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Harry and Ginny stood there for a moment. Harry understood the silent thank you Ginny gave him and straight away gave her a hug. They broke apart and both looked over at Ron and Hermione.
"Do you ever think they'll get together?" Ginny asked with a smile on her face.
"Really I don't know if Ron has the courage to ask her out." Harry laughed." I know they love each other though. Did you see them at Dumbledore's funeral?"
" Yea they seem so happy when they're sad together. And I know that didn't make any since"
"No I get it. There nice when they're sad. Not bickering. You can really tell they love each other."
You could hear Ron and Hermione laughing together. Then it stop Hermione looked into Ron's eyes. She started to cry and clung into Ron's arms and just balled. Ron rubbed her back and was saying repeatedly "its ok. It's ok."
Harry mouthed to Ron" Is she ok?"
He mouthed back making sure Hermione didn't see him.
" Yea just a little moody to much pressure and stress I'm sure. I'll tell you later."
Ron stood there with Hermione in his arms. They broke apart after a while.

Ron got closer to Hermione and kissed her. They separated, Ron cleared his throat" Um yea I think we'd better go to our rooms." Kind of looking away. They headed upstairs hand-in-hand but silent and stopped at their own rooms. Harry and Ron were rooming and Hermione and Ginny were rooming. "Good night Ron" Hermione said with a smile. " Good night" and they opened the doors.

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"Hey are you ok?" Ginny asked as Hermione came through the door.
" Oh what. Yea I'm fine"
" Are you sure? You were crying earlier."
" Well you would be all weird and confused too with all these changes."
"I'm going through the same changes you are. Especially with Harry."
" And your right he does love me"
" And he's letting me go with him to find the Horcruxes."
" But he's a little worried about you and Ron and rellay me too. Now what were you going to tell me?"
" Ron kissed me."
"What?When? Finally!!!" Ginny said.
Hermione cleared her throat and told Ginny all about it.
"What do you mean Finally?" Hermione asked.
" Well me and Harry were just talking. Well we've known that you've loved Ron ever since your first year. He loved you too that's why he nagged on you all the time. He was just thick enough to notice you liked him back. He just didn't know how to tell you. Every guys fear- being rejected. Harry and I saw you at Dumbledore funeral. You looked so comforted well at least in sad situations like that. I'm happy for you. You were meant to be together. You deserve to have him because you love each other."

A tear rolled down Hermione's cheek and hugged ginny and thanked her." I am so lucky to have such great friends. I'm just worried about Harry and I just can't lose Ron. I can tell Harry is just stressed and he need all the help he can get." Hemrione said with tears just streaming down her face.

Mean While( starting when ron walks in the door)

" Where have you guys been?!?!?!" Harry asked ron as he walked in the door.
" Just downstairs."
Harry climbed up the ladder to his top bunk and covered him self in the covers.
Ron did the same and turned off the lights. There was barely enough light from the streetlight out side the window.
"So what did you guys do?" Harry asked
" Oh nothing just talked really. We kissed but that's it."
Harry rolled over and hung off the isde of his bed.
" Really thats great!" he said. But he leaned over to far and fell off. Ron started cracking up. Harry holding the back of his head.
" Well as I was saying.... That's great you finally are together." Harry said.
" What are you talking about.... finally?"
" Well everybody knows you love hermione. No one just ever told you thought you should take it into your own hands. Me and Ginny were just talking and thought that you were probably going to hook up this year because it our final year and you never know something bad might happen."
Rons ears were turning bright red.
" I'm just worried about her though. I can't go on with my life with out her. And Ginny I can't believe she's going with us."
" Ron don't worry she'll be fine. She'll be with me the whole time and she knows a lot more. Your not the only in this world who loves her."
" I know but still."
" Well we should get some sleep. Good night mate."
" Night."

The next day they lined up in front of the hotel. They were leaving for the Burrow. Harry was paired up with Mr. Weasley, Ron with Hermione, and Ginny with Mrs. Weasley. They all soon felt themselves pressed into the tiny tube and just when they were about to suffocate they felt the cold air around them. Harry, ron went up stairs to put their bags down same as Ginny and Hermione. Harry met ginny at the top of the stairs and gave her a big hug and a kiss.
"Guys really do you have to just start snogging is front of everybody?" Ron said.
" Oh please stop being such a hipocrit" Ginny replied.
" I'm not being a hipocrit." Thats when Hermione came up out of nowhere and kissed ron. Ron blushed and Hemrione said
" now your are" and she walked away and gave Ron a smile. Ron looked embarassed but satisfied and started laughing. Harry and Ginny walked downstairs.

