Batman Vs Judge Dredd

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Three rounds.

1st round: H2H only, no weapons or prep.
2nd round: Dredd gets all his normal gear and so does Bats. No prep.
3rd round: An hour prep for both. Fight takes place in Mega City 1. They can't bring extra weapons etc but so they can strategise.

So fight one in the streets of NY. Fight two in the streets of Gotham so Bats an use his briana nd work the terotery and fight 3 in Mega City 1.

Who wins?

I think Bats wins 7.5 to 8 times out of 10 in 1, in two about 6.5 to 7for Bats and fight 3 I am not sure.


Kid Kurdy
They fought already a few times.

Batman should win, but Dredd is, well, Dredd. He doesn't know when to give up.

They fought once, but in almost all comics they were in together at least one punch was thrown.

But yes they fought once for about 45 minutes and it ended ina draw because Dredd stopped because he kept him busy long enough, should be up later today.

Kid Kurdy
Here's when the two first met...

I will preface this by saying that I am not an expert on Dredd, I have read very little featuring him. Thusly, I will invite you to take my opinion with a grain (or a mine) of salt.

In fight one, I see Batman taking a healthy majority. Hand to hand is his bread and butter, I've never seen Dredd being nearly as skilled (though he is still considerably so.)

Fight two, I see going to Batman probably about as often as fight one - it's friggin Gotham.

Fight three, I haven't got a clue.

Endrict Nuul

Originally posted by Kid Kurdy
Here's when the two first met...

Yeah but the next time they had a full blown fight so thats not really effecting a fight.

But yeah Dredd isn't as skilled as Bats, He can go a while with him and keep up but Bats would win no doubt.

With all their stuff Bats can win if he uses his ninja skills and Dredd doesn't resort to heat seaking etc.

1. Bats - probably better h2h and a bit bigger and stronger
2. Dredd - better equipment
3. Dredd - his city his rules

Originally posted by Endrict Nuul Mine is a bit more detailed, of all the multiple threads I saw today the little one you point out? no expression

I don't know that much about Dredd apart from the movie. I do know that Batman is the better fighter in this contest. So in the first round, I can see Batman taking the victory. And just how good are Dredd weapons? I really don't know that much, but I think Batman would avoid most of any weapon attacks anyway. Since he deals with that all the time. A lot of criminals in Gotham use guns on Batman so I'm guesting Dredd must have some crazy weapons to even stand a chance against Batman.

Silent Master
If the only thing you know about Dredd is from the movie, how do you know that Batman is a better fighter than comic Dredd?

Almost everything he needs he has in a hand gun. Heat seeker, richoet. explosive, hes good at up to a 1000 meters etc.

More info coming.


Batman Vs Judge Dredd

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