POTC: 1920s style

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Kate, Pocky, everyone-- let's do it. We're going to tell a story with the POTC characters. Things are the same except it's the roaring 20s.

(We open on a boat in the mist just like in COTBP. It is the early 1910s.)

Young Elizabeth: (singing) You must remember this, a kiss is still a kiss. A sigh is just a sigh...

Gibbs: Bah! Singin' on a ship.

Young Elizabeth: You don't understand, Mr. Gibbs. This is America. I can start a new life here.

Gibbs: Plenty o' people try to start a new life in America, lass, only to have the crime syndicate take it away. Why, you cross paths with a big-city mobster, and the next thing you know, you'll be tied up every which way and large cemented shoes mounted to your feet. And then they take you in the dead of night to a bridge overlooking the murkiest waters...

Norrington: And what, Mr. Gibbs?

Gibbs: And, and...I'll just sit over here.

Young Elizabeth: I would so like to meet a mobster. It sounds so exciting.

Norrington: (laughs) Think again, Miss Swann. Any mobster that so much as meets you would do unspeakable things to you, even at so young an age, which is why when I get to America, I will join the police force, making it possible for young people like you and I to flourish here.

(They all see the Statue of Liberty. Young Elizabeth is very excited. Suddenly, she sees something)

Young Elizabeth: There's something in the water.

Gibbs: That'd be the dead bodies, lass.

Norrington: No! It's a boy! You men! Hoist him up!

(The crew pulls a boy up on deck. He is soaked and coughing, hanging onto consciousness. Young Elizabeth runs to him)

Norrington: Stay here with him. (runs off)

Young Elizabeth: Sh, I'm Elizabeth Swann. You're safe now.

Young Will: My name's (cough) Will. Turner.

Young Elizabeth: Where did you come from, Will? What were you doing in the water?

Young Will: I can't tell...(passes out)

(Young Elizabeth sees a gold necklace around his neck. She fingers it as her eyes go wide)

Young Elizabeth: You must be a thief!

Norrington: Who is he, Miss Swann?

Young Elizabeth: (takes the necklace) I, I don't know. But I'll watch over him.

(She looks out at the harbor once more. She sees some dead bodies floating in the water.)

1920s...about 10 years later.

(Elizabeth wakes up in bed, realizing it was a dream of what happened long ago. Disoriented, she staggers to her dresser and pulls out the necklace. She considers putting it around her neck but hesitates. She pockets it instead. She lifts her nightgown and straps a pistol to her right thigh. Then she goes behind her screen to dress.)

Okay! Someone take it from here!

oh my word i LOVE IT so much so far-- i'm working on a bit!!! smile yay!

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(I assume we just write and if more than 1 person has it we just do it that many times. smile Simple! I'll try.. I'm not really into much sometimes bc of my present health.. Let me know right away if I am mistaken.)

(after willofthewisp)

terror of pirates, she is about to faint, when knocks Weatherby Swann, and wonders "weather be ' weather."]

Elizabeth: 'Mornin' Gov'nah.

Weatherby: 'Morning Liza. (takes notes mentally) I have - a - gift - for you.. Be that you like it, of course..

Elizabeth: Why, thank'ya gov'nah. (curtseys)

Estrella: Here you go, misses.

Elizabeth: Thank you, Estrella, father.

Estrella: Why, that looks nice. Actually, "fascinatin'."

Weatherby: Weather be too tight or too loose, I fancy that..

Elizabeth: Thank you.



Picking up from Kate's post:

CUT TO...a small boat out in the NY harbor.

(We pan in closer and closer to the boat and see a familiar face. It is Jack, dressed simply in black slacks and a white collared shirt, but with a long coat and hat-- a pirate of a different era. He stands looking purposeful on the boat until we see an arm punch him in the face. He goes down.)

Mobster: Thought you could run, huh, Jack? Don Vito Barbossa will never let you live. (takes a swing)

Jack: (springs up and grins) You forgot one very important thing, pal. I'm Jack Sparrow! (leaps up and dodges this punch. He runs to the end of the boat and knocks off some barrels marked "ale." As the boat goes under a bridge, Jack manages to leap off to one of the support structures. The mobster is left dumbfounded, like Jack disappeared.)

Jack: Too easy. (climbs up the support and onto the dock. He walks around and sees a place that says "Brown's Pet Store." Smelling a rat, he walks in.)

CUT TO..int. of Tortuga Joe's.

(The "pet store" is actually a swinging speakeasie with jazz filling the place. Jack seems to feel at home. He sees a woman cross from the bar to a table. Intrigued, he follows her.)

Man: So what'd you say to this Norrington fella?

Elizabeth: (sips her Mint Julip) I don't know. James is so nice and kind and we go way back, but he's a police commissioner, and I have an eye to buy this place.

Man: Dames like you don't come around every day.

(Before Elizabeth can look flattered, the man lunges and takes her in a choke hold. The bar is so full and busy no one really notices.)

Man: I'll tell you what, kid. I'll not only buy this place and make you my bartender, but I'll take you out back and we'll share a little more than business.

(Elizabeth struggles but sees he has a switchblade on him.)

Jack: (to a guy next to him) Want to help her out?

Man2: And spoil my zoot suit?

Jack: Fop. (crosses to man and Elizabeth) Please, sit back down. There's no reason to stand up on my account.

Man: Get lost, ya bum!

Jack: (signals a waitress) Rum and Coca Cola, dear. (back to man) Sit, sit. I may have something to say about this proposition myself. Buying this place eh? I used to have a few down in Brooklyn.

