harry potter and dumbledores army

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hey dudes
this is my version of the seventh booki always get board so i am going to start it i will tri to post 1 every 3-4 days and it is all off the top of my head soi mite stop writing a bit some times... u r welcome to give suggestens at any time and i will tri to reply to ur pms if my story is any good... im not a good speller or with grammer... to the story...

chapter 1: the death eaters

harry potter was lieing in bed waiting to start his journy to destroy the remaining horcuses it was 11:59 then it changed to 12:00 when 3 wizards appariated with a crack and then the door was smashed down.

an owl pecked his window harry let it in then went downsteirs to find draco malfoy, with his father lucios and manchire(sp). they had sent stuners at him but harry blocked them,and ran upsteirs said "ament orio" (a spell to pack all his things in to his trunk),he then blasted open his window then his bed room door opened and uncle verman walked in started to yell "what d..."he then was hit by a green light and fell to the floor dead, harry hid behind the door then draco and lucios came in he stunned both of them sent the owl that had come to to him from the ministry back to the aurors office recesting that they send a couple of aurors to number 4 privet drive to assist him then went back to the door and heard dudley scream then a minet later heard aunt putuna scream then manchire entered harrys room and went to revive the molfoys but was stunned in mid spell then harry waited.
two mintues later harry heard 2 more crackes then some 1 walked through the door and harry said imperio and made him tell the truth about who he was it was kingsly shackelbolt then another person came in and harry repeted the prosess and found out that it was a nother death eater and stunned him too, kingsley then disapperiated and returnd with 3 other aurors and they all then left harry with nothing cause they took the four death eaters with them harry then made his trunk fether light and flew to the burrowafter sending hedwig first. with letters to ron saying that he was coming over. he flew off to see the dark mark over the derslys house.

hey dudes
i suk dont i
sad sad

hey dudes
well can sum1 tell me if its worth keeping going plz

it mite get better smile

and it mite get worsesad

Dark Envy
That su-- I mean it ---...just learn grammer, and your good..*Cough*Worst*Cough*

The story is good but you need to look over what you've written after you write it if you check before you post then it should be good.

yah it would be alittle easier to understand if the grammar was correct and well...it wasn't so jumpy..which even i have problems with but good effort! I like the stroy idea!

hey dudes
ill tri

hey dudes
but i suk sad

Originally posted by hey dudes
but i suk sad

you don't suk...trust me. just check your grammer and slow the story down alittle and you'll be just fine big grin

I wouldn't say you 'Suk', Per Se, but you need to work on your Grammar, etc. a bit.

Start a new paragraph every time someone talks and spell check never hurt anyone. smile

Also, It's a bit fast. sad

I would read it, but judging by the first sentence, your grammar is completely horrible. I can't be bothered to spend time reading something that the author himself doesn't spend time on.

Take your time, revise your work, and for goodness sake, if you're going to write, follow the rules of your language!

Sorry if I sound harsh, but alas, it is the truth.

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