how to free download videos from youtube? Help...

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Tempe Brennan
I don't know if you can download the videos to save to your computer, I only know how to view the videos on the site itself, if that's what you mean?

get real player, you can download any video you watch online with it...

Victor Von Doom
You can download videos from Youtube. There are loads of sites that allow you to do it, just use Google and some imagination.

Diablo Cerberus
in order to download from youtube, simply visit

here, you can insert the URL of the video and download the .flv file of the video. afterward, visit

and upload the .flv file to convert it to a .wmv file that will play on windows media player.

i have used this method to burn an entire DVD of youtube vids, and i must say, it's incredibly useful... albeit tedious...


Then get VLC media player and there's no need to convert them.

Tempe Brennan
I am confused with all the names of things here! Good God, okay, so what if I wanted to download videos? I have WM and Media Player Classic - could I just download and use those programs to burn?

Probably, but i don't know why you would want to

Tempe Brennan
^To have the videos on CD so I don't have to load them on the website

Why would you have to load them on the website when you'd have them downloaded?

Tempe Brennan
Oh I'm sorry, I just meant how do you download the videos from the site to keep on your computer is all, I guess I will try what someone has suggested and see if it works

You're not very computer savvy are you?

Hidden Lotus
heres a video of how to do it:
hope this helps yes

Tempe Brennan
Thank you so much!!! smile

Diablo Cerberus
interesting side note question on this particular thing... what format would one save the videos as if they wanted to burn them to a DVD-R for playback on a DVD Player?

Convert to avi or mpeg, then convert into dvd format. This can be done using a variety of different converters.

Diablo Cerberus

I often download videos from youtube cause it can be played more smoothly.
"wondershare free youtube downloader" is what I'm using now, I'm sure it can meet you needs, dude. you can search it on google.

yes, and this wondershare free youtube downloader allow you to batch download multiple Youtube video files at a time.

if you wanna just download the audio without video use this

just be careful to copy the url BEFORE the """&""" sign comes in{as it does in many urls on youtube} the addres.

Personally I use Orbit Downloader. It's a program you have to install on your computer, but it is extremely fast, makes it very easy (one click) and can do almost any video site.

You've probably already found your answer but...This is my favorite YouTube video download source. It's never failed me.

you can use a youtube downloader tool. But very few software is for free.

you can try the free youtube downloader software for free

if you want to save and convert videos for high quality, their youtube downloader you can consider.
or you can use yahoo or google to search for more answers.

good luck!

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