Man: (now interested and sits. He slams Elizabeth down hard) Wait a minute! I know you! Jack Sparrow, mobster ran entire city blocks! (grins) Until you got them all taken out from under ya. What's the matter, serve Don Barbossa a bad canole?

Jack: Something like that.

(We hear a shot. The man screams and clutches his kneecap. Jack shot him under the table. The crowd looks and the music stops. In seconds, everyone goes back to what they were doing.)

Jack: (to Elizabeth) Now that he's out of the way, that is a lovely dress, love. It should be a dress or nothing...and I happen to have no dress in me car.

Take it from here, Kate!

Don Vito Barbossa? OH MY WORD HILARIOUS!!!! I can't stop laughing. that was fab. I'm working on a bit... it'll be up soon!

lol Don Vito!

I'm loving this! big grin



(I got the part / the white horse from The Magic Pony http://www.amazon.com/Magic-Pony-Jim-Backus/dp/6302982677)

picking up from where Willo left off:

Elizabeth: (rolls her eyes) A dress or nothing? Very original.

Jack: (grins) I've been working on it. Listen darlin', what's a nice looking dame like you doing in a place like this?

Elizabeth: (crosses her leg so that her thigh strap and gun show) I'm not a nice dame, mister. (stands as if to leave. Jack grabs her arm and pulls her back down.)

Jack: Wait a second, honey, I wasn't implying you were nice. Just nice looking. There's a difference. Way I figure it, a dame like you can cause trouble for a guy worse than drink.

Elizabeth: I think you figure correctly. (she's getting intrigued) So what are you-- a mobster, or a cop?

Jack: Maybe you tell me why you got a gun strapped to your thigh, and I'll answer that.

Elizabeth: It's a big bad world out there, mister. A girl's got to have some sense.

CUT TO: Outside the window. A long black car pulls up. Inside is Don Vito Barbossa, dressed in a purple zoot suit and smoking. Looking through the window of "Brown's Pet Store", he spies Jack getting friendly with Liz. He turns to his henchman.

Barbossa: It seems our Jacky has found himself a little lady.

The henchman chuckles evily.

Barbossa: Tell our men to find out everything they can about her.

The car speeds away.

CUT BACK TO, inside Tortuga Joe's.

Jack: I think you've got more than sense, honey. But just so as you trust me, I'm Jack. Jack Sparrow.

Elizabeth: The Jack Sparrow? I've heard that name before... you're a legend 'round these parts.

Jack: I'm flattered. I'd be even more flattered if you'd return the favor and tell me your name?

Elizabeth: Liz.

Suddenly, Norrington bursts through the door with his police sidekicks.

Norrington: Everybody put your hands on the table, and don't move an inch!

Everyone puts their hands on their tables, but not before dumping out their drinks. The man at the bar slides the open bottles into a cupboard and clicks it shut.

Norrington: (sees Jack) Ah, Jack Sparrow. Notorious smuggler and mob insider. I was informed you'd be here tonight.

Jack: By whom?

Norrington: An informant, obviously. Now get up and keep your hands where I can see 'em. You're coming with me.

Jack: (thinks fast, yanks Liz in front of him and grabs the gun from her thigh strap, holds it to her head) Nobody's goin' nowhere, commissioner. Now put down your weapons or the little lady gets it.

Elizabeth: You scum!

Jack: Keep it comin', sweetheart.

Norrington and his men are forced to drop their weapons.

Jack: Now back away slowly, and don't let me ever catch you in this pet shop again.

Norrington: Just let her go!

Jack: Gents, you will always remember this as the night you almost caught the infamous Jack Sparrow. (kisses Liz on the cheek, and shoves the gun back into her hand) Thanks for the help, honey.

With that, Jack dives through the glass window and disappears onto the street...

All yours, Willo!

That was 5 stars!

ermmmmm wrestin's from Atlantis - Milo's Return (Atlantis 2) (2003)
same situation, tho, ifn ya rmembers
really, that's when i noticed that & told everyone
wonders how i had time to see it tho still..
yeai guess if ur what under 17 or something u saw it velho

Great job, Kate! That was a lot of fun.

(Jack runs down the street.)

CUT TO...interior of Don Barbossa's car

Barbossa: Drive off. Don't let us be seen here.

Pintel: Didn't ya, didn't ya...(points maniacally at the speakeasy) Didn't ya see?

Barbossa: Yes, I saw the necklace fall out of her pocket. One thing at a time.

Pintel: But...

Barbossa: Who's the don, and who's the don's henchman?

CUT TO...Jack on the street.

(Jack takes his gun and shoots a hanging sign post down the street. It crashes to the ground)

Voice: He went over here.

(Jack smiles and runs into a building. We see it says "The Herald" on the front)

CUT TO...interior of The Herald.

(Printing presses are everywhere. Jack looks around.)

Will: You! You're that mobster, the one that lost that whole block in Brooklyn.

Jack: No, I'm not.

Will: You are!

Jack: Are not.

Will: Are too. (sees the foolishness of this. He whips out a knife) You threatened Miss Swann.

Jack: And it was sloppy seconds, let me tell you. (draws his own knife) You think this wise, kid?

(Will attacks first. It is a close fight since it is with knives. They dodge the moving printing presses.)

Jack: You make all these?

Will: I find the stories, (lunge) write the stories, (lunge) and print the stories!

Jack: You got to find yourself a girl...or at least a really nice car.

(Jack starts running down the room. Will hops onto a working press to catch up to him quickly. Jack pulls a crank that literally stops the presses. The sudden stop hurls Will forward. He falls and is face-to-face with Jack's knife)

Will: You cheated!

Jack: Mobster.

(Suddenly, he falls to the ground, knocked out.)

