James and Lily Story

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Hey everyone, I'm going to be writing a James and Lily story. I've really been inspired by a few of them so I wanted to write my own. There are going to be two parts for it. The first one is about James and Lily before they fell in love and the second part is going to be more about how they fell in love and life after Hogwarts. So I hope you like it!

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Chapter 2

A Journey Begins

Not too far away, a boy named James Potter was sitting at his desk in his room, thinking and twirling a golden snitch between his fingers.

It was afternoon and the sun was shining brightly through his window.

How's Hogwarts going to be?

he asked the question over and over again in his head.

Will I get any friends? he thought sadly.

What if no one likes me?

He rumpled up his jet black hair and still continued twirling the snitch.

Then a stronger voice in his head seemed to pop out of no where.

Of course you'll make friends! Your the funniest guy around town! And who knows,the voice added mysteriously.

You might even get a girlfriend or two with those good looks.

James grinned and pushed his thoughts about Hogwarts out of his mind.

He wasn't about to let some stupid idea get him nervous. After all...this was Hogwarts...

"Ready for the off then, are we?" asked Mr. Potter.

"Oh...yes," replied a starled James. (A.N. It's the day he leaves for Hogwarts.) He was daydreaming about his first day at Hogwarts.

James and his dad were standing at Platform 9 3/4.

"...and remember James, stay out of trouble," his dad said ruffling James' hair.

"Whatever dad," James said.

He climbed up onto the train and started his journey.

Meanwhile, Professor Dumbledore and Lily were running late.

"Alas, time has flown," said Dumbledore sadly while examining his strange watch. It seemed to have no hands...just moons.

"We will have to apparate to the platform," said Dumbledore, sheepishly.

Before Lily could ask what 'apparate' meant, her body was being squeezed into a tube and she couldn't breathe. Finally it stopped, leaving her choking for breath.

She looked up at Professor Dumbledore to see his reaction. He looked calmly about the platform examining the muggles passing by them.

"They are so interesting," he murmered.

"Who," asked Lily

"The muggles. Now, you have to run into this wall right here with your trolley. Then it will take you to the train, and you can share a compartment with someone suitable."

Lily looked at the professor as if he was crazy.

She had to admit, he was pretty wise. They went shopping for magical supplies in Diagon Alley. She brought a want, cauldron, and an owl.

Everyone in Diagon Alley seemed to know who Dumbledore was.

"Umm...run into the wall?" Lily asked cautiosly.

At that moment Lily saw a girl who looked her age, run into the brick wall in front of them. Suddenly, she disappeared into the wall!

"Just like that," said Dumbledore gently.

Trusting Dumbledore, Lily walked toward the wall. Then she broke into a run. Thoughts were racing through her mind.

She made it safely on the other side. She paused to examine the size of the train.That's a truly magnificent train! she thought.

She went on board and found a compartment. They were all full except for one. She peered in. "ALICE!" she screamed

"Oh Lily! I missed you so much, sit down." Lily happily took a seat next to her best friend.

They chatted about Hogwarts the whole day there. A lady with a trolley came buy and they bought lots of food to try. Stuffed to the top, they talked their way to Hogwarts.

A few minutes before they reached, they changed into their new robes. Then when the train stopped, they stepped off the train, and the journey began.

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Chapter 3

Lily and James Meet

"So this is Hogwarts," said Sirius in awe.
"I can't believe I'm finally standing in front of it!" Sirius said, stuffing one last chocolate frog into his mouth.

"I know," said James, tiredly.

He felt a little dizzy from the train ride.

James and Sirius had met in a compartment on the train. They both knew that something had just clicked between them.

Both of them were hoping to be in Gryffindor.

As they were walking toward the boats, James caught the eye of Lily. They quickly looked away from each other.

They reached the boats and went in. Lily, Alice, and another girl they didn't know climbed onto one boat and James and Sirius went into another.

All five of them stared up at the castle, their hearts beating fast.

They reached inside not knowing what to expect. It was amazing.

There were golden chandiliers, candles, and a delicious fragrance in the air.

James and Lily both felt at home there. They walked into the room where they were to be sorted into houses.

James, Sirius, Alice, Lily, and Taylor (the new girl) sat together hoping to be in the same house.

They made themselves comfortable and all became friends.

Occasionally Lily would slip a glance at James, or James would look at her from the corner of his eye.

"Welcome students," a voice boomed over the hall. The talking quickly died down.

The speech that followed that was immensly boring. All the five friends quickly lost interest.

Finally it was over, and the sorting followed. James was so nervous, he was literally shaking!

Okay, Sirius, Alice, Lily and Taylor have already been sorted and are in Gryffindor...I'm bound to be in Gryffindor! he thought.

"...James Potter," the sorting hat yelled. The room was silent as he stumbled up toward the chair.

He looked at his friends and could feel Lily's eyes on him. He blushed slightly.

