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Haunted Boarding School - Enroll If You Dare!

For generations at the Eton boarding school weird mysterious and unexplainable sightings have taken place in the school and on the grounds. Reports of footsteps walking in the corridors at night yet nobody is there, Apparitions floating in and out of the bedrooms, Taps in the bathroom turning on by themselves without explanation and some students have mysteriously going missing clearly something more sinister is going on. Rumours of the Grey Lady is haunting the school and not just her form that had been seen but also roaming the school grounds students have heard and seen a white horse and on it a headless horseman. A new term is starting as a group of new students have been enrolled into the school and they soon discover all is not as it seems when unexplainable things start happening as they too start seeing strange things so to figure out what is going on when the teachers just think they just making things up for attention they decide to take matters into their own hands so they form The Spook Club an after hours ghost hunting club they become teen ghost busters investigating and attempting to catch ghosts by using their new gadgets that they create and equipments to record any esp activity.

You are the new students who have arrived at the school, Together you will start the spook club and together you will attempt the hunt down the ghosts that are plaguing your school and find out what is happening to the students who have gone missing and solve the mystery.

choose your characters:
Ghost busting Equipment:
Gadgets to be used:
Books for research:
Weapons to defend yourself if you can

go catch them !

Bio (optional)

Blue Gothic
Name: Katie
Age: 16
Personality: popular, rich, smart, fun loving
Items/Gadgets/Weapons: Night- vision camera, aerosal spray,Torch, lip gloss, bag, lots and lots of clothers and shoes, and other accesories
Bio enrolled by her parents who wish her to get the best education, she soon discovers though all is not right with this school and intends to find out what the heck is going on.

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I will open up the rp today as well and im going to upload some freaky pics a bit later hehe

Name: Lisa martin
Age: 16
Personality, Clumsy, bubbly, Chatty, friendly
Appearance: Long red hair, green eyes, slim and pretty.
Try and find a picture a bit later.

oops forgot my items and stuff.
Suitcase, recording equipment, paranormal books, ghost story books, history of eton, make up, sweets, chocolate, camera, cell phone and other stuff.

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Np. and you haven't got to rush around trying to find a pic either because u can always add it later or whatever as long as you do the sheet thats fine by me.

Name: Karrin Rodriguez
Age: 17
Personality: sarcastic but nice, could get along with almost anyone
Items/Gadgets/Weapons: iPod, cellphone, pen light, pocket knife, digital camera, laptop with wifi web capability, pick-locking kit, three sandwiches, a bottle of water and a jacket
Bio: She's a student who had a friend disappear all of a sudden. She wants to know what's wrong with the school. She's a skeptic, but she's willing to be open just so she can find Susan, her friend that disappeared.


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cool I'm going to open up the roleplay in a bit and get it started

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ghost pictures coming up and by the way this are apparently real captured ones

grey lady

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grey lady 2

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ghost pic

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ghost pic 2

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ghost pic

Blue Gothic
Name: Paignton
Age: 17
Personality: gossip, sweet, caring, daring, loves a challenge
Items/Gadgets/Weapons: camera, laptop, torch, set of keys, phone, make up, voice recorder, berometer, watch, other stuff
Bio she a school prefect but that does come at an advantage in getting around in restricted areas

Wow freaky lol
Name: Emzie Ryder
Age: 17
Personality: Cynical, sarcastic, a bit two faced at times, happy but can be conceited and bit of a b'tch at times, drama queen, spoilt, boy mad, popular . But she wants to know whats happening as well at the school
Items/Gadgets/weapons: phone, clothes, uniform, hairdryer, make up, ipod, laptop, watch, books, magazines, camera, pen torch, lots of other goodies
Will post a pic after

Name: Gemma
Age: 15
Personality: honest, prankster,can be bad and a bit of a delinquent, loves rock and dresses grungy
Items/Gadgets/Weapons: phone, can of coke, guitar, song book, mp3 player, ipod, laptop, chocolate, cigarettes, digi camera, other stuff can't think at the moment

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yea im bringing this back! Guess i started it and forgot about it because i left here for a while. Seeing as this has pretty much only had about 3 posts in it, It can be treated as a new rp.

kwl XD

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