Detective Murtogg: I got him! I got him!

(Norrington and the rest of his police come in the front door)

Norrington: Excellent work, Detective Murtogg. You'll make sergeant one of these days. You there (to Will), did this man harm you or violate you in any way?

Will: (sighs) This goes straight to print.

Norrington: (to unconscious Jack) Well, it appears it wasn't the last we saw of Jack Sparrow.

Your turn, Kate!

Sorry for the double post! I was 1 minute too late! Barbossa circled back to see what happened. Also, I didn't notice the story takes place in Chicago. I've got a script going where I can correct. We'll post the finished product soon enough!


if you loved that u have to see the feecsh! http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/imageviewer.asp?ean=9780618127658 now that's what dreams are made of; o my, what 20s....

haha Willo that was brilliant as always--- love the fight amongst the printing presses! and detective murtogg... awe!

lmao!!! omg Willo and Kate...u 2 are awsome for this!! I love it! keep up the great work!!! lol...im really enjoying this! lol

willo, kate, it's awesome! but I miss CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow, though smile



THIS IS FABULOUS!!! Great job, Willo and Kate! Keep it coming, I'm craving more! big grin big grin big grin

Originally posted by IheartPocky
Coolio! Im excited smile r u participating? she even mentioned ur name; i didnt mean to bump u out w/ my stupid writing attempts

(Norrington and his men are already turning the place inside and out. No one looks up at Will when he makes his announcement.)

Norrington: Detective Mullroy, you want to remove this man?

Will: I know that car! When I came here to America, I saw a man leave a briefcase on our boat. He jumped ship and took off in that car. That was right before everything around me was blown to smithereens. (eyes take on a haunted look) What they must be doing to her.

Norrington: Mr. Turner, you're just a reporter, and a mediocre one at that. You're not a cop, you're not an informant. Now get out of here!

Will: Wait a minute...that other mobster that attacked her...

Murtogg: Don't even mention that name!

Mullroy: The name Jack Sparrow?

Murtogg: Thank you so much for going against what I just said.

Will: Jack Sparrow would know who owns that car and what they want with her. We should use him.

Norrington: I never trust a mobster, Mr. Turner, and you shouldn't either. We have this under control. Go about your business.

Will: (flips table over) That's not good enough!

Norrington: (takes Will aside) Listen to me, kid. I care about Liz too, and I'm doing everything I can to make sure she's safe. I won't have some small-time reporter complicating things to the point where she's worse off. Understand?

CUT TO...jail.

(Jack is in his own cell. Sitting on his bed, he's reading a newspaper. The headline reads "Mobsters Wreak Mischief and Mayhem."wink

Will: (runs up to the cell) They've taken Miss Swann! (waits for an answer) Didn't you hear me? You must have seen that car before. Who owns it?

Jack: Who owns it? (folds paper and sets it aside) Why, the infamous Don Barbossa, of course.

Will: All right, I'm not one to make deals with mobsters, see, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Help me track them down.

Jack: Ah, and how would we got about doing that, since I'm in here awaiting the chair?

Will: You leave that to me. (goes up to the warden) Sir, that man in there, he's an important witness to a crime. Commissioner Norrington needs him out to testify.

Warden: And you are?

Will: Deputy Turner, deputy. (flashes a badge very quickly)

(The warden unlocks Jack's cell.)

Will: I keep a badge around to get into classified areas. Now live up to your end of the bargain.

CUT TO...parking lot

Will: You're telling me we're going to confiscate a car?

Jack: Kid, just say "steal," got it? That one!

Will: Wait! What if it's locked?

(Jack breaks the window and wedges himself under the dashboard. He is hotwiring the car.)

Jack: (from below) What's your name, kid?

Will: Will Turner.

Jack: Thought so. You got an old man with the same name?

Will: (taken aback) Yeah. He came to America before I did to get settled here. We stopped hearing from him, so I came here myself to look for him.

Jack: (rises up and sits in the driver's seat) He was a good man, good mobster.

Will: What? Them are fighting words, pal!

(Jack jumps at him and opens the passenger door. Will falls out of the car.)

Jack: We don't have time for this, see? Your sassy dame doesn't have time for it. Now either you can accept your pop was in the same line I was and we can move on, or you can't. Now, sit there and shut up.

(The car takes off)

i can't stop laughing... them are fighting words... oh geeeee..... HAHAHAAH


LMAO!!!! Willo, Kate!!! I Love this soooooo much!! Please keep it up!! It's hilarious! Great job girls!!

Jack Sparrow the Mobster is tre hOTTT!!

Ah, I need to not make another story like that! really. f.y.i. curlers I'm waiting for the kitchen... lightbulb I'm not writing... lamo


Originally posted by christnabarrett
r u participating? she even mentioned ur name; i didnt mean to bump u out w/ my stupid writing attempts

oh no, I'm not! hehe i think she mentioned me cause i wanted was excited about it in the other thread when they were talking about it! i think smile

Aw, I'm sorry: you must be busy with something else now?

Hm? No, I just don't want anyone to see my writing stick out tongue

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so... what happens next? GAH ROFL, i need to know, this is AWEzomz.

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Great job! Haha, loved Ruby and Jill wink

CUT TO...a lavish lounge with a poker table centered.

("Peter and the Wolf" is playing on a record player in the corner. A soft light hangs over the table. Chips are already out, and Barbossa sits comfortably in a plush chair. Elizabeth stands over the table.)

Barbossa: You must know by now you're invited to play. Sit down and ante up. (she sits) That dress becomes you.

Elizabeth: Might I ask about the previous owner?

