At the World's End: our Take

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Well, the deleted scenes thread really inspired this one. Let's make our movie. Just add when the spirit of the pirate moves you.

(Opening scene)

Gov. Swann was tossed out of Beckett's office by two menacing looking thugs. Slowly, Beckett followed them outside, looming down over poor Gov. Swann, reduced to a wigless old man.
"I told you," he held the brand. "You will help me with whatever I want or your daughter will be found."
"She could be anywhere!" Gov. Swann summoned his quiet courage. Enough philosophy and class, he thought. Elizabeth needs me. "You would never find her anyway, not with Will Turner with her."
"Will Turner," Beckett laughed. "Oh, Weatherby. How you make me laugh. Elizabeth is in the company of someone much more sinister, much more threatening to not only your reputation, but possibly to her life."
"Jack Sparrow!" Gov. Swann moans.
"Now, I may have already lost Mr. Turner, but you can still help me." He pointed the brand even closer to Gov. Swann's cheek.
"You miserable man! You are more a pirate than the very men you chase."
"Take what's left of the Royal navy that is under your command." Beckett ignored the insult. "You want Elizabeth found? Then send them to find her. My spy informed me she will be in the guise of a young cabin boy. Tell them to keep an especially close watch on The Black Pearl. Now go. Go!"

End scene. Someone else's turn!

thats great!!! smile (does this have to be serious? i am in a goofy mood... lol)...

Suddenly, a ship appears in the middle of the ocean. Actually, it is a very small, fast ship, with room on it for only a couple of people. However, near behind we see another larger ship with the pearls old crew... pan back to the small ship, where you see Elizabeth at the ships helm, dressed head to toe in black, with tons of eyeliner on. A long black cape billows behind her. Her hair is hidden under a black hat. Behind her, we get a glimpse of someone leaning against the mast, roped loosely. It's Will, fast asleep. Gibbs is leaning against the rail, drinking. He walks over to Elizabeth.

"How much farther do you reckon?"
"A few hours. We should be there by dawn." Elizabeth's voice is hard.
"And then?"
"And then we exchange the prisoner. You heard Tia's instructions."
Gibbs squints over the dark ocean, then looks at ELizabeth. "You know Miss Elizabeth, I could take the helm. You should get some sleep."
A tear drips out of Liz's hard eyes. She brushes it away angrily and grips the wheel. "i can manage."
"What's troubling you, Elizabeth?"
Liz turns to him and smiles cynically. "What troubles all women, Mr. Gibbs?"
Gibbs looks confused, then appears to have an idea. He glances down at Liz's tummy.
Liz looks put out. "No... not that. A Man."
Gibbs looks relieved. "Will? He's been awful quiet lately."
"I betrayed him," Liz says simply, glad to say it.
"You betrayed him? How?"
Liz sighs. "I was trying to save him. Things got out of hand."
"Does this have to do with Beckett?" Gibbs asks, remembering the conversation they once had aboard the pearl. Liz laughs softly, and then looks back at Gibbs, deciding to trust him, since Jack always had.
"No, Mr. Gibbs. This has to do with Captain Jack Sparrow."
Understanding comes into Gibbs' honest face. He looks at Liz in awe and wonder. "Jack? You betrayed Will... for Jack?"
"Jack would argue I betrayed him for Will... but he would be wrong..."

Good! Not much of a story teller, but I'll try!

Setting: A few hours later aboard the ship Liz climbs to the crows nest to take over the watch. Will spots her and climbs up with her,..
"Elizabeth?" It was Will.
"Hmm,.." she replied, her thoughts stretching to the horizon.
"Do you still want to be married?"he questioned
She gave him the 'of coarse I do' look.
Looking away from her he continued,"Well, saw you kiss Jack and well, you two looked so,,.."he left his sentence unfinshed
Elizabeth shook her head, and with a hint of a smile of what he said, she repllied,"No there is nothing between me and Jack." She said it with defiance in her vioce.
And with that she climbed down the ropes, went into her cabin, locked the doors and sat on her bed. Quietly she sobbed to herself.
"Why, why, did I do it?" she moaned to herself,...

Someone elses turn!

tia dalma
Beckett's Office......a discussion is taking place between Norrington and Beckett about a deal for the heart.

Norrington: I want to be govenor, and have my own ship and crew.
Beckett: Commodore, and a new house
Norrington: Admiral, that's my final offer.
Beckett: Since it was the compass i was after perhaps you would like to enhance your offer.

Your turn!

continueing with you

Norrington sighs as if saying'yes I know'.
Beckett continues," So, since you have failed to retrive what I want,.. I think it's only fair not to reward you."
Fuming with anger, yet trying to sound cool norrington said,"Yes, but the heart is better! You can control the sea's with this!"
Beckett could hear the strain in his voice,"Yes, I can now." A hint of a wiry smile trailed his face

I'll leave you guys to finish!

Beckett continues to be annoying. Norrington is getting fed up.
"All I want is to step back into society where I last left it- as a commodore, with my own vessel for a flagship."

Beckett considers. "Very well. I will ask only one thing."

Norington shrugs wearily. "Anything."

"I need you to find out what Governor Swann knows. He won't talk to me."

Norington laughs. "He'll talk to me. Where is he being held?"

Cut to the prison. Some guards throw Norrington into the cell with Govenor Swann, as though he has also become a prisoner. Norrington dramatically faints. Swann helps him up....

tia dalma
I like, we're doing well. yes

Elizabeth slowly wakes up after crying herself to sleep. She steps out onto the deck and finds Tia standing at the helm. Everyone else is asleep. They stand beside each other, while an eerie silence commences. "Do not blame yourself, ya did what right" Elizabeth looks up at the moon while two tear drops sparkle as they run down her face. "I'm so confused, i thought i knew what i wanted". Tia smiles and turns to walk away "Ya do know what ya want, but worry about the consequences"

"Consequences? What consequences?"Elizabeth says.She turns to find Tia gone."Well, that was mighty odd."she says to Jack(the monkey) as he hopped on to her shoulder.

Someone else!

"Consequences? What consequences?"she turns to find Tia gone
"What shall I ever do??" she mutters to Jack(the monkey)

oops sorry, computer glich!

MORE MORE! i like reading what you guys write. im not too good. so u wont enjoy what i write

Try! Just "let the story write it's self!" Write what you feel!,.. sorry, this probably sounds sappy!

haha it kinda does

Just givin' my advice!C'mon try! Mine sound lame!

no they dont. mine suck and thats why i dont post them

Is Scch on here?? If so, can you post a part in this??

yeah plz!

these are funn to read =P
keep goin guys! smile

I don't know what to say!