A couple of hours passed and Harry was propped up on the window sill wtahcing the rain fall to the ground in thought.
" Watcha doin Harry?" Ginny came over to ask.
She sat down next to him and he put his arm around her.
" I was just thinking about stuff."
"Oh stuff I see"
They just started to get on teh subject of school when they both shut there eyes and feel asleep in the cushy soft arm chair. The next morning Harry found his face in Ginny's hair and a blanket was put over them. He got up trying not to disturb Ginny but it didn't really work.
" Good Morning" she said yawning.
" Morning" he replied with a smile.
Ginny got up and they went into the kitchen to the smell of every kind of breakfast food you could think of. Everyone was sat at the table.
" Harry good morning."
" Good Morning Mrs. Weasley." said.
" Um Harry we were planning on going into Hogsmead today to take our Appariton test."
" Yea ok thats great."
They all finished eating and The Weasley parents, Harry, and Ron left for Hogsmead. Once they had left Hermione and Ginny started to talk again.
Harry and Ron walked into a very small building. Once they got inside it was no longer small it was huge and many wizards taking their Apparition test. You could hear "POP" from every part of the room. A youngman who had to be only a few years older than Harry and Ron approached them.
" How may I help you?" the man said
" These two would like to take their Apparition test." Mrs. Weasley said.
" Very well. Come with me."
The man led them to two hoops laying on the floor.
" Ok all you have to do is Disapparate and Apparate into the middle of these hoops."
Harry and Ron were both concentrating on the 3 D's until Harry heard a "POP".
"Harry I did it I apparated. I didn't splinch myself."
Harry was thinking even harder now on the center of the hoop. Suddenly he was forced through the imaginary tube and he was just about to suffocate when he looked down and was in the middle of the hoop. He looked at Ron a smiled.
" Very good you two. Can you just hold on a few minutes ad let me get your forms and licenses."
The man walked away and then came back and handed them their forms and licenses.
"I'm so happy!" Ron said " wait till Hermione hears."
Harry rolled his eyes. They all Apparated on their own backt o the Burrow.

"Hey guys did you pass" Ginny and Hermione said simotaneously.
"Yup!" Ron said.
"You guys up for a game of Quidditch?" Ginny asked with a smile on her face but you could tell something was wrong.
"Na to cold." Ron said.
"Hey um I'm going upstairs" Harry said and climbed up to Rons room. Ginny silently followed but Harry didn't know she was behind him. Ginny opened the door to Ron's room. Harry was staring out the window again resting his chin on his hand. He barely looked up when Ginny entered.
"What's wrong?" Ginny said coming down to sit at his feet.
"Nothing I was just thinking about the Horcruxes. I was wondering there has to be a clue at Godric's Hollow. I know it. Whats wrong with you? You looked concerned earlier."
"Well it's just I'm happy for Hemrione and Ron but it's getting kind of annoying."
Harry laughed"Yea I know what you mean."
" Im worried about you though. Youv'e been kinda solitary lately. Haven't said much."
" Yea there's been a lot of worrying going around. Including me I'm worried about everyone. Whoever I care about the most usually ends up dead and I care about you the most now and just you know........ But I'll be fine. I'm just tyring to think."
Ginny smiled.
"Dinner's ready!" Mrs. Weasley yelled up the stairs.
" Come on let's go." Harry said to Ginny and left back downstairs.

