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Let's try to continue the lotr story beginning with the 4th age. roll eyes (sarcastic)
i shall begin...

Legolas and Gimli made a boat and sailed to the undying lands...

in middle-earth aragorn's son, eldarion is gondor's king. he chose to be an elf like her mother...

Eldarion couldn't choose to be an Elf. Seeing as Aragorn was mortal and Arwen to wed Aragorn chose to be mortal their son must be mortal. Just as when the choice was given to Elros and Elrond, Elros chose to be mortal and thus all those of his line must be mortal. There actually a whole lot that happens during the IV age. The IV age actually begins when Frodo, Bilbo and the keepers of the Three depart over the sea.

V Important Dates in Shire Reckoning

1482 Sam passes over the sea

1484 King Eomer of Rohan, Peregrin Took and Meriadoc Brandybuck die in Gondor they are laid in Rath Dinen among the great of Gondor

1541, March 1st King Elessar dies freely, he bids goodbye to Arwen and passes over the tokens of his rule to his son Eldarion. Legolas builds grey ship in Ithilien and along with Gimli sails down the Anduin and over the sea.

ESB -1138
It is never said if Sam made it to the Undying Lands. Same for Legolas and Gimli. One could only guess.

Yes it is recorded

Look in Appendix B of the LotR the Return of the King page 469 of my book (ISBN 0-261-10237-0) under "Later Events Concerning The Members Of The Fellowship Of The Ring" and its right there all dates are in Shire Reckoning admittedly it doesn't say "Sam passed over the sea, last of the ring bearers and he wasn't hit by a tidal wave of any other freak natural occurrence and actually made it to Valinor" I don't think it needs to it states
"and passed over sea, last of the Ring-bearers" kinda implies he made it same with Legolas and Gimli "and sailed down Anduin and so over sea; and with him, it is said, went Gimli the Dwarf. And when that ship passed an end was come in Middle-earth of the Fellowship of the Ring."

If for somereason they didn't make it across the sea when it states that they meant to pass over then sea, then I think it would state it ie "Sam was to pass over the sea but the boat capsized and as he can't swim he drowned"

Blax X
Damn, I wish Borimir had lived. He was my favourite fellowship member besides Gimli.

ok...ok... confused ...eldarion is a man....

Well, I am not one hundred percent sure about whether the choice of the Half-Elven was Eldarion's or not, seeing as how Aragorn did not have that choice (he is a descendent of Elros), even if he did become and elf, unless he passed over the sea rather soon, he would become mortal and die, as in the 4th age, everything outside of Valinor is supposed to become mortal man or something to that extent.

Eldarion didn't have the choice, both his parents were mortal they accepted the gift of men, so Eldarion would also have the gift of men.

The gift of men being the gift of death from Eru, the spirits of men pass outside the circles of the world and on to something greater although little is known of what this is.

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