The Call of the Wild (IC/RP)

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Darth Extecute
The Call of the Wild
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It was winter, and winter was still young. The freezing wind spread trough the white hell on earth, or at least the white hell for the Silver Pack. The Silver Pack was an old wolf pack who had dominated these lands longer than any others. They used to be in charge, and just recently have their numbers decreased from the increasing hostile wolves. A war for the land had commenced, but this was a war that the Silver Pack could not win. They have suffered a number of losses when it comes to the hunters of the pack. Only about one quarter of the pack hunters remains in these dark times, and the competition for food was far too rough. The Silver Pack stood before three options... Migrate, fight or perish. Their low numbers makes the first option the most attractive one. Riba, the Alpha Male of the pack had figured how to make the best out of the situation, and at this morning he would inform the rest of the pack with the plans he had for these dark times.

Riba was a highly respected wolf among a lot of packs. During all of his years in charge, he had been challenged a repeating amount of times, but never lost. His strength was the highest in the pack. His endurance the best and his speed the fastest. He was a God among mortals, in the eyes of many females and packs.


It was morning, and the morning sun met Riba in the eyes. It was a bright, blinding flash. The white environment outside the den did not make things easier for him to open his eyes and get up. Riba was the Alpha Male and he had a certain responsibility to deal with. He was to safeguard the pack against dangers out of other leagues. Quietly, he snuk away from the pack. He was the most noble out of wolves, with muscles worth showing, a gaze that felt like it could kill, fangs and claws that had aided the pack more than anyone could imagine. As he walked away from the pack, he turned his head for a moment, observing the tracks he had caused in the pure white powder snow. As he waited for a moment, a few of the pack hunters had decided to accompany him in the hunt for food. With that, Riba and the rest of the hunters left, into the deep white woods. He decided to tell them of his plan once he returned.

A powerful scent of deer lead the way for the wolves trough the forest. Since the scent was fresh, so was the deer. In a powerful line, the five wolves walked side by side as they could see the pack of deers in the distance. It was four deers, and five of them. An easy target, and Riba gave the order to attack.
Faster than wolf legs normally could carry a wolf, Riba dashed trough the fresh snow, leaving nothing but a cloud of powder behind him. He was about to attack the closest and largest of deers, when everything suddenly felt like slow-motion.
The distant cracking sound of a rifle shot. In fear Riba halted. The deer in front of him fell to the ground, as another crack threw his fellow wolf companion to the ground with a powerful push.

"Poachers" Was the one and only thing crossing his mind. The humans was in need of skin over the winter, but he was smart enough to know that the wolf hunt started deeper into the winter.
"Spread out, and hide. Do NOT return to the den before nightfall unless you are absolutely sure they are gone!" He ordered his fellow wolves as they spread of into different direction. He, he took of in the direction of the gunfire. A gaze of blood-lust was met when he took a sidestep, avoiding the gun that shot towards him. Once he reached close enough to attack, he did. A leap trough the air, and Riba was in pointblank. He bared his teeth and growled loud as a bear. Safe from the hunters gun, but as he hit the chest of the hunter, the odds that for one second was at his side, turned against him. "Two.. Three.. Six..!" He realised the trouble he was in, seeing all the humans with guns. He gave out a yelp from a hit on the side with the shaft of a gun, but did not give up.
A fight that made the adrenaline of Riba pump commenced, and the wolf, or beast dashed trough the battlefield, fighting the highly numbered hunters.
"It's not a wolf.. It's a monster!" One of the hunters screamed, as Riba took the life of a hunters dog. With blood covered teeth, he threw himself towards a hunter and a loud noise was heard. The noise of a rifle.


Carbo was sleeping this morning in, but he woke up thanks to one all too wild little pup. It was not of the playful kind, but there was something else. Carbo had a hard time understanding the very young pup, who not yet had learned to communicate. Leaning his head to the side, he watched the pup whine. He took a look around, seeing that most in the pack still slept. Except for Riba and four others, who probably were out hunting. Not within sight as far as Carbo could see, at least. His vision was not exactly his best ability. As he started walking forward, not a lot of time passed before he stopped again. His paw turned wet, and as he looked beneath it, a trail of crimson blood had caused almost a river trough the cave. It came from the outside, and without hesitation, Carbo splinted outside. The blood trail stopped, but a drip of blood hit him on the nose. And another one. He took a look upwards, seeing how Riba laid on top of the den, hanging with his head over the edge. Lifeless as it seemed. "Oh no..." Carbo thought, as the wolf fell from above, smashing into the white ground. The previously beautiful white powder snow was now covered by a red sea of blood, and their Alpha Leader as the source.

Carbo backed away a little bit, looking at the Alpha who had more damaged parts on his body than whole. He was badly injured, but not dead.
"T.. Th.. The poachers are dead.." Riba breathed heavily, coughing up some blood after each word spoken.
Carbo stood speechless for a moment. Soon, he tilted his head and gave out a mournful howl that spread trough the entire forest. It echoed, and he repeated the howl a number of times. The tone in his howls was sad, but the sound of his howl was sharp like razors.

The quick and even steps of a trot took the female where they would, each paw falling directly in front of the other; quite a classic example of a perfected wolf gait, if she cared to boast. The pace slowed and stopped as she drew in the scent of other wolves in the area, her nose flaring at the intake of breath.

"Humans..." she snarled under her breath.

Chaos despised those vile creatures beyond all the others she had ever hated. They were the ones causing her to flee back to the home she had left years ago in order to survive the harsh winter. They were the ones destroying the life she had made for herself, and slowly taking away the Independence she loved. Chaos, no matter how headstrong, was not stupid and knew she couldn't survive the winter on her own.

A blood curdling howl ripped through the silence of the wood, disturbing the peace. She snapped her head in the direction of the mournful voice, picking up her smooth trot again. A twisted, almost demonic smirk parted her blackened lips to reveal canines stained red, Chaos always seemed to find pleasure in others pain, a sadistic habit of hers. Chaos headed towards the scent, recognizing it more and more as she neared the den she had once called home. Carbo... yes that was his name, was the one making all the noise so early in the morning.

As she approached, Chaos slowed then stopped dead in her tracks and tensed her muscles at the sight of the other lying and bleeding in the red snow. She eyed Carbo questioningly with her fierce orbs of green, and let her lips slip slowly back over her teeth. Wondering if he would remember her, even after three years, Chaos started to step closer to him.

The lean, striking grey wolf picked her way daintily through the snow, weaving between trees until she came to an open plain like area, blanketed in white. The leg and torso of a young deer hung from her mouth, dripping little splats of blood onto the fresh snow. Tyri, as she would be called, let her mouth widened, and tilted her chin back to get a better grip on the heavy thing. Her mate had been up so late the previous night, and looked so peaceful in his sleep that she hadn't had the heart to wake him. Instead, she went off for the morning hunt with only the alpha male, Riba, and two deltas. After a while he told her to scour the southern boundaries while he checked the north, and the others would check the east and west. Sure enough, She found an infant baby deer and its young mother. First killing the baby, she ate what she could of it. When it's mother returned she managed to bring her down too. Not without a fight seems nothing could relate to a mother's fury, especially when her young one was in danger. Tyri for a moment thought about her own mother. feeling a pang of guilt she eased her grip on the Doe's lower half. Oh well, at least she could be with her young fawn now. They would've starved to death anyway.

Tyri took comfort in this and let her tail wag softly. Her silver eyes closed as she stopped for a moment, stretching and yawning, a difficult task with her mouth full. The edges of the deer's bloody thigh and torso were begging to crystallize with the cold. She knew she would have to get back quickly. As soon as she dropped off the meal for her own mate, she would bring back the rest of the deer, or what of it she could manage, for the rest of the pack. Her liquid silver eyes scanned the ground then. She really should be presenting them to her alpha first..but Carbo was sin need of food. Beside, Riba was an excellent leader, and would surly understand her reasoning. Smiling then, she trotted on. Just as the den came into view she heard a sharp, piercing howl. A familiar howl. She stopped in her tracks, her vivid eyes widening.

The wolf sprinted toward the den, fear in her eyes. She could smell the blood, and hear her own mates worried cries. As soon as she reached the two she stopped, dropping the leg into the snow. A puddle of deep crimson was absorbed into it, and , she knew, would soon be covered over, and lost forever. With a soft whine she nudged her leader's face gently. Blood damped the pale burnt goldish color which blanketed part of her muzzle. She had seen a wolves in this shape before, and they had not lived. She looked up at her distressed mate, and licked his chin softly. the blood on her muzzle glinted in the morning sun.

Spirit Binder
Odin's ears perked up, his head soon to follow. He heard a distant howl, which meant the Alpha Male was hurt. Trouble.. He muttered to himself. He stood up and ran as fast as his legs would carry him. Once he neared the den he could see some of the other members of The Silver Pack gathering around. He growled softly "Make room, out of my way. Hurry!" Once he reached the source of the trouble he stopped dead in his tracks.

Motioning Carbo aside, Odin layed down beside Riba and spoke softly to him. "Who did thi-" He stopped as he began inspecting the source of the blood flowing from Riba's pelt. A small, round hole was open inside him as blood gushed out. He sniffed it a couple of times. Aside from the fresh blood, he could smell gunpowder.

Odin muttered a single word, though it sounded dark and gruff. "Humans."

He looked into Riba's eyes. "Whoever did this to you, I will find them. I will find out where they are hiding and kill them. I will kill them."

Loki walked slowly through the snow looking for any signs of another wolf. His white fur allowed him to blend in easily but, the crescent moon on his forhead made him standout from the snow. He trotted through the forest weaving throught trees, rocks and, snow drifts he comes to a large open are where he saw another he waited for anyone else to appear. When no one did he caughjt the scent of other wolves and moved to the den. He had decided to enter after deep consideration to turn back. His white coat stuck out against the den's walls. He just stared at the others waiting for them to make a move. His ears were down and his teeth were showing but he did not growl due to now knowing how many wolves could be in the area.

"There are many hunters out there.. If I could just stay here for a night it may help me live but if I am not welcome than I will go."

Though he looked old he was still easily able to fight and each of his muscles were tensed up waiting for a responce. He looked back out into the snow before looking at the other wolves directly. A part of his ear was gone. It was shot and the tip was torn off.

Tyri snapped at Odin with a soft growl. She was reacting to his harsh demand that they all step out of his way. She glared into his eyes for a moment before looking back at their leader, struggling to stay alive in his own pool of blood. She nosed Odin aside and she herself sniffed the bullet hole. She ran her tongue over the wound a few slow, soothing times, and then stepped back ,looking toward the white wolf behind her.

" He said he had already killed them all. focus your energy on helping, rather than vengence. "

She said softly. She licked Riba's ear and whispered to him encouragingly, removing a bit of the blood from his face with her thick pink tongue. She let her cool nose fall upon the wound, pressuring it until the blood slowed, and finally ceased. She would have liked to say the fatal flow stopped due to her compression, but the grim truth was thta he was losing blood at a terribly quick rate, and now there simply wasn't enough to gush out any more. tyri placed her fair, soft head on Riba's chest and listened. His herat beat slowly, arythmicly. She closed her eyes tightly, fighting back ill thoughts. Opening them, she turned to Odin.

" Help me bring him into the den. "

She said in a calm, commanding voice. She then jumped up onto the den beside Riba, and placed her nose against his body. She looked down at Odin, making sure he was standing ready to life their alpha.

" Ready? "

She asked, pushing forward gently.

Spirit Binder
"Ready as I'll ever be. I'll catch him." Odin waited for Tyri to drop Riba. He didn't like the fact that she was strict towards him, especially since the past he went through "Just be careful with him. We don't want to damage him up more than he already is."

As he waited, Odin could hear the sound of other wolves muttering behind him. He couldn't hear what they were saying, but they were probably going against him. He was only a Delta after all, and a spy to boot. But he respected his leaders, even if they didn't agree with the fact of his gruff attitude, or the fact he never shared his past with anyone except the Alpha Male.

He turns around to face the opening of the den. His fur is now wet from melted snow and he waits for other wolves to show up. Not brave enough to venture deeper into the den without permission he waits at the opening. The scent of blood enters his nose and he goes into a defensive stance while watching for any movement. His eyes narrow and he looks out for the bleeding creature. He sits like a wolf and waits.

Tyri nodded and softly counted. She kept and eye on Odin at all times.

" one....two...three!"

With a hard nudge Riba sild off the den and onto Odin's back. Tyri smiled and wagged her tail softly before nodding respectivly at Odin.

" good job. Now, Take him into the den. " she nodded to the deer meat. " See if he will eat. "

With that, she gracefully leapt off the height off the den, and trotted up to the rogue wolf who had intruded on her territory. normally, she wouldv'e been at ease but not while their leader was in this condition. She snarle,d warning him to shut his mouth, and submit. She circled him, her head low, body tensed. She ran her now blood spattered muzzle over his body, starting at his nose and working her way aorund his neck. Finally she came to a stop in front of him. She locked her eyes onto his and sat before him, her ears tilted forward. Her shoulders were back and she spoke patiently.

" Who are you? "

"I am Loki.. I'm just an old wolf I am not a threat to you. I just need somewhere to stay for the night or the hunters will get me.."

Obviously strong due to the fact of his tensed muscles would make it hard to believe he was not a threat. He stares her down for a moment before relaxing his muscles and his fur flattened out. A scar under his eye stood out and the crescent moon only created more questions.

"I am a lone wolf now that my pack is gone.. Hunters killed them all."

He sighs and stares at her without emotion is his eyes but small hint of sadness was in his eyes. He looks down and speaks.

"If you do not wish me to stay or think I am a threat I will leave you be in peace."

Tyri relaxed a bit as the older wolf backed off. She bowed her head politely and listened as he spoke, She also noted the scar near his eye. The wolf was obviously seasoned in his ways, and experienced neugh to know when ot hold his temper. She cocked her head, gazing curiously at the peculiar cresent on his forhead. She stepped forward and sniffed at it, then backed away once more. Tyri nodded when he concluded.

" Lone wolf, hm? "

She inspected him with her striking silver eyes as he spoke on. She slid her eyes over his body. He was strong, fit, experienced. Perhaps he could benifit the pack. And, if not that, she hadn;t the heart to turn down a wolf facing death, especially one so valuble as this, if only for one night. She sighed then, gazing at the darkened sky. Stars glinted in the frozen sky, and Tyri could see her breath in a white, misty cloud before her. She nodded at Loki.

" Well, loner, I believe it's perfectly fit for one such as yourself to stay in our den for tonight, or as you may need it, but I my self am not the Alpha. Seeing, however, that our leader is incapacitated, and that his mate is no where in sight I give you temporary permission to reside in our home. "

That being said she respectfully lowered her tail, stood and turned. She walked slowly toward the larger opening of the den, to check on Riba. Sighing, she walked toward the opposite side of the den and laid down, Gazing up at Carbo before resting her head.

He lowered his head in respect to Tyri. His tail started to wag when he heard he could stay. His eyes brightened up slightly sohwing a goldsih color. He spoke.

"I will do all I can to help. May it be defense or hunting I will do all that you ask."

With that he layed down at a wall and watched for anything of interest. He stared at Tyri momentarily then changed his attention to the opening closest to him. His tired eyes slowly closed and he breathed slowly.

"Wake me if you need me do anything..."

He fell asleep after that statement.

Chaos backed as others flooded the scene of the bloody wolf, some seemed as if they had never seen an injured wolf before, and she could barely help suppress her laugh. Others, however, were more authoritative in their actions, though their names evaded her memory. She watched as the two hauled the injured one into the den with ease, and Chaos was, though she would never admit it, a little impressed at how swift their actions were.

Her attention then turned to the female who was circling the other. It was fascinating to Chaos, watching another defend someone so dearly. Chaos could never imagine being so close to just one wolf... or to any for that matter. She hoped for a fight to break out, they always more entertaining to watch than to actually participate in, yet Chaos soon realized there would be none. The air seemed to be less tense after a few moments as they conversed and became more at ease with one another. Chaos on the other hand remained on her toes, letting the shadows conceal her. She edged closer to the den, slowly, yet with dignity, peering around with narrowed eyes until she reached the entrance. Stopping and sitting in the cold wet snow she recognized the female, she had only known her for maybe a few months or so, but she wasn't one to forget. A soft malicious tone ripped through the darkness of the den.

"Hello Tyri."

Tyri followed Loki's actions, and nodded in response to what he spoke. After keeping him heald on a watchful eye, she finally let up, gazing off into the sky. If she listened closely she could hear Riba's shoret, raspy breaths. She sighed, turning everywhich way to avoid listening. It was painful to hear, yes. A strong wolf such as himself dieing by the hands of humans. Such things happened much too often, and it seemed to never let up. now, here, her own alpha had fallen victim to their evils. While it did pain her to think about, this would not be the first alpha in the pack lost to human hands. And in other packs..such as her own those years ago..Alpha's, as their duty, stood foremost to defend, often costing htem their lives.

Tyri paused. She lifted her head, gazing up at the crescent moon, hidden partially by a billowing cloud that hovered over it. She was speaking as if Riba were already dead, and gone. The young wolf sighed, stretching her paws out and resting her head. Old habits did die hard, and she had seen this situation all to many times before.

As Tyri looked over at Loki, the old loner who was taking refuge in the outer edges of the den, she heard a soft voice. it was one not often heard, but quite familiar to Tyri herself. She didn't need to look over to see who it was but she did, willingly. Chaos was something of the pack omega, but the thing was she wasn't around the pack enough to attain that rank. She was more of a fmiliarized loner, who would come and go on her on time and whims. In Tyri's eyes, it did not demean her any. She was still a member of the silver pack, just as the others. Tyri also knew she was not a weak wolf, and could hold her own quite well.

" Hello, Chaos. It's been a while. "

Tyri looked at her forepaws. Her tone had held a bit of annoyance. Not at the other wolf, rather the situation at hand. With a sigh she attempted to regain her self situated composure.