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Harry stepped down the last step with Ginny behind him.
The Weasley's, Remus Lupin, Tonks, Mad-Eye Moody, Hermione, and almost everyone form the Order were smiling at Harry.
" Happy Birthday Harry!" Ginny said from behind.
" I can't believe I had forgotten!" Harry said astonished.
" See this is why you shouldn't sit in an empty room in thought all the time." Ginny whispered to him. Harry laughed. Then it dawned on him. He was 17. He was 17 and didn't even know it. He was a fully qualified wizard and he had forgotten all about it. He smiled to himself. Ginny was right he shouldn't be sitting in a corner think of things he should enjoy his time with his friends. Everyone sat down and congratulated Harry, they had a little bit of cake and said Good-bye.
"Time for bed everyone!" Mrs Weasley said after everyone had had a couple of ButterBeers.
"Mom you dont have to baby us anymore were definitley capable to take of ourselves." Ron said.
" All of you upstairs now!" she replied getting irritated.
Everyone went upstairs and got in there beds.
Harry went straight to sleep being exhausted from all the the talking he did with his friends.
"Now time for your little girlfriend" a deep horrific voice said to Harry.
"NOOO! Ginny no I'll do anything just let her GO!" Harry cried.
"Harry save me please! I love you!" Ginny pleaded to Harry. She was laying on the ground and was barley able to talk she was so weak.
" Too late Harry! AVADA KADAVRA!" a green light shot at Ginny. Voldemort laughed and Disapparated.
"GINNY! No Ginny no! No you can't! Dont leave me. NO!"
Harry was awoken by Ginny shaking him as hard as she could. He was sweating hard and panting.
" Harry? Harry are you ok?"
" What? What happened?"
" I snuck in here to lay with you a little while before we went downstairs when you started calling my name. Harry what is wrong?"
"Voldemort. He..He.. killed you." Harry said srunching up his face." I wasn't fast enough I couldn't save you.
"Harry listen to me!It was just a dream. A nightmare. It wasn't true."
"You can't come...."
" You're not coming with us to find the Horcruxes."
"You can't Ginny i can't let that happen to you. I couldn't live with myself. You'll die and it'll be all my fault!"
"How do you think I'll feel if you were dead?"
Harry opened his mouth but couldn't find anything to say.
" Harry if anything goes wrong then we'll go through it together. I can help. Hermione is right you'll need all the help you can't get."
"Let me think about it."
" Well dont take to long because we only have a few more days before we go back to Hogwarts."
"Yea about that......."
" Ok good"
She kissed him and Mrs.Weasley walked in.
"Oh um I'm sry Harry dear I just came in to wake you up but see you already are" she said in shock."I'll just go back downstairs.
"Mom wait!" Ginny cried and chased after her. Harry got dressed and went half way down the stairs when he heard yelling. He was going to go back upstairs but stopped and decided to listen.
"Mom it wasn't Harry's fault I did it!" Ginny yelled.
"Oh really!"
" Yea mom i can choose who I want to go out with."
" I dont care that your going out. The fact that your snogging HIM!"
"You love Harry mom."
" Yes I do dear but I never thought he would date my daughter."
"Mom he loves me! He would do anything for me! I never gave up on him ever since my first year! I have always loved him and always will. She stormed to the bottom of the stairs and stared at Harry for a moment the ran up the stairs tears streaming down her face.
"Ginny?" he called after her.
He walked all the way down the stairs rubbing his forhead. He sat down and ran his fingers through his hair.
"Harry dear I'm sorry I just......"
"It's fine Mrs.Weasley i understand. It's a mother's thing."
"Just.....take care of her. Dont let anything happen to her."
Harry looked up at her smiling "I promise."

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I really like it as well. You are a pretty good writer, I have to say. I'm not really a fan of harry/ginny, but you make it sound really good! So keep it up! 8)


Hermione came in to talk to Ginny.
"Ginny don't worry about it. She's just getting used to the fact that your growing up."
"She didn't care about......Dean" she relpied between sobbs.
"Well Harry's......well different. He more cabable of getting hrut is what i mean."
"and she doesn't care about you and Ron!"
"Yea well i dont think she know about me and Ron being together yet but that notthe point. Your special to her because your the only other girl in the family."
Ginny sighed"But I don't want to lose Harry!"
"None of us do. None of us wants anybody gone. Everyone has said that they can't live with out each other. And we can't. We're such good friends and we love each other so much that it would hurt just to live if one us left.


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A few days passed everything seemed to be going back to normal. Harry and Ginny were keeping cool and Hermione and Ron were sure not to make the wrong move around Mrs. Weasly. This was the morning they were elaving for Hogwarts. Harry mind was racing. He didn't know if he was going to go back to Hogwarts or not. But he'd better choose quick because they were leaving soon. Sine Mr.Weasley's last promotion they were able to rent Ministry cars again. You could tell they were magically widened. Harry was thinking to himself " Should I go? If I do I can make sure Ginny is alright. I'll learn new spells. If I don't then I'll have more time to dedicate to the Horcruxes. Then I'll go and I'll ask McGonagol to give me permission to take some time to work on the Horcruxes. Oh and the portrait. Dumbledore's portrait will be there!"
" Harry c'mon the train will be leaving in a few minutes!" Ginny yelled. He lifed his trunk and Hedwigs cage he struggled down the stair when he finally made it down he made his way to the cars.
"Harry what are you doing you can do magic now remember!" Hermione said.
Harry made an angry sigh.
They made it to the train station. They got on and waved good-bye.
"C'mon lets find a compartment" Ron said.
They traveled all the way to back before they could find an open one.

