Hermione & Draco

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kaz larner
Hermione & Draco

They had just finished eating there food when Hermione looked up and noticed that draco was looking at her. She gave him a dirty look and continued to eat and listen to Ron and Harry talking about qudditch and how they weren't looking forward to this year because of the amount of homework they would get. "I bet we're going to get piles and piles of it from McGonagall." Ron paused looking over at Hermione "You should be happy, you love homework more than anything."
"Oh Ron do grow up i want to do well and so should you just think of what kind of job you'll end up with if you don't" She replied
"Anyways better be getting up to the common room."
"Why bother potter, you might as well just save the school now and be done with it, I'm surprised you haven't set them all up and are doing it for the glory" Draco said coming over staring evily at Harry. "Come on guys better not stay around these losers." One last glare at Ron and Harry and a quick glance at Hermione and draco and his friends left.
"Sometimes i just wanna hit him so much." Hermione said as they were walking up the stairs.
"You've been there, done that." Ron said in a sleepy voice.
"I know, ok well good-night i can't wait for tomorrow lots of lessons." with a smile she climbed up the stairs to the girls room.

Brunette Angel
Nice! I like your opening. I'm curious to see how this will go.

kaz larner
"Oh man! I don't believe it we have potions first with slytherin" Ron slammed down his drink.
"Just ignore them, they need to grow up." was hermiones reply.
"As long as he don't start then i'll be fine. How much you beting we get lots of homework from snape? harry?"
"We always get lots of homework and not enough time from him."
"We'd better be getting a move on you know how snape doesn't like us to be late." Hermione stood up and walked towards the entrance and dumped into Draco ad dropped all her things on the floor.
"Watch where you're going will you" She said angryly picking the stuff up it took her a few minutes to notice that Draco was helpping her.
"Hermione i was wondering could you help me revise for the potions test next week that you lot will know nothing about untill the day?" He asked kinda nervously.
"I'll have to see." was the last thing hermione said when they bother went to pick up the same paper and their hands touched....

Brunette Angel
Heh, nice. Please keep going! smile


i want more! hehe

ok it's good and all but i dunno seemed to push the point on...if draco was really trying to get in with hermonie he'd do it quietly...sorry just thought i'd say but i love it anyway!

kaz larner
true, true i'll write that part gain when i get chance big grin

Captain REX
Moving to Harry Potter section.

its good keep it up u rock

kaz larner
part 2 again big grin

"Oh man! I don't believe it we have potions first with slytherin" Ron slammed down his drink.
"Just ignore them, they need to grow up." was hermiones reply.
"As long as he don't start then i'll be fine. How much you beting we get lots of homework from snape? harry?"
"We always get lots of homework and not enough time from him."
"We'd better be getting a move on you know how snape doesn't like us to be late." Hermione stood up and walked towards the entrance and dumped into Draco ad dropped all her things on the floor.
"Watch where you're going will you" She said angryly picking the stuff up it took her a few minutes to notice who it was that hadn't bothered paid attention to where they were going.
"Great i need to go get change stupid mud-blood" Draco sai to his friends.
"If im stupid malfoy how come i have higher grades in every lesson and you don't?" hermione asked smugly
"did you lot hear something?" all of draco's friends began to laugh as they pushed their way past harry, ron and hermione.
"i could just hit him sometimes!" Hermione shouted once they had began their desent to potions lesson.

The lesson seemed to drag on and on. Harry and Rone had been right snape had given them alot of homework and defentaly not enough time but i'll manage hermione thought to herself. Slowly she began to pack her things away, ron and harry had hurryed off to there next lesson so she was all alone packing her things away and worrying bout all the homework. when she had finished hermione walked out of the room and began up the stairs.
"i can't wait, this is going to be great and harry will never live it down. no one will think that potter's so perfect after this." Thats dracos voice hermione noticed she slowed down and tried to catch what the oter person was saying but she couldnt quite make it out.
"i'm going to hide it in the forest so no one will ruin my surprise, i'll hide it tonight"
Hermione knew that she must follow draco, but she couldn't risk letting harry and ron know, they'd only worry and none of them needed that right now. so she will go alone. Making her way to the rest of her lessons she planned her way of getting out of the school unnoticed

"Did she hear it?" Draco asked his two friends, when they both nodded he said "Good" he and his two friends went to there next lesson...