" Are you hungry? Theres a small portion of meat left, if youd like it. "

Darth Extecute
Riba gave out heavy breaths, as his body numbed. A pup from the pack came up to him, nudging him on the nose. He had a hard time keeping his eyes open, but forced a smile towards the little thing. He coughed up a final amount of blood, which made the pup skip in fear. It shrugged back and ran to the rest of the pups. He gave out a few whines and took a final breath. He lost his smile when the pup took distance from him, as he fell into the final sleep. His tightened paws loosed grip of the ground and extended powerless. His chest stopped moving and he did no longer consume any air. His tail rose one final time, before falling to the ground together with the rest of his lifeless body.

Carbo nuzzled up against Tyri, giving her a kind look. He observed the newcomer inside the den, and if Tyri trusted him enough, then Carbo did not mind it either. Carbo was unaware of the situation that Riba was gone. His eyes were not good enough to see what happened to Riba inside the den at the moment, still believing he was conscious. Carbo stretched his body, yawning. It sure had been an eventful morning.

Spirit Binder
Odin's ears perked up and his heart jumped. He didn't hear any breathing coming from Riba. "Oh no." He made his way over to Riba, placed his head gently against his chest, but felt nothing. He tried in other places but didn't feel anything. "Tyri! Get in here! We've got trouble!" Odin tried again in other places, but still didn't feel a thing. He finally gave up and walked outside.

"Friends, I have terrible news to relate. Out great Alpha Male, Riba, has just died. Taken from us by the humans. Hear my words. I fear our time here is closing. If we stay here too long, we will perish. Becoming the hunted, or from our lack of food. We should leave this place, and find a new one where we can rebuild our pack and live in peace from the other wolves and the humans.

Though it is not up to me, I am only stating my open opinion. If the Alpha Female decides to stay here, than so be it, we will." Odin walked back intom the den and sat down. Hopefully they listened well.

Who is the Female Alpha and who are the Beta's???

Sorry, I'm alittle confused.

He let out a deep sigh when he heard the Alpha breathe his last breath. He stood up and walked over to the fallen Alpha and looked him over. His eyes took in every detail of the wolf and then he finnaly spoke after waiting for a while."Riba... Never thought you would fall like this."

He sighed and walk back to the opening of the cave. He looked out for a moment before coming to an understanding. His fur was on end and his eyes were filled with anger. He let out a low growl from the pit of his throat. He slowly spoke and whimpered in sadness."Riba was a good leader even though I never got a chance to follow him. He will remain a kind of legend among us older wolves. I'm sure he led you all to the highest your pack could go. I will kill the human who killed you.. old freind." He sighed and layed back down watching the sky in the distance.

Tyri looked away from Chaos for a moment as her mate lay down beside her. She smiled and licked his muzzle , sliding her tongue across his black nose lovingly. She locked her eyes onto his, gazing into them contently. it was then that she heard Odin call her name. She smelled it in the air...She knew before anything was said. Riba was gone, to a better place now, she hoped, but still gone. She sighed, fearing the affect it would have on the pack. She stuck her head out of the side of the den in which both she and Carbo laid, and then nudged his jet black cheek. A soft whimper in her strong voice would convey the news. With that, she rose, leaning first to lick her mates nose somenly, and urging him to follow.

Tyri walked over to Odin she lifted her front leg, pawing the white wolf gently on the shoulder. after this she turned and walked to her alpha's corpse. She sighed softly, looking down upon the once strong wolf, now in the peaceful state of eternal sleep. She lowered her head, letting her muzzle fall against his ear and whispered softly to him.

" Oh Riba. I wish it never would have come to this. It's terrible that you had to leave us in such a way. you will be greatly missed, as you already know. "

Tyri then sat back on her hauches, and tilted her nose into the wind. She let out a long, mournful howl, that peirced the dry winter air. The cry echoed over the mountains and settled over the snow in valleys. She stood then, placing a protective paw over her leader, and then howled once again for the wolf, who had gone before his time. She wondered then where Champion was. She had to admit she wasn't quite sure how the Alpha female would take it. She was a strong wolf, and strict and course in her ways. She hoped she would not be too upset by this. She hadnt the need to see two good wolves fall from glory when it only had to be one, still too many in her opinion. Aside from that, being beta, Champion was not only her alpha but her friend. She did not want to see her hurt.

Turning then, she loked toward Loki. she had heard his words, but chose not to reitterate the fact that Riba had killed the hunters. She focused, rather, on what the older wolf had said.
Old friend? Riba, How did you know this wolf?
She gazed at him questionably, then let her eyes fall back on Chaos, opposite her. Tyri looked at all the wolves and spoke up.

" In reference to Odin's suggestion ,I must say I agree. Might I add though, that it isn't my call either. We'll wait for Champion before any decisions are made. "

He stood up and trotted over to her. he sat down and stared at her for a second, recolecting his memories. He looked at her more sturnley and replied to her.

"Me and Riba met a long time ago.. before most of you were born and when some of you were just pups. He aided my old pack a long time ago back when humans were not anywhere near the forests. We met on the hunting grounds once. He told me he wanted to make his own pack, and as far as i can see he did an excellent job at that."

He looked at the ground momentarily before standing up proudly and looking he rin the face. His eys blazed with fiery rage. His white fur seemed to stand up slightly from his rage.

Chaos kept her eyes on Tyri, smirking when she remembered her, another point for her already large ego. She just couldn't help herself sometimes when it came to conceitedness. The color of the Beta's voice was dark, however, as she was greeted, obviously because of the recent events Chaos had just witnessed. The air was thick with sorrow and tension and it unsettled her slightly. Chaos simply the food by a shake of her black head, saving her appetite for human flesh later.

The grievances of others were worthless to Chaos, and deaths of a wolf, human, or other creature meant nothing to her. The Alpha was, however, an exception. Chaos could feel the sadness of all around her and their hopes of his survival dropped out of existence as he took his last pitiful breath. She would not though, bow her head to the solemn howl of Tyri, her pride wouldn't let her. The itch to say something was not there and for once Chaos was silent and held her tongue for only the sake of Riba. He was one of the few that understood why she had the compulsion to leave the pack and let her return when she pleased. He understood her hatred and anger towards others. He was the only one she put above herself. And now he was gone due to those moronic, irrational, and selfish humans. Revenge of hers or of others that swore it would do no good at the moment, all Chaos could for the moment was watch Tyri with an unblinking icy stare.

Then the unfamiliar loner spoke, telling of how he knew the Alpha. A wave of jealousy swept over her, an easier emotion for her to feel rather than sorrow. They all had much more time with Riba than she ever did. Should she have stayed? No. Just because he is gone doesn't mean that she has to contradict her beliefs and ways. But it would've been nice to talk with him before. Her eyes met Tyri's once more, then she stared out distantly, heaving a sigh and holding back her emotions.

Spirit Binder
Odin watched as snow began to fall around the outside of the den. The sky was begining to fill with eerie black clouds. This day was a truely sad, mournful day. He joined Tyri in her howl to Riba before the moon was covered up behind dark cloud.

"I'll go and find us some more food. I can feel a storm coming, and we'll need it. I might sound bossy, but might I add you stay here and direct the rest of the pack. We need to be prepared to move if that is our decision." As he started off, he added, "I will return shortly to help you. And don't worry, I can hold out on my own." And with that, he was out of sight.

*Champion steps forwards, from under the tree where she was resting. She walks over to a large rock, jumping up ontop of it so she can see the whole pack* I have something to say. I am standing down as your alpha female. One of you will take my place, as to which one will, it is up to all of you. *She then climbles down, from the rock, and walks into the midst of the pack, laying down under the tree again*

Tyri barked after Odin for a moment, growling for him to wait. Champion had just stepped out and what she had to say would indeffinatly be important. she turned back toward the den then, watching the sleek black wolf leap up toher perch, a rock situated beneath a tree, heavy with snow. Tyri's eyes followed hers, and she took a step closer, bowing her head slightly as the Alpha spoke. She was astonished to hear what she said. Tyri simply nodded, in understanding. She knew Champion was going through a tough decision and she would stand by her.

Walking over toward the black female, she respectfully dropped ot her haunches and lowered her head. her silver eyes met Champions and she stood back a bit.

" You know, I support your decision no matter what, but I know you are a strong wolf, and your leadership was..." she paused. "and still is, greatly valued. "

With that being said Tyri nodded serenly at Chaos, who seemed to be troubled at the moment. She had never seen the female like that before. She offered a comforting smile then stood before the others. she looked toward the old wolf and her own mate. She then nodded to Riba's lifeless body.

" Lets take his body to the creek. He loved it there. "

She then looked toward Chaos indirectly.

" Anyone wishing to pay final respects is welcome. "

*champion stands, noding some at the wolf "Thank you for your kindness" She then watches, to wait, for the right to pay her last respects to her mate.*

Loki rises and walks up to Tyri. He looks back to where Riba's body was.
He looked at the ground giving respect to the fallen leader. His eyes seeme d to be peaceful and content but sadness for his friend was evidently obvisious. He looks at champion momentarily and then bows his head in respect to her. He lowered himself in her presence to show full respect to her. He backs off slowly and turns around to to Tyri. He speaks to her.

"If I am allowed I would like to pay my respects to my fallen friend." He looks at Champion quickly. "Is she his mate?'' If so I wish to ask her how he was killed." But if she does not want to have an audience with me I shall respect her wishes."

Tyri nodded softly to Champion, and turned toward Loki. She let out a digh and nodded once more to his question. She looked back at Riba's lifeless body.

" Yes, that is his mate, but please make it quick, ill need your help to move his body. "

With that Tyri turned back toward Riba. she lowered her head and grabbed a soft hold on his neck. his blood still stained her nose a deep crimson form the previous night. Slowly, she pulled him out of the den. One of his young pups whimpered softly and then clambored toward Champion. his Sister and brother followed, before stopping when they saw their father. The young ones yelped excitedly, and then whined when no response met their small ears. Curiously they nipped at Tyri's paws, but she gently nudged them away. Once more they headed for their mother.

Tugging softly, Tyri herself managed to bring the large wolf to the outer limits of the den. The creek was a little less than A mile away, and most of the pack new it was his favorite spot. She then sat and waited for loki to go any further.

He looks at Champion then at Tyri. He gets up and walks to her and Riba's body. He sits there waiting for her to start to move it again. He lowers his head in silence to what had happened. He raised his head back up so he he could face Tyri. He spoke momentarily.
"I will speak with her later, right now I will help move Riba. How far does he need to go and how long has this group of wolves been around?"

Spirit Binder
"I would come with you, but we need more food." He turned to leave, but then turned back "Also because..I can never face Riba dead. It's too much to bear. He was...the only one who really understood me and my past, and now he's gone.

As for the Alpha Female stepping down..Now we have no one who will permenantly lead us. So for the time being, You and Carbo, will lead us." Odin turned and bowed slightly to her "I will follow your lead. Whatever your decision is, I will follow without question. You have my word on that."

Tyri nodded to Odin politely, and then back at Loki and gestured for him to lift the wolf's back end while she lifted the frotn. through the scruff of the larger wolf's neck she managed to answer.

" We're going to go out toward the creek, dont know if you've seen it but its straight out this way. With that she heaved up, lifting his body, and trotting forward as Loki supported his lwoer half. Fially she managed to slide her body under his, carrying the bulk of the wolf on her shoulders. this left her mouth free to answer.

" This pack has been aorund for years before my time, but as for our generation, well, he and Champion where the oldest. Champion is ten, so Id say our current pack genere began about ten years ago. As for me, Ive been here for three years. "

She paused then, stopping to haul Riba a bit closer to her shoulder blades for better lifting power. She nodded up ahead at the rift in the snowy blanket. She eyes the spot carefully.

" There. '

She said. She motioned for him to take the weight for a moment, while she ran ahead. Sniffing at the ground, she found what she was looking for. A hollow depth, where the water no longer flowed. She broke the htin ice encasing it, and then set to work. her paws slammed over and over into the frozen earth untill they where numb and callused. her left forepaw was bleeding, and left bright red patches in the snow. Tyri looked back at Loki, and then trotted over, helping lift her fallen comrade for a final time, and together they walked to the hollow cavern.

Tyri tilted her nose into the wind, howling loudly enough to summon all of the pack members who wished to be present. She then closed her eyes, and helped push Riba into his final resting place. A single tear ran down her muzzle, still coated in the wolf's blood. She hung her head low and stepped toward the hole. She laid eyes on the wolf, now broken in body, but surly not in spirit.

" Run free. "

She whispered, turning away. She then stood by, watching closely over the pack. She turned to Odin. Her eyes where heavy with sadness, but she shook it off and regained her composure. She looked at their former alpha's grave and then back at Odin, urging him to say a final goodbye.

Spirit Binder
Odin nodded slighty and walked forward. He closed his eyes as he began his speech.

"Riba, you were the only one who completely understood me. When I was young, and my parents were killed, you were the only one who cared for me and kept me from killing myself. Until I grew old enough, I wondered why you didn't go with the others. I understand now though. A wolf must never abandon his pack. Never. Even in the threat of being killed himself, a wolf must never turn tail and run.

Taking those lessons to heart, I will continue to follow them. Rest easy, old friend."

Odin then looked up and howled a long farewell cry. Then he turned and slowly made his way off to find food for the pack.

He sighs and walks close to the body. He looks down closely an dsays aloud. "Well old friend I never thought we would meet again.. but I seem to meet you at the beginning and the end. You were always charismatic even when you were outnumbered. For that you became a flawless leader in you time of control. See you in the afterlife my wolfkin brethering. ((Wolfkin means wolf brother or freind just so no one is confused.))

He then rises to face Tyri. He raises his head high to show honor. He looked at himself from his mind and then decided to speak.

"What would you have this wolf do?"

Darth Extecute
Carbo stood speechless for a while, watching the ceremony of the dead Alpha from a distance. Due his weak sight, he slowly approached the location. He walked past Tyri, watching her and giving out a friendly smile. He stroke his body against hers as he walked past her. He licked her on the cheek gently, before he walked up to the dead leader. He sniffed Riba where he lied, lowering his head. He closed his eyes, which was a relief for his right eye. A tear ran from the eye, down the muzzle. He placed his paw on the shoulder of Riba, giving out a whispering sound.

"Goodbye, friend. Roam the paradise." He turned around, stepping away from the fallen leader. Every time he observed the dead wolf, he shivered. The injury from the bullet, all the clawmarks, it was hardly bareable for Carbo, who stopped by Kyri, sitting down next to her.
"I guess.. this means we are in charge, like Odin said" He paused for a moment.
"But a pack can not manage without an Alpha" He said, lowering his head and glaring at the dead Alpha ahead of them.

Tyri smiled politely at Odin and softly wagged her tail,before letting it fall calmly along her hind legs. She had heard what he had said, and must admit she only only knew half the story. What Riba had told her was that he had only found the wolf wandering, and he took him in. It was good that he took such great care of him. She was glad Odin stood firm with the pack. Thats exactly what they needed at a time like now. As she looked away from Odin, Tyri noted loki picking his way toward his old friends grave, and politly bowing his head before it.

Tyri wished there was more she could've done then. her heart reached out to loki...Meeting an old friend should be under happier circumstances. Sighing she gazed off, pricking her ears and turning back as she was adressed.

" Well, first I must thank you for helping me with Riba's body. "

She sideglanced the hole.

" And now, I mjust extend a permenant invitation to you. If you would like to stay, you are most welcome. We will have to hunt soon, and if you would like to join us, please do. "

Tyri turned her attention to her own mate then. She smiled as she felt his body caress hers softly. Her tongue met his muzzle as he walked on, and she nosed his ribs gently as he passed. She watched him speaking softly to Riba, and then again as he turned. She could tell he was distressed as he sat beside her. letting out a soft, comforting whimper she closed her eyes and presed her head under his, nuzzling him hard. As he spoke she let her silver eyes fall on Champion, and she began slowly walking toward the den, Nuzzling Carbo as she did. She would leave the wolf some time alone with her mate before they filled the hole in. She turned to Carbo then and nodded.

" Yes, I agree..."
She knew well that her mate had troubles with taking charge of a pack as Alpha.
" If you do not want the responsibility, Ill stand by your side and hold the beta position with no second thought. "

She nuzzled him, and placed her paw over his as she licked his cheek. She looked around then, considering the kind of Alpha the other wolves would make.

He stood up gallantly to Tyri and the other wolves of the pack. A look of honor crosses his face. His fur seems to glow from the snowy background and the crescent moon on his head seems to brighten. His eyes trail over all of the other wolves and he finnaly speaks.

"I would be honored to be a member of your pack. I shall follow your orders to the letter and even to my death if neccesary. If I am needed just tell me what I must do."

Faith weeped quietly, from under a rock outside the den. She kept a constant eye on Riba, who bit by bit left this world, until he was eventualy entirely gone. A pup from the pack hung in her ear, but she barely felt it. There was too much going on at this state and she was not able to keep track at everything. She followed the dead body of Riba as he was carried away, lowering her head. A pup nuzzled up against her head and she started licking it. At first, gently, but the more she thought of Riba and the future of the pack, the more anxiously she licked the pup. Not the positive kind of anxious, but to give vent to her emotions. After a little while, the pup successfully crawled out of the grasp of Faith and ran of to correct the right now neglected fur on her own. Faith got back into reality, realising what she did and blushed.

She slowly got up on the four paws of hers and looked into the distance, where Riba and some others of the pack were. As she stood up straight, two or three pups fell of her back, to the ground. She nudged them with her nose one by one, putting them in a comfortable position to sleep in. She took care of the pups, nudging and licking them to make them go back into the sleep they had previously on her back.
With quiet, slow steps she walked closer to the location of Riba. She stopped a few yards away, not willing to approach the dead one. She was afraid of death. She did not fear her own life, but she was always uncomfortable around other dead wolves. Especially the Riba kind, who was kind and caring and at the same time a great leader.

