who here hates cho chang as much as i do?

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i absolutley HATE cho chang and was just wondering if anyone else here did smile

I also hate her because she was the first GF of HR.

C Teng
i didn't really mind her

It's a good thing they made her oriental/Chinese. I pictured her much differently. So, she's a lot like Luna Lovegood, the actress being from Ireland.

They put Chang in with the minor characters http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hogwarts_students and Luna as her own article already.

This is interesting to me since I'm 1/2 Chinese and 1/2 Irish.

I can say that I really dont care for her as well.

Well, I am also supposedly less than 0.01% German & Pennsylvania Deutsch (Dutch?,) Dutch, French, and Native American indian (- I need to look up the tribe) from the Irish side, my dad.

she was only a main character in book five. the rest of the books could have not mentioned her at all and they would have been the same.

Topacio Fafalla

I mean, I feel pressured to have to want to be Cho, moreso being 1/2 Chinese. I do not really want to be any of the characters in this story. (I have read 1 - 5 and started 6, so far.) None of these characters are at all like my life, reflected. I think, it is because I am from a different country. Well, I am from U.S.A., Florida.. I think Cho was a great and innocent character at first, but I got disgusted and shocked whenever she'd left Harry. All the characters are stupid sometimes, but this was waay stupid. I hope it is not a racist joke by accident. They wanted a person with an "asian" personality and they got it. England = Ireland now, as well. I think what happened with this character is she got so physically outdone with life, There, that Harry really was hurting just her sensitivities. I do no think she was being racist.. in that regard. You know, it is that physical feeling that you cannot be with a person before something is really too late.. She just did not fit in, at all.

Shelbert Lemon
Race.... what?

Anyways, Cho was a good character. I liked her and the actress playing her in the movies was well picked for the part.

I like Hermione for Harry. Too bad, she is paired-up with Ron...

I see no reason to hate Cho. I think she's a pretty good character!

Miss S Malfoy
I don't hate her...I guess...you could say I STRONGLY don't care for her.

I don't hate her. I think she's like many beautiful girl. I mean, she just want to hang out with many man lol

she's a whore

Originally posted by colossulrage
she's a whore

Now that just about sums it up! naughty thumb up

Dont know the person...i don't even read these books but Ill join the hate crusade with ya!!

I don't hate her but I do find her very annoying.

As long as she doesn't open her mouth and unleash her Scottish accent on us, she is sex.

I wanna know why you guys hate her any reason? i like her.

the ninjak
Originally posted by Council#13
As long as she doesn't open her mouth and unleash her Scottish accent on us, she is sex.

that accent amplifies her sex.

he is not too bad as you say about him

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I can't stand Cho. Hate her.

i really hate cho just cause she is not lovely enough

Never particularly liked her but don't hate her either.

Arina Malfoy
Hello, I absolutely dislike cho chang as ifind her as a annoying bratsmile

I don't like her

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