(Barbossa just laughs and begins to shuffle the cards. He deals them out)

Barbossa: We do have some cold cut sandwiches over there on the cart. No need to starve yourself. I like a woman with plump gams.

(Elizabeth grabs a sandwich and eats it quickly. She then goes back to her cards)

Elizabeth: I'll take two. (she replaces her cards) So...we're sitting at a table playing a civilized game of cards and I'm not at the bottom of Lake Michigan right now. What gives?

Barbossa: That (points to her necklace) is what gives. We have some wine and crackers for you too, and you can help yourself to the ice box.

Elizabeth: Just let me go! If you have that necklace, there's no reason to keep me here! (stands and goes to the cart. She sees a knife on it. She stays at the cart)

Barbossa: You want to hear a story, missy? Be warned it's no fairy tale. Years back, a powerful don ran an entire region. He received generous portions of everyone's earnings and in exchange, protected them from the other dons. And then, one day, his assistant decided he wanted more, deserved more! Do you know what it's like to clean up after someone else all the time, see them going out and doin' everything wrong, knowin' you could do so much better? This man overcame the don and made the region what it should be, with help from David "the Squid" Jones.

Elizabeth: Jones is just a legend, Don Barbossa.

Barbossa: Is it now? It's my story as I see it. This Jones gave out necklaces to every brother under the don. You mighta seen them on Pintel and Ragetti out there. No one was ever harmed who wore them. But Jones is a greedy, evil man, even for us. He took back his offer and demanded the necklaces back. We said we'd bring him all of them as long as we had time to do so.
That one you have is the last necklace to be brought back to him. Of course, I don't give up easily. (gestures to a bunch of guitar and violin cases in the corner) Everyone given a necklace must bring it back and be present.

Elizabeth: But I'm not one of you.

Barbossa: Doesn't matter. He just needs to see a body with the necklace to make sure they're all accounted for...and if you happen to be caught in the crossfire...

(Elizabeth springs up and stabs Barbossa in the shoulder. She tries to run out the door, but two gigantic men wearing necklaces drag her back to the table)

Barbossa: (pulls the knife out of him) I've been shot 7 times, beautiful. You really think a knife draws that much out of me besides blood? (laughs)

*howls with laughter* this just gets better and better. i really needed to laugh today. oh my word that was fantastic. David "The Squid" Jones---- holy crap I can't stop laughing... LOUD APPLAUSE!

something tells me we're both looking up 1920s slang online--- great minds think alike. smile oh boy. this is good fun.

Daddy - O

(qf) lMaO Jumpy

No, I haven't been looking up 20s slang, but that is a good idea because I'm running out! I just remember things from movies and what-not. Can't wait for your next post!

hahaha just me then... I'll work on the next bit and get it up soon. smile


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IT just keeps getting better and better willo, kate! GAH! MORE! MORE!!!!

CUT TO...outside on a street.

(Jack, Will, and Gibbs walk up and down a line of degenerates. Most of them sport brimmed hats and long coats.)

Gibbs: Found the best men in all Chicago! Well, the most available that is.

Will: They look ready to drop over dead.

Gibbs: Get some Italian cooking in them and they'll be just fine! (pats one on the back. He falls over) Er, here we are. Man had his tongue cut out so you know he's seen action! Goes by Cotton.

Jack: Mr. Cotton, are you strong enough to take on a daring rescue mission against evil mafia dons?

Parrot's Pigeon: When do we leave?

Jack: Oh yes...the tongue thing. (sees another) You...(takes the hat off revealing a woman) Annie.

Anamaria: That's Anamaria! (slaps him)

Will: Let me guess, didn't deserve it?

Jack: Oh, I deserved it.

Anamaria: Low-down, dirty, rotton...you stole my car!

Will: Uh, we'll get you another one! (points to the one they stole)

Anamaria: Agreed!

Gibbs: Looks like we got the odds against us, Jack.

Jack: As usual.

J.P Jaeh_Poole
...the question is, will they all fit in the car?...


Carpool, dear, carpool. laughing laughing

CUT TO...a storm

(A string of cars drive along a deserted stretch. It's too desolate to even be farm land. Will and Gibbs are in the second car.)

Will: Why is Jack so bent on revenge against Don Barbossa?

Gibbs: Hard to say exactly. Jack doesn't reveal much to people, not since Barbossa overthrew him and became the don over everything Jack had.

Will: He failed to mention that. What happened?

Gibbs: It was before I knew him. They say Jack had too much of an honest streak to be a truly ruthless don and Barbossa...let's just say let him know it. But he decided he'd take Jack up in one of those flying machines, you know? Be a regular Orville and Wilbur Wright. And then, he pushed him out! Now, Will, when someone's pushed out of a plane, they can either land on land or in water, and the situation ain't good either way.

Will: How did he survive?

Gibbs: Glad you asked! Jack, freefalling through the clouds, made the coo of a dove. (coos) All of a sudden, every bird of flight circled round him. He took hold of a couple of turkey vultures and they flew him to safety.

Will: Turkey vultures?

Gibbs: Aye, turkey vultures!

Will: (skeptical) How did turkey vultures wind up in the area?

(Gibbs is stumped. A car pulls up next to them and rolls down the window. They roll down theirs. Jack, who was leading, is now next to them.)

Jack: I had doused myself in turkey vulture pheremones.

Gibbs: How did you know we were talking...

Jack: (interrupting him) Never you mind. William "Scoop" Turner is coming in this car with me. We're very close to Barbossa now.

(Will switches cars.)

Gibbs: What should the rest of us do if you're in trouble?

Jack: Keep to the code. (winks at him) Here's looking at you, Gibbs.

(They drive off)

Kate, you're up!

