BloodKin Wars- Planning

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I want this to be a modern war between vampires and lycanthropes very much like underworld series. The 20th century has seen a seeming unrecognized peace pact between the two races. But all this has changed with the rise of the Russian vampire Queen Sela Oronsuun. After killing her legendary father King Keif she has taken over her coven who have become fanatical followers of her. Her agression towards the lycan race peaked when she ordered her coven to begin a war of extermination upon all werewolves.

Looking for characters can be of either races or any other undead races. Open storyline just looking to see what happens

My character is

Colin Rune
race/sex: lycanthrope male
age: 23 years old
nationality: amerian
appearance: appears as a 18 year old handsome, dark brown hair grey eyes, toned stands 5'8'' 165 lbs. wears torn jeans and tshirts, has his several ear piercings along with his eyebrow and labret pierced
bio: born in new orleans louisiana colin was born to a middle class family in 1984. He was turned by the an unknown young vampire who left him dying in his college dormt. When he awoke two days later to his nature Colin was suffering extremely from his wounds. He searched out help and found it Father Jonas Wells a catholic priest who gave him refuge. Colin suffered from severe depression and attempted suicide several times. Finally he came to some peace with his new life and realizing his new thirst would be a danger to Father Jonas he disappeared. For the last 5 years he has been on constant move but has finally taken up residence in a small apartment in los angeles

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