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"Hey Harry we have to go do our prefect patrolling." Hermione said
" Ok." harry said when someone let out a high pitched sream. They all ran to see where it came from. They looked around and saw a blonde teenager cornering a first year with wand at the ready.
"Malfoy!" ron whispered.
"Stop it!" Hermione cried.
Draco turned around and frowned.
"Well look who it is, the Potty Possy. What are you doing here you filthy little Mudblood." he said looking at Hermione.
"I'd like to ask you the same question. I thought you were supposed to be working for Voldemort the year." Harry said sarcasticly
"How dare you say his name."
" So your afraid of your own masters name? Your pathetic. Just like your locked up father!"
" Don't you read the Daily Prophet Potter. All the Death Eaters in Azkaban have broken out. The dementors are on our side now."
Harry put a shocked look on his face.
"Yea the Dark Lord will rule all and especially without that muggle loving Dumbledork out of the way. I'm not going to be staying long just for first semester. Then im going to join my master. He will be proud."
"Oh I'm sure he will after he torchures you for not killing Dumbledore your self. Snape had to do it. He'll get rewarded while he watches you getting the Crutiatus Curse put on you."
Harry turned around.
"Impedimenta!" Malfoy shouted and Harry was smashed into the end of the hallway. He turned him self over. His nose was bleeding and there were scrathes all over his face.
"You're dead Malfoy!" Harry yelled.
Hermione came over and held him and said.
"Harry he not worth it. Stop it. He's just trying to get you into trouble dont falll for it!"




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Harry struggled to get out of Hermione's and now ron's cltuches but he failed. He gave a dirty look toward Draco and headed back to his compartment.
" So welcome back!" ginny said once everyone got settled. Every one laughed but Harry just smiled.
"Harry don't worry about it. He's just trying to provoke you. He's a pathetic git." ron said.

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Yea Ihad to go to soccer practice the day i did that and I'd thought i would just put a little blurb into it before i left then LOST came on afterwards so i couldn't do anymore. Ill post some more later im think of what to do. I'll do some more later tonight!


well heres the part you wanted it's pretty long! hope you like it!

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well its kinda supposed to be like the book but the 7th so i guess thats like a compliment to me sort of.


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"WHAT?!" Harry yelled.
"Harry listen to me!" McGonagall said sternly.
"Professor I can't!"
"Harry yes you can! I'll ask your teacher's permission to let have no homework. All you have to do is teach during your Defense Againist the Darks Arts classes!"
"But Professor I have other things besides homework i need to do! I have to...........well i can't really tell you."
"Horcruxes. Harry i know Professor Dumbledore told me. By the way he would like to speak with you in a few days."
"But I might have to skip full days!"
"Harry thats ok! You're a great teacher don't worry about it!"
"She's right Harry! I learned a whole lot form you from the D.A. classes" Ginny said.
"Wait! Professor what about the other years! How am I supposed to teach them while I'm in other classes. I can't use a time turner they've been destroyed."
"There's a potion you can take that creates sort of a copy of yourself. One condition is that you have to tell exactly what your teaching that day. If you don't it could go around tell people stuff you didn't want them to hear. The copy has the same knowledge that you do."
"Woah! That's so cool!"
"Crazy how magic works isn't it Potter!"
"Alright then I guess I'll do it!"
Harry read the rest of his schedule.
Potions: 9:00-10:30
Charms: 10:30-11:30
Defense Againist the Dark Arts: 11:30- 1:00
Lunch: 1:00-1:30
Free: 1:30-2:30
Free: 2:30-3:30
Potions: 3:30-5:00

Harry walked down to the Great Hall with Ginny for a spot of breakfeast. They sat down across from Hermione and Ron. Harry handed them his schedule.
"Harry your the new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher!" Hermione said.
"Mate this is great. You won't give us any homework!" Ron said gleefully.

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No, I like it. Who knows what the 7th book will be like. She's just writing it how she might imagine it.

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" I don't know what I'm even going to do. I guess just an introduction." Harry said
"Well not really everyone knows who you are Harry." Hermione replied.
Harry was walking to his next class with Ron.
"Thank god, we have the same schedule this year, again" Ron said.
"Bye, Hermione!" Harry said.
They both waved.
"OW!" Harry clucthed his forhead.
"Harry are you ok?" Ron said.
" Yea it's gone. I think Voldemort is getting stronger....Oh ron chill!"
He had flinched at the sound of the name.
" Sorry I'm trying to get over it."
"C'mon we're going to be late."
They ran up to their Potions class. Professor Slughorn was introducing himself.It had looked like he hadn't lost any weight since last year.
"Harry m'boy!" He said to Harry.
Harry looked up from the ground.
"Oh Professor! I didn't know you were still teaching here!"
"Of course I am boy! Since well...last year I certainly wanted to stay and help! If you know what I mean?" He winked.
Harry smiled then he remembered the so called "Slug Club" and their parties. They were rather annoying.

