Respect Cole! (He's INFAMOUS!)

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The latest Super powered protagonist on your console, Cole MacGrath was just an ordinary bike messenger when the package he was delivering exploded, laying waste to the city around him. Cole however was unharmed, and soon discovered he had gained Electric Super Abilities.

He blasts, he fries, he even freaking flies.

Respect this dude.

Cole is capable of firing off bolts of electricity,

shooting arcing streaks of lightning,

throwing explosive concentrates of electricity,

emitting electro pulses,

creating polarity shields,

and even more ways to kickass.

Plus his game is really good too awesrg

Nemesis X
You should see Cole bringing down lightning. That is a lot of friggin fun. I always had trouble dealing with large group of gangsters but when I gained the ability to shoot down lightning, I took out seven enemies in one blast. When you play as evil Cole, it's more destructive (which is more fun!).

Cole rides atop the Empire City train while Blasting Cars aside like nothing

Neo Darkhalen
He's so badass he even beats the shit out of his future self.

C. C. Cowgirl!
Cole: A lot of this is from cutscenes.

Greatest durability feat: Was merely dazed when hit by a falling "tower". A large metal girder hit him straight in the back of his head, along with a good amount of other heavy constructionsite objects.

Greatest strength feat: Not near as impressive, but it would be when Cole lifts a grown man up into the air with only one straight arm.

Greatest destruction feat: The lightning strike from the sky that's shown in Quincy's picture would be his strongest attack. As seen in the picture, it throws cars around like nothing, but also destroys large trucks. It also proved capable of destroying energy shields (And was used to defeat an electricity conducting superhuman)

Greatest reaction feat: Take it with a pinch of salt. Cole is able to eye a target in slowmotion. Slowmotion of such efficiency that jetplanes go into a crawl and if an enemy is about to shoot you, you can have the pull of the trigger take a good amount of seconds.

Greatest speed feat: When not on an electricity conducting rail/wire, it'd be that he has been running sideways to avoid machinegun fire, and to quote Cole: "ran faster than I ever thought possible", so it's definately beyond human.

Useful abilities:
Shield: Cole can create a shield that protect against a good amount of projectiles. All from molten metal and stones to shotguns and heavy machineguns. It does however not protect him from explosions and other area effecting attacks. Only works in the direction he is turned at.

Force push: A force push-ish ability allows him to not only pack an easy 5-10 ton push, but allows him to reflect projectiles (Such as aircraft missiles, grenades, cars, boulders and fireballs)

And there's more. Unfortunately more that I'm too lazy to write about.

Zack Fair
This guy is badass. I've only played the demo(which was fricking awesome) and I can tell he is going to kick ass.

Need to buy the game...too bad I got some debts >=\

C. C. Cowgirl!

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.