J.P Jaeh_Poole
Inventor J. H. Apjohn came up with a method of moving two brushes up and down on a vertical plate glass windshield in 1903.

Mary Anderson is said to have invented the windshield wiper swinging arm in the United States, where she patented the idea in 1905. The idea was initially met with resistance, but was a standard feature on all American cars by 1916.

and no, that is not basic encyclopedic knowledge i thought of from the top of my head, i was looking something up in wikipedia and decided to look it up just for fun, and because willo asked. big grin

now where is my cookie?

Okay Willo, mine will be up within the next 20 minutes, but I first just need to say, that was my FAVORITE segment done yet in this story!!! OH MY WORD--- Turkey Vultures, pheromones... Here's Looking at You, Gibbs?!?! AHHHHH i LOVE it. too brilliant for words. big grin


How about a song about cookies?

(to the tune of "Mandy"wink

Oh Jaeh, how you came
and you found out the wipers
So here is your cookie
I'm hyper

J.P Jaeh_Poole
ROFL willo! *eats... the song?*

can't wait for your post, kate.. big grin

Originally posted by willofthewisp

How about a song about cookies?

(to the tune of "Mandy"wink

Oh Jaeh, how you came
and you found out the wipers
So here is your cookie
I'm hyper o my.. this isn't just a little funny....

rm.. (thinks..)



J.P Jaeh_Poole

...the mafia code? genius. stick out tongue

I could thread through LOTS of codes.... dev So, where's my head.... Oyeal, just p* off.

i'm trying to write this parley scene and I just have no creativity... Rory, Savvy, Diva, Maria, anyone want to take a shot???

Hmm, if thre are no takers...

(Jack gets out of the elevator. Pintel and Ragetti see him)

Pintel: We thought you was kaput!

Jack: Not a chance. I like women.

Pintel: (confused) Uh.... (pulls gun on him)

Jack: Take me to Barbossa.

Ragetti: Doggone those magic words!

(Barbossa sees Jack.)

Barbossa: Well, well, well. How did you ever survive being dropped out of that flying machine?

Jack: You forgot one very important thing...I'm Jack Sparrow!

Barbossa: Ah, well, I won't make that mistake again. Kill him!

Jack: That girl was no help and off she's gone with the necklace.

Barbossa: Hold it! You know how to get the necklace?

Jack: I know how to get the necklace.

CUT TO...backseat of a car.

(Will is checking Elizabeth over for wounds)

Elizabeth: I'm fine, Will, honestly!

Will: Why did you give them my name as yours?

Elizabeth: It was just my lucky day, I guess. (they lock eyes and almost kiss. she backs away. She takes Will's hand and guides it down her neck almost to her bosom. He feels the necklace)

Will: What...?

Elizabeth: It's yours. It's always been yours. I thought you were a mobster, so I took it.

Will: (backs away) Then, then it's all true. My father did send it to me to keep Barbossa and his henchmen trapped. That means, he was a mobster!

Elizabeth: (doesn't know what to do) Cigarette?

Anamaria: (opens car door) We're not out of the woods yet, kids!

YAYAYAY!!! willo, sorry I bailed... but as always, you've done a wonderful job! I'll continue if you like...

Go right ahead. I'm looking forward to the big battle that's coming! And then...well, we all know what happens after that battle.

haha i got distracted by american idol. i'll post the battle in a bit--- smile


well done, willo smile can I still hope for Sparrabeth ending?


Kate, that was action-packed! Loved it!

(Barbossa turns his attentions to Elizabeth)

Barbossa: So, thought you could get away no questions asked, huh, baby? (grabs her) Thought you could take us all on in those jalopies! Well, moll or not, you're going to wish you weren't such a pill to us! (throws her to some mobsters who begin pawing her. She screams)

Will: Hold it right there!

Elizabeth: Will!

Will: She goes free!

Barbossa: (laughs) You slay me, kid. (turns to Jack) Is he tryin' to take after you?

(Jack shrugs)

Will: I'm the son of Bill Turner, the rightful owner of the necklace. Now I'll go with you and face The Squid with all the other necklaces. You need a body to go with that spiffy necklace, don't you?

Jack: What did I say about doing something stupid?

Barbossa: Name your terms, kid.

Will: She goes free.

Barbossa: Yeah, yeah. Anything else?

Will: (thinks) Oh, and Gibbs and his men. None of them are to be harmed.

Jack: Thanks for remembering me, kid. (turns to random mobster) Nobody home up there, you know?

CUT TO...a dark forest. We only see the headlights of the cars. Barbossa and some of his mobsters are outside. They are tying Jack and Elizabeth to a tree. Will is being held by two mobsters and is struggling.)

Will: You dirty double-crosser! I said she goes free!

Barbossa: And free she is, just not as free as a bird. Speaking of birds...(leans in to Jack) Comfy?

Jack: Last time you tried to kill me you left me a gat, remember?

Barbossa: So I did. (takes out a gun and places it just out of reach) One shot as usual. Be the gentleman, Jack, and shoot the dame so you can starve to death, or maybe get gobbled up by some animal. (laughs) Let's go!

(They drag Will away to the cars and drive off. We see as they go in the cars that Gibbs, Anamaria, Cotton, and the rest are tied up in the backseats of the cars.)

Jack: Hold on. (pulls his leg up to him. He manages to pull a switchblade out of his boot and starts cutting the rope. He grabs the gun and holds onto it)

Elizabeth: (dusting herself off. She sees Jack has left his knife on the ground. She takes it.) Gonna bump me off?

Jack: Wasn't planning on it...unless there's a problem between us?

