DC comics Vs. DC animated

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What are you guys mostly a fan of:

DC comics or DC animated (SUP,BAT,JL,Static,TT,BB)

I just realized today how big DC animated has become. I had know Idea that this show called Static had guest appearnces by sup, bat, and Justice league.

Comics are always great, but you miss for while and you can be kind of screwed.

While Marvel has its movies right now, DC sure has its cartoons.

I still like comics better, but the cartoons aren't bad to look at.

My favorite JLA fights:

1. Superman vs. Captain Marvel

2. JLA vs. that Android thing (that copies and evolve as soon as it looks at you.

3. And Captain Atom vs. Superman

tbh, Bruce Timm's spin on the DC Universe is basically how I've been introduced to a lot of its characters and mythology. It's a tighter, more continuous storyline that encorporates the coolest part of the comics it is based on and leave out the dreck. So I'm voting animated.

Lucid Lui
Comics all the way.

DC animated is pretty cool from what i've seen (which is mostly just the eps with Aquaman in them), but they've got nothing the comics.

Psycho Ninja
Are u nuts, aquaman episodes suck !!!

The arc where AMAZO returned from outta space !!

The Justice League cartoons basically are what brought me back into comics, especially DC, which I was Never a fan of many, many moons ago. I Love the interplay between the seven founding members of the JLA (which is why, basically, I liked the JLA toons better than the JLU toons, which IMO remind me more of DC's "silly days" with its horde of every-which-way kinda hero names and hero costumes...GAB).
I also like the power levels in the toons. Imagine my surprise the first time I saw Supes wearing a spacesuit, or hearing Luthor say a half-kiloton blast might hurt him...shocking, almost didnt wanna hear of it, but y'know, it ended up making for a more interesting Supes.
The storylines are easier to follow; I dont hafta be caught up in getting all the latest issues. The mountain comes to Mohammed, so to speak.

Toons...but the comics are great too.

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