James carefully put the hat on and sat down.

Nothing happened for a few seconds, then suddenly out of nowhere, the hat started whispering into his ear.

"Hmm...yes. Courage and bravery, that's it. Little bit of a troublemaker, but that's what Gryffindors all about." it muttered.

James really had no idea what it meant, he only wanted the moment to be over.

"GRYFFINDOR!" The hat shouted. James grinned sheepishly then sat down next to Sirius and Alice.

He never felt happier, and what was more, the feast would begin in a few minutes.

The food was delicous. There was chicken, beans, pasta, soup, sandwiches, and for desert, tarts and pies.

James felt like puking, he was that full.

He and Sirius followed the Head Boy up toward the Griffindor Common Room.

Lily, Alice and Taylor quickly caught up to them.

"So are you guys muggle-born or half-blood or what," Sirius inquired.

"Well, I'm half-blood, my mom's a witch and my dad's a muggle but my dad really doesn't mind," Taylor said, talking as if Sirius already knew that.

"...Alice and I are muggle-born. Why do you ask?" Lily said.

"Oh, I was just wondering," Sirius said casually.

Lily eyed him carefully to see if he was hiding something. Appearently not.

"I'm pureblood," said James not taking his eyes off of Lily.

"Cool," Alice replied.

They got up to the common room and the Head Boy and Girl started explaning the instructions.

Barely awake, James trotted up the stairs and slumped onto his bed, without unpacking.

Sirius joined him, along with two other boys that were also in their house.

Before he could even change his clothes or ask the other boys who they were, he fell fast asleep.

(A.N. Can you guess who he dreamed of?lol)
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About Chapter 2, you can't appart until you are sixteen/seventeen even if its with someone older than that. Also Lily should be oblivious to all things like Harry was because she is Muggleborn she shouldn't know what anything means. Otherwise it's still VERY good!

Yea sorry about that. I realized that about half an hour after I posted. Dumbledore taught her some stuff, you'll find that out later. (hehe I solved the mystery of Lily's eyes)


Chapter 4

First Day at Hogwarts

While James was fast asleep, Lily was in the girls dorm pacing.

What if I fail all my classes? Lily thought, biting her lips.

She couldn't bear the thought.

"Lily, quit your walkin' and come to bed!" Alice said, laughing.

Lily blushed and went to her wardrobe to get her pajamas. She was pretending to be rummaging through her wardrobe when really she was listening to the girls.

" I think that Sirius boy is kind of cute," Taylor said while combing her long, straight blonde hair.

"I don't know," Alice said seriously. "James is pretty handsome!" All the girls including Lily laughed.

Lily and the others climbed into their sheets and slowly fell asleep.

The full moon drifted right across their window and the stars were beautiful.

There wasn't a single sound to be heard except the occasional sound of a teacher passing to see if the students were okay.

Early the next morning, Lily was the first one up.

She looked at the door to see if the schedules were posted, like the Head Girl had said.

She found hers and quickly scanned it.

She had charms, potions, defense against the dark arts, ancient runes, and history.

"Wow," was all she could manage to say.

She slowly drenched herself under the shower then went downstairs to the Great Hall. She got lost at least a million times.

There were trick staircases, talking pictures, ghosts that weren't too helpful, and even something called a polterigist who pelted chalk at the first years.

All the second years seemed to know the school inside out. After half an hour of getting lost, Lily finally made it to the Great Hall.

She vowed never to go downstairs by herself.

James and Sirius were already sitting there. They made new friends with boys named Peter and Remus.

Peter was a mouse-looking boy, and Remus was handsome, Lily had to admit, but he looked awfully pale.

She sat down with the boys, waiting for Alice and Taylor to come.

"Mornin' Lily," said James, reaching for a piece of toast.

"This is Remus and this is Peter." said James ruffling his hair and pointing to them with his other hand.

"Hello," Lily said politely.

"What's your schedules?" she asked the boys.

"We've all got the same classes together. The Gryfindors I mean." Sirius said.

"Oh," said Lily blushing slightly.

Taylor and Alice came down together and sat down next to Lily.

"Hey Lily," Alice said.

"Hi. I'm going up to the charms classroom. Anyone want to come with me?" she asked, looking hopefully around her friends.

"I will," said James right away, getting up.

Lily looked taken back for a second.

"Okay, let's go."

She and James walked up to the third floor together.

They got up and set their books down in the classroom. They weren't the first ones. There was another boy there they saw at the sorting ceremony.

He was in Slytherin. A small, timid boy with messy black hair.
James looked sidways at the name on his book. It read Severus Snape.

"Hello, have a seat take your books out, no questions," Professor Sherowski said without taking his eyes of the board that he was writing on with his wand.

The two shrugged and did just what they were told. Five minutes passed and they still hadn't said anything. Finally James broke the silence. "So your muggle-born right?" he said casually.