Okay, so we have Norrington in jail and Liz feeling guilty. Let me throw a wrench in.

"Go away!" she shouts to Will. After Tia, she was in the mood to see absolutely no one, except one person.
"Elizabeth, I know you're having a hard time, but we're going to make a stop on this nearby island. Tia seems to have a good feeling about it."
"You think Jack is there?" she asks.
"I have no idea, but she seems to know everything," he answers. "It seems like we've been sailing forever. I wonder how my father is."
"He's all right, Will, I'm sure of it," she pats his hand. "Let's get the boat ready for departure."
The two of them, along with Gibbs and Tia, stopped once the boat hit the surf, when a strange sound silenced all of them.


"We hit reef!"Mr.Gibbs said.
"Abandon ship! Abandon ship!"says Will.
"We can't leave the ship!We'll never make it to shore!"cries Elizabeth
"we have to jump soon"it was Gibbs.
"Elizabeth,please! We must go."will erged he persistently,...

Some one else can finish!

Dammit, people! eek! We're all supposed to follow each other. I'll do another to get people going.

"What was that?" Will is the first to speak.
"No creature alive makes that kind of sound," Gibbs says knowingly yet fearingly. "None alive, cept the siren."
"Siren?" Liz asks.
"Dreaful beasts of beauty," Tia says. "Dey will sing and sing til we go mad and kill each other."
"Source of optimism, aren't you?" Will retorts. "There has to be a way to frighten them away!"

Fine,..screw the reefglare
"T'ere is but one way to get rid of 'em Sirens." They all looked at Tia.
"Well tell us!" Will said growing increasingly impatient
"We gots ta sacrifice sumthin'"Tia said ignoring the fact that she knew how much they were gonna hate her when she told them.

I'm sorry, diddly. When I got on here, your post didn't show up on my screen. Maybe we posted so close to the same time or something. I apologize. You can pick up the story wherever you want.

if you want, they can abandon ship and swim to the island. Peace!

How 'bout you can finish the reef or the Sirens, pick!

Ok, I think I figured it out. The ship they were on hit the reef and they arrived on the island. Is that fair? I don't want to continue if it isn't fair. (sorry again)

"Sacrifice something?" Gibbs gripped Tia by the shoulders. "There is the four of us! What can we sacrifice?"
"The compass," Will suggested.
"No!" Liz held it to her chest. "We'll need it to..." she cut herself off. She wanted to say the only way to find Jack was to use the compass.
Before anyone could decide, the sound grew louder. Without any further warning, the siren, a large eagle-like bird with the face of a woman, swooped down and snatched Tia in its talons.

Fair enough!
"TIA!!" they all sreamed in unison.
"Now we'll never find Jack!" said Elizabeth
""But the compass-"Will said
Elizabeth shook her head.
"Tia, has the compass."she said gravely

Switch scene back to Beckett someone!

ahhh i wanna know what happens!!!

willofthewisp has the honors

You flatter me, diddly. This is everyone's story, remember.

"You're going to tell me everything," Norrington pointed the sword straight at Gov. Swann's neck.
"How dare you! To think I would have given you my blessing to become my son-in-law."
"Yet I am still a step above the mediocre Will Turner," he laughed. "How did Elizabeth escape jail in the first place?"
"Everyone knows by now it was my doing," Gov. Swann confessed. "I just knew Beckett's deal with young Will sounded too good to be true. Jack Sparrow is impossible to find! And now the three of them, their lives intertwined again. If you were a gentleman at all, you would be out looking for her!"
"You're not the one in position to make demands," Norrington snapped. "I'm leaving here with information one way or another."
"What more could you possibly want to know?"
"I want to know your daughter's greatest desire."
Gov. Swann clenched his teeth and raised an eyebrow. Of all the things he might be interrogated for...but Elizabeth's greatest desire? To marry Will Turner was his first thought, but he double checked. He had been her only companion since her mother died, felt he knew her well. Her greatest desire....
"I'm waiting," Norrington warned.
"Her greatest desire has always been to have her adventure," he began.
"She's having it now. What else? You're not saying everything."
"You were there that day, Norrington. She said it quite plainly. She was a little girl, just before rescuing a little boy. She wanted to be a pirate."
"Fascinating. Thank you, Gov. Swann. I will leave you now," he said. He hesitated for only a moment, then ran his sword into the governor's thigh. "Lord Beckett will be pleased at this revelation."

Wow violence lol

I love these stories!

Don't be scared, folks! He's not dead!

Gov. Swann screamed in pain when Norrington drew his sword out.
"I'll be off." Norrington said."But I'll leave you with some,... company.I wouldn't want you to be lonely."He finished snirling.
"Just don't harm her."Swann said barely audiable.
"I think thats the least of your worries."Norrington said without looking back.norrington let two vicious looking Masstiffs with Gov Swann. Once the dogs saw the blood the proweled forward, like cats stalking a mouse,....

Someone else!

AHHHH the violence!!!

Okay lets sum up. Governor Swann died. It was very "sin city".

ooh, I'll leave it at a cliffhanger

"What do you mean she has the compass?" Gibbs asked.
"She has two and they both do the same thing. She wanted it from me for just a moment and that's when it happened," Liz confessed.
"Elizabeth, we need it," Will said.
Of course we do, she thought. Is that all you can offer? "Then we have to track down the siren."
"Track down the siren?" Gibbs barked. "Is that as easy as say, finding a man lost to the ends of the earth?"
"We have to, don't we?" Liz argued back. "And I think I know how. Follow me."

no,.. thats too sudden,...

what do you mean?

Cut to Norrington and Beckett having some whiskey together.

"Good choice of drink," Beckett says. "This way we arent supporting those pirate rum-runners."

"Well, I think I've figured out what Elizabeth wants most."

"Yes? Why does it matter?"

"Because her greatest desire and ours is the same."

Beckett leans forward in his chair. "Jack Sparrow?"

Norrington smiles sinisterly. "She alone knows how to find him, with the compass. If we find her, we will find him."

"Imagine... finally destroying Captain Jack Sparrow." Beckett gets up, excited, and begins pacing. "Do you think Jack reciprocates her feelings?"

Norrington suddenly looks interested.

"Because, she would be a powerful bargaining tool..." Beckett insinuated...

we can't just say"okay lets kill him." We need to do it when Elizabeth is there!! THAT makes a good story!!

Suddenly, they hear a lovely lady singing...

(the pirates, i mean)

Liz, who has studied sirens, knows what to do. Promptly, she chains all the men to the mast.

Then, she pulls on her hat to make her look like a boy, and leans over the deck...

