Who would YOU choose to be Apocalypse's Horsemen?

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Through the comics and animated series, Apocalypse has had many different horsemen. Now, if you could choose anyone in you wished (*see note below), who would you choose for his Horsemen?

(*NOTE: Everyoone you pick must me within reason. In other word, you can't have beings like Galactus, Celestials, etc. as Horsemen.)

I think he made a pretty good choice with his AOA horsemen. Most other reasonable choices (that are powerful enough to be considered) wouldn't have been ruthless enough to make it in Apoc's inner circle.

I would have chosen:
Jamie Braddock

I would pick Juggernaut Mister Sinister and Blob Rogue and Storm

Next Venom_girl
This is actually akin to a fic I'm thinking about writing. (Haven't gotten around to actually working on it because I'm doing writing for school. erm )
Apocalypse set in MC2 universe. I have 1 I'm thinking a Death or a War, but I'm still thinking about who should be the other three...

Next Venom_girl
Here we go, Apocalypse and his Horsemen for MC2 (as seen bottom half of pic): Apocalypse, Death (She-Carnage / Damia Kassidy*), Famine (Frisk / Luke LeBeau*), Pestilence (brainwashed Stinger / Cassandra Lang), and War (Saberclaw / Hudson)

The heroes that will fight them (As seen top half of pic): Kristoff, J2, Psylord, Scarlet Spider II, She-Venom III*, Spider-girl, and Wild Thing.

*characters made for fanfic.

grey fox
Death - Wither , the guy's touch kills with celestial tech it could be upgraded to destroy anything.

Pestilence - Multiple Man , much like his horseman title he can continuously spread . If each are equipped with some form of disease he could infect a large amount of countries with ease.

War - Juggernaut , nuff said .

Famine - Robot Air Walker , Re-built to serve Apocalypse the remnants of his PC should allow him to simply convert matter into energy from which he can absorb.

Death - Iron Man, tony + celestial tech, omfg!

War - Juggernaut, ya, easy choice

Pestilance - Ultron, virus like computer program, super intelligent, almost indestructable smile

Famine - Plantman, its just too appropriate

Darth Macabre
Death - Multiple Man

Pestilence - Icarus

War - Blob...With a few upgrades from Apocalypse, he could be a player.

Famine - Wind Dancer

Most of them seem weird, but I have reasons...Add all of their powers with upgrades and they could be amazing.

Death - Magneto

Pestilence - Professor X

War - Thor

Famine - Iceman

Genis Mar-velle would be a crazy horseman..

Sea King
who would i want to pick to be a horsemen it would have to be the beyonder (a full power beyonder) big grin

I choose god to be my horseman.

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