I really lke it I'm not a big fan of the books but this is awesome
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"Well sit down boy sit down. Now lets get started!"
They were making some potion that made you really sleep for long hours. Harry was trying his best to do it right. He tried to protect his title of being a great potion maker.
"Harry what's wrong your not doing as well as last year. I bet you just need some touching up." Slughorn said a little upset.
Harry fake laughed. He remembered that his 6th year potions book was still in the Room of Requirement from when he hid it from Snape but it was no use to him now he was in 7th year.

keep this fanfic going i love it! wow wonderful job seriously amazing

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Harry just barley made it through Charms without sleeping. He walked out of class and Hermione joined him and Ron walking to Defense Against the Dark Arts. He walked and everyone looked up. Harry went to sit down at the front of the class.
" Harry you're the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher!" Seamus blurted out.
" Yea. But listen don't make such a big deal about it. Can't imagine what Malfoly would say."
" Ok...." Seamus replied.
"Ok then. So its Gryffindor and the Hufflepuffs. Ok umm.. today is just and introduction to the class since I don't really have anything planned. Well my name is Harry. Umm and I am the new Defense Against the Darks Arts teacher. If I'm not mistaken these classes will be similar to the D.A. in 5th year. Those of you who don't know what the D.A. was it was a secret society that Ron, Hermione, and I made to help the other students learn real Defense Against the Darks Arts. Umbridge was teaching that year. Well not really teaching the little git."
Everyone started to laugh while the class started to ask questions and stuff the might be learning this year. This helped Harry a lot because most of the time it was about Voledmort and he knew a lot about him and he could actually answer the questions they were asking. One Hufflepuff student asked about how he was teaching the other classes. Harry answered.
"Oh, I'm sorry guys it's time for your next class."
Everyone left at the sound of the bell.
" Harry you did great!" Ron said walking up to him.
"Great job Professor!" Hermione winked and walked out of the room. Harry met up with Ginny at lunch and he told her all about his class. She was thrilled that he was doing great. Then a first year Ravenclaw girl who was shaking madly cam up to Harry and gave him an envelope.
"What's that?" Ron said almost standing up to see the letter.
Harry opened the letter.
" It says. Dumbledore wants to see me in Mcgonagall's office tonight."
" Dumbledore? Oh wait his portrait. Oh yea!" Ginny said.

sweet. i love how everything is going so well for harry.. wonder what dumbledore wants. hopefully the 7th book wil be like this. great fic.

I haven't really thought about what Dumbledore's going to say so just wait a while.

Harry was talking with his friends in the Gryffindor common room a few hours before going to see Dumbledore. Harry was relieved that he could still at least talk to Dumbledore. Ginny and Hermione were sharing there thoughts about what he was going to say to Harry. Ron was just sitting there staring at them both with a dreamy look on his face.
"Ron?" Hermione said.
Ron jumped and opened his eyes a little more.
"What!?" He said
" Nothing you were just .... staring at us."she said.
"Oh sorry i was just thinking." he said with a smile on his face again.
"Please don't go into the details." Ginny said.
Harry put a disgusted look on his face.
"No it's not that. Ew you guys are.... just ew."
"Ok good."
Hermione was sratching her head a little embarrassed and Ron's ears had turned red.
"Oh no I have to go!" Harry said.

OMG i was just reading the rumors part about HP7 and J.K. said some stuff about Green Flame Torch and Fortress of Shawdows. This is probably where people got their story names from!?!?!?!?!

Post more!!!!!! i love this story!!! please keep posting!! I can't wait or ill seriously go crazy!!!

Yeah post soon. Just I wanted to ask one thing.
Draco Malfoy had a great hand in the murder of Dumbledore then he should be arrested but still he is allowed to continue the school and one advice use spell check. It will help to make your writing more effective.

And I am waiting to read what Dumbledore has to say.

I shall do that!!!

Harry left the Gryffindor Common Room and headed down to the Headmistress's office. He was walking along, thinking about how he was actually going to see Dumbledore again. He stopped at the end of the corridor. Someone was talking. It sounded like a man. Harry ducked behind the wall and peered around. Professor McGonagall and a tall black man, Kinsley Shackle and Draco Malfoy. He was cornered by the adults. Shacklebolt spoke "Draco Malfoy is it ture that you were responsible for Albus Dumbledore's death?" Malfoy was cowering with fear then replied."No, Yes, Maybe"
"Well did you or not!?" the man had his voice and his wand raised now. Harry listened carefully.
"Well, I was going to kill him but I took to long. I made an atempt. Professor, Snape. Our previous potions...."
"I know who he is!" Shacklebolt screamed.
"Ok, Ok. He got rid of him for me. Although I was going to do it."
"It was you! You gave the necklace to Katie Bell last year. She was going to give it to Professor Dumbledore. It was you who poisoned the bottle of wine Professor Slughorn was going to give Dumbledore!" Professor McGonagall said.
"Yeah. What are you going to do about it?" Malfoy acting brave now.
"We're going to take you to Azkaban. That's what we're going to do." Kinsley said.
"I don't think so. Avada......" Malfoy tried to say but Harry jumped out of hiding and stunned him.Professor Mcgonagall was shocked and wide eyed.
"Professor, I didn't mean to eavesdrop. I was just on my way to see Professor Dumbledore."
"That's quite alright Potter."
"Thank you Harry you can be on your way." Shackelbolt said nodding his head.
Harry started walking again then it turned into a jog once he was out of the sight of the adults.