"Here come more of 'em Sirens!"Gibbs said
"Quick, cover your ears!"will comanded
"I thought Tia said we need to sacrifice something!! And it ended up being her!"Elizabeth yelled of the music.
Suddenly the music stopped.
"What the-"they said in unison.....

someone else!

tia dalma
A ship comes into sight, a red sailed ship the Empress. Captain Sao Feng was standing at the helm.
Barbossa smiles, walking up to him, they begin to talk, a bargain is made.
That night Will decides to take action.
Will: I will trade you what you want if you capture Captain Jack Sparrow....

On the Flying Dutchman
Bootstrap: I have a son, i need to find him
Voice: So do i
Bootstrap: You do!
The owner of the voice leans in towards the candlelight. It's Grant Sparrow......

Someone elses turn!

I can't,.. thats too hard for a novice like me!

Tia flying with the Sirens:
"I told her i did 'bout 'em consiquences. What consequences she asked me?The ones of jack me said,.. though me thinks she didn't 'ere me. Now look at were I am!Now look at were I am,....

c'mon! someone else!

whew! too many scenes! Okay,

Bootstrap: What do you want with my son?
GSparrow: Word of the Kracken swallowing up the great Captain Jack Sparrow caught my attention. He traveled with a young Will Turner among others. You need to find him, I need to find him. I can get you off this ship, mate.
Bootstrap: How?
GSparrow: It's easier than you think. (jumps in front of everyone) Hey, look at me! I have a wooden leg! (all the crew looks at him hobbling as Bootstrap lowers a lifeboat)
Davy Jones: Stop gawking and make him part of the crew!
GSparrow: (close to the edge) Remember this day, gentlemen, as the day you ALMOST caught the infamous Grant Sparrow! (dives off and lands in the lifeboat. Bootstrap is hiding under a blanket)
Crew: Aren't we going to go after him?
Davy: He's only a poor simpleton. We have other lives to claim.
(in the boat)
Boostrap: Sparrow? Not any relation to Jack Sparrow?
GSparrow: Captain Jack Sparrow, if you please, and yes. All the trouble in his life really escalated the second he met up with that Will Turner. We find him and we'll find Jack.

O thats great! more more!

this is following the scene diddly dum left off

All: what the.....
Up above them, Tia is shrieking violently as the siren begins to claw at her. Just when they think she is finished, Tia begins to glow, her eyes rolling back into her head. Radiating a piercing gold light, the siren screams in pain and lets go of Tia. But instead of falling, the still-glowing Tia floats down to them and drops the compass into the boat.
Tia: Use it well, friends. Where you go, I cannot follow. But da compass will tell one of you what you all want to know.

She then flies off out of sight.
Will: I doubt this is the last time we'll see her.
Gibbs: What do you suppose she meant by that?
Will: More importantly, what exactly is she?
Gibbs: She's a goddess, Will. A sea goddess more powerful than any other creature.
Liz: Then we needed her and she left us. (picks up the compass) Come on. We can't stay here.

*cuts back to the sirens scene*
"If it stopped, does that mean Tia is....", said Elizabeth
"let's hope the worst hasn't happened yet. but now that she's gone, what'll we do about the compass?", asked gibbs.
"since we can't go on without the compass, we must go and retrieve it!", said will.
liz and gibbs look at each other and then back at will.
"c'mon. Gibbs, you need to help me row to shore.", said will.
gibbs takes a drink of his whiskey(or rum, im not sure what it is) and grabs an oar.
"and just what are you planning to do once we get on the island?" asked liz.
Will looked doubtful. "i'll figure something out once we get there." he said.

and not to be a bubble buster,sad but sirens aren't birds.
in greek mythology it says they're supposed to be mermaids who lure sailors to their island by singing. odysseus figured out the only way to get past them: put wax in your ears.

Scene: Gov Swann and dogs
"Nice dogs, good dogs,.."
Gov Swann back into the desk behind him,.. he finds Becketts left over scraps of tenderlion.He throws the scarps over the dogs heads. The dogs goo after the scraps."Dogs are dogs I guess, no matter how ferosius!",.....

lol big grin

I think Jack's dad's name is Teague. That's what it said on the Casting Call..


tia dalma
On it says his name is Grant.

yeah it says Grant (the Sea Sponge) Sparrow

the sea sponge?
how do you get a nickname like that?

i know..they couldve come up with sumthin better than that!

no i didn't mean it's a stupid nickname. i meant how do you GET a nickname like that?
like, what in the hell did he do that gave them the idea of a sea sponge? is he smart or something? like he absorbs knowledge. . .

no i know what you meant. im just saying like they should ahve given him a better name. ya know like somehting we ACTUALLY UNDERSTOOD how he got it or what it meant.

maybe because he looks like a sea sponge,.. since he is on Davy's ship right???

yeah mabe

just a thought.

where were we?



you guys left of somewhere when the sirens had taken tia and she has the compass.

dont give up! i wanna know what happens =]

oh yeah. uhhh....
i think i wrote that liz, will, and gibbs decided to go to the island to get back tia. and that was where we left off.

Once on the island, Liz, Will and Gibbs discover Tia sitting calmly under a palm tree, drinking rum. The sirens are all sitting around her, filmed at clever angles so even though they are naked nothing is showing.

Tia: get back on da boat.
Liz: What about you? We got wet coming to get you.
Tia: I'll be meetin ya again when ye find Jack.
Liz: (frantically) but how are we supposed to find Jack without you???
Tia: (grins and hands Liz the compass. Will looks pissed off.)
Gibbs: What are we supposed to do with the greek sailors aboard the ship?
Tia: Take em with ya of course...

Back on the ship:

Liz, Gibbs and the greeks are having a private huddle. Will is standing outside, trying to listen in.

Liz: This mission is just too dangerous for the whole crew. If the rumors we have heard of the impending doom of the EITC are true, we should spare some of us to try and fight them, should they arrive.
Gibbs: But without Jack, we haven't a hope of defeating them anyway.
the greeks: well here's an idea. Why dont we send out a few messengers to round up all the other pirates, to be ready to fight? We could all meet in SIngapore. Thats the place the eitc will least expect.
Liz: good idea! You guys go round up everyone you know.
the greeks: (smiling mysteriously) actually, there is a pirate council coming up. this will be the perfect time to share the news...

ALl the greeks head out in seperate long boats. The rest of the crew boards the big ship. Liz, Gibbs, and Will board the smaller ship. Liz takes the helm, holding the compass.

Will walks up behind Liz and stares at the compass.

