Spider-man Respect Thread

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7. Spider-sense

* The spider-sense is explained as reflexes "so fast it borders on precognition", often signified with a special sound (like a bell ringing once very slowly) and bullet time photography. In the first Spider-Man film, the first time his spider-sense triggers, he seems to become aware of every potential danger in his surroundings, even those that pose no real threat, such as a fly or a paper spitball. In the Spider-Man 2 novelization, the spider-sense is described as a general slowing-down of his perception of time (e.g. one second would feel like a minute).


* Flash Thompson Fight
* Evades Goblin's Glider
* Senses something is wrong when Goblin is coming to the parade.
* When Doc Ock throws a car at Peter
* Dodges a pumpkin bomb thrown by Harry Screenshot

8. Intelligence

* Understands Norman Osbourne's research when he is still only attending high school. Norman is impressed.
* Graduates with the "Science Award".
* Understands Otto Octavius' fusion experiment and sees the flaws immediately, while Otto who has spent his a long time on the experiment overlooked his mistakes. It should be noted by looking at Otto's work, he is likely one of the most brilliant scientists in the world.
* Curt Connors, Peter's physics professor, describes him as brilliant.
* Uses metal thrown by Ock as a counter-weight and directs it back at him.
* Fakes unconsciousness at Harry Osbourne's mansion (when delivered by Ock) to find out what is going on.
* Uses his wit to defeat Sandman by using water
* Uses his wit to defeat Venom by using sonics

9. Misc

Youtube Clips

* Peter vs Gansters Fight
* Peter vs Flash Fight
* Green Goblin Compilation
* Spider-man vs Green Goblin Fight Compilation
* Spider-man vs Green Goblin Final Fight

* Compilation of Spider-man vs Doc Ock
* Spider-man vs Ock Train Fight
* Spider-man vs Ock Final Fight

* Spider-man saves Gwen
* Spider-man vs New Goblin Compilation
* Spider-man vs Venom

* Spider-man vs Sandman First Encounter
* Spider-man vs Sandman Underground Fight

Movie Posters






- Still need to include more screenshots and clips (hence the placeholders, but given KMC's no-edit-after-15-min rule, might be harder to do) that point to certain feats, hopefully I will eventually do that.

- KMC formatting is very frustrating, some links looked stuffed up. Don't know how to fix it.

That's all I got for now folks smile

Darth Martin
Very good start Placidity! You set the example!

and that is how you make a respect thread!

good job placidity 5/5!

I respect Spider-Man and more importantly I respect this thread.

Rogue Jedi
I respect Placidity that much more for making such a beautiful thread.

Good thread

Fantastic thread.

Pity you never made a thread of this standard about a good character as opposed to a whiney little **** like Spiderman.


Bio web shooters = blasphemy.

Thanks everyone for the comments. I've been looking to do this since the suggestion of this forum, which was awhile ago now smile

Originally posted by Impediment
Bio web shooters = blasphemy.

Looks like someone caught the disease that Mr Parker has...

There was this guy awhile ago that sent me a few PM's about how he hated Spider-man's organic webbing. He had a signature saying Man-Spider or something.


Yep thats him.

Very nice

Originally posted by Kazenji
Looks like someone caught the disease that Mr Parker has...

Actually, that comment was an homage to Mr. Parker, himself.

If he wanders in here, I dread what he might say. laughing out loud

He and I are cool, though.


APA format. Is someone a technical writer?

Great thread, Placidity.

You have set the standard.

Sadako of Girth
Respect to the spider, respect to the German.

Spider-man never raped anyone that didn't deserve it. Respect.

Sadako of Girth
laughing out loud

I love Spider-Man. He's my favorite super hero of all time, has always been. I was Spider-Man for Halloween in the first grade. I don't feel the Sam Raimi movies do him justice, neither does Toby McGuire as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. In my opinion, the true flavor of Spidey is captured best in The Amazing Spider-Man comic books (of course), the late 1960s cartoon series, and the more recent WB cartoon series where he is in high school is really not all that bad.

I watched the disco boogie scene from part 3.

Wow, is it awful.

Good thread, still.

That scene is the highlight of SM3.

Sadako of Girth
The horror...The horror...

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