Snape turned around, his eyes wide open.

"Yea, I'm kind of new. Professor Dumbledore told me some tips though. Like what a muggle means...some stuff about wands...you know." she said

"I see," James said. "Well, if you need help, don't hesitate to ask me," he said smiling.

She smiled back at him.

The students started flooding into the room. Soon the entire class was present.

Professor Sherowski started a boring lecture about charms, and how all students should know it. Lily perked up everytime he said 'you need to know'.

James yawned and looked around as if he already knew this stuff.

Finally class was over. Lily walked out with Alice and Taylor and went to their next class, potions. Potions was a little more interesting.

This time they were actually asked to do something. They had to make a sleeping potion, which Professor. Slughorn said was the easiest potion.

Lily was the first one done, and had made it perfectly.

"Good job Lily, ten points for Gryfindor!" his voice boomed over the class.

Lily sat there stupified. After potions was over, it was lunchtime.

Before she knew it, the day was done. Lily, Sirius, and Alice returned back up to the common room together. They all went and sat down in the common room. There was no homework at all.

There were a couple of sixth years and a group of fifth years torturing a third year. The three friends sat down near the fire.

They were all exhausted, and a few minutes later James, Remus, Taylor and Peter joined them.

They talked the rest of the night about their day and what they thought tomorrow would be like.

After they all said their goodnights and went into their seperate dorms, James lay awake all night. He was thinking about Lily.

She's so beautiful. Her beautiful eyes, her hair, everything! Maybe she likes me too! Probably not. Oh well, there's lots of other girls.
he thought.

He tossed and turned and finally fell asleep, dreaming about Lily. Just as he had the night before.

Boy that was a long one! It's going really slow I know, but it will speed up. I'm gonna skip the second, third, fourth and fifth year.
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The secret on Why Lily's eyes are green!

No! Fine...I have two theories. The first one solves two mysteries. Lily's eyes are green because she's something like a leprochan (or however you spell that) not exactly though. That explains why her eyes are green, and why the Potters have so much money. Then in the story, it's kind of the same idea, except with one more thing which I most certainly will not give away. shifty

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A lepracon?!

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Okay so maybe not leprocahn (darn, I can't spell that word!) But I rest my case on the fact that she's not COMPLETELY human.

I doubt it but you can believe it if you want. You can rub it in my face if its true though lol

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Chapter 5

The Big Fight

The next few months went by fast.

James was happier then he had ever been. He had his best friends Remus, Sirius and Peter to keep him company, as well as the girls.

They were loaded with lots homework from different classes though.

Sometimes the girls would sit with Remus and Peter, studying until 1 in the morning!

Sirius and James were a bit loose on the homework. Most of the time, they just copied Remus's homework.

In no time at all, they became the troublemakers of first year.

That, lead to the biggest argument between the four boys and the three girls, that they'd ever had.

(A.n. Here's a flashback of it)

Lily was sitting in the library with Alice working on a History of Magic essay.
"Stupid Professor Binns," Alice cursed for the millionth time.

"Ugh, tell me about it," Lily said rolling her eyes.

"We have all these essays and he gives us like....no time to do them!"

They both went back to staring at their books intently.

Okay...where did the vampires first strike in 1743? Ummm....that would be....Oh god, I need another book. Let's try the 'v' section.

She had already gotten up five times to get five different books to complete her essay on vampires.

She carefully got up, trying her hardest not to make a noise.

Madam Pince was sitting not too far from them, and if someone was caught even talking (that's why Lily and Alice always whisper) they would be sent to detention.

She got up and went over to the 'v' section.

"Lumos," Lily said pointing her wand into a shelf. The library was a little dark today.

She rummaged through the books, and found one

"Vampires through the Ages," she murmered holding the book closer to the light.

"That should do it," she tucked it into her bag, told Madam Pince she checked it out, and headed back to her table.

"Hey, Alice I'm going up to the common room, I've just got to do a few more questions and my conclusion," she said whispering.

"Okay," Alice said back, not taking her eyes off her quill, which was now dripping ink all over her paper.

Lily walked off and smirked.

That Alice...she sure is something. Lily thought.

She reached to the common room and said the password (Scallywags) She was greeted with the scent of a just-exploded

Black and Potter were standing there grinning. (Lily started calling them by their surnames when they started hexing people's hair green and orange.)

"POTTER, BLACK WHAT DID YOU DO?" Lily screamed, completely forgeting about her homework.

She threw her books onto a chair, about ready to explode.

Potter and Black just stood there laughing and hugging.

Lily's eyes flashed violently for a second.

Potter and Black took the hint, and quickly ran out of the portrait hole and walked down to the Great Hall.

Lily, still angry, picked up her books and went up to her dorm. She flopped down onto her bed, and finished the last few parts of her essay.

Right as she was writing her last word, Alice and Taylor entered in together.