WOW! Nice story. I am waiting to hear what Dumbledore has to say to Harry.

cool story. keep it up...i wanna read more!

well i was kinda stalling. He He. Cuz like i dont know what I want dumbledore to say. Another writers block. God i hate them so much. If you have any ideas at all please pm me or just post them.

Something about horcruxes and their estimated location.

yea i had that idea in mind but like specific. Ont his can you pm me cuz i dont want to give it away

i just luv how ur sty iz cumin along its so much better than mine, i dont think i could write as good as u
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on my story Harry wont go to skool he'll just b finding the horicoxes i think

p.s. I would like it to be in Fortress of Shadows but i just need some details of a room and how its relates to Voldemort in some way.

Cmon guys you have to help me or im gonna cancel this writing story thing. Please i just need an idea how hard is that!

Harry made it to Dumbledore's office finally. He said the password given in the letter that was sent to him. The gargoyle moved from the doorway and the spiral steps moved up. He got to the door and knocked. He heard Professor Dumbledore's voice say Enter. Harry entered. Many of the silver objects from the year before were still there. Harry was glad Professor McGonagall didnt remove them. He went over towards the big red chair where McGonagall obviously sat. He looked up and saw Professor Dumbledore's head inside of a frame. Harry smiled to himself. He was so happy to see him.
"Hello Harry." He said.
"Hello Professor! You have no idea how happy i am to see you."
"Well I will always be here Harry. Now time for what I sent you here for."
"Well as you know we are well you are supposed to be searching for Voldemort's horcruxes. I was thinking. Voldemort is a tricky, dark, evil human being. I wonder...... maybe the Fortress of Shadows. Then to Godric's Hollow. Would like to see your parents graves?"
Harry nodded.
"Well there also might be a clue or even a horcrux there."
Harry made a mental note but was thinking about Godric's Hollow. He wanted to see his parents grave really bad now that Dumbledore had mentioned it.
"Now you must be careful Harry. You may leave." Harry turned around.
"One more thing Harry.... keep your friends close. You'll need all the help you can get."
Harry left and walked back down to Common Room. He explained what Dumbledore had said to Ron, Hermione, and Ginny.
"Harry that's great. You'll be able to see your parents graves." Hermione said.
"Yea...I guess" Harry said slightly grinning.
Ginny yawned.
"Well I'm going to bed" she said and kissed Harry on the forehead.
"Me too." Ron said.
"Ok then... I guess we all sould go to bed."
"Night!" they all said.
"I love you Ginny!" Harry yelled after her.
"I love you too Harry." Ginny called.

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Harry and Ron woke up the next morning and got dressed. Then they went down to the Graet Hall for breakfast.
"Morning." Hermione said as they both sat down across from her and Ginny.
Professor McGonagall came over to Harry.
"Harry heres your potion. You know what to do." she said and handed him a small vial.
Harry opened the top and drank the potion. He started to glow and then an exact replica of him appeared next to him.
"Woah thats so cool!" Ron said.
"SSSHHH!" Hermione blurted out and slapped Ron on the arm.
"Ok what we're learning today is Patronuses. Explain what they do and then have the students practice the words Expecto Patronum with out wands and then with.Teach what they have to do to make a Patronus." Harry said to the copy.
The replica nodded and went to the DADA room.
"What was that for?!" Ron said to Hermione.
"You have to be really quite so the replica of Harry can listen carefully to what the real Harry says."
"Oh. Well what happens if you dont tell him what to do." Ron asked.
"I dont know. ncGonagall said that it has the same knowledge that I have so it could blurt out my secrets at anytime."
"Woah I wouldn't want that to happen!" Ginny said.
"What's that supposed to mean?" Ron said looking at Ginny.
"Nothing I was just saying that I would be good if that happened."
"Why, have you guys been doing stuff that I don't know about?"
"No, and we wouldn't tell you anyway besides its only the first week." Harry said.
"What ever." Ron said with a sigh.
"I think we'd better get going. Class starts in five minutes." Hermione said urgently.
They stood up and walked down to class. Hermione and Ron joined hands then separated before he left. Harry gave a Ginny a hug before they said good-bye. The day passed quickley. It was dinnertime in no time. Then they headed back up to Gryffindor Common Room. Harry sat ont he couch to watch Ron work on the homework Harry didn't have. Ginny came over to sit with him and Harry put his arm around her. They felt themselves dozing off. Then they were asleep.

