Be careful what you wish for....

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This is what the rps about.....
Ill need the vampire a vampire hunter and Daisys parents and best friends and some of the vampires friends who are also vampires.

Only a women with nothing left to lose knocks on a vampires door and ask for help. Daisy Adair is conviced that the mysterious dark haired man she's been following for months can save her life if he doesn't kill her first. But the vampire insist he can't give her what she needs his kiss unleases a primal hunger that makes her feel truly alive for the first time. After centuries of exsitence the vampire does the unthinkable, falls for a mere mortal and one with only weeks to live. Sensing the fear and reluctence beneath daisys request he offers her a different bargain that will keep her near him during the time she has left. Every hour spent together leaves him craving her touch, scent, her very lifes essence. Soon only Daisy can satisfy his thirst . But if he saves her from death will she love him for it or spend an eternity regretting what she has become?

This is what the vampire is capable of...

The vampires powers consist of changing into different forms and mist. He can travel by thinking he want to go someplace and he goes there just by wanting. He can hypnotize his victum so they don't scream or feel a thing when he feeds on them and he don't drink all there blood just takes what he needs and licks the bite marks to heal it and erases the persons mind so they will forget they saw him. He can forege a bond between him and another person by drinking a little of there blood then letting the person drink his blood by biting his wrist and putting it to the mouth of the person though hes never done it before. He can give people the dark gift which is making them a vampire by draining them of all there blood and life then giving them blood back though he's never done it. His senses are very sensitive and he can smell blood in a person if near them and hear there heart beating and he can see very well in the dark.

Ill start it off....

Daisy has been following the stranger for months thinking he's a vampire because he only comes out at night, he don't eat, he has no visitors, and he always wears black. She sits down in the woods across from the strangers gothic style three story home with iron gates around it and a brick wall. What she can't possibly know is he knew she was following him but he never said anything or let her know he knew.

Read this first, thanks.

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