Will: So he is what you want?
Liz: How do you know that?
Will: the compass is guiding you to him.
Liz: Perhaps its just guiding me to the pearl so we can rescue your father.
Will: I doubt that.
Liz: Will, ever since we met I've trusted you. You've been my friend... and someone who has always loved me. Technically speaking, it was I who found you first. I saved your life.
Will: Yes, and broke my heart.
Liz: Will please. (kisses him gently) If i still mean anything to you, I need you to trust me. To forgive me. We're on a mission right now--- one you agreed to. We have to save Jack and the Pearl. We never will if you stay angry at me.
Will: (pulling away) I'm not angry. I'm in pain.
Liz: Put it aside. I'm in pain too.
Will: And then what? When this is all over, watch that man sail away with the girl I've loved my whole life?
Liz: (tearfully) I don't know. I don't know what's going to happen.
Will: I love you, Elizabeth... (Liz covers his mouth gently with her hand)
Liz: I know. Stop making this so hard.

She runs off to the cabin. Will gazes after her, tragically. Slowly he brings his hand up to his heart, pressing it as though it hurts. He closes his eyes and remembers Tia's story: "But the pain it cause him was not worth the small, fleeting joy life brings, and so, him carved out him heart, lock it down in a chest... and hide it from de world."

dun dun DUN!!!!
lots of little hints there. sneaky sneaky. shifty

very sneaky

it sounds like somethin that could happen =O

WOW you guys are REALLY good!!!clappingclappingclappingexcl

This is my genie out of the bottle so to speak...Tia Dalma had rescued Jack once before and found out that he is the son of the Governor of Singapore and the grandson of a very wealthy, titled nobleman in England who is also a good friend and advisor to the King...Jack's family can be traced back to being one of the original financeer's of the East India Company...Jack being the middle son always manages to get into scrapes and alot of trouble...his father is always exasperated by him and finally gives up on Jack in a fit of fury...Jack walks to the docks in England and hops aboard a ship as a stowaway...When Jack's grandfather tries to find Jack over a period of years he finally winds up blameing Jack's father and disinheriting him...But, Jack's father is already the governor of Singapore and as a result of the disinheritance the East India Company removes Jack's father as governor...being dejected he walks to the docks and is pressganged onto a ship leaving Singapore with a Chinese pirate Seo Feng...Jack's grandfather hears tales over a 13 year period about a pirate named Jack Sparrow...Sparrow was the nickname he had given Jack because he was always so quick in movement and thought...The grand father decides to go to the Caribbean to find Jack and his ship is destroyed in the hurricane that Norrington was in chasing Jack...Now, Jack has a title, and wealth that is greater than Lizzie's heritage...but, where oh where is Jack...Tia Dalma is really the sea siren Calypso and was always in love with Jack and that is why she refused Davy Jones...she will always be in love with Jack, but she is a sea siren and he is a mortal, so they can never consumate a real relationship...she will always be his champion and that is why Jack hated to go see her and ask for her help...he hates to admit he needs help and is also afraid she will realize he is in love with Elizabeth...well, she figures it out when she sees him and asks him about it and Jack tries to brush it off...more later

so is that real? or just something you came up with?

Originally posted by calypso
This is my genie out of the bottle so to speak...Tia Dalma had rescued Jack once before and found out that he is the son of the Governor of Singapore and the grandson of a very wealthy, titled nobleman in England who is also a good friend and advisor to the King...Jack's family can be traced back to being one of the original financeer's of the East India Company...Jack being the middle son always manages to get into scrapes and alot of trouble...his father is always exasperated by him and finally gives up on Jack in a fit of fury...Jack walks to the docks in England and hops aboard a ship as a stowaway...When Jack's grandfather tries to find Jack over a period of years he finally winds up blameing Jack's father and disinheriting him...But, Jack's father is already the governor of Singapore and as a result of the disinheritance the East India Company removes Jack's father as governor...being dejected he walks to the docks and is pressganged onto a ship leaving Singapore with a Chinese pirate Seo Feng...Jack's grandfather hears tales over a 13 year period about a pirate named Jack Sparrow...Sparrow was the nickname he had given Jack because he was always so quick in movement and thought...The grand father decides to go to the Caribbean to find Jack and his ship is destroyed in the hurricane that Norrington was in chasing Jack...Now, Jack has a title, and wealth that is greater than Lizzie's heritage...but, where oh where is Jack...Tia Dalma is really the sea siren Calypso and was always in love with Jack and that is why she refused Davy Jones...she will always be in love with Jack, but she is a sea siren and he is a mortal, so they can never consumate a real relationship...she will always be his champion and that is why Jack hated to go see her and ask for her help...he hates to admit he needs help and is also afraid she will realize he is in love with Elizabeth...well, she figures it out when she sees him and asks him about it and Jack tries to brush it off...more later

OH MY GOODNESS..... is this really true, or is it just your theory??? if its your theory, its brilliant, if its true, OMGSH I AM SOOOOOO FREAKING OUT!!~(!&@*&^#

still freaking out about that post. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME IF IT IS TRUE OR JUST THEORY.

i personally think it makes total sense and agree with it 100%. Jack is hott. Tia is totally in love with him- its SOOOOO OBVIOUS. who wouldnt be, seriously?!?!

AND that makes sense that she would send a bunch of capable mortals to go save Jack for her... OH GOSH INSPIRATION. even if this is just theory, i'm running with it.

Scene: Cut to Tia, who is standing on a beach at night in a circle of lit torches. smoke billows around her. Suddenly we see her as Calypso.... beautiful, covered in blue-green scales. She is humming softly.

Suddenly we see something moving in the water. A small raft is floating along, with the shape of a man on it. The raft slowly moves towards Tia, who seems to be calling it with her eyes. It finally settles on shore and Tia bends down next to it.
It's Jack Sparrow, unmoving, unbreathing on the raft. He looks strange because he is wearing only his pirate pants, all his other clothing/belongings have been washed away. Tia smiles gently. She bends down and slowly kisses Jack full on the mouth. He remains unmoving. Then Tia begins to chant something. Gradually Jack begins to move. He blinks his eyes and sits up, and we see his face has been cut and he has new wounds all over his body.
Tia: Lie still, don't try to move yet, Jack SParrow.
Jack: You look strangly familiar...
Tia: Well thank ye for that.