She always thought herself as the possible Alpha kind, due her good care with the little ones. But she was no warrior. She was incapable of such things as combat. It was the main reason she rarely considered the Alpha position. Champion had been a great female and Riba was the perfect male. He could do anything. He had good hand with pups and no wolf in the pack was a better hunter. She lowered her head, looking at Riba one final time. She then walked up to Tyri and Carbo, stroking herself in between them gently, to give them her sympathises to the pack. Now when they were in charge, they suddenly had a much greater duty to take care of. By walking up close, she hoped they would understand that she notified them with the fact that they would have her support at all time, no matter what.

She took a few steps away from the two, as she came up to Loki. She wagged her tail, planting her nose against his nose. With care, she moved it down his body, passing the muzzle, passing his neck and along his body. She did not mind someone joining the pack, but she wished to consume his scent properly, as she finished her sniffing at his behind. She raised her head after a full investigation, nudging him gently with her nose. She made an attempt getting her paw up his back, after three attempts, she got a grip of his back with her paw and held it there for a moment.

"Welcome to the Silver Pack, Loki" She spoke, smiling sincerely "I am Faith"

He looks her over, up and down. He bows his haed gracioulsy and then brings it back up. "Thank you youg Faith. I will do what I can to help you pack when it is neccasery. The crescen on his forehead seemed to glow in the bright snow and his eyes deemed brighter than they normally were. "I believe I may have found my new home. Thank you all." He gently walks past faith up to Riba's resting place and let out a long sould chilling howl.

Tyri's transluscent gaze fell on the den. She heard Faith sobbing softly. She lowered her head, respectfully, despite that at this angle she was not visible ot the other female. Faith was a caring, sensitive wolf, and Tyri from the start had worried how this would effect her. Tyrii looked off for a moment.
Almost as worried as the affect it might have on Chaos..
As Faith stood and walked over Tyri nodded to her politly. As she felt the other females bady sympathetically brushing against her own, she gave a soft, gracious whine. She followed Faith wiht her eyes untill she reached a few paces before Riba's earth bound sanctuary. She then watched as Faith kindly greeted Loki. Tyri smiled softly. Faith always had put others before her self, and it was an unmutable trait in wolves. Either one was born wiht it or not...and those born wiht the caring that Faith demonstrated where the highest of their kind, the greatest addition to the pack.

Tyri thought about what she remembered of her blood pack, the first wolve's she had ever known. She remmebered them all well, though there wgere few due to that brutal winter. In her mind she recounted all their names aand faces, a bitter smile along her muzzle as she did.
After her mother passed away, There was Reigh. That wolf was like a sister to her. She was only a year older than Tyri, and a gorgeous gold coated wolf. She was sweet and strong, and always had the greatest advice. She stayed with Tyri till the end, when she left to find a mate. Then there were Nikita and Rohndo. The two where brothers, both 5 the last time she had seen them. They shared the same deep brown and black pelt, but Nik had deep brown doggish eyes, while Rohndo had some of the wildest yellow eyes she had ever seen. The two , as her mother told her, had caused lots of trouble as pups. A large, 4 year old male, Sieve, had tried to get Tyri as mis mate countless times. After a final refusal he left, followed by Rohndo and nik, as well as the final wolf in her pack. It was a very young male, still a pup at only 6 months. He was a quiet little thing called Red. They had found him alone, not to far from human lands, and that was the only name he remembered. They just assumed he was a lost pet, but decided to raise him. Despite his light brown fur, folded ears, and purpleish tongue, He had deep, sparkling yellow eyes. Those of a wolf.

Tyri blushed, shaking her head to desintegrate these random memories. Now was deffinatly not the time to be caught up in the past. A dire present was resting on jher shoulders. She eyed Carbo then, nuzzling his strong neck. No, not just her own shoulders, but htose of a strong, wonderful wolf. Her companion. no decision would be made alone. She smiled, thinking about when they first met. She was new into the pack, and thought a wolf such as himself would push her away as soon as possible. She was happy that she was so wrong.

Turning then, Tyri trotted toward Odin, and those still remaining at the den. She barked loudly to catch their attention.

" While this is all very upsetting, we cannot forget that we need food. We're all going to live on in honor of our leader, and we have some important decisions to consider. The land and food here is being taken quickly. "

She paused deffiantly.

" As for now, Odin, Carbo and I will hunt. "

Nodding to Faith she smiled.

" I don't need to tell you to keep watch over the pups. And Loki, When we return a second group will go. You and Faith, and perhaps another.."
Tyri wheeled around and loped off toward the forests edge, where she had seen the deer before. She was sure there where more around here somewhere.

He wanders out of the den slowly and explores the area. He follows old trail that would lead to nowhere and went up hills jus tto see what was on the other side. "I wonder if he is still alive.. and if I should find him and tell him what happened to Riba.." He snaps to attention when he hears something moving. He ducks low and hides behind a fallen tree and watches for a creature to move. "Whatever you are I will not let you harm the pack."

Darth Extecute
Carbo watched Faith as she stroke by him and Tyri, nodding approvingly. This must indeed have inflicted her a lot of pain. She was probably one of the most caring around here. He hoped she would let this go soon enough and get back to her cheerful pup-loving state of mind. After all, Riba would not want everyone to mourn him forever. A silent moment and he would probably not have anything against being forgotten. That was how he was. Caring about others. Putting their well-being before his own. Like some others in the pack, worth mentioning soon.

Carbo walked up, side by side with Tyri, looking around for Odin. He nuzzled up against her chest, stroaking his head against hers gently. He was so pleased he had her, especialy in times like this one. He was not sure how the pack would recover from this loss at all. But he believed in himself, Tyri and the rest of the pack was strong enough. They would make it trough, as long as everyone did as they were told. Sending Odin, himself and Tyri was a good idea, and he smiled at Tyri as she suggested it.

A hunt was indeed needed. They were going hungry, and the food was running out. Luckily, Riba killed the poachers, making the hunt at least a little bit safer. Carbo took after Tyri when she ran of, figuring she knew a good place to start at. It was admireable, to see her lead a hunt. He was one lucky wolf, having someone like her around.

Chaos was disoriented, fading into some sort of daze, her vision tunneled and her hearing started to hollow out. Though slightly unaware of that she was walking, Chaos's dirty paws carried her to the creek with the rest of the pack. She took little notice to those around her, except to those who followed to closely and were warned with a low growl. Lost in thought, Chaos refused to rethink the last few years of her life or to feel guilty for not being around more often. She wasn't going to let one wolf, not even Riba, ruin what she had built for herself.

Her mood would change violently over the course of the day. She would return to her regular icy composure of narrowed eyes and head held up with dignity. Beyond those fierce iris's one wouldn't easily see the fight she was having, nor would she allow anyone to get close enough to see. Chaos quickly tried detached her emotions and wandered aimlessly around the den and the pack. She eyed Tyri and Carbo for a moment, blink then continued on. They would probably be able to see past her barricades, an annoying skill only few had mastered. She dropped eye contact and carried on.

Soon, as she meandered the nearby woods, a smirk would spread across her lips once more, she could never hold one feeling for longer than necessary. It was a waste of her time, and she knew the days during this cold season were numbered. Chaos wove in and out of the forest trees, standing out sorely in the white snow with her onyx colored fur. Any creature that she were to hunt, if it had any brains at all would quickly scamper away at the sight of her, though even when she hadn't eaten a real meal in days she still remained quite intimidating and large. There was little effect on her body from the shortage of food, at least for the moment. She could hear the others in the distance rummaging through the woods, searching for what little food there was in this area.

It wouldn't be much, not enough to fill everyone. The pack would slowly dwindle. Some would starve, other won't make it through the winter. So why had she come back? Was she lonely? Of course not. Chaos would be perfectly content if she were the only wolf left. Hungry perhaps? In her opinion, her hunting skills surpassed all. So why? Chaos couldn't answer her own question.

A deer emerges from the snow and woods. The deer was a rare find during the winter and Loki wasted no time thinking about it. He leaped forward towards the deer and hit it from the side. He bit deep into the deer but it escaped his grip and ran off. He chased after the deer slowly cathing up with it. He got next to it and when it turned he hurled himself at it and knocked it on its side. He kills the deer and gets a good grip on it's neck. He drags it back to the den. Covered in the creatures blood made him look very menacing to look at. His fur was wet from the snow and blood and was matted up from the chase. He slumps down after dragging it all that way and speaks after lugging it to inside the den.
"I found some food for the pack.. or at the least the pups."
He breathes hard for a minute before it steadied out and he rose up to his feet.
"I can try to find more but I only got very lucky with this.."

Spirit Binder
Odin had made his way far from the location of where Riba's gravesite was. He was following a herd of deer as they made their way across. Odin was careful as ever, stalking his prey until he could find the right moment to strike. On the occasion when a deer looked back in his direction, he ducked down, sticking his paws and muzzle in the snow so that he blended himself with it until the deer kept on going. Then he would follow.

As they neared a large field, Odin prepared to charge. He loomed back like a spring, then shot forward, running silently before he was close enough. Then he jumped on the nearest deer and sunk his teeth into it's flesh. As a fresh trickle of blood seeped into his teeth, the others scrambled off.

Soon the deer dropped dead, and Odin was able to adjust it on his back and slowly made his way back towards the pack with a full load. The blood on his muzzle left a little trail as he walked.

Loki walked out from the den looking fo rmore food to stock up for the rest of the pack. With the lack of an Alpha the den might be a little reckless for the time until the next is appointed. He thought this as he walked along waiting for more deer to show up. He spotted two more deer and picked one to stalk for the time being. As he stalked the deer he thought about the well being of the pack and if he would have to leave this one as well. He snapped back to the real world when he lunged at the deer, pinned it to the ground and bit deep into its throat. The deer went limp and lifeless as he forced his jaws down on it. He lifted the dead deer onto his back and huffed it back towards the den.
"We may need to use this for a while combined with the othrs hunting finds or we will run short of food in only a few years.."
He arrived back at the den and lofted the second deer onto the second and he goes and lays down in the snow to cool down for a moment.

Faith nodded kindly as she was given the orders. She wanted nothing more, than to stay here with the pups and the pack. The pups was her passion and it could never cross her mind to leave those little rascals alone. She nudged one of the pups, who just awoke from its sleep. She grabbed it by the neck with her mouth, carrying him to her own little corner by the den. She placed him on the ground and started to fondle the little pup with her paws and nose, correcting the fur. At the same time, licking him clean from all the rowdyism the pup had been trough. She could not for the world understand how they always could get this dirty, this easily. They even succeeded getting dirty when they did not move, in their sleep.

In the middle of her fondle, one of the hunters returned to the den with a deer. It was not a very large portion of deer, but it was enough for the pups to feast on. As soon as she had dealt with this little pup here, she would get right onto the dividing of the meat, to each and every little angel. With a smile, she nudged the pup one final time, who by all means ran away from her, spinning around, sitting down and starting to lick fur on his own. Faith gave out a quiet laugh as she got up from her corner and trotted out of the den, to the dead deer. As she started investigate it, another deer arrived. Her tail wagged, as the second portion of the deer landed in front of her. She had gone hungry, but could finaly get satisfied. She gave out a few barks towards the cave, as every single pup came running in full speed. They halted in front of her, sitting down kindly, wagging their tails in a line.

"Thank you" Faith said kindly, nodding at Loki "Thank you so much"

She took a bite of the younger deer, ripping a piece of meat away from it with her sharp fangs. She placed the slice on the ground, starting to clean it from possible unhealthy parts. She lowered her head and sniffed it carefully, as well as sniffing the part of the deer that she ripped open. It seemed alright, but to be absolutely sure, she took the first bite. She chewed and swallowed, and it felt like the piece of meet fell into a bottomless hole. She took another bite, swallowed it whole and almost shivered. She had no idea she was this hungry, but then she recalled all the pups who stood lined up next to her. She blushed a little bit, before grabbing the slice she ripped of before with her mouth, lifting it over the pups who all tried reaching it by bouncing on their backlegs. She gave it to the pup in the far left side of the line, who grabbed it with his mouth, shaking it like some toy, and took of with his nose high, a balanced rythm in his steps and the meat in his mouth.

She repeated the very same feeding process over and over again, until each and every pup had received a piece of meat of their own. One piece of meat was enough to make those little things satisfied, as she turned her head to the younger deer who was now as good as meatless. She turned her head to the next deer, which she carefully walked up to. She sniffed it, nibbling it a little bit, giving out another shivering motion. She was so hungry, and this deer was the answer of her prayers. She knew that the rest of the pack needed food too, knowing she should not eat it wrecklessly.
She lost her mind and ripped of one piece after another from the deer, until she was totaly satisfied. Not before then did she realise how much she had ate. She had ate far more than her fair share of the deer that was ment for the pack, as she lowered her head in shame. It was such an embaressment, that she lost her mind like that. It was not her intention, but she had gone hungry so long. She had always feeded the pups first, and second and saved herself to last, no matter how hungry she was.

She yawned, jumping up and laying down on a large rock, curling into a little ball, next to the deer. She and the pups were now all satisfied. She was so full, it felt like she would never be able to walk again. She gave out a groan of satisfaction, as she watched the pups being asleep, spread all over the den. Some on top of eachother, some under rocks and some at random sleeping locations. They slept where they fell. An admireable talent, that Faith had tried learning from all the time that she spent with the pups. But no, she always had to pick a comfortable position.

Tyri's tail wagged softly to and fro as she watched the others dart off to hunt. It pleased her throughly to know that, while in the absensce of an alpha, she could still maintian control and order. Something hung in the depths of her mind, however. Sh elooked over toward a lathargic looking Chaos. the female seemed deeply troubled. Then their eyes met, only for a moment or two, but it was enough for Tyri to see the inner conflict tearing her apart. She sighed, sympathetically. Her eyes where not easy to read, She was very withheald, and not easily broken as Tyri well knew. As for now though, Something was at war inside her. It could simply be the loss of a leader, that affected them all, but this seemed different. Not just greif. Maybe regret clashing with a fear of change. Perhaps guilt, peeling over her icy cold composure and strongly held pride. Tyri just wished the wolfess to know that she was still Tyris packmate, and she would be there for her.

It was at that moment she heard Odin take down his kill. Her tail billowed in the strong breeze and she rose her head proudly. Her tail was flagged as she smiled back at her mate. She herself had better get hunting as well. Kindly licking his chin, she dashed off into the powdery white snow and into the denser area of forest.

She gazed off intently as she ran. Bits of ice and snow clung to her face, bringing greater emphasis to her sharp expression. The wind seemed not to barricade her, but cut and slide around her as she ran. The feeling of her paws sinking lightly into the snow, leaving prints sent chills down her spine, and created some sort of euphora wihtin her. She could feel her talon like claws penetrating into the hard, frozen earth through the white blanketing snow as she weaved effotlessly past trees. This made her think as to how odd it would feel for her dainty paws to sink into different snow, and imprint on different earth. She knew htough, the food here was running out and thats just what might happen. it would be a long journey, and if they wanted to g they would have to soon before the great ice broke apart and alternatly melted away. The journey would be hazardous as well. She knew in her heart that some would perish, and that thought was horrifying. While attempting to save them, some would be led to death. She also knew if they stayed here they would probably all eventually perish. She wondered what decision Riba would have made, but as soon as she thought it she knew. Riba would go, and take the risks. And then, he would lead them all to saftey. Tyri grinned. He had been an excellent leader. Not even death can change that.

Tyri slowed then as she entered a deeper wooded area. The larger deer and even some moose roamed here, as well as hunters. She sniffed around, clearing any chance of traps, and then crouched as she heard a noice. Sure enough , a large moose bull was grazing though the snow, picking small bits of grass carefully into his mouth. Tyri was troubled. She knew she couldn't take him down alone.. but maybe she could work it to her advantage. Creeping around him, she eventually wound up behind the bull. With a leap and a snarl, she planted herself on this animals back. Her demise had worked. Rather than fight back, the moose reared and bolted, bellowing in fear. Tyri dug her teeth into his muscular rear and ripped her mouth back, tearing small its of flesh with it. She barked then, for Carbo to aid her. With his assitance they would be able to bring the animal down.

As the moose felt the wolf's dire fangs penetrate his flesh, he wheeled about angrily and kicked at her with his hind leg. Tyri dodged it narrowly, letting the moose go. She bounded around, and ran beneath him. her ears where back, and a look of pure thrill was in her eyes. She led the moose on waiting for Carbo to arrive until he reared before her, his threatningly sharp hooves ready to strike. In a quick reaction she leapt upward and sunk her fangs into the mooses throat, buying herself some time to dart a few meters away.

Darth Extecute
Carbo did not spend many parts of a second thinking, as he dashed after Tyri and the moose. It felt like Tyri had taken head over heel, but together, they might be capable of bringing the moose down. After running for a short amount of time, he cut the path of the moose and sliding in front of the two. Since the moose did not have as intention to stop, Carbo had to throw himself to the side, in order to not get runned down by the heavy creature with sharp hooves. The creature stopped when it had noticed Carbo in front of it, turning and running in the other direction.
Carbo growled, barking and setting after the big thing. Giving all his strength to the legs, he ran past the moose and leaped up on the back, inserting fang and claws in it. He gripped himself onto the moosetight, not letting go, as it did the best it could to throw him of. He crawled himself further up the back, inserting his jaws in the neck of the moose.

The creature caught panic and ran straight into a fallen tree, where it hit the legs and fell foward. The sudden stop made Carbo launch over the head of the moose, landing just in front of it. He felt pummled, as he raised his head and started getting up. The moose slid right towards him, and Carbo gave out a little whine, just before the creature crashed right into him. Knocking the air out of Carbo, he was thrown to the ground once more, sliding along the snow, right into a snow-cowered tree. The vibration of the crash against the tree made the branches give away, and all snow on the tree fell right down at him. The only moveable muscle, thanks to the compact snow was his nose, who successfully caused a little hole in the grave of snow, giving Carbo air to consume.

"I'm starting to dislike winter" He thought to himself, laying under the grave of snow, incapable of moving anything but his nose, which peaked out trough the snow as the only visible part of the big wolf's body.
"At least we will not be hungry for the evening" He thought to himself, thinking about the fallen moose.
Hopefully Tyri was alright. She did a good job weakening the moose, but at the same time a dangerous job. He sniffed with his nose, to check if she was nearby.