Alice and Taylor took one look at Lily, exchanged glances and both said at the same time, "Not again."

Lily moaned a yes and got off her bed. They walked out of the dorm together, and through the portrait hole, discussing all the things that Black and Potter had done this year.

Now it seemed the whole school smelled like dungbombs.

The trio reached downstairs. Lily tried to stay as far as she got from those losers.

Black and Potter again took the hint.

They walked together toward Lily. They both stood behiend her and hexed HER hair white.

Black then summoned a fourth year and asked him to make it so that only Potter and Black could change it back.

Lily was busily talking to her friends. Alice and Taylor had noticed, and were giggling. "What," Lily asked.

"Nothing...you might just wanna turn around," they said laughing and clutching their sides.

Lily spun around, her eyes wide open. There were Black and Potter standing there.

The other people in the Great Hall started to notice Lily's hair and laughed.

A very confused Lily, took a strand of hair out and examined it. After a full second of looking at it, she lunged toward Potter and Black.


Not that detention made any difference. They already had seven detentions and December had just started.

She ran upstairs, completely abandoning her dinner. She went to the first office on the second floor. It was transfiguration.

She ran and was greeted by Professor McGonnagal, the new teacher.

She told her the entire story. A very cross looking McGonnagal went up to the Gryfindor Common Room, only to find Potter and Black sitting there laughing about Lily.

The professor barked at them for what seemed like forever.

She gave them a week of detention and forced them to turn Lily's hair back.

They groaned and changed it back.

"Personally I think it was better white," James murmered after Lily stormed off into her room.

Over the next few days, Lily, Taylor and Alice wouldn't even talk to Potter or Black.

They did talk to Peter and Remus though, who had nothing to do with it. Not long after, the trio was getting tired of ignoring them.

It was hard, after all they were all good friends. They slowly started talking to each other again and everything was back to normal.

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Before long, everyone started packing up for Christmas break.

Almost all the first years were going home, except for a few Hufflepuffs, who were orphaned.

"OY, JAMES," yelled Sirius coming out of D.A.D.A. classes.

James spun around as Sirius caught up to him. He was too busy staring at Lily, who was a few feet ahead of him.

"Are you staring at Lily's butt again?" he said snickering.

James murmered something and continued walking.

They got up to the common room for a ten minute break. In that time, Peter and Remus joined them.

"You know, I've been thinking..." James said tilting his head slightly

"Since when did Potter start thinking?" Lily's voice came up behiend them.

Potter blushed slightly and murmered something inaudible.

"Go away, Lily. James is on the verge of using his brain and he's gonna need all the support he can get," Remus said pushing Lily and Taylor aside.

They all laughed except for James

"I'm serious," James said.

"No...I'm Sirius," Sirius said, and they all started laughing harder.

They quited down to hear what James had to say.

"You know that boy Severus Snape in Slytherin?" he asked.

The all nodded their heads.

"Well he confronted me today, and told me that I was a pureblood traitor...remember how we got in that fight with him and a few other Slytherins yesterday?"

They all nodded their heads, thoughts of the fight going through their heads.

"Then he called Evans a... a mudblood." James said as he looked toward the girls dorm where Lily had just left, a minute ago.

"The stupid prat," Sirius said shaking his head.

"Exactly. We need to do something about it."

"Ooo, is Jamesiwaymsi growing on Lilywilly?" Sirius said in a mocking voice.

"No! I...er just ummm- think that we should you know...defend her," James said stuttering.

'Am I growing on Lily?' James thought.

Remus shut the book he was reading.

"I have a great idea," he said happily.

"First of all, let's call him Snivellus," Sirius said smiling slightly.

"Second of all, I think I know what your thinking."

"Polyjuice Potion," Remus questioned.

"Oh yes," said Sirius.

"Umm...what's Polyjuice Potion?" Peter said quietly.

"Ugh Peter! Your the stupidest boy to ever come to Hogwarts!" James said aggresively.

Peter shook slightly and said no.

The boys then went dowstairs for lunch.

The rest of the day went smoothly.

The next morning, people started leaving for Christmas break. Remus and Sirius went up to Slughorn's office, and stole all the materials they needed for the Polyjuice potion, while James made a diversion for Slughorn (one of his famous dungbombs of course.)

They set the ingrediants to stew in an empty classroom and left on the Hogwarts Express for their Christmas vacation.

(A.N. You'll find out what their exact idea was in the next chapter. I think I'll right maybe two more chapters after this in their first year, then skip to sixth year...so yea.)

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Oh and sorry it was really short and cheesy, my cousins were over and I had to babysit them and type this at the same time. glare

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Chapter 7

Polyjuice Potion
(A.N. I forgot to title the last chapter, that was chapter 6)

Summer break went just as planned. Lilys' and Alices' family went to Denmark together to spend a week together.

