Indiana Jones gauntlet...

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Rogue Jedi
The following combatants must run the Indiana Jones gauntlet.

Rick O'Connell (The Mummy)
Beck (The Rundown)
Alan Quartermain (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)
John McClane (Die Hard)
Ash (Army of Darkness)
Bob Lee Swagger (Shooter)
Agent 47 (Hitman)
Frank Martin (The Transporter)
Van Helsing (Van Helsing)
Rambo (Any version of Rambo)

If I left out any good candidates, feel free to let me know.....

They must clear he following scenarios:

From "Raiders of the Lost Ark":

Escape the cave from the opening scene. (NOT enter the cave, bypassing the booby traps, that's a bit much.)

Out run the Jovitos and escape in the seaplane.

The shootout at Marion's tavern.

The fistfight with the Kojak looking Nazi.

Chasing down the Nazi truck convoy, pwning them, and reclaiming the Ark.

Escaping the freighter, boarding the Nazi sub, infiltrating the Nazi base, rescuing Marion.)

From "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom":

The shootout in Club Obi Wan.

The fall from the crashing airplane.

The insect filled dinner at the Palace.

The end battle, from the time Indy KO's the initial guard, to Indy defeating Mola Ram on the collapsed bridge, and everything in between, and returning the Sankara stones to the villagers.

From "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade":

Ths initial battle on the freighter ship.

The boat chase through Venice.

Infiltrating the Nazi occupied castle, rescuing Dr. Jones Sr., the ensuing motorcycle chase, and the biplane battle.

The fight against the Nazi artillery division in the desert (When Dr. Jones and Marcus are held prisoner in the Nazi tank.)

I didn't include figuring out the booby traps leading to the Holy Grail, again this is too much.

From "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull":

The opening fight in the warehouse.

The nuclear explosion.

The motorcycle chase scene with Mutt.

The fight in the graveyard, where Indy tells Mutt "Those darts are poisonous!!!"

The jungle chase.

The h2h battle against Dovchenko, surrounded by the "big ass ants."

Each combatant is in the same exact situation as Indy was, has access to the same weaponry, and has the support of the same people Indy did. Example: Marion is there to assist during the shootout in her tavern.

Each combatant gets a days rest and is fully healed between each movie scenario (A days rest and fully healed after defeating ROTLA, before moving on to TOD.)

Each combatant gets the same amount of rest between each movie scenario battle as Indy had (Same time span that Indy had between The jungle chase and the Dovchenko h2h battle in KOTCS.)

Who clears? Who dies horribly, and when? How? Who has sex with Willie Scott?

Darth Martin
Good thread. Didn't read it all yet but having looked at the lineup I'd say Beck. He's in great shape, the second best H2H combatant up there, and probably the best with guns. And he's just uberly strong.

Rogue Jedi
Bear in mind that he has only Indy's revolver and the automatic he used in Marion's tavern. And any other rifle Indy was shown using.

I'd say O'Connell stands the best chance.

never seen shooter. Id say everyone clears

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