Respect the Big Daddy (from Bioshock)

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Nemesis X

Of all the things you encounter in Rapture, you do not want to mess with something like a Big Daddy. Big Daddies are creatures who protect little sisters. Ever get near a little sister, and the Big Daddy that's protecting it will attack you. Approach with caution.

Big Daddies can attack in different ways. They can ram you, punch you, drill you, or shoot a grenade at you.

To kill a Big Daddy, you have to have some heavy weapons with you (like a shotgun). You can also use hacked robots to distract a Big Daddy sometimes and while it's distracted, you can attack it.

Splicers in the Bioshock game are even smart enough to not even go toe to toe with a Big Daddy for they always know the outcome if they ever did challenge one. Seriously, a splicer one time saw a Big Daddy and actually waited until it was gone.

Big Daddies are also called Mr Bubbles (name that was made up by little sisters) but we always prefer to call them Big Daddies because that name sounds better lol.

Zack Fair
Big Daddies are awesome. I will never forget the first time you encounter one of them in Rapture. It made it very clear not to mess with them.


Nemesis X
Big Daddies are one my most favorite monsters in games. Glad I'll be playing as one in the sequel.

Bioshock is such an Epic Win. I love just following Big Daddies and Little Sisters around to watch them interact. It's so incredible the emotions they display.

Neo Darkhalen
A great modern foe indeed, while I am less inclined to like the Rosie model I really like the Bouncer one, it simply doesn't mess around and that drill intimidates even the most tepid of adventurers top that off with a very nasty/protective/maternal attitude and you have one very challenging foe on your hands.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.