First Editions

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exanda kane
First edition set here.

Originally posted by exanda kane
First edition set here. All 7? wow, that must be worth a packet, would you ever sell them?

hmm Nope. No, wait, 2 but my cat ate the cover of one of them so...

Originally posted by Scottie
i have a first edition of the Order of the Phoenix, the Half-Blood Prince and the Deathly Hallows, and they are in pretty good nick


Same. Probably wouldn't sell them, though; I feel a certain amount of sentimentality for them.

All our first edition books were too tattered to be of much use, so we bought new ones.

We're now on our 3rd set. no expression

Either we like HP too much, or we suck at book handling.

exanda kane
Doubt I'd sell them, and they aren't in pristine condition either (the first being a little ragged). 1st edition , no less. smile


I wouldn't sell them if I had a set

You also have to remember that the first four books probably didn't have high first print runs.. so that increases the price dramatically. For the last three books we are talking about 5-12 million first print runs just in America which makes the book... uhh.... almost below cost wink.

Same thing with comics and action figures.. everyone hears about how much they go for, but don't realize that from the late 80's and on that they are in high volume print runs. Where as in 1977 Star Wars toys, the print run was very low and so justifies why a carded Darth Vader goes for high bucks.

I imagine out of the seven I have a first Edition. but out of the whole 'Potter memorbilia,I would not pay money to buy the book with the thought of it being a first edition. there is nothing special about it. although selling..thats a different story. I hae like two copies of each book in my house. so I could sell the first editon I find.

Darth Dean
Wow... I just looked at my set and I had without even realizing it, 6 of the 7 first edition books. Just not the 2nd one "Chamber of Secrets."
cool wink

How can you tell if it's a First Edition?

Originally posted by Dresta
How can you tell if it's a First Edition? it will say it here

Running Mascara
I'm not sure if I have all the first editions, but if I had them I wouldn't sell them for the world love

All seven first editions, and I plan on selling them very soon for something a lot more realistic.

i think i have some first editions but i would never ever ever sell them


Seems like so many people have First Editions, why do they sell for so much?

I has DH first edition. haermm


I have HBP and DH First Editions. My step mum stole my first five box set the other day so I can't check them... but yay smile

The only reason the lad got that much money for the Philosophers Stone first edition, was because there were only 500 hundred made, of that particular hard back first edition print.

Gotcha smile

Damned. The thread got my hopes up.

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