Elizabeth: What were you planning to do with Will? He's on the up-and-up and you had plans to double-cross him!

Jack: Apparently, you don't know how I operate just yet. No one was going to double-cross anyone, but as long as Barbossa thought I was, I could get back my car, get back my neighborhood-- all without anyone touching a hair on stupid William's head.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Jack: Oh.

Elizabeth: He still did a very brave thing.

Jack: Ha! (marches off)

Take it, Kate!


Oh jeez, I've been dreading this decision. I'll tell you what...

CUT TO...Jack wakes up. It is morning. His nose crinkles. He springs up and looks on in horror. We finally see what he sees: Elizabeth has set fire to the woods, including the rest of the alcohol.

Jack: (almost speechless) No! No good! Stop! What are you doing? You burned the booze!

Elizabeth: (claps her hands together) Sure thing! The hooch is gone.

Jack: Why is the hooch gone?

Elizabeth: Well, for starters, it turns swell guys like yourself into vulgar idiots. Second, do you see how high that smoke is? The cops are combing the state for me. Do you really think something like this won't catch their attention?

Jack: But why is the hooch gone?

Elizabeth: (sits down) We're fine, Jack. Smoke has nowhere to go but up. You give it about 20 minutes and you'll see marvelous black and white cars with sirens heading our way.

(Jack pulls out his gun and considers shooting her, but rethinks it. He storms off)

Jack: (mocking her) "Sure sorry you're stuck with me now, Jack!" (mad) You can say that again! (sees police cars pulling up with the firetrucks) No moving in with her after this...

CUT TO...outside the woods

(Norrington, Jack, Elizabeth, and a few officers stand just outside their squad cars)

Elizabeth: We have to go back for Will!

Norrington: No, we have to get you back to the city. You've had your fill of mobsters.

Elizabeth: But Will came after me to help me, to prevent anything from happening to me!

Jack: I'll just cut in here... (Norrington glares at him) Barbossa now drives the Black Pearl, the very staple of crime and general disorder. If you go after that, bringing in the most notorious crook since, well, me, think what that would do for you.

Norrington: I don't do what I do just for me, SIR.

Elizabeth: You'd do it for me too, wouldn't you, James? As a house-warming gift?

Norrington: House-warm...you'd move in with me?

Elizabeth: As soon as all this was over.

Jack: Well, let's bring out the booze and celebrate!

Norrington: (to the officers) We'll follow their cars back to David the Squid's hideout. Jack Sparrow, we'll keep an extra close eye on you.

CUT TO...backseat of a police car.

(Jack and Elizabeth are riding in the back. The partition is up so they have some privacy)

Elizabeth: You didn't tell him about the necklaces. That was information he would have paid you for.

Jack: You could have told him, but you didn't, and for the same reason I'd imagine.

Elizabeth: He'd have changed his plan and never gone after Will.

Jack: Well, you could have gotten him drunk. (taken aback at the look she gives him) You got me all wrong, baby. I admire what you did.

Elizabeth: (softens) You're a smart guy, Jack. (they lock eyes) But it's hard to trust a criminal like you.

Jack: (leans in and whispers to her) Peas in a pod, sweetheart. (closes his eyes and kisses her. The car suddenly halts to a stop, causing them to break apart)

Well, Kate, this still gives us freedom. Your move.

oh geez could that GET any hotter?!?! now that's what I call a perfect scene. smile


it's awesome!!! A Sparrabeth kiss! yay!

eek! eek! eek!

SPARRABETH!!! big grin big grin big grin This is AWESOME!!! Keep up the good work!!!

CUT TO...the front hall of the house.

(It is a lavish house with plush curtains and carpets with the DJ monogram on everything. Pintel and Ragetti hold Will)

Ragetti: Not to worry, chum. It's just a gunfight.

Pintel: The hell it is! This is Turner's boy! He pays tonight.

Jack: (running towards them just as they are outside a gorgeous gold door) Uh...excuse me?

Barbossa: (coming around from the hall about to open the door) Impossible!

Jack: Improbable, but not impossible.

Will: Elizabeth? Is she all right? Where is she?

Jack: She's fine as I promised. She's going to move in with Commissioner Norrington just as she promised, and I suppose you'll be dying for her just as you promised her in some strange dream of yours. So we all men of our word...except Lizzie I guess since she's a dame.

Barbossa: Just shut your trap! You'll come in with us and you'll both be bumped off!

Jack: If you think that's a good idea...of course the entire Chicago police force is outside.

CUT TO...Detectives Murtogg and Mullroy

Mullroy: Why are we out here?

Murtogg: Because when the mobsters come out of the house, we'll be right here.

Mullroy: Oh.

CUT TO...Jones' hide-out

Jack: So what you should do, Barbossa, is go out there, overtake them, and own the whole police department.

Barbossa: I suppose in exchange you want me to not kill the Mrs. Grundy.

Jack: No, by all means, kill the Mrs. Grundy. He is kind of a drag, isn't he? (sneaks to Will and takes the necklace from him)

Will: (playing along) You were planning this from the beginning!

Jack: Yeah.

Barbossa: I'll just hang onto Mr. Turner here. Boys! Out the back door and around the trees!

Jack: Not out the front door then?

Barbossa: You see, Jack, that's why you're a sad excuse for a mobster. Far too nice and predictable (laughs).

CUT TO...the police cars outside

(Elizabeth takes a bobby pin out of her hair and frees herself from her handcuffs. She sneaks off to Barbossa's cars and opens the doors.)

Gibbs: Liz!

Elizabeth: (frees the rest of them) We have to get in that house. The biggest gat-fight in the history of gat-fights is about to go down and Will and Jack are stuck in the middle of it. Let's go.