It was lots of fun, and it gave enough time for the two girls to catch up on Hogwarts with their parents.

Taylor just stayed at home.

James, Sirius, Peter and Remus decided to spent Christmas together and blackmail some certain people.

Everyone had a relaxing Christmas vacation, and was reluctant to come back to Hogwarts.

They returned New Year's Eve, and classes started on New Years Day. (to many student's dismay)

Lily, Alice and Taylor walked together through the hallways into the Great Hall for the feast.

Students started flooding in from everywhere. The Ravenclaws seemed to be the most energetic.

Rumors were that Janette Dean's (a Ravenclaw prefect) father was going to become the Minister of Magic.

James, Sirius, Remus and Peter entered in the room looking happy, and laughing merilly.

Lily turned around, and looked past the Slytherin table and she saw them coming in. So did Alice and Taylor.

James was wearing new robes, he probably got for Christmas. He had bits of snow on his hair and shoulders. His messy hair stood on end and his face was pale.

All that made him look even more handsome. A few other girls had noticed him too and started staring, hoping to get a glance in return.

"Ooh, look at Potter," Taylor cooed. Lily snorted and turned back around.

'I'm not growing on him am I? I mean...he is Potter' she thought making a face.

The four boys sat next to the girls.

Was it just Lily or did Remus look like he was about to throw up?

"Hey girls! How was your vacation? Lily must've panicked...no book for two whole weeks!" Potter said sniggering. The rest started laughing too.

"That's not funny," said Lily, her face heating up.

She had recently gained the nickname 'dung' when Peter found her reading a book for a dare that was titled 'Dung-What is it?'

Everyone knew she loved books and she loved to study.

"So did you finally figure out what dung means?" Potter giggled.

Everyone laughed except for Alice.

"Sod off, Potter," Lily said sourly.

They had a magnificent feast. The seven friends discussed what they did this winter.

Right when the feast ended, instead of waiting for desert, the four boys quietly slipped out of the Great Hall and upstairs.

"Those boys," Lily said shaking her head.

"Tell me about it! I heard they were planning something against Snape," Taylor said.

"What exactly," Alice said crumpling her forehead.

"Dunno, I just know that whatever it is, it's gonna be big. I saw Sirius was in the library. I mean in the library...looking at books. How often do you see that?" Taylor explained.

"How often do you see Taylor talking about Sirius," Lily said smirking.

"Ugh, go away," said Taylor pushing Lily.

After dessert, they went upstairs to get some shut-eye before tomorrow.

Of course, they couldn't sleep. Midnight was slowly approching.

The girls sat up all night. It was snowing heavily outside. The girls just sat there talking and playing games, and testing out their wands.

Meanwhile in the Boy's Dorm, the four boys were having a party. Tomorrow was the day where they would test the polyjuice potion out.

Remus, being the smart person that he is, was able to make one. It just took forever to brew.

They were going to become Crabbe and Goyle, two third year Slytherins.

Then they were going to put some Truth Potion (A.N. I think it's veritserum but I'm not completely sure.) into Snape's food, then ask him embarrasing questions in front of the entire school.

It was a scheme that took a lot of planning but the end result would be wonderous.

"...and we can ask him If he's ever urinated his pants, or-or if he ever liked a girl," Sirius rambled on.

"Oh that's good!" James said.

"Or if he's gay," Sirius laughed.

The whole night through the boys planned it out.

They talked even through New Year's not realizing until they heard the muffled sound of Happy New Years from the Common Room.

Wrapping up their plans, they changed into their pajamas and hopped into bed.

James couldn't sleep. He was too excited for tomorrow.

A few rooms away, Lily couldn't sleep either. For no reason at all, her mind kept jumping to the way James looked today.

She sighed and turned to her side, and fell asleep.

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OMG OMG OMG! I've got a great idea, but no one can take it. I'm reserving it and I MIGHT write it after I finish my Lily and James story. Don't pester me, my school starts next week. (I feel like an Aussie.) Here it is:

Tom Riddle while being in an orphanage meets this girl (still unamed) and she and him fall in love without knowing it. Then Tom has to go to Hogwarts and the girl is heartbroken, until she gets a letter from a different school a few months after Tom. So...yea. I might do it and I might not. Post your thoughts on it!

that wad really giid, but i have to ask.... in the begining you put"summer break" and the rest was about christmas. did you mean christmas break instead of summer?

Oh sorry, I meant Christmas vacation.

ok thought so

Chapter 8

Potions and Plots

The three girls woke up late the next day.

"Wake up Lils! Tay! We're late for breakfast," Alice said throwing her pillows at them.

"Huh, wha' happend," Lily said groggily sitting up in her bed.

Alice got up right away.

"We're late!" she said, going to her wardrobe to change into her clothes.

They changed and got their books ready (they had no homework over break.) and went to the Great Hall for breakfast.