"GINNY!"Harry screamed after her.
"Harry. Harry save me please." Ginny cried.
"NO!" he screamed again.
"Too late Potter. AVADA KEDAVRA!" the woman said pointing her wand at Ginny. Ginny fell to the ground lifeless again.
"NO!" Harry yelled.
"You!" Harry said with a disgusted look on his face. "You, it's all your fault. Every one i loved! I'm going to kill you."
"Ha! You wish Potter!" Bellatrix said.
"Sectumsempra!" Harry yelled. Bellatrix fell. She was bleeding everywhere.
"Sectumsempra! Sectumsempra!" Bellatrix jolted again and again. It was like an imaginary sword was slashing at her. Harry said it again an again. She was finally dead.
Harry was thrashing around on the Common Room couch. Ginny was trying to wake him up. Harry open his eyes and saw her face. He was covered in cold sweat but he didn't care he jumped up and hugged her. Then kissed her.
"Harry?" Ginny tried to say.
"Harry!" she said again.
"Harry! Whats wrong?!" she said urgently.
"Nothing I just had a dream. I'm just happy to see you thats all." He finally relpied. He kissed her again.
"I love you so much Harry." she said. Harry smiled and hugged her again." Me too." he whispered.
This was my favorite post. I dont know why but it just was.

some advice, space between each paragraph. it would help a lot. makes reading easier for people wink

I dont have paragraphs i dont write in paragraph form thanx though.

still, after someone talks, it makes things easier to have it spaced, so people can clearly tell who is speaking.

it's very good though nonetheless. good work big grin

Not really beacuse i say who is talking aftwards anyway. And theres quotation marks. Only you say it hard to read. I just write ids ont care how it looks. I mean I'll fix typos but that i could care less. If anyone else thinks its harder to read then fine i'll change it.
And thanx lol

for something that you are just writing down, it is pretty good.

I should be the one to complain about mistakes. my 20+ stories are full with them. Drives my best friend insane

That was a really sweet post!! I loved it !!


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Great story though Don't stop it and if you get done with it after it's over make another year with Voldemort gone forever that is if Harry doesn't die

that was really something, i really like it alot, keep going

Great story!

before i leave tomorrow guys please i need an idea again. Just plain and simple just give me a general idea

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Reminder: Theres no more Malfoy remember he was arrested and sent to Azkaban.

The Winter holidays were drawing near. Harry had planned on staying at Hogwarts and then go looking for the Horcruxes but he had to stay first because he needed to consult with Dumbledore. Knowing that he did not have to do homework was like a weight off his shoulders although he had papers to grade for his students. He just told himself that he will do it later. Ron, Hermione, and Ginny insisted that they stayed to help him even if Harry was reluctant about it.
"Harry will be fine." Ginny said coming down the girls dormintory stairs.
"Yeah, but you don't know that for sure." he replied.
"C'mon!" she said excitedly.
"What?" Harry said confused.
"C'mon we're going to get out of this castle. Let's walk down to the lake."
"Ginny I don't know. I'm not really in the......" Harry sarted to say.
"Just c'mon Hrary for me. You juist need to get out and have some fun."
"Oh alright." he said smiling.
Ginny smiled back they both went up to get there warms clthes like jackets, scarfs, and hats. Then they met in the Common Room again and headed down to the lake. They stepped out side and the white, flakey snow alreday started to cover them. No one had walked on the new snow so it crunched evertime they took a step. Both of them walked around the lake several times hand-in-hand.

Sry yall but my dad is being a butt and hes kicking me off ill finish it in a little while.

