Do You Refer To Him As "The Batman" or Simply "Batman"?

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Neo_Version 7
I've grown accustomed to calling him "The Batman". cool


The Batman is Bruce Wayne in a suite that kind of resembles some sort of flying creature that could be a bat.

Batman is Batman. As in, the alter ego of Bruce Wayne, as in, the hero that saved the city by believing in society's goodness at heart.

Batman is the known hero. The Batman is what slightly delusional villians called Batman when people know for sure that he's there.

Mr Parker
always referred to him as just BATMAN.


The Nuul
The Goddamn Batman

Bat Dude
I use both...

lord xyz
It's the goddamn batman, and don't you forget it.

He is Batman, but I'm fine with other characters calling him Batman. Like Scarecrow in BB when he says, "He's here.... the bat-man." But Bruce should always call him Batman.

It began as "The Bat-Man" but as the generations past everyone stuck to just simple Batman.

I like it either way...

In this day in age it doesnt matter.He was orginally called "The Batman" then people had the temptation of saying "Batman"The villians usually say The batman when they are in shock or arent expecting him.But if they know hes there or expecting him they said Batman.But the joker says "Batsy" so i think the jokers is the best lol

The only way I can call him The Bat-Man is if I start calling every other character with man or woman at the end "The"

Originally posted by Raoul
Badabing. How did I miss this gem of a post? laughing out loud

Ever since AS Batman, I call him "The gawdamn Batman".

Kris Blaze
I simply say "I'm Batman"

You can call me whatever.

The Batman sounds more terrifying!

Batman stands faor a reason, a cause.
He created the mantle of the bat to strike fear into the hearts of criminals and thugs.
To this day many people remain in doubt as to his very Existence.
To all he is but another shadow in the night, a cause of fear no matter who you are.
However he exists to be the batman. unlike other heroes he has no other purpose. Bruce Wayne is just a facade to help the batman.
but when you know him all that he does it is not the man you're naming its the purpose
simply Batman.



Mr Parker
originally in the beginning,he is called The Batman but as the years go by and he starts working with the police to catch criminals,everybody started calling him just Batman.

I gotta admit "The Batman" seems to have a cooler effect.

The Bat, Bats, invincible, unstoppable, etc.........Whatever you call him, he's Batman, and he'll batkick the sh*t out of you if you don't respect his Gangsta.batman

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