Funniest POTC Moments anyone?

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Hello all!! I'm sure there are already several threads like this, but I wanted to get a general census of what you wonderful girls think are some of the funniest moments in POTC (just FYI, this is for ideas for a humor vid I'm making). So...any suggestions of funny swearing moments, character tantrums etc? stick out tongue

I liked the scene when after they find the chest on the island,and suddenly swordfighting etc,Pintel and Ragetti explaining each other what happened.

Tramps Lady
i iove when jacks running after the black pearl in the locker:P

I looooooove the whole Murtog and Mullroy thing in CotBP. And after Jack saves Lizzie and Norrie insults him and whanot big grin

True. I love the exchange between Jack vs. Murtogg and Mullroy!
"Unless he knew you wouldn't believe the truth even if he told it to you."
or when he distracted them to get on the boat...I mean ship!

Any time, any where, any reason that Jack runs just sends me to the floor in helpless, can't control myself laughter. Jeez louise, how utterly spastic and funny is he when he does the okay I'm going now(winding up to run) and then one arm is flapping up and down the other is pumping back and front and how anyone can run with their knees going in two different directions......

The little toss away scene at the beginning of DMC where he says why is the rum always gone? gets up and says, oh, that's why as he staggers a bit.

The little man in the cannon in AWE--what the heckydo was that all about??

Jack entering Tia Dalma's house, trying to explain his relationship and being worried about his if they were on the sly, why would he be concerned of his goods?

Jack's face when he realizes Teague is behind him--he's such a child again at that point--

when Jack breathes on the Gov and tells Norrington he was always rooting for him--and when he yells back to Norrington, thanks for getting the Interceptor ready for us...could he possibly have been anymore delighted with himself and his very clever ploy? He was soooo full of him ownself.

Thanks for the ideas girls! Want a sneak viewing of the vid?? big grin I haven't even posted it on youtube yet, but I'd LOVE for you to be my test audience so to speak...

In COTBP, I crack up when Will throws the sword into the door to keep Jack in and he pry it out. Also, the entire sea turtle story.

Jack's freaked out expression when he dodges the jar of eyes in Tia's hut.

Thanks for all the suggestions girls!! Hope you guys like the final product wink

Tramps Lady
thats a really good vid savvy:P

To me the funniest moments...

Curse of the Black Pearl:.....when Gov. Swann sees Elizabeth's corset in Murtogg's hands and he quickly drops it and points at Jack (he did it!)

when the drunk blacksmith hits Jack over the head after the sword fight and Norrington thanks him for assisting in the capture of a dangerous criminal and he drunkenly slurs : "Just doing my civic duty, sir"

Everytime Jack refers to Will as a the sword fight and when they are on the Black Pearl and he tells Barbossa that Will is an excellent Soprano...

Oh, it's hard.....I love all the scenes with Jack...all of them were quite funny in POTC/COTBP...

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