Ginny got excited.
"Let's go on to the lake!" she said.
"What? No Ginny its too dangerous!"
"Oh, Harry you need to live a little." Ginny said smiling.
"This is so..." Harry's voice trailed off.
"C'mon. I mean the lake is frozen what could happen?" she said grinning.
"Not again." Harry sighed. Ginny began to laugh. They they started to walk on the lake. Harry was a little hesitant at first but once he got half way to the middle he was more confident.
"And why are we doing this again?" Harry said.
Ginny laughed again"Because it builds character." Then she sat down. Harry opened his mouth to tell Ginny not to sit but he ignored it and sat down next to her.
"Don't tell me I need to build character."Harry said pprentending to be offended but he knew she was joking.
"I was joking, Harry." she said.
"I know, I was just joking too." Harry replied.
"Brrr. You want to go back up to the castle? Its freezing out here!" Ginny said shivering a little. Harry took off his scraf and put it around his girlfriends neck.
"Mmmm...it's warm." she said.
Harry smiled and stood up. He took both of Ginny's hands an helped her up off the cold ice. She staggered a bit and fell into Harry's arms. They didn't let for a while. Having a quick kiss before starting, they walked a slow pace just to be careful. Suddenly there was a "crack" then a "splash". Ginny disappeared under the ice, she had fallen through.
"GINNY!" Harry yelled at the top of his lungs.
"Ginny!" he bellowed again. He threw off his hat and dove into the hole that Ginny had just dropped through. He felt the cold water hit his face. He looked around and saw a glint of red hair. Swimming to it, he put his arms under Ginny and took ouyt his wand."Reducto!" Harry said. He pointed it straight up and a hole blasted through the ice above. He pushed Ginny out and then he forced himself out onto land then he picked up the girl laying silent next to him and walked as fast as he could to the castle. He took her to the Common Room and layed her right in front of the burning fire. He put his head on her chest to check if there was a pulse. He sighed in relief as he heard the soft "thumps" of Ginny's heart. He gentally layed his hands on the sides of her face and bent down a kissed her. They held that kiss for the longest time. Harry rose back up onto his knees. Ginny coughed up lake water and gasped for breath.
"Ginny! It's alright. I'm here. I'm here." Harry said quickly.
She sat up straight, wide-eyed. Her breathing slowed down a lot.
Ill finish it once i get home from school i got to leave now. Too many interruptions. GRRR!

ok I'm home! I'm going to finish now lol!!

"I....I....I fell through the l...lake and I...I.. I passed out in the w...w...water." She said shivering a lot." A..and you came to s...s..save m..m..m.me."
Harry nodded and took out his wand. He flicked it in a complicated wave , Hermione taught him in his fifth year. Hot steam came out of the tip and was drying Ginny's clothes then Harry did the same to his own. He got up fast and began to gather all of the blankets in the room. He helped Ginny up like he did on the lake and wrapped all of the blankets around her. He pushed a chair so it was only a few feet from the fire and he went back to Ginny and guided her to the chair. He sat down first and then pulled Ginny onto his lap with his arms around her.
"I'm s...sorry Harry." Ginny said still stuttering from being cold.
"Don't be. It wasn't your fault" he said.
"No we souldn't h...have g..gone out on that ice." she argued.
"Ginny really it's ok. You were trying to have some fun. I'm really glad you took me out there today. I just needed someone to talk to."
Ginny turned around and smiled.
"I wonder where everyone is?" Ginny asked.
"They're on winter holidays. Hermione said, last night, that everyone was leaving early in the morning. We got up before everyone and we didn't get back until the afternoon. All the people in my year left, how 'bout you?"
"My friend Elena Halrite know everyone in Gryffindor. She said that every single person was leaving. She said their parents all wanted to spend time with their kids well you know....."
"Yeah I know." Harry said frowning.
"So we've got it all to ourselves. You, me, Hermione, and Ron I mean."
Then the were voices near the portrait hole. It opened and Ron and Hermione were walking through.
"See there they are." Ron said was a satisfactory look on his face.
"Whatever. Where have you guys been? We've been looking for you forever!" said Hermione with her hands on her hips.
"We...." Harry started but was interrupted by Ron.
"C'mon let's eat lunch. I'm starving!"
"Oh. Alright." Ginny said getting out of the chair.
Harry and Ginny decided not to tell Rona dn Hermione there little accident at the lake.

oooo i luv ur story its brilliant!!!update soon!!!

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I love this! The Ginny stuff especially! Very well written.

gr8 story. i think Harry and Ginny are made for each other. cant wait for the next part

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This is BRILLIANT. This is just like J.K. Rowling material. If she saw this I bet you'd be helping her with the next book! Keep up the great stuff.

I loved the story when are you going to post more
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thanks but i relli don't know what else to do. I mean yes Harry needs to go on his journey but i don't know how to describe it.

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yea im working on it. But right now, i started the James/Lily Story and kinda focusing on that but im working on idea for this too

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well it might be a while because my brother is obsessed with this new cpt game and he gets on the computer for hours at a time and won't let me on so it might be a while before i post. But it will give me enough time to write both stories though

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you could talk about Harry eventually going to godics hollow to find a clue like umm.... something James or Lily new about Voldmort

thanx but thats not the problem not being able to think fo rthe story isnt the problem. I have the atention spand of a gnat. lol thats the problem. I mean I'll stick with fan fiction but i just can't bring my self to write for this story. I just lost heart for it and my hearts in my James/Lily story im really sorry if i let you down

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I love you story! Great job with the details your a really great wrighter. Happy Dance

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