Brunette Angel
Ooh, sneaky!

I really like it! Now I want to know what's going to happen in the forest!

i really like it
pliz write more

ur storys mint so far

kaz larner
part 3

The day past as slowly as it possible could, hermione, harry and ron all sat at a table in the corner. "blimey, whats wrong with you hermione, me and harry have nearly done as much as you?" ron said pretending to be shocked.
"Yeah the world must be ending" Harry and ron had began to laugh and people were beginning to look at them.
"you two need to grow up sometime. and for your information i have other things on my mind" Hermione snapped
"okay whats up?" harry had finally stopped laughing.
"its something, come on.. you have a boyfriend don't you? you want to go see him but you have to help us with homework, thats it ain't it?" Harry asked, ron had stopped laughing now and he looked very serious
"i have to go" ron stood up and stormed out of the common room.



kaz larner
Part 4

Hermione sneaked her way through the school and made her way down to the forrest, she could just make out dracos figure and silently followed him deeper and deeper. Hermione knew that she had never been this far in the forrest before and even though if she was ashed about it later she would never admit she was a little scared but deeper and deeper draco went she followed, they must have been walking for over half an hour when draco just stopped and stood still. Hermione tried not to move or make a sound but as she took a step closer a twig snapped.
"Come out... NOW!" draco shouted, slowly Hermione came forward they was no point in hidding, she didn't know the way back alone anyway. "I knew it was you hermione" He said with a smug smile
"why didn't you say or do something then?" Hermione was starting to feel even more cold and scared now.
"Because i didn't want to" Draco went to take a step towards her but she pulled out her wand and pointed it at him
"Don't even think about it"
"Don't be stupid hermione, if i had wanted to duel with you then i would have done it infront of people and made sure i would win no matter what" Slowly he walked towards her and she put her arm down but kept hold of her wand just in case.
"What are we doing out here?" She asked looking up there was only a small circle of light coming from the moon so they didnt need to use magic to see one another.
"Well-" draco was cut off by someone shouting a chant and a think black cloak covering him and hermione.
When hermione finally found her way out she realised that herself and draco were no long in the forbidden forrest...

more pliz post more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am definitly not a draco/hermione shipper and never ever will be because it physically impossble that they will be together but i like this story because its imaginative. I like it a lot. its a cliff hanger cant wait for more

Brunette Angel
Gosh! A cliff hanger! Please post more soon! I really like it.

i know im not a hermione/draco fan but your telling the story relli relli well cant want till you post more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah I lke how creative it is ( even though it wont happen ) but anyway, keep it up!

kaz larner
ty lol i only writing this for a bit of fun anyway big grin


kaz larner
part 5(i think)

Grabbing her wand hermione rose up and looked around it seemed as though she was in some sort of wood but it was light and not as many trees as before. She was just about to start walking when something or someone moved from under the cloak "whos there?" she asked her hand slightly shaking as she aimed at the cloak.
"you know bloody well who i am" Cme draco's reply.
'this is some sort of trick, draco did this on perpose.' Hermione watch draco stand up and act shocked at what had happened 'nice try draco but i ain't falling for your silly childish trick'
"Where are we?" he asked
"as if you don't know" hermione snapped
"actually i don't" he said looking shocked at hermione, they stood there for a few seconds not moving and not talking when they both looked uip and said "this is all your fault, what did you do?!?!"
"look if you didn't do anything and i didn't do anything then i guess we should work together to get back" Hermione said after the two of them had finished fighting.
"sure, well im just guessing but the cloak is obviously a port-key maybe if we touch it it will take us back." they both closed their eyes and touched the cloak. after a few seconds hey opened them and signed annoyingly.
"there must be a spell on it, only travels one way."
Draco picked up the cloak "might as well start walking then" and he started to leave he had only taken a few steps when he turned to look at hermione "you coming?"
"shouldn't we wait for someone to find us?" she asked nervously she didn't know if she wanted to go anywhere with draco it could still be a stupid trick.
"well, firstly who-ever sent us here is going to come get us and i dont think their going to be nice people from that chant i heard it was more likely dark-magice they were useing-"
"oh you'd know all about that wouldn't you" hermione interupted.
"and secondly we can't get any more lost than we are now" draco continued as if she hadn't spoke, he held out his had to help himone up from where she was sitting. Finally hermione got up ignoring dracos help and walked infront.

