The Unicor-SLUG Club

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Thanks for invisting me into your club.I will join!May I add you to my list of friends/jm

So good of you to respond so quicckly, and yes you can. Welcome to ADSJ our first member. I will pm you shortly with some information.
I'm curently reviewing the threads and posts, filtering new members.

What a wonderfully on topic thread. This appears to be the latest thread to be universally scorned. laughing out loud So is this relevant to Harry Potter in any reasonable way to be kept open? It belongs in the OTF...

The Phantom
This is another social thread. We have ENOUGH social threads. Plus, this whole system works off of biasness. Reported to be closed. Keep it to the Common Rooms and Three Broomsticks and the Hogwarts Cafe thingy. Those are you social threads.

thank you very much for your kind comments and suggestions. Until the mods decide otherwise, I will however continue.

we do have a lot of social threads, it's true

Thanks for the invite, Uni!! flowers Of course I'll join! happy

Thanks for your Of course I'd join smile

Sure I'll join. Erm, what have I got to do? confused

thank you for the invite and i will glady join. i just need to know what to do. thanks

No invite for the Man who made HP a bannable offense?

For shame! stick out tongue

Welcome Selina, Dart, Ndfreak and Lady of Light!
I though of starting right a way, but as you might see there were some comments. I wrote to Rogue yesterday, so prior starting anything I would wait for him to respond first, to get his blessing, in order to have peace of mind when we start.

As for the comments, I'm surre that they all had the best interest of the Forum at heart, and in time everyone will appreciate. So why don't we start with intorducing our selves first, while waiting for Rogue. and in mean time I will go searching for other members. So far we are 5.

KoK don't give up... look at my first post wink smile

Uni, as always your intentions are good, but your approach is off. I wish that you had of contacted before you went ahead and created this thread instead of afterwords. A few things:

Originally posted by Unicor777
Although everyone is invited to browse this tread, however it is meant for only few among you that will receive a personal invitation from me . It is for those of you who because of your special talents , connections and contacts with people with special talents make, what we call, the elite among our wizarding community at KMC.

This is very bias. Because people will only be allowed to enter the club based on how you perceive them. The entire system is just really off. This forum is for everyone and nothing for just for those special few who are allowed to a secret club.

Again, I understand where you are coming from but I'm going to close this up. We do have a lot of social threads already and this is just another one.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.