When they reached downstairs, they found Crabbe and Goyle (two third year Slytherins whom they highly disliked) standing on the Slytherin table next to Snape.

"Oh my god! What are they doing to him?" Lily said, her emerald eyes expanding.

They went and sat down at the Gryfindor table. No one seemed to be eating, they all were paying attention to the Slytherins.

There was snow falling off the ceiling and a big banner that said Happy New Years.

"Have you ever kissed a girl," Crabbe's voice boomed over the school.

"Umm..not to my knowledge," was Snapes reply.

"This is akward," Alice said not taking her eyes off of Snape.

Lily suspected something was going on. Crabbe and Goyle were bafoons...she suspected that this was not Slytherins doing.

Remus and Peter were sitting at the Gryffindor table but Potter and Black weren't...

"Potter and Black," Lily snarled, realizing that it was most likely their doing.

"Potter and Black?" Alice repeated.

Lily got up and walked toward Remus and Peter.

"Where are they," she demanded.

"Who," Peter asked.

"You know damn well who!" (A.N. Sorry Anji, I still swear, but not out loud!) Lily screamed.

"Severus, have you ever urinated your pants," Goyle asked stupidly.

"Oh lots of times," was Snapes answer.

Lily knew what was going on.


There were no teachers in the room.

'Hmmm....Remus and Peter must have made a diversion to make ALL the teachers go away' she thought.

Sorry I've got to go for lunch, I'll finish the rest of the chapter after lunch, don't post in between.

Continued from previous post...

Crabbe and Goyle stared down at her.

"Huh," Goyle grunted.

"That's right, get down from there! I know who you are I'm not stupid."

The Slytherins started booing.

Then Malfoy, another third year pointed his wand at them and muttered "Revellio"

Crabbe and Goyle's faces and bodies started melting until Potter and Black stood there grinning.

"Sorry Evans, couldn't resist it," Sirius said laughing.

Out of no where, came several hexes fired at Sirius and James.

Malfoy had pointed his wand at Severus, and murmered an unaudible spell to wear off the truth potion that he had been put on. (Malfoy knew that he had been put on it.)

Wobbling off the table, he wobbled toward Malfoy and mouthed a thank you.

"Get away from me, you filthy half-blood," Lily assumed that Potter and Black asked if he was truly pureblood like he had been boasting.

Potter and Black jumped off the table and walked toward the Gryffindor table to finish their breakfast before heading up for class.

Lily beat them to it.

"ARE YOU GUYS MENTAL," She demanded.

"To torture him like that? His life will NEVER be the same again. What is it that you have against him?"she shouted.

"Chill Evans," Potter said still snickering.

"We just decided to have a little fun," Black said emphasizing on the world little.

Lily stormed off ahead of them. From that moment on, she vowed that she would never hang out with them again.

The rest of the year went by fast.

Lily kept her vow, and stayed as far away from them as she could.

Still, they continued to torture people like that...and out of absolutely no where they had invented a name for their group.

The Maruaders. As stupid as it sounded, there was more to it. They invented nicknames like Padfoot and Wormtail.

The three girls thought that was just a stupid scheme they came up with to annoy everyone. (A.N. You guys know the truth, it was for Remuses werewolf issue, Lily didn't find that out until sixth year.)

Finally it was the last day of school.

Everyone was kissing, smiling, laughing, crying, moaning and misbehaving.

The teachers took the hint, and decided to go a bit easy on the classes.

The first years had just finished their exams.

Lily knew she had done good. She used to spent hours everyday studying only for the exams, whearas the Maruaders used to play pranks on people.

They even had gotten in leauge with Peeves, and together played one of the biggest pranks recorded on the teachers.

Everyone only had two classes in the morning and right after they finished lunch, they would leave.

Lily, Alice and Taylor ate their lunch quickly, then walked outside to enjoy one last hour together before seperating their own ways.

They walked by the lake, and sat under the oak tree they always sit under, and talked about what they think is going to happen next year.

Soon, it was time to go. The girls took the boats over to the Hogwarts platform. They went on the train and found an empty compartment.

Laughing and enjoying themselves the whole way, they soon exited the train into the real world and went their own ways.

HA! Okay sorry I'm finally done with first year! I am skipping 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th year and going straight to sixth year, when James starts his obsession over Lily. Oh and I won't be able to post until Tuesday/Wednesday, cause I'm going on vacation. Post your thoughts!w00t

It's good(I expecially liked the part with Snape telling all those things) , but it was a little fast paced at the end.

I really liked it... and I agree with Brit.

Heh I know it was fast paced, I really wanted to get the first year over with and get on with the real story.

Oh, that is why you did that, but anyway post soon. big grin

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Imma gonna take it that you guys already know what happens in between, so I'll start with sixth year...or should I say the middle of sixth year. It's April. Here it is:

Chapter 9

Potter's Plan

It was mid-April, and James Potter had finally figured out a plan to win Lily once and for all.