Tia begins washing his wounds, and they slowly fade.
Tia: I remember the last time I had to do this.
Jack: I don't remember much of anything.
Tia: You will.
Jack: (murmuring) ELizabeth...
Tia: (looks at him sharply) What?
Jack: (softly touching his lips, smiling as he remembers) Elizabeth. Where is she?
Tia: Far away. Probably in SIngapore by now.
Jack: Singapore? Why would she go there?
Tia: To get away from you. (Tia smiles; Elizabeth is using the compass, which Tia controls, to move towards SIngapore, when she thinks she is moving towards Jack.)
Jack sits up slowly. Various scars are apparant on him. Tia gently traces her hands along his scars, and he winces.
Jack: I suppose I should thank you.... again.
Tia: Well Jack Sparrow, you know I never do anything without a price...


she's such a devil2


haha personally i think that scene would be hott. LOL. we have to keep going with this. its SOOOO much fun! big grin

you have to add some evil music to that scene.

Jack: Price? You forgot who you're talking to, darling. I'm Captain Jack Sparrow! Savvy?
Tia: Too "savvy," Jack. I saved you again, but now I need something from you.
Jack: So much for any kind people, and goddesses, in the world.
Tia: I will let you live, Jack Sparrow, and I will even do more than just point you in the right direction of your Elizabeth...but I want one thing.
Jack: Is it the jar of dirt back? (dreading what she'll say)
Tia: She and her betrothed have grown apart. Bring them back together, and you will live and see her once more.



seriously though. i like that.
"bring them back together"
i wanna hug you so bad right now willofthewisp.

You probably don't really want to hug me. I'm a Jack/Liz shipper.

but still. you just turned the story from evil to....good? i can't think of a better word happy

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ok for the next scene i can't think of anything except...

camera cuts back to gibbs, liz, and will.

and that's about it.

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Liz and Will are sitting on the deck of their ship, sharing a bottle of rum. Liz passes the rum to Will. (Will is very funny when he is sloshed)
Liz: So, why did you first fall in love with me?
Will: You represented a new life for me. And you were beautiful.
Liz: Yes, its true.
Will: What attracted you to me?
Liz: I think it was the swords. My father never let me play with swords.
Will: Our best make-out sessions were always after practicing, remember?
Liz: Yes. But you have to admit Will, there isnt a whole lot of chemistry.
Will: (mournfully) not like between you and Jack...
Liz: Its true. Theres so much chemistry there. We cant help it.
Will: So, what was your primary thought while kissing him? That you were going to chain him up, or that he was the best kiss you've ever had?
Liz: no comment.
Will: Meanwhile, while you were still in prison i was getting hit on by a pretty fine woman myself.
Liz: Oh please.
Will: seriously. She said I had a touch of destiny about me.
Gibbs: (suddenly waking up from a drunken stupor) Land Ho!

And indeed, SIngapore is in the distance. Liz, who can hold her drinks, jumps up and takes the wheel. Will staggers to his feet.
Suddenly, on the horizon we see a small fast ship... its Sao F! Liz instantly recognizes him from Tia's description.
Liz: Gibbs! Tie Will up!
Sao F nears them. Liz waves the white flag of parley. A moment later, she boards his ship, bounty in tow.

Sao F: What are you doing in my waters?
Liz: I'm here to sell you this prisoner...
Sao F: What would I want with him???
Liz: Thats a very good question...

Back to Tia and Jack...

Jack: Bring them back together? What do you think I am, cupid?
Tia: Oh Jack... Jack... (Tia leans to kiss him again, but Jack pulls back, for once being serious.)
Jack: I really thought we were past all this...
Tia: Well my dear, I suppose we can be. But that would mean certain doom for you.
Jack: As usual. what this time?
Tia: Your cure isn't permanant, Jack Sparrow. You have seven days to bring Will and Liz together in Holy Matrimony, or its back to Davy Jones Locker... for good, this time.

Jack looks somewhat shocked. He sinks down to the sand, wearily.
Tia: Its strange to see ye so vulnerable, Jack.
Jack: I don't think you realize what you've asked of me...

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tia dalma

Cut to Will's father, William Turner the 1st, sitting in Davy Jones' organ room on the flying dutchman. Davy Jones is sitting across from him. Davy is holding out the music box that put him to sleep in 2.
Jones: All I'm offering is safe conduct for your son. You've sworn your oath. But if ye fancy a little adventure, I'll see to it the kraken leaves that boy alone.
Bootstrap: My son is alive? We watched their ship go down...
Jones: (rolling his eyes) as if you hadn't already warned him to escape before we released the kraken. Yes Bootstrap Bill the boy lives. Whether he will continue to do so is up to you.
Bill: What are the terms?
Jones: Get me back the heart. And bring me Calypso, goddess of the sea...

Cut back to Tia, who is watching Jack sail away from her island in a small ship she conjured.
Tia: Good luck Jack. I'll see ya in a week.
Cut to Jack on the boat, who grimaces. He continues sailing away.
The Tia wades into the water and presumably follows him by becoming something of a mermaid.

Cut to Liz, Will, Gibbs, and Sao F.
Liz: We're here on behalf of Jack Sparrow.
Sao F: (getting a strange look on his face) Sparrow? It's been quite sometime since I've seen him.
Liz: I'm willing to trade you this prisoner... a good honest man who works hard... in exchange for news of how to find him.
Sao F: (with an evil smile) I think my dear you are referring to the underworld. Last I heard, Jack Sparrow was dead.
Liz: Yes we know.
Sao F: So what you want is to bring him back, eh?
Liz: Yes that's right.
Sao F: (thinking for a moment, then calling to his men, who seize Will, Liz, and Gibbs) I do like the idea of some extra hands around here, for my estate on land. But as for Jack, he cheated me on a deal once. I don't care if he's dead. Take them away!
The men hustle the trio onto Sao's ship, which sets sail for land.

Cut to sometime later, possibly a day or so. Inside Sao's estate, which is like a palace of sorts. Will and Gibbs are both being kept under lock and key. Elizabeth is sitting in a garden, surrounded by guards. SHe is wearing a slinky asian dress. She looks royally pissed off. Suddenly Sao enters laughing.
Sao: Ms. Swann! I had no idea what the nature of your deal was! As it happens, Jack Sparrow isn't dead at all... he's here. And he's made up for cheating me once...

With that, Sao leaves, taking his guards with him, and Jack enters the courtyard, clothed in Asian attire.
Elizabeth is shocked. SHe doesn't know whether to run to him or not. He walks steadily towards her.
Jack: Hello love!
Elizabeth: Jack... (she moves towards him) We were coming to save you! What happened?
Jack: Aside from the fact that I was viciously betrayed by someone I trusted? A little of this and a little of that. But that's all over now...
Liz: Jack, I'm so sorry... I made the biggest mistake of my life, leaving you there... If you only knew...
Jack: (who is now nearly cheek to cheek with her) I do know, love. And its safe to say, you can still trust me. Always. (He looks at her intently.)

