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Hello. I read this in a mag, so I translated it:

Other actres would lick their fingers, to act only one time in their life with Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom. Keira Kneigthley stood already three times with both of them in front of the camera - But now the time is over! Still before "Pirates of the Caribbean 3", which comes in may 2007 comes in theatres, declares Keira: "I played as Elithabeth since I was 17. Now I'm 21 and I want to do something comletely different." And it is no secret in Hollywood, that it goes on after the third part. But Keira shouldn't make the producers big worries: The new parts should play temporally before the existing Films - without Orli and Keira, only with Johnny Depp.

That's great. There'll come out more films.

But I think Keira 'll die.
Because, what should be, if they want to make more films after the existing story.

yea, i totally agree.

she didn't actually say that last part "now I want to do something completely different" people keep taking what she originaly said and putting it out of context

what she first said never sounded as if she wasn't going to continue

..the original reporter took what she said and then said "keira wont admit it but I think she's leaving" or something..

but this is the first time I have seen someone actually change what she originally said roll eyes (sarcastic)

well, its confuzzling. kill liz off in the third, then jack and will are having a sword fight in the whole 4th movie and then they pop fiera in, and they do the kiss scene with jack and liz, and...its all over?


Maybe jones kill her.
And so Jack and Will can kill jones together.

It said also, that the next parts 'll play before the first one

yeah but I dont trust that source because they have basically changed what she said...and they have lied...Its a tabloid newspaper..never trust em lol..

they could be talking crap

I dont think its a prequel, It may now be because Keira refuses to contine (although I dunno if I believe that)..well its gonna kind of be a prequel based on where AWE actually ends IMO.

they say its gonna be a re-invention of AWE not a continuatuion

my dad used to work for the daily Mirror and he said never trust anything thay say its usually utter crap based on no proof.

lol...i never rly read them anyway

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