"Hey Sirius...I think I've got a way to finally get Evans but it won't work until next year," James said eagerly.

The two boys were sitting in the common room in front of the fire.

"Oh joy, not another one of your pathetic, lame plans," Sirius said sarcastically rolling his eyes.

"No, I've decided to be good to her and not ask her out like...everyday," James said.

Recently he had been asking Lily out every time he got the oppurtunity to.

He had a big crush on Lily ever since the start of second year.

Sirius snorted, and pushed himself off the couch.

"Imma hit the hay," he said sheepishly.

"Yea...yea me too, just in a sec," James said.

Sirius dragged his feet upstairs to the boy's dorm.

After a few minutes, Evans surprisingly came downstairs.

It was 2:30 in the morning, and Evans was never a morning person.

Her hair was messy and her pajamas crinkled. Nevertheless, she still looked beautiful.

"Hello Evans, care to sit with me," Potter said nicely.

Lily grunted a 'whatever' and sat down next to him.

"So what brings you on this fine morning to come and see me? Are you having problems with your love life? Are your grades falling? Your friends are abandoning you?" James said.

"Sod off Potter, and no I don't need your advice," Lily snapped.

"I-I just wanted to come down to see who was awake," Lily invented wildly.

Lily walked back upstairs. Recently she had been a bit more uncomfortable around Potter and she didn't know exactly why.

Taylor and Alice thought she started liking him. Everytime he would come around to ask her out, she'd blush slightly but nonetheless always turned him down.

Potter stuck to his word and didn't ask Lily out for the next two months.

Before long, the second to last day of school came.

There was supposed to be a big party in the Common Room for all the 5th, 6th and 7th years. There was a lot to celebrate.

Gryffindor had won the Quidditch Cup. (And by a narrow miss too. If James hadn't caught the Snitch at the last minute, Gryffindor would've lost against Hufflepuff and would have been in second place.)

They also won the House Cup by a mere 25 points!

Lily, Alice and Taylor made their way up to the Girl's Dorm to get ready for the party.

Putting their best outfits and makeup on, they went downstairs to meet their dates.

Taylor and Remus were going together, and so were Alice and Sirius.

Lily on the other hand had no one to go with. She had recently caught her ex cheating on her...with a fourth year.

Lily sighed her way to the beverages on a table.

She had curled her hair and left it open. She also wore a completely new dress that her parents gave her before she left Hogwarts.

James walked up to her casually while she was pouring the punch.

"Someone's looking nice today,"

Lily almost spilled her punch. She turned around and blushed a little before saying 'thank you'.

She had noticed something different about Potter in the last month or two. He had stopped asking her out for one thing and he also stopped annoying people on purpose.

Without even thinking Lily said "James can I talk to you for a minute?"

"James? Since when was I James," Potter asked taken aback.

"Since I noticed you changed," she said leading them out of the portrait hole into an empty classroom.

She shut the door and turned to face him.

"I noticed you've-er-changed a little bit," Lily said staring at the door.

"Yea, maybe I did," James said straight.

"Oh well, I'm kind of glad you did James. I think I prefer this James over the other James"

She forced herself to look into James eyes. His beautiful hazel eyes.

They came closer together. Lily didn't know what was happening until it happened.

Their lips met, light at first then more passionatly. After what seeemd days they broke apart breathing hard. James smiled lightly as he led Lily out the door. He was about to faint he was so happy.

He finally managed to get Lily Evans to like him back. His plan had worked...or at least part of it. There was still another part to his plan that wouldn't work until next year.

They went back to the common room. On the way, they agreed to tell no one about this new development. Not even Sirius, or Alice or anyone.

After a little dancing the party ended, and everyone cleaned up then went back upstairs.

Lily and James went back upstairs without looking at each other. Really, they were both thinking of the kiss.

Neither couldn't sleep at night. Lily started to have second thoughts about the kiss.

'Maybe James just isn't right for me.' Lily thought turning on her side. She fell asleep and she had the weirdest dream that she and James were married and had a son named Harry who looked exactly like James except had her almond-shaped eyes.

Little did she know that James was having the exact same dream.

Okay, weird ending I know. But imma solve Lily's eyes right now I can't find a way to put it into my chapters. Lily can look into the future. In fact the only reason why she disliked James and disassociated him from her life (I'm talking in terms of the book not my story.) was because she knew that if she married him both of them would die exactly two years after they got married. She didn't know how or anything, but she sensed death. Then love got the best of her and she couldn't help herself. This also involves Harry's eyes in some way. I think that the reason Harry can read Voldemort's thoughts is because he got some of Lily's powers, or a different form of it. Kinda a wacko theory, but you never know!

Post your thoughts!animals_bunny2


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^^agree with both... by the way awsome theory

Thanks peoples! Imma post a short one now.