Sao re-enters, still laughing.
Sao: You see, Ms. Swann, I agreed here to cancel Jack's previous debt and return to him his two friends, Gibbs and Turner, in exchange for YOU...

You're doing great, Kate! I love it.

Liz: Me? (Gibbs enters)
Gibbs: I don't think you're placing a high enough importance on Will, Sao. Jack! Jack, you're alive!
Jack: In a moment (puts arm around Sao) I rather think you've made an excellent choice really. (two guards leap out and grab Liz)
Will: Jack! What are you doing? This is hardly the time for revenge.
Jack: Not revenge, but it is an opportune time for vengeance, young Will.
(everyone eyes him strangely) What a strange grammatic sentence.
Sao: No tricks, Jack. (points sword at him)
Jack: Oh, no trick at all. Take the bonny lass (shoves Liz at Sao. Liz says nothing. She trusts Jack)
Will: Elizabeth! Don't take her!
Gibbs: Jack, she went with us to find you. We can't leave her in the hands of men who'll, who'll...treat her like less than a lady.
Jack: Lovely ladies all around never hold much stock aboard a boat, mate. Ship, I mean.
Sao: Hear that, my lady? Your friends willingly abandon you.
Liz: So it would seem (she's defiant, but looks knowingly at Jack as she's dragged away)
Will: You bloody oaf! (tries to strike him) She risked her life to save yours! Do you konw what they'll do to her?
Jack: Ease up, son. You see, this is what's called the opportune moment. They'd have never let us go without a fight, probably some bloodshed, probably some nasty gashes on everyone's sweet faces, eh? This way, you can save Miss Elizabeth and you two can continue your blessed union of holy wedlock.
Gibbs: This is all part of a plan?
Jack: Have you ever known me to not have a plan?
Gibbs: Only a few times....
Jack: Be that as it may. Will (turning serious) do you want Lizzie back or do you not?

thats hott. smile

Will: Of course! (suddenly Will looks doubtful... he's thinking of the conversations he has had with Elizabeth.) Don't you want her back?
Jack: (looks Will in the eye.) I want Elizabeth to be safe. And if safe means she is with you, so be it!
Gibbs: So Captain, whats your plan?
Jack: (looking around suspiciously) the first part of my plan involves us getting away from here... for now anyways.
Will: And what about Elizabeth?
Jack: Young Mr. Turner, do you not see, this is the perfect opportunity for you to prove your undying love for the girl. You get to be all heroic and come to her rescue. Then the two of you can get married and live happily ever after, or however the endings go...
Will: I've risked my life for her before.
Jack: And both times you needed ME to bail you out.

They all leave. As they walk through the village surrounding Sao's palace, Jack explains.
Jack: What we need to do is wait for Elizabeth to come to us.
Will: Are you mad?
Jack: Its much harder for four people to escape then just one. Elizabeth is more capable than you realize, Mr. Turner. Or perhaps you are worried she will use a form of persuasion you dont approve of to escape???
(Jack grins a wicked grin, while Will looks extremely angry.)
Will: (mutters) it wouldnt be the first time.
Jack: Is there a problem with us, Mr. Turner?
Will: I'll be straight with you, Jack. You are a pirate, through and through. I sometimes engage in piratey actions to help those I love, but I would never forgoe honor just to get what I want.
Jack: Ah, you think that I am a wholly selfish being while you are a saint in love? (Will is silent) We've had this discussion before, Mr. Turner.
Gibbs: Captain, perhaps this would be a time to consult HER...
Jack: No! None of that! Absolutely not under any circumstance. (Jack looks around fearfully)
Gibbs: captain?
Jack: All oars aside, Mr. Turner, if you trust me, I swear on pain of death to deliver Elizabeth into your arms before the wedding I shall be conducting for the two of you within the week.
Will: And what if its not what Elizabeth wants?
Jack: Now's not the time to be doubting her, Will...

Cut to dock in Singapore at dusk. Will and Gibbs are waiting about Jack's small ship, looking nervous.
Will: So, what hour did he promise to come by?
Gibbs: SOmetime before dawn.
Will: (slams knife onto rail) I hate waiting...

Cut to Jack, who is sneaking into Sao's palace. He begins to scale the wall and suddenly drops through a window to a room where Elizabeth is changing. She screams and wraps a silk robe around herself, while Jack quickly stands up and blows out the only candle in the room.
Elizabeth: Jack!
Jack: How do you fare, Ms. Swann?
Elizabeth: I was just plotting my escape. Nothing has happened yet, but there are guards outside of every door and Sao said something about a party later...
Jack: I know about his parties. It's time for us to go. (he begins to pull her towards the window)
Elizabeth: Jack, wait.... thank you. For coming to get me.
Jack: I promised Mr. Turner I would.
Liz: And you've become a man of your word?
Jack: Only when my life is on the line.
Liz: So now what? Will is waiting outside to claim me? Is that it, Jack?
Jack: You love Will.
Liz: Do I? (she cups his face with her hands and kisses him, slowly. Jack pulls away, obviously struggling to maintain composure. Elizabeth smiles hopefully) What do you feel for me, Jack?
Jack: (after a moment of struggle) Nothing. You don't know me very well, Lizzie. I'm a pirate. I take what I can get. But there's no committment for me, not to any woman, ever. I'm not the one for you, Elizabeth. Go back to Will.
Liz: (in shock) Jack, look me in the eye and tell me you don't love me!
Jack: (refusing to meet her eyes) I don't believe in love, lass.

Elizabeth looks incredibly wounded. However, she lifts her chin and yanks down a hanging curtain, lowering it out the window. Jack follows. They silently sneak back to the dock, where Gibbs and Will are waiting.

Elizabeth: (running to Will and putting her arms around him deliberately) Will! You're safe.
Will: (somewhat suspicious) Elizabeth! Is everything... alright?
There is a moment of tension in which he looks at Jack. Liz refuses to look at Jack, who is looking at the ground.
Liz: (kissing Will) Everything is perfect, darling.

She glances over at Jack, who looks away.
Jack: We're setting sail for port royal, Mr. Gibbs. These two have a wedding I would hate for them to miss.

Suddenly, the rest of the crew sails into the harbour! And at that moment, Sao and his henchmen also show up!

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someone elses turn

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Everyone looks up, and a battle ensues. It is complicated, and involves Elizabeth killing Sao F surprisingly early for the film. Jack sticks close to Liz and saves her life several times, which Liz notices. But she is still angry and attempts to fend for herself.
The rest of the crew is reuinited with Jack, when they finally kill off all of Sao's henchmen.
They then reboard the ship, with Jack giving instruction to sail to the nearest civilized port in the Caribbean for the wedding of the century.