Tyri felt her body give way as she landed on a patch of thick ice on the ground. She slid out, her legs sprawling beneath her. As a soft whine caught in her throat, her ears fell back. At was at that precise moment that she heard Carbo's bark. Instantly, she fought momentum and stood, forcing herself forward against the sleek ice, and changed course just before Carbo moved out of the barreling Moose's way. The change of course, however, did not change the ice at all, and the young wolf slid past both the hunter and the hunted, she herself the fallne, and into a rifty snow bank.

As she stood, snow clung all over her body. As it's frozen chill encompassed her she shook, sending bits of ice and snow every where. Her eyes and nose where outlined in the thick whitness, defining her shining silver eyes. Bringing a dainty grey paw up, she knocked the snow off of her borw and muzzle, before sneezing as a small amount of it tingled in her nostrils. She let off a soft cough, and rose up shaking again. Every hair on her pelt shone, gleaming in the sun. Her exrpession was vivid and alive. It was quite obvious that this wowlf lived for the chase, and thrill was her tendency. As of now, though, a bit of worry resided in her heart. She let out a soft series of barks to let Carbo know she was on her way.

With that, she bolted off toward her mate, and the moose, unaware of either's condition. The snow she kicked up flew up behind her as she ran as fast as she could to where her mate and the fallen moose lay.
She scanned the scene and sniffed the moose. His breathing ceased slwoly before her. Finally she caught Carbo's scent and jumped on the mound of snow from which it rose. She stuck her nose into the nose, and then arched her back as she began digging into it. She put her whole body into in untill she herself was covered in almost as much snow as her mate, whom she had succesfully dug out. After a quick shake, she playfully lept over the snowbank, tackling him with a loving lick on the nose.

The old wolf rose avoiding the fallen deer even with his hunger. Being so hungry would greatly hinder his ability to hunt. Seeing the carcass was driving him crazy so he decides to leave the den for a while until the food has been given to each wolf. Loki wandered out of the den and walked around the outer area looking for smething small to kill like a rabbit. Finding nothing he turns around and focuses on the moon. "Just two more days and it should full.. give or take a few." He hopped onto a large rock and waited for anything to come by. His eyes slowly closed from the cold and hunger. He tried to stay awake knowing if he slept out there he would most likely die from something.

"C'mon Loki you can stay awake."

Loki darted his head up to see who said those words and saw a large wolf behind him. He looked back at the moon knowing it was just his mind playing tricks on him. "Can't believe I saw my own mother in a halucination..."

Spirit Binder
Odin reached the pack and layed down his kill. With that, him and a few others began to strip the deer of it's meat, storing some inside the den and taking a strip for themselves. They sat outside of the den, chewing on their meat happily, knowing they would have full stomachs for the night.

As Odin ate, the panic rat took a bite at him. What would they do once the food began to run out? What if the other packs knew about them leaving but decided to follow them and finish them off? What was happening to those out hunting right now?

It was at that moment, that Odin heard a sharp bark just a little south from where he had taken down his deer. As he looked over in the direction of the cry, he also heard the sound of growling coming from behind him.

He turned around and saw a band of wolves approaching them, staring hungrily at their fresh meat. Odin and a few of the others got up, ready to defend their pack. One of the wolves charged, and Odin reacted quickly, snapping at it's neck, which caused it to fall instantly and roll across the snow, leaving a trail of blood behind it.

Darth Extecute
Carbo looked happily at his mate in front of him, licking her over the mouth, in gratitude for helping him and love. He shook his body, getting rid of all the snow that covered him. Not until he hada got rid of all the snow did he realise how cold he was, shivering slightly. He shuttered a little, as he licked Tyri's muzzle. He then turned his head and observed the fallen moose, wagging his tail in a victorious motion. He stroke himself against Tyri, passing her and walking up to the moose.

He grabbed it by the horns, giving a try to pull him. A deer was possible for Carbo to carry on his back, but a moose was too heavy. He got the moose successfully moving, as he walked backwards, pulling it by the horns with his mouth. Fortunatly, he was not alone, or it would take all night to get this thing back to the den. He dropped it, turning around and walked up to Tyri.

"Good work.. It would not have been possible without you" He said quietly, nuzzling up against the wolf, cuddling his head under hers and stroking along her neck. Without doubt, despite the loss of Riba, Carbo was one of the luckiest wolves on the planet, having such a wonderful mate as Tyri by his side. He could not believe how he could possibly have been this lucky.

Spirit Binder
One of the other wolves charged Odin, sinking it's teeth into his back and holding on tight, no matter how much he squirmed or kicked at it. He let out a sharp yelp as it kept going, until he finally shook it off. The bad news was some of his flesh went with it. The other wolves of The Silver Pack pack began to fight off the others on the sidelines.

The same wolf that attacked Odin's back went straight for his left hind leg and bit down hard while raking it with it's claws. He yelped again and fell this time. Grabbing it by the shoulders, he began to dig his claws into it and biting down hard on it's muzzle. Blood began to cover both their faces until the wolf finally let go and ran off, until one from The Silver Pack charged it and hit it hard in the stomach, sending it flying into a tree trunk, killing it on impact.

As Odin tried to stand, he collapsed hard and yelped once more. Whines of agony and anguish escaped him as his back began to sting and his leg shaking with pain.

Tyri playfully jumped over her mate, and placed two paws on his broad back as she leaned forward to lick the back of his ears. She smiled as he complimented her, and glared over at the mose. Shaking her body from nose to tail, and decreasing its snow content slightly, she trotted over and sniffed the large thing. She ran her muzzle over it, finding that it was most certainly dead. A little blood still trickled form it's neck...her own grim handy work. She also noticed it's skull seemed to be mutilated to to it's headlong crash. She was thankful that her mate was alright.

Tyri slid her mouth onto the side oppisite of Carbo, and pulled with all her strength. Slowly the thing was pulled toward the den. Tyri growled softly with the effort of dragging the , literally, dead weight. As she pulled backward she stoped suddenly, dropping the mooses antler. A snarl erupted from her mouth and she nudged Carbo, pressing her nose into his side hard. She affectionatly pressed her nsoe against his ear then took off, sprinting across the snow, it seemed as if she where flying. She barked back to Carbo, apologetically. While he had the brute strength though, she had the speed. Her heart beat rapidly withing her chest and her paws would only touch the gorund lightly before being pulled up for another stride. her eyes were narrowed and feirce, and her mouth hung open only slightly. Then the den came into view.

She stepped in frotn of Odin, teeth bared as a wolf of the other pack charged the already fallen wolf. She took the impact hard, but remained standing, only sliding a few feet. The opposing male snarled and leapt toward her. She herself growled and met him mid air, sinking her teeth into his neck and slamming him to the ground. A useful tactic she had learned from her mother. She stood panting as the wolf yelped and turned, running. She wouldve chased it had not another wolf taken one of the pups into it's mouth. Furious she jumped up, landing on his back. with feirce eyes she gazed at faith, before sinking her teeth onto the wolf's upper jaw. With a yelp the pup was dropped, and quickly scampered behind faith. He had a slight limp, and his light brown pelt was dabbed wiht blood. Tyri was suddenly thrown from the wolf's back, and she yelped as she felt herself hit the ground. Hard.

For a moment she didn't know if she were alive or not. Everything was black, silent. Maybe even comfortable. Then she saw him, Riba's face. nothing need to be said. Tyri managed to open her eyes. She felt the cold wind blow upon her, as if urging her up. She stood then, shakily. her face was gouged with teeth marks, now slowly spilling blood over her face and muzzle. her breaths where heavy, but she kept her body poised, tail flagged, ears forward, head high. She uttered a low, deep growl. The wolf in front of her seemed to be the last of them. it was but another male. He outsized her a fair amount, and he was intimidatingly larger , wiht his iron grey pelt. His yellow eye locked onto hers.

Something in her heart caught then. Though he was the only wolf, he continued to fight. Though he was outnumbered greatly. Though he was injured, and stood almost no chance, he fought on. his packmates had all run off now..This had happened before. The pack was young, and weak. but this one, he stood his ground.

Pausing to think about this was Tyri's mistake. The wolf charged her, already throughly weakend, and knocked her to the ground. He back away , smirking. His words where cold.

" Remember me? "

Tyri swallowed. She did. It was the wolf form her old pack, who she had turned down time and time again. now, here he was towering over her.

" Come with me. "

He said, a softer tone in his voice.

" Or..I could end it all now. "

The wolf hovered over her, a paw on her shoudler. She snapped at it, furiously. he simply pushed her down, and looked at the others of the silver pack. he could kill her if he wanted, and they all knew that. His glare dared anyone to step forward. Tyri, meanwhile, was beggining to fade out again. Her body was weak and blood seeped slowly from the few wounds she had, but it was more the impact effecting her. She closed her eyes and mouthed Carbo's name.

Loki stood on top of a large boulder behind Tyri and the wolf. He growled loudly and angrily. He was ready yo pounce on the other wolf but saw he could kill Tyri.

"Get off of her and fight with honor.. you pathetic excuse for a wolf."

He reared back waited waiting for a response from the wolf. His claws scraped the rock he was on out of anger and all of his muscles where clenthced tighlty.

"Fight me if you must I am a great warrior. I will be more of a challenge to you than she will."

He growled very deeply and waiting for a reposnse.

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Darth Extecute
A bark, more related to a bear roar than a weak wolf bark sounded as Carbo out of nowhere ran straight into the wolf, forcing it to the ground.
"You take too high chances, great warrior" Carbo said to Loki as he passed by, growling.
Not letting the hostile wolf rest, Carbo ran his head under the wolf's chest, pushing him back up on his feet. The wolf replied with an attack towards Carbo's head, making full impact. A little disoriented and damaged, but far from enough, Carbo threw himself over the wolf. His eyes burned of anger, his gaze was of the kind that felt like it could kill, as he tackled the wolf once more. He got struck once more in the head by a swing from the hostile wolf's paw, but the anger Carbo felt exceeded the pain by far. The wolf leaped back and circled Carbo where he was located. Carbo bared his teeth and followed every motion of the enemy. The wolf jumped straight at Carbo, who dodged it and while the wolf flew trough the air, Carbo grabbed it by the hind leg hard with his strong jaw and sharp fangs and spinned 180 degrees, smashing him into the ground, only an inch or two away from having his head impacting a stone, which would have been a fatal blow.

Carbo took a few steps back, watching the wolf. He seemed horribly stubborn, staying in the fight, and Carbo was not the kind that would pull out of a fight either. He stood quiet, staring right into the eyes of his competitor. Slowly the wolf got up on the legs again. The foe went to strike, and Carbo met him half way, but being tackled to the ground. With the wolf on top of him, he kicked straight up, throwing the wolf over his head as it landed on the back, just next to him. With a few quick step, the furious and bleeding Carbo got up from his back and stood on top of the wolf who was catching his breath. By the time he tried getting up, Carbo's paw was pushed at the throat, forcing the wolf down to the ground again. Incapable of moving, the wolf started up at Carbo and gained eye-contact. Just between their eyes was a war of their own. The wolf tried once more getting up, but was forced to the ground harder than the first time. The power of the paw was choking the wolf and Carbo lowered his head.
"Remember me! Do NOT come to me, or I WILL end it all" Carbo snarled, lifting his paw. Hopefully the wolf did the decition he thought was for the best, as he walked away from the battle and from the den, limping. Carbo did not take his look away from the wolf until it was entirely out of sight.

Carbo turned around, slowly walking up to the location of Tyri, Loki and Odin, watching the three quietly. He turned his head away from Loki, frowning. Loki seemed like a nice wolf, but lost a level of respect as he just observed and talked to the wolf that threatened Carbo's mate. Slowly, Carbo walked up to Tyri, nudging her gently on the shoulder with his nose. He stroke his head against her, licking her by the muzzle. He folded his ears backwards, laying down with his head turned in her direction. He looked her into the eyes, licking her over the nose gently. His heart pounded heavily from the fight, and from the thought that he could have lost his mate. He took a deep breath, and not until then did he feel the pain from the fight. It all came at once, but he closed his eyes tight and by all means held himself from whining. The last thing Carbo wanted, was for Tyri to worry about him right now. Which would probably be hard, considering all the injuries he currently had.

Tyri was unaware of what had happened for a moment. Her surroundings felt foreign, and unreal. her eyesight swayed, and for a moment was gone. Everything she heard echoed. And then the weight was lifted. She was hardly aware of the large wolf being thrown off of her. She caught her mates scent, and managed to keep herself up. Her head throbbed, and she could not yet stand, but her eyes kept on Carbo, and she closed them tightly for a moment. All the memories of this wolf seemed ot flood over her weakened body as soon as she stood.

' Tyri. Come one, lets go somewhere alone. '
The large wolf would gently rest his body against heres.
' I dont think so. '
A young Tyri looked away , uncomfortable.
' Aw, come on. '
The male urged, pressing his head agianst hers. With a sharp growl,Tyri would turn, snapping at him. Back off wouldn't be enough though, no, she knew that well. Her shining eyes narrowed. She knew what was coming. She felt his paw on her back, and quickly snapped it away. He would withdraw quickly, backing a little, before advancing again. This time he would froce her down, pinning her head with his paw, and press his muzzle onto her side. her demands would go unrecognize. Then, another figure would enter. Tryi's gaurdian angel of the sorts. A deep snarl would be recognized, and Seive would turn annoyedly, and back away as Tyri rolled back onto her feet, snarling at him. Reigh, the beautiful golden pelted wolf, would corner the arrogant Seive, as Tyri backed her up.

Reigh had taught Tyri to fight him off. It had come in handy many many times after that event. so often did that wolf try to force her down. Just as often, Tyri would proceed to fight him off, as Reigh had taught her. She couldn't help but feeling a little like she had failed her now, in being pinned by her old packmate. She looked at the ground and rretracted her claws for a moment. All these feelings where crammed into a moment, and then it was over. She looked up to see Carbo, fighting for her saftey.

She was greatly shaken when she saw him narrowly missing the rock which Seive slammed him toward, but greatful when he arose, still intact. her heart leat every time he was injured, and she faught with everything in her to stand and fight. Her legs wouldn't cooperate, her mind was flooded with annoyance for this wolf, fury, worry for Carbo. What would she do if something happened to him. When she was finally able to stand, Carbo had sent Seive limping off, defeated. She didnt waste a minute in chekcing him over as he approached her, running his tongue along her face. She saw his face contort in obvious pain, yet still ,her strong mate tried to conceal it. She nuzzled him, sliding herself under his muzzle, allowing him to bite down on her upper neck to vent the tension he felt.

As she felt him relax slightly she whimpered sympathetically, nosing him gently, prodding all over his body to check for injuries. Her ears rested back on her head as she whined, licking his mouth, and feet and all injured areas of the wolf. Her heart beat quickly and finally she was able to speak. She simply uttered her mates name in a short, realieved breath and nuzzled her face against his. Finally she managed to keep on her feet, and looked at the others. She nodded graciously at Loki, and then looked toward Odin. She looked back up at Loki.

" Please go help him up. "

Wiht that, she nuzzled Carbo once more and licked his cheek thoroughly. She walked shakily over toward Faith and the pups, checking them each over. They seemed alright. She momentarily leaned down to lick the slightly injured pup, who was pressed tightly against Faith, whimpering wiht fear. At that moment she wondered if she would..She shook her head. Now was not the time. With that she brought her loving gaze back to Carbo, and walked over, still a little dizzy. She bent down, and rested her head lovingly overtop of his.

" Will you be alright? "

She asked softly.

Loki looked at them all momentarily and then turned his back to them all. He marched into the snow away from the den and the others who he had failed to fight for. He wandered deeep into the forest until he found somewhat of a small area clear of trees. He lays down there and waites for something else to catch his attention. He howled loudly to the moon in the sky. He closed his eyes and got into a pose up on a rock as he howled.

*Champion stands, turns and walks off into the woods alone. After a short amount of time, the pack hears her yelp loudly in pain, then they hear her yelp again. Then, suddenly, all is silent, and they know somthing is wrong. But by the time they find her, its too late. She is laying in a clearing on her side. Her black fur is glistening crimson. She isnt moving, her eyes are closed, and her body is surrounded by blood. And they all know, that she is dead.*

Faith had her heart beating rapidly as the fighting finaly seized. She licked the blood of the injured puppy, whining quietly at it. The rest of the pups was staying close to her as well, but as things cooled down they slowly catched the courage to leave Faith and walk back to the den and the other wolves. Despite that the injured pup wanted to leave, Faith did not allow it. She held the pup against the ground as tight as needed while she took care of the injury. She licked the pup gently clean of the blood, cleaning the wounds and the place around it. After completing the cleaning, she cleaned her own paws, placing both of her front legs on top of the pup to cause a pressure against the wounds.
While holding her paws against the wounds, there was not much more she could do.

She took a look around in the pack observing the injuries that the attack had caused. She knew what they all had to do in order to keep this kind of thing from happening again. She was not sure if the two beta wolves knew that, but she knew what she would do in this situation if she was the one in charge. The almost only option right now would be to move from these lands. Move out of this war and this lack of food. She knew that the adult wolves of the pack was strong enough to manage this at the time being, but there was one thing troubleing her and that was how the pups would manage this journey. It would get cold, a shortage of food as well as other dangers along the road.

Faith raised her head and looked into the direction of the human village, getting a crazy idea, that she quickly shook of her head. She lowered her head again, letting it rest over the pup that she currently took care of. Having her paws and head resting on it, she closed her eyes and gave out a sigh. Knowing that the pup was going nowhere, Faith fell asleep on top of him. By the time she would wake up, the pup would either be up and running again, or gone. Either outcome, the only possible thing to do would be to keep pressure to the wound.

The beautiful aroma of fresh blood filled the stiff forest air as she walked deeper and deeper into the woods. These trees were something of her sanctuary, protecting her, providing shelter, all were familiar, and they rarely changed. She enjoyed the similarities, that no matter where she was, the forest was always waiting to take her in. Yet now the humans were threatening to take down her precious home, she could do a good amount of damage to the poachers, but then again they could do a good amount of damage to her. Chaos feared the same fate as Riba had met, defending his pack. Since when would Chaos defend her pack over herself? A small chuckle escaped at just the thought of it.