That was awesome! POST MORE CAN"T WAIT!!!

Brunette Angel
Ha! I love it! Hermione is really sassy, it's perfect! Keep it up cause you're amazing!

kaz larner
part 6

to hermione it felt like they had been walking for days but in truth it was more like a few hours. she was tired, hungry, very angry and maybe a tiny bit upset worrying about harry and ron anything could be happening to them, to ron. Not that she'd ever admit to draco her fears or how tired she was.
"lets rest here" she said allowed.
"whats the point the longer we keep going the sooner we get back." he said throwing down the cloak.
"we haven't had any sleep and if we do get caught then we want to be able fight at least alittle. " she said after about thirty minutes they had a fire built and various fruits.
"You're worried about them aint you?" Draco said after a minutes of silence.
"of course im worried about ron and harry" she said shocked at the thorught draco might think she didn't care about anyone.
"funny how you saiud ron and then harry, harry being the one in most danger." draco smiled a smug grin.
"That doesn't mean anything..."
"so do you really like ron then?" he asked looking down at his shoes
"thats none of your business." she answered still shocked.
"s'pose. im going to get more wood." he stood up and left.

Brunette Angel
Ooohhh, nice - I heart it!

that was awesome!

omg that was great
write more pliz!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow justed read ur story. i think its great! when r u goin to write some more?

kaz larner
part 7

Hermione woke to the sound of birds singing, sitting up she noticed she was alone "draco?" she shouted as loud as possible but then thorught better of it. 'what if the people that sent us where have caught draco? i don't want to be caught too' She stood up and began sneaking around just incase someone was hiding. 'yeah but if they had found us, why leave me and take him, i'm much more important.' Hermione laugh and thought what draco would say if she told him that. 'no more chance he set all this up and has left me'. suddenly some bushes to the left of hermione started to shake, quickly she got out her wand and aimed it at the bush. "Flipendo" she shouted and watched as draco when flying into a tree. Quickly she ran over. "oh sorry"
"Not to worry, i bet you thought i was a bad guy" Draco said as he slowly got up from the ground.
"ain't you?" Hermione got up and walked away.
"look. i know you hate me and i know you think i planned this somehow. but i didn't so do you think we could try to be nice to each other? at least till we get back?"
"okay, but don't expect me to be nice when we get back your way to horrible to me and my friends"
"like i need your friendship, i just wanna get out of here as fast as i can and as un injured" Draco offered hermione some fruit.
Herminoe didn't know why it hurt her feelings that draco didn't want anything to do with her, after all they had hated each other from the beginning. why should she cared about a spoiled brat anyway. she took an apple and they began walking once again.

that was great. but like they soon find out they actually like each other right? j/w

once again i shall say wow! wat happens next?

wow ur story is really mint btw

kaz larner
part 8

suddenly a flash of light came through the trees and just missed draco.
"Herminoe run!" he shouted pulling out his wand, ready to fight back.
"you have to come with me" Hermione pulled draco away from the sound of footsteps. Flashes of light going off everywhere they turn, the two of them made it to a river, the footsteps were gett8ing closer and closer, "just go Hermione, GO! GO!" draco kept pushing hermione to move but she wouldn't leave him.
"No i can fight back too"
"Then they'll get both of us, at least if i go, it'll give you chance to get back." Hermione looked up at draco tears in her eyes.
"but we could..."
"no just go before i make you" Draco looked to where the bushes began to shake, with one last look hermione ran into a nearby cave.
she heard the footsteps halt and then a creepy voice asked "tell me where the girl is and i'll let you go"
"Never! you'll have to kill me before i let you go anywhere near her." Hermione heard draco say proudly.
"ahh the boy is blinded by love... to bad it won't be able to save you" just then there was a a flash of green light and draco shouted out.

kaz larner
what do you think?

