POTC and the Seven Deadly Sins

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So I've been watching the History Channel's specials about the seven deadly sins and, well, I like to tie everything back to POTC. So, can we find examples/characters for every sin? In case you don't know them, they are:

Lust: excessive sexual thoughts/actions
Gluttony: over-indulgence of any substance
Greed: obsession with wealth
Sloth: includes despair and apathy, failure to act, laziness
Anger: uncontrolled feelings of hate
Envy: "love of one's own good perverted to a desire to deprive other men of theirs," to quote Dante
Pride: excessive love for one's self so much so that it results in contempt for everyone else

The challenge? Name a character or a scene that is a perfect example of one of these sins and then share the sin you think you commit the most. Mine is pride. Go!

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LOL Mine's probably pride too.

Greed: Barbossa and the Black Pearl's crew from CotBP

Fine. I'll do one.


Davy Jones envies the happiness and love in everyone else's lives, so instead of improving his own situation, he curses those he picks up and makes them serve him.

Come on, people! It's a series about pirates. There are sins up the wazoo.

Gluttony: Any scene where Jack Sparrow is drinking rum. ^.^

Anger: Caused Davy Jones to be the Captain of the Flying Dutchman and end up as a squid/lobster/man thing

Mine would be sloth.

Afternoon, y'all, I have to think that any scene that Beckett is in, is gonna be one of two: Lust, man was practically licking his lips in antici.....pation over Jack on Endeavor in AWE or Greed, really believed that there is only so much and if he didn't get out there and scrabble it all up he wouldn't have enough.

Seems to me in reviewing the hard one is going to be: Sloth. Unless we drag in T&T becos they got so lazy in AWE and lost the thread on their very own curse scenario. (At which point I must say, wretched Bas-turkeys!)

My personal sin: Undoubtably pride, I'm a closet exhibitionist and I do believe I'm right about 98% of the time. According to the story line on Charmed, Pride's the worst to try and recover from cos...I forget that part.

By the by, Miz WillowoftheWisp, how's the squeezable tiny piratisto? He's coming up on 1, right? How amazing that is!

Also, shame on me for off-topic and I do apologise.whip

haha they all fit to jack sparrow more or less

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^ This is true.

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