Chapter 10


(A.N. Again, imma skip a few days, and go right into the summer. Lily became orphaned in 6th year, but didn't tell anyone about it. Alice already knew though. James became orphaned around the same time as well, and told Sirius about it. This parts a little wacked out, but Lily and James found out that they were going to the same orphanage on the train.)

Hand in hand, James and Lily stood together staring a dark, dumpy building that they unfortunatly would have to call home for the rest of the summer.

Both their parents had been attacked and killed by the death eaters.

A shiver passed down James' spine and he moved Lily closer to him.

Two men in front of them were taking their trollies inside.

Their clothes and personal belongings from their homes were placed with them.

Lily's older sister Petunia, was living with her boyfriend Vernons' parents.

The two sisters only got to meet once, neither of them willing to talk to each other.

James and Lily walked upstairs to where their rooms were...that is right next to each other.

They passed by lots of kids each looking sad and depressed. There were also many teens their age also looking grim.

Lily sighed and wiped a tear from her eye and followed a man into her room.

There was a bed, wardrobe, side-table, desk and a light in the corner of the room.

The wallpaper was ripped and torn. He set her belongings down, tipped his hat and went back into the hallways.

Lily wrapped her arms each other and sat down on the uncomfortable bed.

Right then, James poked his head into the door looking rather cheerful.

He walked into her room and sat next to her.

"Fancy getting the worse room in the whole building, it smells like dung," James said sniffing.

Lily couldn't bear it any longer. She let the tears slip out of her eyes. She layed her head on James' shoulder and started crying.

EEKS! MY MOMMY'S HOME. I've gotta go, I'll finish up my post later.

Great job!!


Continued from last post...

They got settled into their rooms and unpacked their belongings.

Lily, being a very curious person explored her room, even though there wasn't much to explore.

She ran her fingers over the bed and under it.

There was something big under her bed.

She knew she wasn't allowed to use her wand in the summer, but curiosity got the best of her.

"Lumos," she said as she placed her wand under the bed.

The big thing was just a box.

Lily's eyes followed the writing on the box.

"Tom Marvalo Riddle," she murmered.

She took the box out and opened it. There was nothing in it except a pad which said Tom Riddle on the front of it.

'Tom Riddle...sounds familiar. He must have had this room before me," Lily thought.

She put the box under and flopped back onto her bed.

She opened the pad and started reading it.

Something thick fell out out of it...it was a wand.

It wasn't just a wand...it was Ravenclaw's wand.

Lily got up right away, the pad falling to the floor.

She ran to James room. He was just shutting his trunk when she grabbed his arm and showed him the wand.

James looked hurt for a second but his expression suddenly changed.

His face turned into a snicker for a second.

"So my baby is a theif, isn't she," James said smirking.

"Sod off, it's Ravenclaw's wand! Look at the gold inscription on the side...what's it doing here?" Lily asked.

There were so many questions...so little answers.


Yea sorry about the whole read this thing. The wand was a horcrux of course, but Lily and James didn't know it. Somehow when Lily touched the wand, nothing happened to her. Her hand didn't get burnt like Dumbledores...and I know why. Muahahaha! She's shall we say...special.

Post your thoughts! big grin


^Totaly agree!! Can't wait for the next post!!

Chapter 11

Fond Memories

Over the next few weeks Lily and James spent time together studying, reading and talking.

One night all the younger children of the orphanage that is thirteen and under went to the zoo with the caretakers.

Lily, James and three other kids stayed behiend.

Confided into Lily's room, they got bored after a while.

It was late in the night and the other kids weren't supposed to return until morning.

They were staying at what muggles called 'hotels'.

They couldn't stand the silence for that long.

James being a true Maurader, couldn't take it much either.

Lily was leaning against James when he suddenly got up and she fell down on the bed.

"Why'd you do that," Lily said at once.

James started laughing. "C'mon Lils, let's do something," he said while tickling her.

They creeped into hallways since the cook had a room right across from them.

They went out onto the grounds which were a bit more exciting then the rest of the orphanage.

They took a long walk around the grounds and flopped under a willow tree.

Lily cuddled herself to James and shut her eyes.

He stroked her hair gently not taking his eyes off the full moon.

Lily giggled, "This is so romantic, it's almost cheesy!"

"It is pretty cheesy," James said sighing.

They could've layed there all night but they couldn't.

They went back inside and went up to their rooms.

Lots of homework kept them occupied until school itself started.

Professor Dumbledore had already contaced the officials at the agency, who know that Lily and James will be gone for the rest of the summer...as well as the rest of their life.

The couple were extremely happy to leave the orphanage.

They reached Hogwarts in one piece...or should I say two.

Both were so happy to see their friends again.

Sadly they reached a deal though not to tell anyone of their summer romances and fond memories.

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That was good, I just thought that it went a little fast.


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