(None of them move)

Elizabeth: Come on, you pikers! What's the hold-up?

Gibbs: The Code!

Elizabeth: Forget about the Code! You're rebels, play by your own rules!

CUT TO...Elizabeth running to the house all alone.

Elizabeth: Worthless mobsters...

CUT TO...inside of the house

(Barbossa, Jack, and Will enter the room. No one is there. There is a note knifed to the door with a Black Spot on it.)

Barbossa: Gah! Blasted Jones! (turns on Will and Jack. Jack throws a gun to Will) You're a hard man to predict, Jack.

(Jack takes out a knife. Barbossa takes out his. They start fighting)

Barbossa: You can't win, Jack!

CUT TO...the police cars

(A great battle has erupted between Norrington and his men and the mobsters)

honestly, this is so much fun. i just laugh and laugh. priceless twenties lingo. smile

Oh dear dear dear!! I'm so sorry I missed out on this so far and yet so glad that I got to read all of it at once.
This is even better than the translations! That's something coming from me cause the translations were my favorite things ever.
Now I gotta see what happens...I could be happy with a non-sparrbeth ending right now...And that is DEFINITELY something coming from me.
Now I only have one demand. After this is done you simply must start another project...the KMC forum should always have a writing project..you guys are too good

P.S: I'm studying the Jazz age right now so this is extra special for me

haha thats awesome, Tee. I was hoping Willo might be up for completing the trilogy, 1920s style...

Batting lashes! I need to see hoe this ends...BTW kate! Your siggy is breathtaking!

DMC 1920s style? Oh I am sooo in.

You have no idea how glad I am to hear that willo! It's much needed

More of you guys should join in on these. Kate and I are having a blast with this one and we want to share the love. If you don't know 20s slang, you can google it along with the movie scripts. We welcome everyone to participate in DMC when we're ready for it.

You got yourself a deal. Finish this one off and I'm in for DMC

You're still up, Kate, just a reminder. We don't have that much left.

i haven't forgotten, I'm just a slacker with no creative juices left right now. You are welcome to continue, or else I will be sure to do so tonight as soon as I get home... smile

J.P Jaeh_Poole
GAH! TEE! Where have you been!?

AWEsome guys! sooo totally wanna read more... GAH! there's gonna be a sequel! YAYZ!

Missed you too Jaeh!
*bites nails* Can't wait for you guys to continue!

You're still up, Kate. I'd like to bounce off of what you do next.


aww awesome! smile

AWESOME! God! I'm laughing so hard. Can't wait for the ending.

Awesome, Kate - Loved pintel and ragetti in the flapper dresses *snicker*

Totally OT, but LOVE YOUR SIGGY SIF!! big grin big grin big grin

THanks Bri! stick out tongue big grin

I'll come up with the ending either tonight or tomorrow. Exciting climax, Kate!

CUT TO...Jack's indictment.

(We are in a courtroom, filled with spectators. Will and Elizabeth are among them, but not sitting together. The judge reads off the charges.)

Judge: "Racketeering, hijacking, blackmail, money laundering, impersonating a priest.

(Jack laughs, remembering something known only to him.)

Elizabeth: (to Norrington who is next to her) This is wrong.

Norrington: Law can't be wrong, baby. (puts his arm around her. She shuffles out of it. He looks hurt.) Besides, the only reason he went to help you in the first place was for revenge against Barbossa.

(Elizabeth shakes her head, knowing that's not true.)

(Will suddenly stands and moves closer to the front. He stops at the row where Elizabeth and Norrington are sitting.)

Will: I just wanted to thank you, Norrington, for clearing all this up.

Norrington: (stunned) Gee, thank you. I guess this story made the papers?

Will: Every single one of them...after The Herald printed it first. But I doubt anything about Jack's conviction and execution will be. (turns to Elizabeth) Liz, there's something you should know. (pause) I'm over the moon for you, sweetheart. I love you.

(He walks towards the front leaving her shocked.)

Judge: Jack Sparrow, do you have anything to say in your defense?

(Jack sees Will walking. His hands are tied.)

Elizabeth: I feel a swoon coming on. (pretends to faint. Norrington is distracted)

(Will has passed by Jack and handed him something. He then punches out the guard next to Jack. Jack uses the knife Will just handed him to cut his bonds. The two of them dodge the guards out the door and through the hallway until they are outside.)

(Norrington and Elizabeth, along with some officers, chase them.)

Norrington: Not so fast, Sparrow. You have nowhere to go.

Will: No! (steps between Norrington and Jack)

Norrington: I got no beef with you, Turner. This man is a mobster!

Will: And a good man. And here I stand, between you and him.

Elizabeth: (racing next to them) So am I.

Norrington: (to his men) Lower your weapons! Elizabeth, this, this is what you want?

Elizabeth: Sorry, James. You're a nice guy and all and I never wanted to hurt you, but these two sheiks have got the better of me.

Jack: (seizing the moment. He sees a black car pull up across the street) Well, this has been an eventful day for all of us. Commissioner, I was rooting for you. Know that. Liz...it just wouldn't have worked out. I'm sorry. (starts to walk off. He turns) Oh, and Will, uh, nice fedora. (he runs across the street and dives into the car)

Detective Gillette: Sir, aren't we gonna rush after him?

Norrington: (smirking) I can afford him a day's head start, don't you think? Turner, I wish you all the success and (swallows, looks at Elizabeth) happiness in the world. Just keep in mind your pen is mightier than your sword. (walks off)

Will: What did he mean by that? I mean, I know I'm just a reporter, but...

