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sorry, didn't notice this part of the forums... just googled straight to the comics section.

hmm, do we have to introduce ourselves if we're gonna participate here?

oh well.

erm I'm old.
quite a bit old, far too old to be faffing about in here but then... I'm self-indulgant and a natural born procrastinator too so...

I like horror films, Rushdie novels, some old X-Factor, Spidey, X-men, Transformers, Punisher and Silver Surfer comics. a lotta Batman comics, loved the graphic novels and am somewhat indifferent to Superman - boring character, duff villains... little drama.

oh, fave films hmm, Lost boys, John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Eyes Wide Shut, Ninth Gate, Zelig, Cyrano de Bergerac, Cruel Intentions, Talented Mr Ripley, Aliens...

hmm... have I said enough?

oh yeah, I'm male, short and a bit squat and a Londoner "corr luv a duck, guv'nor wink"

done smile

Welcome, I hope you' ve had fun so far wink

Aureck Pon
you dont have to introduce yourself but you can. most of the people here dont hang out on this forum but its a good place to start. there are forums of all kinds here and most are pretty interestig. and there are even a few RPG forums towrds the bottom of the list. alot of the people on here are nice but you are new so you might go through some teasing until people know you bettar. if you have any questions you could PM(private message witch you will find at the top right corner of the site or the little thing at the bottom of each post that says it) me or a moderater. have fun and make some friends. a good idea would be to stick to a couple forums like alot of the other members and that way you can make friends. enjoy our humble little forum community.

thanks for the welcome, am enjoying reading the comics and horror movie forums greatly yes

Aureck Pon
thats great to hear.

Welcome to The KMC gov'

Hey and Welcome wave

Jack of Blades
Welcome to the place where there isnt much race

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