Curiosity quickly took over as she heaved sigh and caught the scent of blood once more. Chaos was never one to miss a good fight, whether it be her participating or just being the spectator, both worked for her. She sensed multiple others around her, all searching for what little food was left, a pitiful amount considering the size of the pack. Deer and moose, their main food source were also dying off due to the cold and the horrid poachers. If only it were the wolves who were at the top of the food chain! Those filthy two-legged creatures wouldn't stand a chance... Chaos, who hadn't been paying much attention to where her paws were taking her, stumbled across Cabo, Tyri, playfully romping in the snow as they pulled a large moose towards the den. Chaos rolled her eyes at the sight of the two and couldn't help the small grin the spread across her lips.

"Young love, how cute." She snickered.

It seemed like only within seconds their perfect picture was shattered by another. A fight had broken out as a random attacker seemed to come out of no where. By the time she got to the scene though, Tyri and Carbo both seemed alive and decent enough so that Chaos didn't have to linger near them for long and she was quite glad to disappear into the forest again. She continued her little journey as the lunar light above lit the snow through the bare tree branches. Chaos tried to ignore the pathetic whines and yelps in the distance, the pain of this pack was starting to depress the egocentric wolf. The scent of blood seemed to be ever present, yet it no longer held the same pleasure as it did before.

And there, as if to top the whole oppressive day, was Champion lying limp and bloody. Chaos approached slowly, her senses sharp listening to see if whatever had brought her down was still near. Seeing that the coast was clear, she ran up to the fallen wolf, checking frantically for any sign of life whatsoever. There was none. Chaos wondered what to do... Should she stay until someone found the two? Most would probably accuse Chaos for Champion's death if she was caught at the scene. Then should she leave her there? Chaos would've taken off already if she hadn't have been careless and covered her fur in Champion's blood. Chaos sighed, angry at herself, always finding a way to get herself into sticky situations.

Tyri rose to a faint sound in the distance? A yelp. it resembled...Champion? Tyri looked down, her eyes yeilding passage through the snow. Her body was weakened, but she knew this would be important. Somwhere in the diluted heart of hers she knew it was already over. Something crept through her veins, and into her very blood boiling with a fortell of what was to come. She nudged Carbo gently and leaned down to his ear.

" I'll return shortly. Rest. "

Her eyes where vivid and narrow. her innerself was furious, thankful,fearful , in awe. Death was pouring so thickly that she hadn't an idea what to think of it anymore. Was she, perhaps , next? Would that complete gasping darkness enrapture her, silencing her like a thick blanket of wet velvet? Would darkness consume her soul and simply rip it to shreds? Could she escape this? Could the silver pack pull itself from the dank dark pitt in which it was dwelling?

They had to leave here. She knew that well, but never had she assured herself of it. Now she knew. It was over here, there was nothing left for them but death. Both leaders deaths assured her that she would either have to choose new life, or the same fate as the packs higher elements. They had to cross over, and leave this place, or else they would leave the bigger picture. Each and every one of them would perish withint their ow selves. Alternatly, they would not even care. When it becomes so very familiar, one will begin to welcome the end, as an old friend who has been expected for long, waiting, on edge, for them to arrive. Then it would all be over, and what betetr then, to a group of apathetic loners, still dqaring enough to call themselves a pack?

She turned away then, from her den, and began walking toward where she had heard Champion's last sound, her final breath. These intents would be forever carved into the hearts of the silver pack, but would they stay strong? Live in fear? Tyri would go on. But these, these others, living naked to pain in all of its brutal entirety? They would not survive. Death would be a more humane fate to those afraid to live. Tyri wished, but she knew she could not hide these wolves from it. She would not. She would rather them die aware then live blindly. She herself had learned that lesson from the start. It was her life , her obsession, her craving. She was addicted to living.

The wolf picked up a slow trot from the slow, blitzing walk she carried. She was unwilling to come across this scene, but she knew she must. As this of a 'Pack Leader' what else had she to do? What else would she rather do?
She began running faster.
Change her actions? be the good little doggy that told them everything was alright? That it would all be ok? No. It was her responsibility to carry the duty of truth, a painful load to bare. No. she would tell them what was ture, if they did not already understand. The silver pack would not, most certainly not, wait around for the truth to take them all one by one. justice, after all, is a blind thing. Precisly why it was unreal.

Tyri halted.

Like a thousand miles of flickering flames, swirling in beautiful torrents of gold, red, and lustrous orange shone invisibly in her eyes. The path to her fallen leader. The wolfess lay in a puddle of her own deep crimson blood, a beautiful sight to behold. She knew then the beautiful wolf was deeply wrapped with her mate, cacading in a thousand illusions, flaling to no where with the most beautiful fear imaginable. Tyri's eyes where seared open, and she approached without her own knowledge, her legs carrying her across the crisp snow. She stopped before both females, and raised her head. The world was silent, then, as she opened her mouth, letting fourth the final song of Champions life, a barrage of crumbled sympathies spun into one fine, silky howl. It floated over the night, and the stars seemed to burn black holes through the sky, the moon hiding from the black dhadows which would be cast this night.

Tyri lowered her head, her liquid silver eyes met Chaos's.

It was like a constant repeating nightmare torturing the minds and souls of the Silver pack and it would continue to reoccur unless something was done to stop those foul beings that lived in the village. Chaos stood over the leader's corpse, just staring at the puddle of thick blood that had been spilt into the clean snow, staining it a morbid shade of reddish-black. It dripped slowly from Chaos's muzzle as she had tried to see earlier if Champion was still breathing. Her mind was full of jumbled thoughts and images, she was unable to think properly. She had seen many deaths, innumerable wounds and had inflicted much worse than what laid before her, but now this was traumatizing to her? Ridiculous, she told herself shaking her large onyx head.

Chaos remained skittish, however, but was unaware of Tyri until she let out the sullen monotonous howl. She jumped at the presence of the beta, her muscles tensing and ears flattening in surprise. She wasn't exactly sure how Tyri would react to the scene in front of her. Champion, bloody and lifeless. Chaos, known for killing with blood glinting on her nose. Just perfect. As their eyes met, a chill ran through her, not of the cold, but of the icy glare coming from Tyri's fierce eyes. Chaos stared back with matching intensity, unwilling to break the silent connection first. She wasn't going to plead for innocence before ever being accused of the crime. No, that's not how Chaos functioned, she always stood her ground.

"Hello Tyri." Chaos greeted her with the same low acrid voice as before.

Glancing sidelong at Champions body, Tyri lowered her gaze from Chaos's to sniff the female for any traces of what could've done this. There was no bullet wound, and the tears along her body seemed widespread. upon further inspection, Tyri noted an uneven set of bloody, uneven paw prints leading away. Seive? who knew. The scent had sunken under the moist snow. A part of her said he wouldn't do it. She knew full well he would, but still, it was not for certain that this was the cause. Champion had obviously not put up to much of a fight, what saddened Tyri even further. Her precise wish that the bitter loss of one good wolf would not bring down two had denoted itself. Ironic. But then, wasn't everything? Riba had gone out to hunt, but had been hunted. The moose had gone to find food, and become food himself. This stirred her suddenly. They would have to go drag that moose the rest of the way back eventually. That brought another thought to her mind, she would have to dig a bit into Riba's grave, the icy tomb, and lock his mate in beside him, for that eternity of rest they would both experience. Tyri sighed, looking down on her. She spoke softly to the limp, corpse.

" It was over the moment, it happened, wasn't it? "

Tyri rose her head then. She looked off toward the moon, raised high in the velvety black sky. The stars shone brightly, and seemed to leave trails in the sky, as if it were crying for some obscure reason. Maybe for Champion. Maybe for the fate of all wolves. Maybe for those with no one to turn to, no one to talk to about their fears, which threaten to engulf them completely, silencing them and slowly gagging them until they fought no more. until they gave up, and, along wiht many before them took rest and comfort in the end of their lives, deciding even the unknown could be better than this. With that she looked up at the female standing before her, tensed and antagonized.

Tyri gazed deeply into Chaos's eye. Her own body was tense with the intense settling of realization upon her shoulders. the female was so withdrawn, so cornered in her own reality. She was truly her own worst enemy. Drops of silver and mercury, molded and sifted into the shining orbs centered on Tyri's calm face, ever intense, relaxed a bit. They shed light upon Chaos's own eye, with their uncertain demise to discriminate against anything other than her own inner conformity. Tyri leaned forward, never minding a drawback from Chaos, and licked her chin softly, sweeping away the blood which glistened so serenely in the moonlight flooding down. it illuminated the snow, the eyes of the two females, and the liquid which had spilled from their alpha's own veins, giving it a whole new language, a new interpretation.

Tyri raised her head away from Chaos's muzzle then, never loosing eye contact. She was quite curious about the reaction this would bring. though she had her assumptions no one option was sett in stone. She half expected the proud wolfess to lash out at her, causing a wonderful disruption to the nights serenity. adding a bit more blood to the spill at hand. On the contrary, perhaps she would leave. Simply turn, and never return. both these options wearied young Tyri to a point of insanity, but it was withheld from even her own consciousness. Now she waited for what was to come.

Faith yawned, noticing that she had only been asleep for a few minutes. She sighed, looking at the pup who had fallen asleep under her paws. She took a look around, motioning one of the males to come over to her. She nudged the pup gently, then looked up to the male who nodded approvingly. She licked the pup gently and got herself up from her position next to the pup, as the male laid down there instead of her. Faith licked the males paws clean before he placed them on top of the pup. It caused her pain to leave such an injured pup there, but there was not much she could do right now. She had no choice, if she was to travel a longer distance with the pack. She gave out a gentle smile at the male who took her position over as she jumped up on a rock. She took a look towards the den where the pups and other wolves was either playing, recovering from the fight or patrolling. She took one final look at the pup before she leaped down from the rock and took a few steps away from the den. Hopefully she would return very soon, before nightfall. But if not, she at least had acted in a way that she believed best for the pack.

With careful steps she crossed the winter dressed forest, holding her head low. She hoped that she would not be forgotten, if the pack decided to migrate before nightfall. With heavy steps she passed the boundaries of the pack territory, taking several deep breaths. She took one final look back, praying she would see them as soon as possible. Hopefully no one followed her, as what she was about to do was something she did not want anyone to place themselves in the danger of. She sniffed the ground, catching the scent of humans and dogs. Walking for a couple of more minutes, she arrived at a minor hill where she stopped at and looked over the edge. It was the human village. No matter what other creatures said, the humans were a smart pack of animals. If anyone knew how to survive long journeys, it would be them. She knew how they did it.

With gentle steps, she approached the village. It seemed rather empty right now. They were probably dealing with their fallen members of the pack right now, as Faith approached the first building. She kept herself alert to any sound or scent that could cause a problem as she walked up behind the building. Keeping a low profile, she investigated the backyard. She froze for a moment as she saw the pelt from other wolves hanging on the wall, next to that noisy object that they used for hunting. By time, she found a smalled building where the humans seemed to store their stuff. Gently, she nudged the door to the repository open and walked inside. In the far back, she found two small child sledges in bright colors, which she grabbed the string of. She smiled satisfied, as she knew this would help the pups in this long journey. The only remaining problem would be how accepting the pack would be of human tools. She herself was ready to take any tools into the pack that would aid the pups in such a long and fatal journey. Funny, how she kept thinking of a journey, as the Betas had not even announced it yet. She knew she was not the only one believing a migration would be the right thing to do, but she hoped that the Betas would be understanding.

She pulled the two sledges out of the repository and started heading out of the humans backyard. Before getting half way, she heard something behind her. She quickly turned around, noticing how a child was nearby, looking at Faith. "MOTHER! A dog is playing with my things!" The little boy shouted and Faith caught panic. A woman walked out trough the back-door of the house, seeing Faith with the two sledges. Faith grabbed both the sledge handles in her jaw and dashed of towards the forest. The woman did not spend a second of thinking, as she grabbed the rifle that hung on the wall of the house. That loud noise was heard once more, as a bulled veined trough the air, impacting on the tree next to Faith. Making sure that she had a good grip of the handles to the sledges she dashed trough the forest, by luck being missed by the second shot that ricocheted against a rock next to her. She gave out a whine, knowing that one hit would be enough to take her down, but after a few seconds she was out of range and deep into the forest. She stopped for a moment, taking a few deep breaths. After catching her breath, she once more gripped the two handles and walked in the direction of the den. It was close, too close that she was hit by that noisy object.

When she knew she was within safety, she stopped. She turned around and looked at the two sledges she had brought. It was a very handy object, even for a wolf. Putting the handle in her mouth, she had no problem pulling it forward, and it was build in such a good way that the pups would not fall out if they fell asleep. It was perfect for long distance traveling like this. It was light, left no tracks and it had a pretty look over it, too. As a perfect finish, there was even blankets in them. It had a cute design and Faith nudged it gently, before grabbing the handles again and walking slowly back towards the den. She was proud of what she had done and walked with nose up high. However, she was a bit worried what the pack would think when she returned with human tools. Most of them were very sceptical against humans and anything that they used. This, however, was probably the best invention humans had ever made.

"A pup carrier" She said to herself with a smile.

Loki stood deep in the forest seeming to talk to another wolf. The wolf he was speaking to seemed hollow and could be seen through. Loki seemed to talk as if the wolf should not be there. He glared at the wolf momentarily before decideing to listen to the story it had to tell.

Strange wolf-"Loki you must join us. Your pack died before you and you are the only one left of the pack. Give us peace and end it all. No other packs want you, you are alone in this harsh world."

Loki-"No father you died of your own foolishness and you sent the whole pack to die against the humans! They stood no chance against the weapons the humans wield. Tehy use sorcery to throw metal at us from long distance."

Loki's father-"You always had the heart of the loner Loki. You must fight the humans again or you will be hunted to extinction. I am merely here to help you son."

Loki-"Ha! You are not even here!"

The wolf fades away leaving Loki talking to himself.

Her dark green irises were set and narrowed, foreboding in the dark shadows of night. Choas never once blinked away from Tyri. The once calm air had become thick with remorse and stiff as the two faced one another, locked in silence. She couldn't help but to think, however, that no matter how many walls she were to put up, Tyri could somehow see through them with her silver stare. It was an odd feeling, to think that another could know what you felt. To maybe see what was happening in her headstrong mind. To see why Chaos was who she was. She, however, did not appreciate the intrusion and Chaos remained closed and unwilling to share whatever was holding her back.

As Tyri leaned in, approaching Choas closer, she stiffened and her hair stood on end. It was almost out of instinct for her, others were rarely this close, and when they were it was only after she had ruthlessly killed them. The closeness of another... a concept Chaos would never be willing enough to learn. It was her deep menacing growl that ripped the eerie silence that had enveloped the two. Many would have cowered in fear if they had heard her, but of course the young fearless female did not. She couldn't attack though. Something had rooted Chaos to the spot where she stood, so unsure of herself. She felt exposed. There was nowhere to hide. Nothing to block the questioning and wondering eyes that penetrated her thoughts. It reminded her vaguely of the past, years ago when it was Riba that had acquired this special talent of seeing more than met the eye.

Chaos knew that there would be no future if she were to leave now, not that there would be much of a future here considering the lack of food and poachers. But it was a place to stay nonetheless. It was her pack nonetheless. It was her home nonetheless. Chaos thought over her few options. Leave, go back to the wilderness and freedom that called to her... and possibly not make it through the winter alone. Or stay, face the possible ridicule if rumor spread that she had been found at the scene of the alpha's corpse... and possibly make it through the winter and into spring. Chaos heaved a grumbling sigh, and would leave it up to Tyri to decide her fate.

"Your verdict?" Her voice was less sly and her question held more than just one intention or meaning, but Chaos said no more and left Tyri to answer.

Faith trotted proudly trough the forest with her most recent 'pray', the two sledges. Her tail wagged as she was slowly approaching the pack territory, but halted as she heard a voice. She took a look to her side and yes, there he was. Loki, talking to himself. "Uhu. I am too" She said, replying to the words Loki said about her not being here. She was not sure if she was the one he spoke to, but there was not many others here that he could possibly speak to. After taking a look around, sniffing the air and watching the tracks in the snow, it was most certainly only him and her there. She dropped the sledges for a moment, taking a step closer to Loki. "Are you alright?" She asked, looking around once more. Confused, she a few yards away, observing him.

She found herself a rock comfortable enough to sit down at, as she lept up on it, sitting comfortable and observing the male. She could see on him right away that there was something that troubled him, and she did not want to leave the location until he would share with her what it was.
Since he was new to the pack, she wanted to give him the impression that he could talk to her about anything, like she have tried to give the rest of the pack. Anyone should be able to talk to her about anything, and newcomers were no exception. She gave out a smile, waiting for Loki to reply to her question.

he looked worried for a second but assured himself no one had seen. Odlly enough a set of foot prints was embedded in the snow where he was talking to the air. "I am fine Faith, Why are you out so deep in the forest?" He asked curiosly eyeing the sledges she had. An odd thickness was in the air from where he had seen a ghost. He trotted up to her and sat down at the bottom of the rock. He looked up t her waiting to hear a reply. He layed his head down and he seemed a bit worn out. An etheral looking wolf sat staring at the two from a distance in plain view. A grin comes across its face as it takes in the situation.

She took a careful look at him as he asked her the question. She was almost embaressed to talk about it, not knowing how he, or anyone else either, would react to her being among the humans, grabbing a tool of theirs. She blushed slightly as she turned her head back to Loki again "Well. We might migrate, I believe. It would be the best for the pack. The pups would not live trough such a long walk, and I do not think I would live it trough if we lost the pups. I love them deeply" She said with a quiet, but yet proud voice and a tiny smile on her face.

he looked behind him as he felt like he was being watched. Seeing nothing behind he looked back at Faith. he eyes the sledges once again.

"You got those from the humans didn't you? It is not safe to be around them. I would know.. from this scar under my eye is proof of that."

