Mr. Anderson's rambling tale.

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Once, a very long time ago in a galaxy not that far away in the space time continuum, in a shoe-box under the edge of the corner of the attic in mrs. Parkinson's garage, there lived aboy named **** a K'cud a k'cuf, his enemies called him by his full name backwards, as his name was indeed a palindrome. His friends normally called him Kood, but that was rare because he had no friends. e, where he cut himself constantly. One day koof was in mid slash when he had the most brilliant idea.
"i'll overthrow the king" he yelled to no one for no reason in particular. his mother, who lived with him on the planet tihs in the galaxy tihs si yrots tihs gnikcuf, yelled out for him to take his coat, put a bandaid on and that sex was always better WITH a condom, as she sat in the magic beaming machine.

The ruler of this galaxy was the dark lord FAUNUS. He and his gang of Faunut riders terrorized the galaxy of tihs si yrots tihs gnikcuf where things are named with palindromes. When his nutriders struck, there was nothing but sperm, blood, lava, and decay. Their cool and logical movements seemed to move with blinding speed and accuracy. Some thought they knew all. Jobs they didn't do themselves they employed lesser shitizens to do. A shitizen is a citizen only more shitty. One such shitizen was named Gay WitchHunt C*nt. He was the one in charge of finding homo-erotic people and thoughts and exposing them for the world to see. He once captured sir ArghJay, a once knight of the former republic, and anally probed him. but only a little. when he found that he enjoyed the investigation, he chose to forever join the hiyg crusaders, where he could further *ahem* study... these activities. Meanwhile, K'cuf needed arghjey's assistance to take over the world from the evil lord faunus, and since arghjey seemed to have experienced their full potency, he was the first one to call about ****ing up some shit.

Then walshy came in, had surprise butt sex with a banana, and due to the complexes with the time space continuum in this shitty universe, actually managed to surprise himself. He was so scared he took a dump all over his hand. Then he ate the banana anyway.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, kcuf was arriving at AaargghhJeys base of operations.

"BEWBZ!!!" he yelled as he took a swig from his moonshine lon lon milk bottle. "AHHHH F*** a Duck! he yelled at k'cuf." I haven't seen you since bladder burned with the warm feeling of our lord deity, the chinaman! Anyway.... he's not the issue at hand. Ha' ya brought moar sexy pics?"

'THE CHINAMAN IS AN ISSUE.... *HE* is the master of the universe.'

'What about the masturbatur of the universe?'

'I'm going to kill him so i can be master of the universe!'

and right at that point, the author got bored, because he is the true master of this universe, and crushed the shoe box.

Back at your mother's home, evil was stiring. and by evil i mean PURE evil. Your mother wanted you.... to clean your basement. what do you do?
A. Clean the basement.
b. Shit in her best teacup and wait for the result.
c. Smash the entire house.


Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.