OH NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!*clenching hair*

kaz larner
embarrasment what? is it bad?

kaz larner
embarrasment what? what? lol

No way its just suspenseful!! Im scared for both of them!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes me too. I hope Draco is alive and he & Hermione are not in any danger.
Also it is a very nice story and different too.

plz plz tell draco isnt dead plz! i think i will go metal if he is! he loves hermione as he protects her, but then dies? nooooooo i wont let that happen! btw gr8 story

kaz larner
thanks lol is draco dead..... shifty ...guess you'll have to wait and see

thats is evil! i cnt long that long! it impossible 4 me to wait that long 4 a gr8 story to b continued! lol

kaz larner
part 9

Hermione stayed where she was till it was dark, slowly she creeped out of the cave towards where draco had been standing a few hours earlier. But he wasn't there "draco? draco? please be alright" she whispered
"you shouldn't be here, hermione they said there coming back." Came dracos reply hermione turned and gasped, draco was sitting leaning on a rock. he looked like someone had spent hours beatting him todeath.
"oh my god" Hermione rushed over to draco and hugged him, "this is all my fault i should have stayed with you"
"you have to go, there after you not me" hermione shook her head.
"no i ain't leaving you, next time they might kill you and i can't let that happen" she helped draco stand up and the slowly walked towards the cave.
"hermione, i know i was horrible to you when we were at hogwarts but the truth is i-"
"shhhh, look we'll be leaving in a few hours so get some rest i'll find some food from somewhere." she interupted draco just before leaving the cave hermione pulled out her wand and lit a fire and placed the cloak on a shivering draco and kissed him on the cheek softly

who r the people that r after them? y r they after hermione? i love this story! big grin

kaz larner
you'll just have to wait and see won't you? lol i'll be posting more soon big grin

kaz larner
part 10

Draco thought he felt something touch his cheek but he was so tired he couldn't find the energy to open his eyes. He woke up slowly to see hermione sitting close by "how do you feel?" she asked
"like a few guys have been treating me like a punch bag, how do i look?"
"like someones been using you as a punch bag." they both laughed and draco winced at the pain in his chest.
"this is all my fault" draco said more to himself than hermione.
"no it isn't i didnt have to follow you the other night..."

((i'll write more when i can sorry i rushing this lol)

MORE!!!! Ilove this story its awesome!!! could we have a bit more ROMANCE though... lol

^^^^^i agree wiv wat she sed! i love this story!

kaz larner
part 11

"maybe but i knew you would, in fact i wanted you too" draco sat up
"so you planned all this?"
"only that we would meet in the forest i swear" draco grabbed hermione's hand
"why? why did you want me there?"
"look hermione i understand how you feel about me and how you love ron, but i guess its better you know the truth...." hermione moved closer as draco began to whisper
" i love you" he paused " i didn't mean for it to happen and i tried not to care about you but i can't help it. that night in the forest i was gonna tell you but things happened" he rushed fearing that hermione might not care for him as much as he does for her

awww... Thats so sweet love

wow. wats goin to happen nxt?

i love your story even though i'm a hermione//ron shipper. keep it up! you're doing great!

kaz larner
part 12
meanwhile at hogwarts Ron paced the gryffindor common room worrying about hermione 'she could be hurt and all im doing is standing here, because the professors think its safer than me and harry going to find hermione. Stupid! anything could be happening to her.' the whole school had been told of draco's and hermione's mystirous disappearence, and how the minstry were doing everything they can.
"I'm sorry harry but i have to make sure shes ok" Ron said making up his mind.
"i know, lets go find her" Harry through the invisiblity cloak over the two of them and they sneaked out of the common room.

It is really COOL! thumb up cool thumb up

love your story. keep posting!

keep going!!!!!!!

ron n harry to the rescue!!!!!!!!!! keep going this story is awesome

kaz larner
laughing laughing happy Happy Dance Happy Dance laughing laughing eek! eek! lol ron and harry to the rescue!!!

kaz larner
part 13
"come on we've got to go" hermione said pulling her hand free and helping draco get to his feet.
"don't worry hermione i don't expect you to love me back."
"look draco ever since we first met we've hated each other and well Ron.... i..."
"just forget i ever said anything ok" draco said walking off infront of hermione so she couldn't see how hurt he was.
a few minutes later there was a bang not far from where the two of them were standing. hermione and draco made there way to the area where the bang had come from as fast as they could
"i knew i should have cast the spell, at least we wouldn't have blown up" hermione heard harry shout.
"HARRY!!" She shouted and ran up and hugged him, hugged ron and kissed him on the cheek, the three of them watched Rons face turn red instantly.

aww... what happened with Draco and Hermione?!? sad

kaz larner
give me time i'm trying to write this while i in a lesson lol

it's good. keep going!

kaz larner
part 14

draco glared at Ron 'things were going ok, he had everything under control' draco thought to himself.
"draco" Ron said quietly his arm coming protectively around hermione's shoulders. "why did you kidnap hermione??"
"i didn't, she followed me and then this person throw this cloak on us which is Obviously a portkey but it won't take us back. what about your spell can it get us all back to hogwarts" draco paused as if only talking hurt him "with out us getting anymore injured than i already am?"

