I am the Light Bearer

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I am the Light Bearer as I bear light and reveal what is in the darkness.
No I am not a Satanist or think I am Lucifer, but I do speak on subjects that are out of the box.

I am passed Libertarian and moved on to Anarchist. I can no longer conform to this society and accept it as the way I want to conduct my life. I never had a choice to live my life this way, I was just born and passed in to the system just the same way many people of this planet has and thought it was supposed to be this way.

That was until I started thinking.

I am a pretty free thinking person and aware of many things, I have heard all the conspiracies and made sense out of all of them. I am not religious, in the occult but I touch on some of the spiritual.

I believe there is a Creator and I associate myself with the message of Love that Christians posses. I have a firm belief that the Holy text has been changed too many times that we are not getting the True and complete message out of any single system there is out the in this society, so by not diversifying and limiting ourselves to one single possibility we will never move and advance as a race.

I believe each and everyone of us is responsible for the condition of this planet, so think about what you do to it and who you let rule it. The ones you let rule kill people and take over other Countries and they can not seem to organize themselves to a unit that gives everyone everything and equal rights to all. They have it wrong and not going to fix it quickly. It is up to us now.

Drop me a line on any subject, I can be on them all. If I do not know I do not know, If I do I say it.

We all have our opinions and intuitions, I listen to mine be sure you listen to yours.


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welcome to korriban

Eon Blue

Welcome to KMC Light Bearer! Have a blast. happy

Thanks for the welcome everyone.

I will do my best to knock people off their rocker and wake up in a new world.

This guy rules!

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.