What should I see next?

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Seer Q'Anilia
Troughout the year (Or sometime last year) I have started grown fond in animated series. Not animes, but cartoons smile

I have watched a lot of different series, but now I have ran out of them. I wonder if anyone has any suggestions of what I can start looking at next. You will probably see a pattern in my "desired type of show". These are the series/shows I have seen beginning to end:

- Batman TAS
- The Batman
- Batman Beyond
- Various Batman Movies

- Superman TAS
- Various Superman Movies

- Justice League
- Justice League Unlimited

- Spider-Man TAS
- Spider-Man The New Animated Series
- Various Spier-Man movies

- X-Men (TAS?)
- Various X-Men movies

And now I have runned out of things to watch. Any suggestions? What else is out there (Within the same "genre"wink?

X-Men: Evolution?

You like Star Wars, so Star Wars: Clone Wars aniimated series.

Neo Darkhalen
Spectacular Spider-Man.

Ya know the praised show that is apparently the 2nd greatest comic animation next only to Batman 90's TAS.

Obsidian Fury
Fantastic Four is an option. I was also going to say the Clone Wars cartoon, like Blax up there.

Seer Q'Anilia
The Clone Wars cartoon (and movie) I've seen already, but thanks for the suggestion smile Fantastic Four is a good option and I will look into it further.

And about Batman and Spider-Man, I did not like Batman TAS as much as I did The Batman and Spiderman TAS. In fact, out of all the shows I have watched, Spider-Man TAS was the best one stick out tongue


hey u can watch WALL-E next.... best animation till date... cute robot n cute story........

Seer Q'Anilia
Yeah, I have intentions of watching that. But I was hoping more in suggestions 'DC' or 'Marvel' style stick out tongue

Seer Q'Anilia
Originally posted by Blax_Hydralisk
X-Men: Evolution?Done!
Originally posted by Obsidian Fury
Fantastic Four Done!
Originally posted by Neo Darkhalen
Spectacular Spider-Man.
Haven't heard of. Will look into it smile

How'd you like Evolution?

Great. Could've been much better, but it was great smile

Evolutions was awesome IMO lol.

My suggestion of course is...STATIC SHOCK!!!!

But fo rell, that was a good ass show.

As long as you ignore the episode with Shaq. no expression

...Holy shit, I forgot all about that episode. haermm

Ignore the episode with Lil' Romeo too. no expression

Nah but fo rell, Static Shock was a damn good show.

Static Shock was in a Justice League episode, was he not?

Yeah he was, though he was probably older than in the show.

In his show, he is a teen, when he cameoed in JL, he was in his 50s or 60s.

But yeah, in the Static Show series, at certain points you will see other DC characters like Batman and Superman.

No, it was a young Static. Well, there was the old one when they traveled into the future, but there was a young one. He accidentally released Brainiac, or something like that.

Oh yeah I remember both of those, but yeah, both old and teenage Static have appeared in JL.

But yeah the series is good, the characters in the show with powers are called "Bang Babies" who are humans who were affected by an incident called "The Big Bang" which happened in the first episode, which gave character's powers like control over fire, control over electricity, giant feet(lol I shit you not), stone skin, the works.

Toku King
"Spectacular Spider-Man". Damn, it's awesome!

Watching it right now. I really hate how it was Spider-Man that made Electro snap. And doing so by jumping to such stupid conclusions no expression

Why did you watch his suggestion first!?

You like him more...Don't you? sad

No, I just like Spider-Man more than DC stick out tongue

Originally posted by Q'Anilia
No, I just like Spider-Man more than DC stick out tongue Saying that, you may as well have ripped my heart out and devoured it. estahuh

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