Lith Ruhn: Bounty Hunter

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Omnislash Kid
Walking into a Coruscant bar, he noticed all bar was nearly empty. Taking a seat he took out his DX-2 Disruptor Pistol spinning it within his pointer finger.

It has been two weeks since his last bounty and he was running low on credits. He didn't care though. He knew that he would find business. However, he knew he had always had a problem with over pricing his jobs and was known for failing most of them. If it came down to it, he decided he could resort to working for the Republic as something, just as long as he would get paid.

A skilled marksman and with a steady pair of hands, he was also known for being one of the deadliest bounty hunters. As a child he was an orphan by the early age of seven. After two years of being in an orphanage he ran away and resorted to violence on the streets and hustling to stay alive. He was no stranger to the position he was in with having no credits.

A neimoidian walked up to Lith wearing a black robe and hood which had covered his eyes. Lath knew it was a neimoidian because of the stench of neimoidian cuisine that reeked from his robes.

"Lith Ruhn?"
"Who's asking?"
"I hear you're in need of a job and Black Sun is in need of a bounty hunter."
Lith knew where this was going. Soon, very soon he would be making credits and be able to actually afford an apartment to stay in instead of staying on the streets hustling for food

"Yeah. I'm Lith. How much are you paying?"
"500,000 Republic credits"
"Make it 750,00 creds and you've got a deal"
"I want you to kill a Jedi. Obi-Wan Kinobi."
"A jedi huh? That's gonna cost extra."
"I can find a better bounty hunter. One who can get the job done. Jango Fett perhaps?"
Lith knew that if he was going to get over payed he would need to play his cards right on this one. He was confident however.
"No no. I can do the job for at least, I dont know, 600,000 credits. Anything else that's unexpected is gonna cost extra though."
"All will be compensated for. You will find details on his whereabouts in a club in the under levels of this planet called Galactic Paradise ."

The neimoidian walks out of the bar.

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Omnislash Kid
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