He rubbed up against her as he walked past her. He looked to see if any humans had followed her. When he saw that none had he turned back around to face her.

"At least you are safe."

Tyri nodded, a soft smile spread across her silver muzzle. The blood she had licked off of Chaos's muzzle spattered in small crimson dapples across her own. The deep reddish complimented the golden brown painted bit by bit over her face, and glowed like odd tribal marking, painted expertly above her eyes and nose, in the moonlight. The same moonlight doused Chaos's own sleek, onyx body. It looked very similar to Champions, but much more tense. This wolfess carried herself with such an air of pride, yet inside she head so much fear. Tyri was almost certain it was fear holding this wolf. What had happened in her past? Tyri was curious, but she would not push it now. Maybe in the future the secretive loner like wolf would open up to her, and share whatever troubled this way. The day the event took place, Tyri would stand firm , all ears.

As she heard the words the wolfess spoke Tyri's whole demeanor relaxed some, and she pushed a soft smile away from her muzzle. She could not stop the single, soft beat of her grey tail. It brushed a bit of snow across the landscape as she did so, but she quickly stopped it. She gazed back for a moment, noticing both her own and Chaos's footprints had been covered by the fresh snow, settled and lost in the scape of time. Tyri's eyes met Chaos's once more. she heard the deep, unfamiliar tone in her voice, and stepped back a bit, attempting to ease the tension she herself had placed on the proud wolf.

" Verdict?"
Tyri asked, letting her ears swivel.
" What verdict would be passed for one who hasn't done anything wrong?"

That being said a small smile spread across her muzzle, and once more her tail billowed softly back and forth, like the tall buffalo grass did so in the wind on a warm summer day. Once more it gently grazed the snow beneath her. She let her eyes rest on the corpse then. The brave fallen wolf who had gone to meet her mate in eternal darkness, wrapped in that peaceful slumber which had no end, and no beginning. Tyri bowed her head respectfully, and gazed back up into Chaos's sullen eyes, whom she had hoped to bring but a bit of relief to. She nodded slightly, and side glanced the body.

" I could use some help bringing her to the creek. The snow has not yet iced over above Riba's grave, and at the moment most of the pack seems incapacitated or missing currently. "

This brought Tyri to gaze down awkwardly at her own wounds, the blood now iced over the thick slashes. She was aware of the gash that still claimed her right brow, but chose to disregard it as she waited patiently for Chaos to reply to her request. Personally she would understand if she chose not to, it would probably be difficult to bring the mate of Riba, the only one she seemed to truly admire, to his grave before digging it up to place the wolf in. In the distance a small white rabbit scampered across the powdery glittering snow. it made Tyri appreciate that she could be standing in front of this other wolf, rather than alone. She smiled softly then. Chaos was alot like her....but fallen to her knees at the moment. Maybe all she needed was a little help up, something Tyri would be obliged to give.

Faith nodded softly "I guess that is all that matters, right?" She said quietly, almost whispering. She did not know if she should feel at the current point. If she should be happy because the male cared of her and her safety, lessoning her about the human. Or if she should feel a bit sad, as the male did not go further into the subject about the two sledges she risked her life to obtain. Show gratitude or yell at her for visiting the human lands and returning with their tools, or at least make comments about her almost giving her life in an attempt to obtain human objects that would aid the pack with the pups in their long journey into better lands.

She took a look over her shoulder, making sure that there was nothing happening to her beloved sledges that she right now valued greatly. She gave out a sigh of relief as she turned her head back to Loki, still awaiting his reply she placed the hind leg above her neck and started fighting the flees that she had forgoten for some time of again.

He looked the sledges over very meticulously before returning his gaze to Faith. He looked as if he was in deep thought and he looked like he was fighting about what he planned to say. His mouth slowly formed into a smile as he thought. He loooked at her directly at her and spoke.
"As long as you were thinking of the pups then you are better than the mightiest of wolves. I will make sure you get the recognition you deserve from the pack. But it was very risky of you to go to the humans.. and you might have just saved the pack if we have to migrate."
He looked over the sledges and smiled again. He examined to see how they could be used for the pups. He picked up the handle of one of the tools and drug it around for a moment. Satisfied that he knew how to properly use it he set it down next to the other one and walked up to Faith.

She smiled when Loki tried the sledges out, praying that he would like them. Faith nodded eagerly, smiling at Loki where he was located next to her after have tested the sledges for a moment. She took a look at him and her tail wagged when he said that he would support her when they came to the pack. She stood up on the rock, leaping down from it and stopping next to the male wolf. She sniffed him on the nose, making a really quick lick, then stroking against his body as she walked past him and up to the sledges. She gripped one of the handles in her mouth and pulled it up next to her.
She then took a look at the other handle and turned her head back to Loki. Her tail wagged and she could barely stand still.

"Minf helfing me ouf wifh fhe fool? If goef easied wifh fwo." She mumbled with the handle in her mouth, looking at the sledge once more. She then stood quiet for a moment, realising how she just sounded when she had the handle in her mouth. She quickly lowered her head and blushed, hoping that he understood. She turned warm trough her whole body out of embaressment. "Soffy. Donf woffy, I can hanfle if." She mumbled blushing, trying to get the other handle in her mouth as well, by bending down and trying to catch it with her mouth without dropping the handle she had in her mouth currently.

He slid up next to her and took the other handle in his mouth. He pulled the sledge and looked at her with a smile. "We canf runf wiff theshe back to camf." He starts off at a slow trot up until he gets about ten yards away before looking back at Faith. He watches her and waits for her to follow. A small grin comes across his face when he sees her drop the handle trying to kick up the second.

Faith met him with a great smile as he took care of one sledge. She took a steady bite of her own and trotted up behind Loki. She had a look around herself, noticing that things had gone colder. It was pretty obvious that they would have to move out soon, or the pack would be stuck here. If they did not commence the migration soon, it would probably be too cold to travel. Colder than the sensitive paws of the younger wolves in the pack would manage to endure for a longer journey, and among them, herself. With a smile across her face, she trotted proudly next to Loki, looking at the sledges. Her pray. After some time of wandering, they were approaching the camp who was spotted in the not too far distance.

He marched on towards the den. His fur seemed like it was matted in many places and he seemed to be completely worn out. As he walked he stumbled momentarily. On the ground he attempted to force the weight of his body to eqaul out so he could rise again. He pushed with all he could unitl he pushed himself up and back onto his feet. He slipped again and was on the ground once again this time tearing one of his wounds. Blood started to coat his fur where the wound is and started to drip into the snow. He looked at Faith and then forced himself to his feet. "shall we continue...?" He seemed to wobble back and forth and his blood seemed to keep flowing out of his body but he stayed on his feet.

Faith took a look at the wolf. She could not believe she had not noticed his wound before. She blushed, looking at the snow by her paws for a few moments. She was a horrible caretaker, not noticing that wound of his. If she had been aware of it, she would not have let him take the sledge, or even walk. She shook her head, sighing, walking up to him carefully. She nudged him on the shoulder very gently, walking up in front of him and looking him into the eyes. "No. You are not going anywhere" She said quietly, placing her nose by his wound and sniffing it. "Please, lay down. Do not overdo yourself with a wound like this" She said, licking the wound in an attempt to prevent the blood-flood. She had dropped her sledge in order to take care of the wound properly.

He weakly looked at her and tried to walk but continued to sit still due to her standing infront of him. He sat down like she had said and waited for her next move. "I have had many wounds like this one.. it is nothing to worry about young one.." He attempts to rise back to his feet but loses most of his strength from hunger. He looks up ate her and then looks down at the ground. He never wanted anyone to see him in a weakened look.. He looks back at her and smiles before laying his head down on the ground.

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Odin's eyes slowly opened. He blinked a few times to get a good look at his surroundings. He was inside the den with many of the other wolves. The enemy wolves had been chased off, and the meat was safe. Odin tried to stand, but fell back down with a small whimper. His paw was in terrible pain, so he couldn't stand.

He was still hungry, and noticed some of the meat was sitting nearby. He grabbed it and began to chew on it, ripping it apart and swallowing it. He noticed some of the wolves were taking a glance at him. Had he done something wrong? He didn't know. He just kept on eating.

Originally posted by Survivor01
He weakly looked at her and tried to walk but continued to sit still due to her standing infront of him. He sat down like she had said and waited for her next move. "I have had many wounds like this one.. it is nothing to worry about young one.." He attempts to rise back to his feet but loses most of his strength from hunger. He looks up ate her and then looks down at the ground. He never wanted anyone to see him in a weakened look.. He looks back at her and smiles before laying his head down on the ground.

Faith smiled, laying down in a vertical position towards his horizontal, with her head turned at him. She lifted both her paws and placed them over his back gently, as she started sniffing the wound. "What did you do to get this?" She asked, pausing for a moment "Oh, this might sting a bit" She said, pushing her tongue against the actual wound and started making everything clean in it, in order to save him from possible infections that could be caused from wandering around. She raised her head, watching Loki and checking if he was alright with this treatment. When she removed her tongue from the wound, she licked her paw carefully and replacing the tongue against the wound with her paw, creating a pressure against it.

Loki smiled at her and tried to remain still as she helped him with his wound. He thought for a moment trying to recollect how he came by getting his wound. He finnaly remembered he tangled with a wolf away from the den where she had found him. "I came by getting this wound from a stragler wolf that tryed to attack me where you had found me. I tryed to cover it up from you so you wouldn't have to worry about an old wolf like me." He breathed heavyily from exhaustion and relaxed his muscles so she could work on his wound easier. He cringed slightly from the pressure on his injury but kept it concealed from her.

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Odin watched as wounds were being tended to the other wolves. He took a glance at his leg and noticed it had stopped bleeding and had been cleaned of infections. His back was probably in the same condition. He knew he wouldn't be able to walk for a couple of days, so he lay down and watched intently.

Where was everyone else? Carbo, Tyri, and Chaos? What had happened since he was unconscious? All those questions needed answering, but he waited patiently for someone to check on him so he could ask them.

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"Carbo! Get over here! Rabbits are served and ready to be eaten!" A voice echoed trough the summer field and Carbo hesitated not, started running in the direction of the voice, wagging with his tail. An uncountable number of rabbits lined up in a row, ready to be eaten.
"Go ahead. Have some, Carbo" The voice said again, and as Carbo raised his head he saw the face of Tyri. He wagged his tail and leapt right at her, giving her a heartly tackle and tipping her to the ground, licking her over the nose gently.
"Hey, lazybag. Get your paws back to work" She said, and he looked at her shocked. That sentence did not make any sense to that already perfect scene. He took another look at her, carefully, as she all of a sudden disappeared and everything turned black.

Carbo opened his eyes quickly, looking around and analyzing the area. He gave out a sigh, realising that it was nothing but a simple dream. The pup next to him tackled him.
"Hey, lazybag. Get your paws back to work" The pup said and Carbo looked at him with a glare stating 'What you going to do about it?', but said nothing. Instead he smiled and got up on his four paws. The pup charged him once more, but was easily pushed to the side.
"You are in charge now. You and Tyri. What will happen to us?" He asked, but Carbo just sighed and walked silently towards the exit of the den.

Carbo walked out of the den, giving out a yawn and stretched the muscles of his body. The sleep had recovered most of his wounds, but like usual, his right eye hurt and it flickered a little as he walked up to the rest of the pack. He lowered his head, thinking about the dream he just had. He would be ready to give his left eye, if the pack could only have it like that. He cared that much of them, but they were running out of options as the winter approached. He had to prioritise. What should he and Tyri do first?

With a mumble, Carbo walked across the den yard, walking past Odin and repeatingly spoke the things on his list of priority.
"Alpha... Migrate.. Fight.. Food.. Alpha... Migrate.. Fight.. Food.." Was all he said as he walked trough the camp and laid down on the other end of the yard, climbing up on a rock where he laid down and stared of into the distance. He gave out a sigh as he placed his head over his paws.
"What to do?" He asked himself, sighing once more.

Originally posted by Survivor01
Loki smiled at her and tried to remain still as she helped him with his wound. He thought for a moment trying to recollect how he came by getting his wound. He finnaly remembered he tangled with a wolf away from the den where she had found him. "I came by getting this wound from a stragler wolf that tryed to attack me where you had found me. I tryed to cover it up from you so you wouldn't have to worry about an old wolf like me." He breathed heavyily from exhaustion and relaxed his muscles so she could work on his wound easier. He cringed slightly from the pressure on his injury but kept it concealed from her.

"I am Faith. Worrying is my thing" She said with a smile, placing her head on the paw that kept a pressure against the wound in order to keep it closed as tight as possible. "Does it feel any better? Normally I would remain like this over night, but I think we should move at least closer to the den, or even inside the den. You will not get as cold there and we can meanwhile check on the rest of the pack" She said gently, still remaining on top of him with her paw against the wound. Her tail wagged, as he seemed to appreciate what she did for him. She was glad someone did, as the pups never showed their gratitude. They probably thought of her like a pain, always stuffing them in, taking care of them and such. She loved them so much, as well as the rest of the pack. She sighed, but it was not a sigh of uncomfortability, but a sigh of relief and joy, as well as a sigh of comfort. He had such a soft fur, which she did not mind resting her head on. She felt a tad bit worried for him. He was very old, it was shown. Hopefully he was not too old, as she would love any upcoming friendship between her and this all too kind wolf.

"You are most likely right. I will be ready to move when you are Faith." He tried to get up but decided to stay down until he heard what she wanted to do. He looked up into her eyes and felt ashamed to be a burden on one of the younger wolves. "We must not forget the sledges though, you risked a lot for them and we don't need to lose them now." His eyes seemed to have a slight hint of color coming into them instead of the old gray color which usually dominates his eyes. His white fur was slowly being stained red and the same was for the sanow underneath him. He noticed the snow slowly piling up on Faith and started to attempt to rise at the least to knock the snow off of her.

She smiled, lifting her head and removing her paw from the wound. She lowered her head into the snow and shovled up some snow on top of her nose in a pile. She then moved her head above his injury and let it drop over it. This should absorb blood that would flow from the wound, at least for a minute or so. "You go ahead, I will take the sledges" She said, nudging him on the behind with her nose, motioning him to get up and get a move to the den. She got up to her four paws and shook her body for a moment, removing all the snow from her back, head and tail. She then turned around and trotted back a few yards, grabbing the string of one sledge in her mouth and at the same time grabbing the handle of the other sledge. Both handles would not fit in her mouth, but the string from one of them would, together with the handle. With proud and careful steps she started heading back to the male, walking with her nose up high into the air proudly.

He got up and slowly trotted along with her to the den. He had slight limp but not enough to hinder his movements. He looked back at her and slowed down incase anything happened and he was needed. He kept an even trot towards the den but would stop moving every know and then from the pain shooting up his right leg from the wound. He closed his eyes and continued to move ahead until he finnaly saw the den in the distance. "We are here now we can at least take a rest for now." He looked back at her and stopped until she caught up with him. He trotted next to her.

"For now, I will take no rest. You however, should rest on the sledge. It would help me because it would make you not overdo youself. Besides, the sledge has this handy function to be capable of pulling things normally too heavy to pull" She said with a smile, running up next to him and stopping by his side. She nudged him on the side, looking him into the eyes with a begging look. She hated to see someone tear themselves apart like that from pain. She dropped the handle of the sledge and pushed it forward, in front of him. Even though she often was too kind, she would do her best to not accept a no for an answer. He needed rest and she could provide it to him. "It is not very far to the den. Please, let me do this" She said, nuzzling his back with her head.

He looked at her face to face and licked her on the nose before he slid onto the sledge without a fight. He saw the look on her face and couldn't say no to her. "I will do this but only because you are willing and stronger at this moment. Thank you for your kindness Faith, I will have to repay you in the future." He looks tired as he rests on the sledge and hopes it is a short ride to the sen. He did not want to be a burden to the younger wolf but if he collapsed he would be even more of a burden on her. He sees a etheral wolf staring at him in the distance and closes his eyes and opens them again and the wolf is gone. "I am seeing things again.."

Faith blushed from the lick, freezing on spot for a moment. However, got moving after a short amount of time, recalling he was injured and needed to get to the den. "No repayment" She said, bowing her head and picking the sledge handle in her mouth. She was a bit worried when he claimed he saw things again. She paused for a moment, realising that he would have to keep conscious until she could continue take care of the wound, so she decided to give him a task. She picked the empty sledges handle up and dropped it in front of him. "Please hold this" She said, turning back and picking the handle of his sledge up in her mouth and started pulling. She stopped after only a meter or so, sniffing the air. "Please have a lookout for hostility" She said, hoping it would keep him busy. However, she knew there was none nearby, but it would hopefully be enough to keep him alert.

He nods his head slightly and grabs onto the sledge tightly. He looked around the area for anyhting that could be hostile. He lays back slightly relaxing his muscles to make himself somewhat lighter at least to make the strain less on Faith. He watched the snow fall slowly as he felt himself slowly fall asleep. He tried his hardest to stay awake long enough to get to the den. His blood slowly pooled under his fur in the sledge but he kept quiet about it and kept it covered up so not to worry Faith. His eyes slowly closed but he opened them quickly forcing himself to stay awake.

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Odin heard Carbo muttering to himself and barked softly at Faith, who wasn't too far away "Sincerest apologies for disturbing you, but please, help me up. I need to speak with Carbo." As Odin waited for a reply he lifted up his hind legs and his free paw, but he swayed slightly from the effort of trying not to bring his weight on his injured paw. "Please, I need help." Odin lost his balance and fell on his side, yelping slightly in shock. He tried again, but fell down once more as he lost his balance again.

Faith finally reached the den, with Loki laying on the sledge behind her. She gave out a sigh as she dropped the handle. That wolf was heavier than what the eye met, but she decided to ignore that. Once they reached the camp with the rest of the wolves, she stopped close to the entrance of the den and turned around, watching Loki on the sledge. She smiled, walking up to him and nuzzled her head against his. "You can drop the sledge now" She said, before walking up to the side of the sledge where Loki laid. She took her nose in under the sledge and with a push, she tipped it with Loki inside, which made Loki fall out of the sledge and onto the ground. That would hopefully wake him up, touching the cold snow. She made sure to tip him onto the side with the wound up, ready to be taken care of. However, it seemed like Odin needed her help for a moment and she gently nudged Loki. "Do not move. I will be back soon" She said, pulling the sledge from the wolf on the ground now.