Elizabeth: Shut your trap. You're a criminal. (pulls him in for a kiss)

CUT TO...inside the car.

Gibbs: I'll give you the driver's seat.

(Jack scoots over and puts his hands on the steering wheel. He carresses it almost lovingly, lost in his own world with it.)

Jack: (snapping out of it) Get your atlas out! It's time to get back in the game. (starts driving. He begins to hum to himself and then sings) ...it's still the same old story/a fight for love and glory/a case of do or die/the world will always welcome lovers/as time goes by.


Awe YAYAYAY!! smile Excellent ending. This was such a blast. I'm guessing it won't be long before we take on DMC...

Your decision since you are going to start that one. I look forward to reading what you write every time. reading

It's up! I broke it down into five parts and started by just posting the first part---review hounding and all that. wink

I'll post the link when it actually shows up on the site, you know how it takes a while to show up.

I reckon someone could report us and kill the fun right away, but what the heck. Personally, I think we should edit and clean up the translations a bit and re-post them while we're at it. Those were fantastic.

So, everyone... as soon as I post the link, we're counting on you to head over to FF and give us some reviewin' love... smile


I left a review and it looks like I'm the first. Step it up, ladies!

I wish it was Sparrabeth ending, but since we need DMC, then this ending is awesome smile

Well, that was pretty rough a piece of work to through. XP ?

WOW! Great work!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you enjoyed that.

I really learned a lot from it. It woke me up to when I was still in 10th grade.

*Cheers* I am madly in love with it! Best Parody I've read. You gotta start the DMC one...I'm sure everyone can join in and it'll be a blast.

I told Kate she could start it off, so once a thread gets started, the fun starts again. She posted it on fanfiction, so leave reviews!

*runs over to review*

EDIT: Do you want me to pimp this on my LJ and a few communities for you? Its a fantastic read and I'm sure tons of people would enjoy it smile smile

Pimp wherever you want to pimp!

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I love it so much I'm actually going to pimp it on my own fics! People will adore this.
I'm excited that there is going to be a DMC thread too!

i put ch 2 up

You're the best.

Agreeing with willo

3rd chapter up. where are the reviews? apparently people on ff only review to the tune of sparrabeth...

I know. I saw the one that requested sparrabeth. I wonder if that means they won't continue? Don't they know it's coming?

Lol. Probably not...in my days in ff.net I've discovered that you get better reviews if you mention the shipping in your summary. Imagine flipping through fics and if u see "with splashes of JE (or even WE)" you will definitely read it.

Meanwhile I will pimp it on my other fics and plus I know a lot of people on other sites who read the first chapter but couldn't review...is the anonymous review thing disabled or something?

i fixed the anonymous review thing. and part 4 is up--- one more part to go, and then we'll really have to get in gear on dmc. smile

Kate, we have a thread of it started, but we need you because I think tee and I are a bit stumped.

here's my question. were submarines invented in the 20s?

Hmmmmmmm...I see where you're going with this kate. Interesting question...

We need u...we're totally stumped *runs off to see about the yellow submarine*

Ah, I know where you're going with this, Kate. And because I'm so nice, I'm going to find out for you.

The first submersible with reliable information on its construction was built in 1620 by Cornelius Jacobszoon Drebbel, a Dutchman in the service of James I of England. It was created to the standards of the design outlined by English mathematician William Bourne. It was propelled by means of oars. The precise nature of the submarine type is a matter of some controversy; some claim that it was merely a bell towed by a boat. Two improved types were tested in the Thames between 1620 and 1624. In 2002 a two-man version of Drebbel's design was built for the BBC TV programme Building the Impossible by Mark Edwards, and successfully rowed under water at Dorney Lake, Eton.

Though the first submersible vehicles were tools for exploring under water, it did not take long for inventors to recognize their military potential. The strategic advantages of submarines were set out by Bishop John Wilkins of Chester, England, in Mathematicall Magick in 1648.

Tis private: a man may thus go to any coast in the world invisibly, without discovery or prevented in his journey.
Tis safe, from the uncertainty of Tides, and the violence of Tempests, which do never move the sea above five or six paces deep. From Pirates and Robbers which do so infest other voyages; from ice and great frost, which do so much endanger the passages towards the Poles.
It may be of great advantages against a Navy of enemies, who by this may be undermined in the water and blown up.
It may be of special use for the relief of any place besieged by water, to convey unto them invisible supplies; and so likewise for the surprisal of any place that is accessible by water.
It may be of unspeakable benefit for submarine experiments.

The first military submarines
The first military submarine was Turtle (1775), a hand-powered egg-shaped device designed by the American David Bushnell, to accommodate a single man. It was the first verified submarine capable of independent underwater operation and movement, and the first to use screws for propulsion. During the American Revolutionary War, Turtle (operated by Sgt. Ezra Lee, Continental Army) tried and failed to sink a British warship, HMS Eagle (flagship of the blockaders) in New York harbor on September 7, 1776.

The Nautilus (1800)In 1800, France built a human-powered submarine designed by Robert Fulton, the Nautilus. The French eventually gave up with the experiment in 1804, as did the British when they later considered Fulton's submarine design.

During the War of 1812, in 1814, Silas Halsey lost his life while using a submarine in an unsuccessful attack on a British warship stationed in New London harbor.

In 1851, a Bavarian artillery corporal, Wilhelm Bauer, took a submarine designed by him called the Brandtaucher (incendiary-diver) to sea in Kiel Harbour. This submarine was built by August Howaldt and powered by a treadwheel. It sank but the crew of 3 managed to escape. The submarine was raised in 1887 and is on display in a museum in Dresden.

YAY! The JE submarine plot is back in business...I'm excited

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