking up from his homework.
'You know you keep disapearing once a month' said Sirius.
'I dont disapear once a month' he said suddenly looking uneasy' I just go sometomes when i need to thats all.'
'Lupin mate you dont need to cover up its obvious you a-' He lowered his voice ' werewolf'
Lupin opened his mouth to argue but realised that he friends knew the truth and were not going to be discouraged from it.'
'Fine I am, but who told you?' He said after a while.
'No-one told us mate we guessed but how did it happen?' Asked Sirius.
Lupin took a deep breath and began to explain.

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'I was very young when i was bitten me and my dad were out camping in some woods when there was a howling sound. My dad and me made a run for it but the werewolf grabbed me and bit me. I almost died but luckily some healers managed to keep me alive'.
James and sirius gasped peter just looked shell shocked.
'the worst thing was the werewolf that bit me was fenir Greyback' Said lupin
'Oh i've heard of him hes the one that bites people sometimes not even on the full moon' said sirius
'Yes he was actually after my fathher as he had upset him but he got me instead. I never thought i would be allowed into hogwarts but when dumbledore became headmaster he said if i was careful then i could come.'
'So were do you go then?'
'There is a passage underneath the womping willow they lock me in there at theb full moon'

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