"we could try it" Harry said walking between Ron and Draco
"all you have to do is say "ca....." before harry copuld finish his sentance spells and jinxs were coming at them from every direction. draco grabbed hold of hermione and pulled her behind a big rock, Ron followed
"HARRY!!" Hermione shouted but minutes later after all the jinxs had stopped the three of them watched as a big group of tall thin men came from behind the bushes and grabbed hold of harry who lay faint on the floor. hermione went to shout and run out to save harry but ron held her still and draco covered her mouth
"shall we still look for the girl?" one asked
"no point we only needed her to get close to harry. if you should see them, kill them." the boss nodded to the others and began to walk away being followed by to big guys carrying a life-less harry

kaz larner
so what do you think? don't worry there will be more about hermione and draco in the next post big grin

Scotty Brockman

i love it! plz post more plz!

keep posting your storing is so great you deserve a banana Happy Dance

plz post more

nice. keep it up!


post dammit

kaz larner
lol i'll post as soon as i can lol

its really good and i hope hermione falls for draco coz im a d/hr shipper

kaz larner
part 15

"Why didn't you let me help him!!" Hermione shouted at draco and ron at this point she was actually hit Ron. "i could have stopped them"
"yeash maybe a few of them herimone but i saw how many there were and theres alot more hidding around here, not just the ones you saw take harry away, if i thought there was any chance of us lot- all of us-getting away me, you ron and harry i would have let you help him, heck i'd have been standing right beside you but the only way of getting harry back safe is if we have a plan." Draco said grabbing hold of hermione shoulders and giving her a hug.
"hey get your hands off her! how do we know you ain't just set all this up!" Ron pulled Hermione away and held his wand pointed at dracos face. "you knew me and harry would do anything to get Hermione, even risk our own lives if we had too. you could have set this whole thing up!" Hermione looked helplessly at Draco. She had thought the same once, that he could have set it all up. "why didn't they kill you draco? if they wanted me why leave you alive?" Hermione said quietly she and Ron both began to bad away from Draco.
"i don't know, you can't honestly think that i'd..... look Hermione if i set all this up wouldn't i have handed you over to them instead of getting beaten up?" he took a step closer.
"Stay back draco!" Ron shouted
"Hermione you can't seriously believe this idiot?" Draco said nodding towards Ron.
"He ain't an idiot, hes my friend, hes been my friend a lot longer than you have."

kaz larner
so what ya think?

very intersting plot.....i really want to know how this ends.

keep it up, its so awsome

kaz larner
thanks i'll post soon big grin

kaz larner
sorry i havent posted for a while been busy with exam stuff. post more to story as soon as i can big grin

post more soon!!

This story is really good. Post more soon so I can find out what happens next.

Brunette Angel
Wow, It's really coming along. Keep it up, you are amazing. But a word of constructive critisism, check your grammer and spelling, it makes a few things hard to understand, but other than that, I love it! Please post again soon!

Ok this story has no grammar and it stinks. You should try and atleast put commas

Nice Story
You Should really post some more reading reading reading eek!

seriously thats interesting, you should definately post more

this story just stopped? oh that is funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this story is not my choice of tea by the way. oh and why don't you read a grammer book instead of making me dumber when i read this. lol jk. maybe you should have said you were stopping. blah

I have to say- i've been following your story almost the whole way and it is really good, but (as others have said) you should really check your grammar and keep in mind that most people at Hogwarts wouldn't say "aint"... just so you know.

keep it up! ninja big grin

gh_hr _for_eva
why did you just stop

this is awesome keep going and what year are they in?

Miss S Malfoy
POST MORE!! eek!
It is soo amazing. I always thought DM/HG shipper's stories were cool but seriously yours is amazing. love

Don't include this in the story any way shape or form!...OK fine you can if you want to, you probably won't though and thats ok.Think about if this was to happen... Instead of Ron and Harry appearing when Draco and Hermione were doing nothing, think of the priceless look on Ron's face if Draco and Hermione were Snoging! laughing

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