Cut to later that night, as Jack leans on the rail of the ship... Tia suddenly slides up from the water and is standing next to him.
Tia: So far, so good...
Jack: I'm feeling rather strange...
Tia: Your strength is going again. (she wraps her arms around him and kisses him on the mouth. Jack sinks to the deck of the ship, asleep, as she continues to kiss him. Finally she crawls back into the water, and Jack wakes up.
But alas! Elizabeth has witnessed the whole scene! She looks around, then runs over to Jack and helps him stand.
Liz: Jack, what is it? What's going on?
Jack: Nothing, love. Nothing at all.
Liz: But you... you and her...?
Jack: Are in league together? Yeah, pretty much. (Jack stumbles and Liz helps support him. They sit down together)
Liz: Jack, tell me what's going on.
Jack: (Jack fumbles for words a bit) I can't. Its complicated.
Liz: Why are you so weak?
Jack: Because you killed me... (Jack is a bit delirious at this point) I mean to say darling, the plan went wrong and then I had to ask for help.
Liz: Tia's help? At what price?

Jack looks at her for a moment, then struggles to his feet and walks away.

willofawisp, its definately your turn... smile

Jack opens his mouth, but instead sees something behind her. He pulls her down to the deck as cannonballs zoom towards the Pearl.

(on the other ship)
Norrington: Oustanding! The Black Pearl will be ours to deliver to the East India Trading Company and Jack Sparrow will finally be captured.
Soldier: To face the noose once again, sir?
Norrington: Oh no. We made that mistake before. Nothing but a pirate's death will suit him. I think a nice bullet to the head will take care of things.
(Beckett appears)
Beckett: Prepare to mount the ship, Norrington.
Norrington: Mount the ship? There is a whole crew of pirates on that ship, not to mention Mr. Turner and Ms. Swann.
Beckett: I don't think either of them will raise a hand to us once they see what we've brought (camera flies down to the brig where the LIVING Governor Swann is being held. He's practically dressed as a peasant now)
Norrington: Captain Jack Sparrow! We are preparing to mount your ship. (under his breath) that you probably stole.

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picking up where I left off

Gibbs: Prepare for battle! Everyone, grab what you can and throw it at 'em! (everyone picks up weapons and looks serious)
Norrington: Board, men! And don't leave until we get what we want.

There is a whole lot of shooting and old-fashioned fist fighting going on. Liz is doing her fair share until Beckett mounts the Pearl, a sword in his hand.

Beckett: I think you ought to order all these pirates to stand down, Miss Swann.

Liz draws out her sword and without a word, challenges him to a fight.

Beckett: We have something of great interest to you.
Liz: Then I'll just have to step over your dead body to get to it (strikes)

A sword fight as good as the wheel in the last movie goes on, Liz and Beckett fighting up on the sails, masts, and crow's nest as the rest of the fighting is happening on the deck.
Meanwhile, Jack and Will find themselves fighting side by side as they often do when Norrington approaches, his sword drawn.

Will: This time we take him down together.
Jack: If you go first...

Will and Norrington clash swords as Jack stays slightly out of reach, relying on his wit more than swordplay. He looks up and sees Liz holding her own against Beckett.

Jack (grinning, to himself): Pirate.

Suddenly, he hurls his sword up and it cuts the rope wound around one of the masts. The heavy rope crashes down next to Norrington. He trips over it and Will and Jack both point their swords at him.

Jack: Can't we shoot him this time?

He looks up and sees Liz holding her own against Beckett.

Jack (grinning, to himself): Pirate.

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Jack: Can't we shoot him this time?

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thats fabulous!!!! PLEASE CONTINUE!!! smile

if i tried to add to the story, it would ruin it. i'm probably the least creative person in this forum. sad

but you guys are doing great!! i love it happy

tia dalma
Beckett screams down at his men, it is inaudible.
Weatherby Swann is dragged out into the middle of the battle, a pistol is pointed at his head.
"Now Miss Swann, i think you better rethink your situation"
Elizabeth shocked to see her father reduced to such a state drops her sword in shock.
Beckett smiles and points his sword at her neck.

YIKES!!!! (bites nails nervously)

Elizabeth raises her hands in a gesture of surrender. Around her, the battle has stopped. Dramatic music begins to play. A Pistol shot rings out suddenly, and Governor Swann falls to the ground, dead... in a moment of slow motion, we see Norrington lower the pistol. Elizabeth screams and throws herself onto her father's body, while mayhem ensues around the deck. Will charges Norrington. Jack rushes over to Elizabeth, but Norrington is quicker. He seizes Elizabeth and holds the pistol to her head, while the rest of the pirates surround him and Beckett.
Norrington: Not a step furthur, gentlemen...

Jack: Wait! (everyone stops what they are doing) What is it you really want, Norrington?

Beckett steps forwards and looks steadily at Jack.
Beckett: What have you to trade?
Jack: Myself. Leave the girl. Take me. A notorious pirate behind bars.
Beckett: Oh I'm afraid it wouldn't be behind bars, Jack. Not this time.
Jack: Very well. SHoot me. But let the girl go.

continue!! what happens!!!

tia dalma
Norrington raises the pistol once more, in slow motion we see a bullet rushing towards Jack, suddenly, a blast of light surrounds him and the bullet shatters......


tia dalma
Everything goes black. when light returns we see, Tia walk over to Jack, while Liz holds her father in her lap, sobbing over him.
"You forget Jack, you may be safe now but how long will that last don't forget I have the heart!"
At that moment, the sea bubbles and froths, a mast begins to appear, until a ship crashes heavily onto the surface.
"Right on time" Norrington laughs.
The crew turn away from Norrington only to face Davy Jones and his crew surrounding them.
"How the bloody hell did you survive?" Davy says with a slight grin of admiration on his face.
"Doesn't matter i prefer it this way" he draws his sword, while knocking Jack back.
The fight begins.........

Jack, knowing that only the heart can kill Davy, uses his wit and speed to try weedle his way out of the battle. Turning to look at Liz, he sees her distraught, and crying yet she watches him intently. Her presence gave him a warmth stronger than Tia's magic and he turned to fight. Jack fights bravely, until Davy knocks the sword out of his hand and has Jack helpless on the ground.
He raises his sword to deliver the final blow.....He suddenly feels a small, gentle hand rest on his shoulder, he turns to see Tia standing behind him. She looks at Jack, then to Liz.
"Please Davy, don't do this, if you kill him you are my enemy, and i cannot love my enemy, can i?"
Davy's face softens and he embraces her with affection.
"I would never do anything to hurt you"
He turns to Jack, and puts out his hand to help him up. Jack smiles at Tia and accepts the offer.
When Jack dusts off his hat and assures himself it's on straight, he looks up to see just him and his crew onboard.
Later that night, while he is standing at the railing looking out to see, memories of a life of comfort and money came rushing back to him. Tia slowly strolls up to him...............

