James/Lily Story (remake)

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that was great so wait remus is a perfect too?

I like this better than the old one.

that was great so wait remus is a perfect too?
No that's what Lily THOUGHT
But it was actually James.

Good story so far...leaves ya' at a cliffhanger doesn't it? yes

That was really good and it is much better than your other one.

it was gr8 and it was way better than ur other one

really really good. looking forward to the next part!

Chapter 2

Like usual the first night spent at Hogwarts was in the Common Room catching up with friends. The Marauders sat in front of the fire laughing about old memories. Lily and her friends sat on the couch behind them talking about what they want to do after they graduate. First years were roaming the room exploring their new home. It was peaceful. Tired as everyone was, they headed up to bed pretty early.

The next morning in the Great Hall the students were greeted with the smell of breakfast and their new schedules.

"I forgot what NEWT classes you guys were taking." Lily said jamming her toast.

"Let's see, I have Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Care of Magical Creatures, Potions, and that's it." Jen said.

"Same! Yay! I have someone to hang with in all my classes now!" Alice smiled.

"What classes are you taking Lily?" Jen asked.

She blushed. "Transfiguration, Charms, Potions, Ancient Runes, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Muggle Studies."

Both girls dropped their jaws.

"Sheesh, Lily you won't have anytime to do anything! Six NEWT classes!" Alice finally said.

"Really! Will we ever see you?" Jen agreed.

"Nonsense guys. We share a dormitory. I think I'll see you a lot." Lily laughed.

Meanwhile down the table, the Marauders weren't discussing the same subject. They all knew what each other's classes were.

"You told her you were growing up?" Sirius asked.

"Well it seemed to impress her a little bit." James smiled at his plate.

"And you should keep growing up. You act like a five year old around her and she hates it."

"You don't think I've noticed Moony." James said sarcastically.

The bell rang and students began walking off to their first class of the year. For James it was Transfiguration.

He walked in and saw Lily was early so he sat down.

"Can I help you Potter?" Lily asked.

"Well I was just saying class starts in about thirty-five seconds." He smiled

"And your point is?" she didn't really care.

"Why don't you remember? The person you sit next to at the beginning of the year, you're partners with for the term. I say about five more seconds." He said still grinning sheepishly.

Lily began trying to push James out of the seat when Professor McGonagall walked in.

"Hello students. Ms. Evans hands to yourself! I'm glad to see you've managed to make it the NEWT level in Transfiguration. This year, as you know, will be the most difficult. We will be studying Animagi. Can anyone tell me what that is?"

Sirius shot his hand up.

"Yes, Mr.Black."

"Animagi, or an Animagus, is the process of being able to turn into an animal at will. Giving the animal the ability to remember what you were doing. You do not choose you're animal. The animal chooses you like your wand. It would mostly likely be the same animal as your Patronus. When you change into your animal it may appear that you have no garments on but when you change back you do. When you are in your animagus form you may be able to communicate with some animals but not fully understand them." Sirius smiled.

"Very nice Mr.Black. An exact definition. 20 points for Gryffindor." The professor said.

The classes went by in a breeze. They hadn't really started to do anything, it was just the Professors talking about their subjects and lecturing them about how it was NEWT year.

"This'll be an easy year." James said stretching his arms behind his head as they sat down that night.

"You mean classes or Lily?" Peter asked.

"Both my friend."

"I'm not so sure about that one mate. Lily looked pretty mad that she has to be partners on Transfiguration with you." Remus implied.

"I think it'll work out just fine." He smiled.

A/N- This Chapter was crappy sry guys lol.

It wasn't that crappy or crappy at all. It wasn't the same as your first chapter though. Your first was much more detailed than this one. Post soon

ye, have to say i agree with Brit531. it was still good. post soon

I should be posting soon guys thanx!

wow, really great. of the things of yours taht i read, i would have to say this is probably the best you've written! please, keep it up!

~by the way, i love the dresses in your sig! they're really pretty!

Thank you!!! I'm like in love with my sig lol cuz I made it and all

I love them too!

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i love ur story post soon

Gah! Sry guys but seriously i needed to start this over. I've read too many James Lily stories to count and this one just ugh. I just didn't think it was good AT all

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