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I am currently co-editor of a newsletter and I want to find a way to put the articles up on a website for cheap. I am not sure what is the best method to use or where to even begin looking for a domain.

Can someone point me to the cheapest, most efficient way of how to do this properly?

The following two options are good for you:

Check this link! (This site provides free web hosting services.)

Check this link! (This site is the best web hosting source on the web and charges are highly affordable at the moment.)

Da Pittman
GoDaddy, cheap hosting and domains

Namecheap is generally cheaper for names unless godaddy's having a sale.

And their hosting is fairly cheap but you don't get a huge amount with it.

I use, I've used them for about 4 years, they're cheap and any issues I've had (very few) were taken care of incredibly fast, so I'd recommend them.

Thanks a lot . I really am such a newbie at this sort of thing but I'm going to try it out and see what happens.

Any suggestions for a guy doing this for the first time? Things to look out for or possible loopholes or what can make a server begin to fail?

Da Pittman
Really kinda depends on what you plan on doing with your newsletter, if you are just posting it on the site and not mailing it out and depends on how much work you are planning on putting into it. Most servers have built in protection to prevent endless loops in scripts so I doubt you will make the server crash. wink

I use for my hosting for many years now, been pretty good so far and cheap plus get MySQL with the basic package.

You mean there's hosting companies that don't automatically give you MySQL? Wow. Even my first host I ever used, which was shitty and expensive yet I didn't know better gave me unlimited databases.

Google Pages might be right for you

I think the site i used to use was called 110 MB (After your storage allowance.)Totally free and when .tk'd was extremely useful and let me get my head round layouts.

Someone pointed me to The set up is easy and the editing would be simple for html noobs.

Know anything about it?

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