POTC 1 DVD commentary..

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omg no has to reply to this but i jst thought i should put it out there. i love the commentary keira and jack do in the 1st movie.. i watch it and crack up everytime! i think they're amazingly funny together lol! <3 laughing clapping

she's a little bit "oh my god, it's me again. look it's me" wink but he's cute :3 oh, voice to die for XD

yeah their good together...VERY funny. keira is sorta acting like:"I'm the queen of the stage. no one DARE steal my show...especially Johnny." and he's more like"you broke my heart! hey I blinked there and I shouldn't have." you know he's more sincere so they make a great duo. They were I great pairing but I think they should've paired Johnny with orlando or keira instead of Gore cause Gore wants to talk a bout directing and MAKING the film like Jerry. whilst Johnny SHOULD talk abou his character with another actor. but overall the comentaries were great even the Johnny/Gore one

she is funny: Iliked the part when she was like ohh a bit closer Johnny, Bit closer
I thought that was so funny laughing out loud

i thought it was funnt how in like every scene she had to point out how wardrobe made her bust bigger... and when the scene came up where johnny ripped of her coreset she is all, "oh those are the real thing right there!" lol<3

on my dvd johnny does it with gorew and keira does it with jack davenport the commentary i mean

yeah...that's what they mean....it's jack davenport not jack sparrow...any wya i went the entire commentary going SHUT UP KEIRA! let the Davenport talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh! ok i feel utterly stupid now... but thats how i felt when i watched it Keira was Very self absorbed

LOL I think she was just joking about^^

I liked it when she told Jack to shut up lol

I think they paired Johnny and Gore together.. cause they are more alike...

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