She walked up to Odin, who laid on the ground not far from where Loki was. She sniffed Odin carefully, not sure if she should help him up. He seemed to need rest as much as Loki did, however she realised it was rather important to him to talk to Carbo. She walked around the wolf on the ground and walked up to his back. "I will help you, Odin" She whispered, putting her head under his back and in the snow. She took a deep breath, gathering strength and slowly lifting him up on his paws again. She held her head under his stomach, in order to keep him standing. She noticed how he had a hard time standing. Since Carbo was not far from there, maybe she could make a try lifting him over to Carbo. With care, she walked under him, making him lay on top of her with both his left legs on her left side of the back and both his right legs on her right side of the back and his head resting on her shoulder. Grunting a little, she looked at her back "Will this work?" Even though she did not know if he wanted her to carry him, or just help him. Either way would work, since he was not all too heavy.

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"It might. It's only a short distance anyway. I would go on my own, but as you can see...I'm incapable of doing so at the moment. Carry on." Odin watched as Faith began to carry him slowly across the den yard. He was amazed at the strength she carried. Normally it would take atleast two wolves to carry him, but something was different about her, like she had the experience.

Once they reached Carbo, Odin was placed down softly beside him. He thanked Faith kindly. " Thank you. I will remember your kindness always." As she walked off, he watched Carbo for a brief moment before speaking. "I heard you muttering. Tell me, what troubles you friend?" Odin smiled intently as he listened to what Carbo had to say.

Touching the cold snow woke him up quickly and he attempted to stand but his vision blurred when he looked at the others and he fell back down. He had lost quite a bit of blood so he sat up instead of standing and he looked at Faith with Odin. He looked out of the opening of the den into to cold outer area of the winter grazed land. His eyes seemed to focus on a creature that isn't actually there. What he was staring at seemed to move closer to him and stopped at the edge of the den and sat down. Even though nothing was there he just simply stared.

Faith smiled and nodded kindly to Odin and bowed her head for Carbo before quickly walking back to the den and where Loki was located. His gaze seemed so distant, yet so close. It was a little bit frightening to her, as she nudged him on the side of the shoulder in order to shake him out of whatever he was watching. "Lay down" She almost growled, yet having a smile across her face. She walked around Loki who sat by the den and she stopped by the wound he had on the side, waiting for him to lay down again. "Let me deal with the wound, but lay still" She ordered him, treating him like she did with the pups. Sharp at words, giving orders more than asking and yet, gentle at voice and with a smile on her face.

He layed down on the ground like she wanted but kept his stare until the etheral wolf disapeared leaving odd footprints in the snow that all can see. He watched her movements and then looked at the snow. He did not know why he was letting her tell him what to do. Usually he did not take orders from anyone. He closed his eyes and quit moving allowing her to work easie on his wound. The symbol on his forehead seemed to glow in the low light. He let out a short sigh as he waited for her to start.

Faith smiled at the obeying wolf, giving out a sigh of relief. She wished that the pups of the pack were this approval of her care, as this wolf was. She stroke her head against the side of his body, before turning the head back to the would, placing both paws on each side of it gently. She laid down in order to be the same height as the wound as she started first nuzzling it with her nose carefully, before eventually started licking it with her tongue. It felt a bit funny, as it was the first time in a long while she took care of an adult wolf. It tickled slightly in her belly as she though about the old male wolf while licking his wound. She raised her head and looked him in the face to make sure he was alright, before lowering the head again and continued to take care of the wound with her tongue.

He waits paitently for her to finish up. While she is workjing on his wound he goes into a flashback.

Loki-"Where am I father? What are we doing here?

Darius-"Loki this is where I will leave uou to see if you can survive on your own. If you can find me in five day then I will bring you back to the pack as a champion."

Loki wandered through the forest looking for any morsel of food he could find. As he searched he came across a large cave that seemed empty. He wandered inside to find a bear hibernating. He tryed not to make any noise as he walk out but he hit a large rock that fell down and made a lot of noise. The bear woke up and looked at Loki directly, it glared at him and charged at him. It struck him hard and knocked him against a wall. He got up and limped out of the cave to a ledge in the distance. The bear charged him again but Loki darted out of the way furthering his injury. The bear plumited down the cliff face and died when it hit the bottom. Loki fell unconcious.

Loki blinked out of the flashback and remembered what was happening

Athena looks around, seeing Faith and Loki...She barks softly as she licks her one paw... She doesn't know anyone. Not well anyway. She was only found a couple weeks ago by the Alpha...He was so kind to her, he should her kindness that she never guessed she could know. He was a great wolf...And a great leader, and now he was gone. And she is alone. Again. But she sticks around, since she has no where else to turn too. Her eyes twinkle as she looks toward the ground...

Her black coat shimmers abit as shakes her head quickly, feeling a fly or something touch the tip of her ear. She growls questionably...She stands up instantly and starts to snarl, her teeth showing. She snaps abit as she looks around, trying to find the intruder.... She thinks to herself in a playful way, "Oh you won't get away from me, Mister...I'll catch ya..." She turns swiftly her eyes wondering.

She see's it, buzzing around her head. She jumps clamping jaw on the insect tightly...She swallows, feeling the creature go down her throat roughly....She gags abit but then a smile of victory come to her face...She giggles abit..."I told you I'd catch you!! HURRAY!" She then eases herself back to the ground and closes her eyes...

Faith eventually stops the cleaning of the wound, looking at him with a smile. The wound was now entirely clean, but the bleeding was not going to stop yet. He had been walking around with it too long. Sighing, she wet her paw with her tongue, placing it over the wound. "You brought this over yourself, Loki. Remain here over the night. We need to make sure you do not make things worse" She said demanding, but yet with a kind and gentle voice. She nuzzled his back with her head, before placing it over the paw covering the wound. However, the position turned out to be rather uncomfortable. Instead she crawled up on his back, where she laid down and from another direction, placed her paw on his wound and rested her head on her paw. She had a look at Athena who bounced around in the den, and a smile crossed Faith's face as she rested it on the wound of Loki.

He lets out a deep sigh as she lay on his back and thinks to himself. "How did I end up like this.. A lone wolf getting treated like a pup by a female far younger than myself." He chuckles to himself at the thought and closes his eyes to sleep. He opens one eye to watch the opening of the den. He speaks out loud. "This will be quite a long night.. but I am really not in a postion to complain.." He rustles around for a moment before getting comfortable and resting.

She gave out a tired yawn, after a day that clearly would be called long and tough.However, she was pleased that she had been able to aid those she did today. It felt like she really had made a difference, as she gave out another yawn. She nuzzled gently the back of Loki as she laid her head on top of the wound again. She felt so pleased with herself, as her tail started wagging, which eventually hit Loki on the shoulder. It was a gentle wag though, something that would barely bother anyone. With a smile on her face, she fell asleep on top of the wolf and his soft and warm body with his soft and comfortable fur.

Tyri gazed up at the sky, now black as pitch. She had simply nodded at Chaos, somehow unable to gaze into those subtle eyes any longer. They had taken her captive, and this feelign was new and strange. If she had ever been this curious in her life, she could not recall it. Shifting her eyes to the white, snow blanketed ground, she grunted, softly shifting Champion's whole body onto her own. Chills ran down her spine as Crimson blood, still slightly warm, trickled down her pale silver pelt. She began walking, supporting the larger female on her lean back and shoulders. Each of her muscles where tensed as she trudged on through the deep snow. Even then, her movments where graceful, and she seemed to shed new light on the grim prospect of being kneedeep in blood.

As the determined wolfess continued on, she fought to keep Chaos out of her mind, dolefully gazing up at the stars every so often. The omega troubled her, and she hadn't an idea why. Never so badly had she wanted to see through one's eyes, pulling them out, rather than these short, unreal glimpses she caught every so often. She felt even more so responsible now that she and Carbo where leaders, even if it was only temporary. in her heart , Tyri liked the feling, but she knew the final decision would rest on Carbo. What ever he chose, she would oblige. Simply knowing he was there have her more than enough confidence to carry on and carry out.

Suddenly the wolf stopped. A harsh , bitter wind blew, moaning and howling in Tyri's ears. She herself let out a low, sad moan to accompany it. She eyed what she stood before. The partially filled hole containg her Alpha's body...and soon that of his mate.
Tyri wasted no time, and gently rested Champ on the ground before she began digging. Her claws tore apart the frozen earth, and finally she shuttered as she felt the frozen bits of Riba's fur. She nosed some of the snow away from his body, then eased Champ's body into the hole. She licked the dead wolf's muzzle, and reburied the two.

Tyri, for maybe an hour or so, laid on the grave, becomming pelted with the new falling snow. She spoke quietly of the past , present and future to her old friend, Champion. Every so often she would bow her head , and listen to the wind howl, seemed to be howlign for the loss of the two alphas. Tyri let it sting her face and eyes, refusing to budge untill her face was dusted with snow, and her body blanketed in it. Only then did she stand, bow one final time to her fallen leaders, and turn to walk off. Each step toward the den gave her a bit more confidence, maybe that which her friend was instilling in her, even though she lived on no longer.

Tyri realised she now faced a new problem. She was drenched in deep crimson blood, which was beggining to ice over on her silver and pale tan coat. She knew the stream was still flowing under it's thick, icy crust, but could she really tolerate the cold right now? Sighing and gazing hard at the snow, she wondered how Carbo was doing. A soft unconcious whimper carried from her throat.

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Carbo snapped out of his dreaming state of mind, turning his head and watched Odin limping up to him.
"Glad to see you up and talking, friend" He said, before turning his head back to the forest and looking of into the distance with a troubled look.
"I'm sure that you'd not believe me if I said nothing" Carbo sighed, sitting up on the rock and looking up into the skies.
"It was this day Riba would tell the pack about his choice.. What we should do in these dark times.. I can only assume that he was thinking of migrating, for the sake of the pack.. Now he is gone and we are without Alpha.. Both male and female" Carbo said, sighing and laying down on the ground once more.

He thought back to the day when he fought against Riba in order to obtain the rank of Alpha. He had never been crushed that hard and that quickly before, and was lucky to live to see the next day. After that day, he realised the responsebility to be Alpha, as well as it was nothing for Carbo. However, Carbo knew how much Tyri lusted for leadership and the choices he would do the upcoming time was many, tough and some less fair than others. Unless he gave nominees, he would gain the rank of Alpha and Tyri would recieve the Alpha female position she yearned for. He could let her go and he himself remain as Beta, but no one could possibly take her place as a mate. Carbo sighed.

"I fought Riba, that day.. Fought for the Alpha position.. I lost.. I guess it was a good thing.. Look at me.. I can not even make a few simple desitions here, today.." Carbo said, directing his words at Odin. Odin was what would become a great leader of the pack, but he was not the only one. Why did Riba leave Carbo with these desitions? He sighed once more.

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She gave out a tired yawn, after a day that clearly would be called long and tough.However, she was pleased that she had been able to aid those she did today. It felt like she really had made a difference, as she gave out another yawn. She nuzzled gently the back of Loki as she laid her head on top of the wound again. She felt so pleased with herself, as her tail started wagging, which eventually hit Loki on the shoulder. It was a gentle wag though, something that would barely bother anyone. With a smile on her face, she fell asleep on top of the wolf and his soft and warm body with his soft and comfortable fur.

He awoke under Faith but did not move so not to wake her also. He let out a sigh, not often was it that he had to wait for someone to do something nut now he belonged to the pack so he must learn to think of others. That would be hard for him. He sitrs again but nots enough to wake Faith. His eyes dart back and forth threw the back of the Den at the other residents. His eyes wen t back and forth from Odin to CArbo before he let out a deep sigh and layed his head on the ground. He relaxes his muscles to try and lower himself to the ground and crawl away but can not. Loki finally decides to inspect his wound to see if it is any better. He moves his right shoulder to see if it still hurts and he successsfully moves it without pain.

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Odin looked at Carbo seriously. "You are correct, Riba would have wanted us to leave. We should follow his directions with most haste. If you want to start migrating, I can rally the pack and inform them of our move. You are wrong about one thing, though. You make great decisions, and you are lucky to have a mate who will help you along the way." Odin sighed and started into the sky before continuing. "You are lucky indeed. I've never had anyone to call a mate. No one has ever seen me with interest.

Whatever your decision is, I will follow. Everyone will. Remember that we trust you and Tyri, whatever decision you two will make. Until you make a decision on our Alpha or Alphas, we will follow your lead." Odin smiled and layed his head down, watching the pack as they tended to wounds, ate, slept, and played.

He rises at Odin's statement and stares at him directly with a solemn yet annoyed looked no his face. "I gave my pledge to the pack not its leader. I will only follow if the leader show his worth as an Alpha. I will have you speak for the entire pack. You may speak for the wolves you have already spoken to but you will not say I will follow. Young Wolf." He slowly walks towards the entrance to the den and lays down next to Faith. He lets out a short breath before his breathing evened out and he look towards the snowy background. He was tense in the idea that a fight might possibly ensue even though he was in no shape to be fighting especially with a younger wolf whos power has not been measured. He closes his eyes and waits for something to happen.

Faith yawned and took a look at Loki who laid next to her. She could not possibly understand how the wolf got away from her without her waking up, but thought nothing more about it. She crawled over Loki's back and sniffed where the wound was. It seemed to be healing at a good speed, and she smiled, crawling back down from his back again. Compared to his size and behaviour, she felt almost like a pup, the way she acted and treated him. She had a look at him and had a smile on her face "Carbo and Tyri is two wise wolves. I am sure that their choice will be for the good of the pack." She said, nuzzling his shoulder with her head. She did not want him to get into a fight now, not when he just had recovered, partly, from the wound he had.

He looked over at Faith and a faint smile crawled over his face and stared her in the eyes. "Like I said before I shall follow the pack, not it's leader. I will be here defending the pack until the end of my days." He yawned and blinked a few times but quickly lowered head to the ground. "Something about the den just makes me tired for some reason." His breathing started to regulate and he slowly started to calm down about the day and night befores little escapades.

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Odin stared at Loki for a long time before looking back at Carbo. "He's a foolish old wolf. If he stays here with those who want to stay, they will die from attacks, or lack of food when it happens." Odin closed his eyes, feeling the need to sleep. "Whatever your decision is, I will follow."

Then he was drowned out into a deep sleep, gently snoring against the breeze as it blew against his muzzle. The next few days would be full of danger and sacrifice, as it came to him in his dream.

Loki rises and shakes himself off but continuoulsy looks back at his wound making sure he doesn't tear the wound open again. Feeling that the wound was in a good enough condition that he could go look for food. He rises onto all fours and starts to trot out of the den. He made sure nothing dngerous was out there adn when he assured himself nothing was out there he ventured out into the open waiting for any morsel of food to come near him or the near-by area. "Hmm.. I haven't aetin in two day.." His stomach growls.

Faith was suprised that none had made any comments about her bringing human sledges to the camp. She knew some disliked humans, that some hated them more than anything. She yawned, trotting out of the den and up to the two sledges. She sniffed the inside of one, sighing. Loki had left a trail of blood in her pretty sledge. She did not blame him, though. His life was far more important than a simple sledge. She however wanted to keep it rather clean, as she lept inside it and started licking the blanket that was inside, which had a trail of blood in it.

As she took care of the blanket, a curious little pup walked up to her and investigated the strange object. After a short amount of time the pup had made the judgement that the object were of no threat to him, as he lept up on the edge and crawled inside. He had some minor troubles getting in, but Faith pushed him inside with a smile on her face. If he liked it, maybe the other pups would too. She was just about to ask him what he thought, when she noticed the pup was already sleeping on the soft blanket. She nuzzled him with her nose and continued to take care of the blanket.

Loki starts to walk off into the distance towards the deeper part of the woods. As he walks away the snow begins to mask where his is and when a big snow flurry comes by he completely disspeares out of sight. As he is walking he seems to be in a daze and just wanders around the open area until he finds a small open area in the trees. He looks back towards the den and then looks forward into the cleared area and he decideds to enter the cleared area. When he his is half way in two humans confront him. He justs stands there and stares them down not knowing what to do or not being able to fight due to the wound on his right shoulder.

Maya must have fallen asleep, she tries to get up to walk but she is weak and exhausted from her injuries and she falls back to the ground. Laying there Maya looks around and sniffs into the night air. She instantly picks up the scent of other wolves but its faint. Maya has no idea whether they are near by are far away. She is too weak to trust her instincts. Hoping its not too far away and too hungry to care if they are friendly she crawls in the direction of the scent. Hoping that when she found them, they would have some food going spare.

Maya whimpers everytime she tries to move. She sniffs into the air and picks up another familar scent, blood. Hers! She was badly injured from the attack on her pack that her wounds are still very fresh. She looks at her wounds and tries to lick them, hoping that her saliva will slow down the bleeding but she knows that if she doesnt get some food all hope will be lost.

She lifts up her hind legs and tries to crawl but she collapses, she feels the snowflakes dance on her nose and she tries to shake them off. She lifts her head up and howls, hoping someone will hear her cry. She lowers her muzzle and closes her eyes as she gives in to the cold night air.

Loki dashes backwards towards a farther area of the forest and away from the rest of the pack. He made a mad dash and was narrowly missed by a bulltet that impacts a tree. Sliding through the snow Loki rounds a corner into a dense area of the forest and eventually runs into a clearing and fall over something. While on the ground he looks around to see what could have happened and he sees it was another wolf laying in the snow. He blinks thinking it was another trick of his own mind but he eventually caught the smell of blood. This time scent wasn't his and came from the wolf. He creeps up to her and slowly studies her. "Are you injured?"