G. Sparrow (in Singapore with Bootstrap Bill): Bloody hell! All we find is dead body after dead body where our sons have been.
Bill: Does something seem wrong to you?
G. Sparrow: Lots of things, but what did you notice?
Bill: Something has to have been protecting Jack all this time for him to have lived through the Kracken and through Sao Feng.
G. Sparrow: I take it you may know what that something is?
Bill: Tia Dalma. (pause) We have to get to sea and find the Black Pearl!

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tia dalma
Back to the Pearl.
"I never thought i would see the day when you would actually fight fair and risk your life for a woman" Tia sighs. "Does she mean that much to you?"
".......She reminds me of me when i was younger. The life i lived before i was a pirate."
"Have ya told her?"
"NO! she loves me as Captain Jack Sparrow, not Jack Smith, son of the Govenor of Singapore."
"Oh! our deal Jack, 1 week."
"What!.......i thought after what happened you had changed your mind."
"No Jack, i love you and if i can't have you, neither can she!"
Tia disappears into the water.

"Jack..." Elizabeth called him softly, he turned to lokk at her, her eyes were red and her face was pale.
"Lizzie..." he reached up to wipe away a tear that rolled gently down her cheek.
She snaps his hand away, "Tell me once, Jack please, Do you love me?"
He sighed heavily and did not reply.
She nods her head, "i guess there was one thing true about your stories, your a womens man and will always be"
She blinks angrily to stop a tear falling, and her breath shudders she turns and walks to the cabin.
Jack watches her walk away, while the lump in his throat began to burn.

He knew he had hurt her more than anyone could have, and it was tearing him to shreds.............

omg! im crying! more more! i must know what happens sad

tia dalma
Ok, er..............

That night Jack stayed at that same spot, he could not sleep. In the morning, Jack did not go to breakfast, for some reason he could not face Elizabeth, he dreaded to see her because it reminded him of the pain he had caused her. Instead he took out his trusty rum, drank it and thought of a way to escape this situation.

"What's wrong with you?" a cold voice, full of jealousy asked him.
"What?......Oh it's you.....nothing" Jack replied when he saw Will standing watching him.
"Mary, mother of god Jack, have you been out here all night?" Gibbs rushed up to his captain.
"Don't you have a deck to wash or something" Jack said to Will. He wasn't in the mood to listen to borng Will because the conversation was most likely to turn to Liz.
As Will stalked off, grumpily, Gibbs stared at his captain.
"Captain, is everything alr.... Ship! out to sea, starboard side, men prepare yourselves!"
It was the avenger, a small ship previously owned by Sao Feng, but commandered by Bootstrap and Grant Sparrow.

On deck of the Avenger.
Bootstrap: Well that's the Pearl.
Grant: Aye, a fine ship......
Bootstrap: i'll raise the flag of truce........i finally am free to live my boy.
Grant: Aye, i have talking to do with Jack aswell.................

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WOW...I haven't visited this thread until today...this is awesome..I love the Jack/Liz moments...that's exactly how I picture it...jack sacrificing his love, denying his love to Elizabeth....but I can't write as good as you guys can....Please get Jack out of this deal with Tia....because in the end Bootstraps will convince Will that better to move on and find a new love then to spend his life with a woman who longs to be with someone the end Jack and Liz must be together...But I am enjoying the story so much...don't like the Tia kissing Jack scene ugghhhh.....

^DIDDO!!!. except for the not being on here at all today part.

I'm hoping in the end Norrington will realize that Beckett is a really nasty man and redeem himself - by handing the heart back over to Jack.

i odnt think he will give it back to JACK. He might giveit to someone else, dont knwowho but her wont give it to Jack. He doenst like Jack

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Yes, read it. It doesn't take as long as you think.

picking up where we last left our heroes.

G. Sparrow: Ahoy!
Will: Who says ahoy anymore?
Jack: I think I might know. (peers over the edge of the ship)
G. Sparrow: Followed you half around the world, we did. And what do we see when we find you? Rum in one hand and some eunuch-looking kid with you?
Bill: That kid is my William (runs to him and embraces him)
Will: How did you escape the Flying Dutchman?
Bill: I had a little bit of help from Mr. Grant....
G. Sparrow: .....Mr. Grant. How do you do, my boy? And you (turning back to Jack) Where is this sea goddess that's been giving you so much trouble?
Jack: She's like all women....Mr. Grant. Comes and goes as she pleases.
Will: She'll come back for you, Jack. Boot....Father (Bill looks very touched), Jack has done every trick in the book to condemn me, cheat me
(Jack looks slightly amused, possibly remembering the good ol' days of tormenting Will)
Will: But he's done more good than harm. Davy Jones still might come back, and the whole East India Trading Company has the heart. No one will ever be free until that heart is destroyed.
G. Sparrow: Or placed back inside Davy Jones himself. Either of you two ever play matchmaker?
Bill: There isn't any good in that, Grant. He tore that heart out and swore never to put it back in.
G. Sparrow: But somewhere behind all the tentacles, he still loves her. You can see it plain as day.

Jack: But even if that were true, Calypso, because that is how we should be referring to her since we all saw said sea goddess shed human form, is as untameable as, let's say, the sea. I can think of one way and one way alone to rid us all of her.
(complete silence)
Jack: We kill her.
Bill: Kill a goddess? Couldn't she just resurrect herself? She did that with you and Barbosa.
Jack: Ever tried to raise yourself, mate?
Will: Where is Barbosa?
(everyone looks around)
Will: He must have escaped in Singapore! Wonderful, another person chasing all of us. Elizabeth has already lost her father. How many more people are we going to lose?
G. Sparrow: None if we turn an immortal into a mortal.


please keep the story going! seriously. i love it soooooo much...

awww it's a daddy reunion!! happy

and lol to G. sparrow saying Will is "eunuch-looking"
i love will, but it's still funny big grin

Liz (entering): Make an immortal mortal? Who are these people?
Will: Elizabeth, this is my father, William Turner.
Bill: It would be more of an honor if you just called me Bill, Miss Elizabeth.
Liz: And you?
G. Sparrow: Mr. Grant, adventurer turned savior of Bootstrap Bill Turner and at your service. (eyes Jack looking at her) Now, I think everyone could use a meal of some sort, eh? Captain Jack, a word about your ship? Privately?

ahhh. private talk lol

Teague is his name I thought!?!!!!?!!?!?!?!?!?