Tyri shook her head as the snowfall lightened a bit. She rolled around a bit in the cold whitness, managing to rub off at least some of the blood that stained her pale, silky coat. She sneezed a few times as bits of snow where inhaled to her nose. titling her head over her back she sighed. A bit of crimson still clung to her fur. As she turned to lick it off she heard a faint cry. She raised her head, silver eyes darting around for a moment before she caught a scent. Tipping her nose into the now gentler wind she let fort a strong howl. She was letting the wolf know she had just entered upon silver pack territories, but that the wolves where not hostile. With that she turned on her haunches and bolted off toward the source.

For just a moment, Tyri turned toward the alpha's grave. Two brave strong fallen wolves lay there. Respectfully, she dipped her head, then carried on at a running pace. Her paws had barely enough time to transcribe their padded prints onto the soft, powdery snow. Tyri's breath clouded before her silvery muzzle as she ran, in the cold dry air. As she went on she considered what she and her mate would face as leaders, though in her heart she knew it well. She also knew something else. Mating season..just arriving, The wolve's would be more active, and fights could possibly break out. She would hold for her mate, no matter the cost. A soft smile crossed her face. She Carbo would want no one else, anyway. Thinking about this brought her to move faster, and she seemed to forget that she was even moving. Then Loki, and a female, came into view.

Barking a friendly greeting to Loki, she trotted up, nudging him kindly before stopping before the fallen female. Tyri pressed her nose against the wolfess's and sniffed her, moving her muzzle gently toward her neck and back, retaining the scent in her memory. After a moment she stepped back, nodding slightly after checking her over.

" My name is Tyri, current leader of the Silver pack. May i ask who you are...? "

With that she nodded to Loki to help her bring the young wolfess back to the den.

" Tell me if you feel any discomfort, we will try to keep that to a minimum. "

This being said she flashed the female a kind smile, to let her know she was in good care now.

Loki nods to Tyri while trying to lift her up into the air and then drop her on his back. The snow under the female was soft and would easily let her slide upwards. His attempt to get under her was slow at first but he eventually gets her onto his back. He strts off very slow but lifted her up all the way and could walk far more easily. Being extra carefull not to open his wound, he trudges back towards the den. He solemnly walks until the den is in clear view and is only about thrity feet away. He drops down almost dropping her off of his back bug he gains his balance and walks all the way up to the mouth of the den. He brings her into the farthest and warmest part of the den and to where the food was being stored. Gently letting her down he rises and goes to the front of the den.

Maya starts to feel some warmth and wonders where the gently heat is coming from. She opens her eyes and lifts her head to see two wolves, one staring down at her. She lowers her muzzle in honour to thank them for coming to her aid.

She sniffs into the air and an aroma starts to take over her. She can smell food but being an outsider she waits for the food to be offered to her. She turns to her wounds and tries to attend to them but still being very weak she lowers her muzzle onto to soft earth and whimpers silently to her self.

The proud and noble wolf looked pitiful due to his fur being covered in blood and being matted up in various areas. It would take him a while to clean his fur to its full condition and to how he used to look before he assisted Maya. Loki heard the whimper come from Maya and sighed as he got a large piece of meat from the stored area and placed it next to Maya's nose. "Eat, if you do not you won't get your strength back. If you need anything just find me at the beginning of the den." He trotted off quickly to the mouth of the den.

Maya looked at the wolf and looked down at the meat he had given her. The smell coming from it made Maya want to eat it all down in one go, but she held back on such temptation and looked at the wolf as he trotted to the front of the den.

She bowed in honour and picked up the piece of meat and taking small bites out of it and enjoying the meat for as long as she could.

Tyri sat diligently on a small boulder beside the den. It was brushed lightly with snow, and left the pattern of her lean body as she rose up onto four paws, stretching. She locked her front legs, yawning with wide silver muzzle and she shook her body. A few peices of hair rose up as she did, and she leaned back placing her dainty muzzle on her back, straighting her fine, silky pelt. As she leaped gracefully off the rock then, four strong paws fastening themselves to the gorund below, she let her mind wander. She pondered for a good while about the other wolves in the pack.

Carbo.. her heart fluttered. her sweet, wonderful mate. Everything she could want or hope for in life. Her reason for being and staying strong.

Faith. So kind and Axiomatic. The perfect pup sitter, and a best of friends.

Odin, now, he was a tough one. Four paws onthe ground, no doubt. Intelligent and strong, a great hunter and valuble pack addition.

Chaos, so mysterious, yet, captivating in her ways. tyri was constantly aware of her, and wished for her prescense more often. She knew it would likely not be granted though.

Loki, a new addition to the pack. Wise and strong hearted. he seemed kind as well, but more was to be learned of him.

And now, possibly, this new female?

Tyri, remembering her duty at hand shook a bit of snow off her placid muzzle, and lowered her head as she trotted toward the female, stopping shortly in front of her. she eyed her cautiously, then let her tail wag softly with a friendly smile.

" Are you feeling better? "

Deuce's vision started to blur as he walked towards the entrance to the den. As he walked closer to the exit his stomach started to growl loudly as he swayed back and forth. The slick snow caused him to fall and he tried to rise up back onto his feet but failed. He growled at his own weakness and forced himself to get up onto his feet. The look on his face was angry mainly at himself for showing weakness in front of Tyri, the Alpha female. He trotted off with his stomach growling until he believes he is out of sight. As the den grew smaller as he looked back at the others, he collapsed from stress and hunger. His eyes slowly closed but he kept awake and tried to get back to his feet failing this time and slowly being covered in a thin layer of snow.

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((Your wolf's name is Loki, Survivor01 and Tyri is only Beta smile))

Carbo stood up, above Odin where he laid on the ground. He pushed him rough with his front paw to wake him up..

"My time of thinking is over.. We're going for one final hunt as owners of this den.. Tomorrow, we will be leaving" He said, walking trough the den. He nudged the males of the pack one by one as they got up. Some were too visibly too weak to fight and hunt, and he ignored those wolves. He only picked the strongest ones.

Those he had nudged with his paw were possible hunters, but far from chosen, as he spoke.

"Anyone who possess the strength to hunt will join me for one final hunting session in these woods.. Tomorrow we will commence a migration away from here, away from the war and the human poachers.. Only the strongest and spry shall come hunt with me.. The rest will take care of our wounded and tired ones.. We still have some of that deer remaining" He paused, recalling the moose. Unfortunatly would it not be enough. They'd have to pick it on the way back.

"I need volunteers to both come, and stay" He said, starting slowly walking away from the den. In a slow rate, to make sure that the volunteered hunters would follow him and so that he could see who would stay with the rest of the pack. He stopped as he walked past Tyri and the new wolf. The new one seemed quite distant. She was tired and hungry. He decided to save her energy and not introduce himself yet. Instead, he stroke his body against Tyri and licked her on the muzzle and then the tip of the nose, before slowly walking past her and away from the den and camp.

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Loki forced himself to his feetand with new found vigor started to run into the forest. As he neared a large rock he stopped shortly and let out a heart-chilling howl. Rage flashed through his eyes as he started to run towards the den. His new found anger seemed to fuel him as he stood at the motuh of the den in front of Carbo. His lips slid into a frightening smile as he spoke out to Carbo. "I will join you on this hunt if you permit me." His voice seemed different, Darker than he normally was. This seemed to be a momentary burst of strength and it seemed he would not be able to keep it up for more than a few hours.

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"Right then. Hunting it is." Odin carefully jumped down from where he was laying and slowly made his way over. "But I don't know if I can hunt very well with my foot in this condition, but I'll try." Odin followed the rest of the hunting group, but stared back as Tyri and some of the other females were either watching them leave or go about their business. He smiled briefly and limped slowly off to catch up with the other hunters.

As he entered the forest, he could barely see any deer or elk packs. The ones he could find however, noticed him limp running and dashed off. He sighed in dissapointment and kept trying until he found an injured one which was walking. Once he got close enough he jumped on his prey, sinking his teeth and claws into it's back until it flopped over dead.

Loki watched what Odin had done to provide food for the pack. He walked up behind him and spoke directly to him. "What you are doing is honorable but you are not in a condition to do too much hunting." After speaking he walks ahead looking for prey. Spotting a very large deer he sneaks up from behind a bush and leaps onto its back. Sinking his claws deeply into its flesh made it angry and its started to try and throw him from his back. He started to bite at the deer and shredded it flesh but the deer threw him. Shaking himself off and running after the fleeing deer, his wound is open and bleeding but the bloodrush keeps him going. He cathces up to the deer again and leaps back onto it but sliding slightly onto its side coming dangferously near the ground and its hooves. Ina fit of rage he tears part of its muscle in its right front leg forcing it to the ground. He vicioulsy tears at its neck until its quits moving and lays lifeless on the ground. The wound on his shoulder forces him to have a slight limp when he walks.

Maya Looked at the slim wolf with the silver coat and lowered her head in honour.

"I am Maya and I thank you for the shelter and the food" Maya said not looking directly at the wolf. Maya's mother had always taught her to show her respect with other packs, it would be a sign that you are not their enemy.

Maya raised her muzzle slightly and said. " I am feeling slightly better, it is just my side that hurts now. The human that did this are very cruel."

Spirit Binder
"I will do what I must, Loki. Everyone must provide enough food for our journey. It will be long and full of danger, so we will need it." Odin grabbed the deer by it's antlers and threw it on his back, making his way back to the den. He looked back for a split second. "I just hope you do the same."

As he made his way back, he stopped momentarily to give his foot a rest. Some of the other wolves would pass him, carrying their own meat back to the den. He felt ashamed trying to carry a full grown 'injured' dear back to the den with his foot all mashed up.

Loki knew that he couldn't carry the deer on his back especially due to the fresh wound on his shoulder. Grabbing the antler he pulled with all he could and the deer moved but it would be a long process to get it back tot he den. Closing his eys and putting strain on his shoulder forced the deer's carcas to move a long stretch of snow. Collapsing from the strain Loki looked up at the stars and got back up and drug the deer farther up until the den was in sight. He began to growl at his own weakness and drug the large deer into the den all the way into the chamber were the food was stored. Loki collapsed and breathed very irregularly. Laying on his side he rests.

Smiling softly Tyri stepped alittle closer, letting her ears swivel side to side momentarily. Her mouth hung open slightly, and she kindly wagged her tail for just a moment before letting it rest.Her smile was welcoming, kind. diligent, keen, but she still held an air of authority. Her muscles were relaxed, and her slim contours held a knowing posture. She let her gaze lock onto Maya's for just a moment, then let it slip off as she heard her mate's voice. For a short moment her tail wagged, and her ears flicked as she raised her head. She then turned her attention back t Maya and closed her eyes shortly before reopening them, the vivid silver pools finding the other female's intense blue ones.

" Oh, think nothing of it maya. I would never have even thought of leaving you to the devices of nature, or the humans. "

She paused then, and sighed at length.

" Unfortunately our lands have been becoming more and More plagued with them. They overtake us, take our food, our lives, slaughtering us needlessly, and , for what? "

Tyri's gaze turned glassy, and distant. Her voice was far off and unattuned. Shaking her head the wolfess smiled once more.

" Im sorry, it's just that we have lost both our alpha's to the hands of humans lately.. now, if you'll excuse me..."

With that the diligent silver wolf trotted gracefully over to Carbo. Smiling she kindly and lovingly licked his cheek, nuzzling her nose against his broad, jet black shoulder. Her tail wagged freely and her ears fell back as she nuzzled her head over his.

" I'll stay behind and keep an eye on the others, and the den. You be careful. "

She looked then , toward Odin who was half hobbling toward the den. He still looked quite beat up from the fight earlier. momentarily Tyri scanned him with her eyes. She eyes his face, legs, ribs, tail, and paws, and sat when satisfied. A few cuts,bruises,limps,maybe a hurt pride, would all heal perfectly in due time. She was only a little worried about how he would handle the journey she knew was upcoming...and here it was, the final hunt. a wash of excitement, nervousness, confusion, fear, and hope all washed over young Tyri, and she knew she would have alot on her shoulders for a while...she was so glad for her pack, who she knew still carried all the strength of the silver pack and it's entirety.

Axel Revenge
The moon shown brightly on Khaz's silvery white pelt when he caught the scent of the other Wolves. The Dragga had obviously marked their hunting territory, and he had violated the code by not asking Tratto's Blessing. He sighed... He hadn't kept to the code much these days... Perhaps the wolves could help?

Quickly, he found the lodgings of the wolves. There seemed to be four, at least that's what he could see, and most seemed tough, except for an injured one. The moon was full behind Khaz as he descended the hill and came to the clearing around the den. He was in full view of what looked to be the Alphas, and he just stood, waiting to be acknowledged.

Loki looked at Khaz momentarily as he drug the meat farther into the den. He moved his head as to say go in because his mouth was full dragging the kill. He drags it all the way to the back where the rest of his kill was. Splitting the animal saved time and allowed it to be easily carried back. He tried to just ignore the pain in his shoulder but it wasn't getting any better so he layed down to wait for it to heal even the slightest. He watches the pups and the rest of the wolves in the den.

Spirit Binder
Odin arrived back at the den and layed down what he had caught before making his way to the other side of the den and laying down alone. He watched as others of the pack cared for the sick or injured, and the families who cared for their young ones. What really concerned him was about how the young ones will survive the journey.


Then he thought about his past. He remembered playing out in the snow this same time many years ago. People would run once they saw him coming, and he would hear parents mutter "I told you to stay away from him". Occasionally he heard "Weakling!" or "Freak!" come out of some of the youngsters.


Odin shook off the thought of it and sighed unhappily. "No one understands me, and they never will." He muttered aloud to anyone in perticular

Faith tucked the last pup in to sleep and nuzzled it with her nose for a few moments. She gave out a yawn as she turned to the den. She looked back at the pile of pups in the deepest part of the den and she gave out a sighing smile. She walked slowly up to the rest of the pack and Maya. With gentle, light steps she approached her and sniffed her carefully. "My name is Faith" She said gentle and quietly, not to overdo the limitations of the weak wolf. "Is there anything I can do to help?" She asked it in general, not only directed to Maya, but to the entire pack.

Maya looked up at the wolf who approached her.

'Hi Faith' Maya said with her tail slowly wagging. 'I am called Maya, it is very warm here in the den. I am just afraid that my wound will not heal as quickly as I would like it to be.'

Maya lifted her head a bit and said. 'Who is that wolf over there?' She said looking at the wolf at the back of the den. (odin)

"Just give it time. There is no need to worry, as you seem rather healthy, considering the situation. You will recover just fine." She paused and sat down next to Maya. She looked into those pretty eyes and gazed over the shiny fur. "But, if you like, I could take a look at that wound of yours. I am used at dealing with injuries" She said with a smile on her face and laid down next to Maya, looking her straight onto the face. She was indeed a pretty wolf, and a wolf that Faith believed would be interesting getting to know better.

Maya looked at the kind wolf as she sat down. Then took a glance at her wound. 'If you feel you can do anything about it i would welcome it. That wolf with the outburst why is he like that? He comes across as a bit troubled.'

Maya's eyes fell on the other wolf and she let out a quiet whimper, he reminded her of one of the wolves from her pack and she realised she was missing home.

Loki saw that he could no longer help the pack from how weak the wound was making him. He made a final glance at the rest of the wolves in the cave. The noly wolves he could see was Odin, Faith and, the new addition Maya. He limped up to where each of them could see and hear him. "I have over-stayed my welcome and usefullness to the pack. With my current wound I will only slow the pack down.." After saying his message he slowly limped towards the front of the den.

Aubrey Ravena
Originally posted by Aubrey Ravena
The moon shown brightly on Khaz's silvery white pelt when he caught the scent of the other Wolves. The Dragga had obviously marked their hunting territory, and he had violated the code by not asking Tratto's Blessing. He sighed... He hadn't kept to the code much these days... Perhaps the wolves could help?

Quickly, he found the lodgings of the wolves. There seemed to be four, at least that's what he could see, and most seemed tough, except for an injured one. The moon was full behind Khaz as he descended the hill and came to the clearing around the den. He was in full view of what looked to be the Alphas, and he just stood, waiting to be acknowledged.

Maya looked at the wolf who saved her, he was going to leave the den because he was injured, then what about her, if it wasn't for him she could be dead.

She got up and limped towards him. 'If you go out there you will die? The cold weather is against you Loki, and I feel I will hold down the pack to with my injury,' Maya looked deep into his eyes. 'Stay Please'

She lifted up her muzzle and rubbed it lovingly against his. But her eyes caught on to another wolf out side the den. She noticed he stood proud like he was waiting to me see,

"I will stay until I fail the pack." He let out a slight smile to Maya rubbed up against him but when she looked out of the den he took his chance and started to limp away as she was distracted. He limped almost to the front of the den until he saw Khaz he slowly limped past him deeper into the snow until he was hard to see by the average wolf. He layed down in the snow waiting to be covered by snow and forgotten by the pack.

Maya looked around and noticed Loki was gone. She limped to the edge of the den still to afraid to go outside and saw him walking off into the distance until the snow blocked her view. She shook off the snow flakes that gathered on her eyes and howled into the wind.

The deep howl from the female brought back a memory that chilled Loki deep in his soul. That howl made him decide to return to the mouth of the den. He walked up to Maya and spoke to her. "I will not leave your side until the move is complete young Maya. He layed down at the mouth of the den and look out into the snow that seemed to pile up higher every day.

Maya lied next to him and rubbed her muzzle against his.

'Thank you for coming back. You know you could have died tonight Loki, the wind is very bitter and the snow is extremely heavy. I feel that tonight isn't your time to die. You just can't go yet!' Maya said in a soft whimper.

Loki rubbed up against Maya slowly. "I may end up having to leave to save the pack. I will sacrifice myself for the pack. But i will stay as long as I possibly can." He relaxed his muscles and layed his head down letting out a whimper and a sigh at the same time.

Maya spoke softly to Loki so nobody else could hear her. 'Well Loki until that sad time lets never talk of this again.'

The she rested her head on Loki's ruff and closed her eyes.

Loki let out a slow breath as he slowly fell asleep near where Maya was. As his eyes slowly closed he spoke out. "If anything needs to be done just wake me and I shall help." At this he slowly fell asleep.