JMS Superman run.

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First we have a quote from Matt Idelson(the greatest Superman editor of all time):
Matt: While we'll definitely be seeing some more human-level interaction between Supes and some of his fellow heroes after the War, the path JMS is putting Supes on is a long and lonely one, though the absence of such human friendships to a large degree speaks to what Mr. S. is going to be doing with the character. So I guess the answer here is: gratification...delayed!

Then I read the August solicitations...

Superman 702 reads:
"Grounded" continues as Superman enters a small town in Ohio where, like many towns, a number of its residents are from other places. But when The Man of Steel discovers that there are also a number of residents secretly from other worlds, he unravels a mystery that may have grave consequences for Earth.


I thought Mike Carlin was the best Superman editor ever... shifty

You're not always assured of timeliness with JMS, but you will get quality. He will write Superman as a heavyweight, just like he did with Thor & Silver Surfer.

Cartesian Doubt
I think I'm looking forward to this more than any other comic this year - Superman meets the real world - Could be an absolute disaster, or it could be on par with Supreme Power, Miracle Man, Ultimate's and the C.Nohlans Batman.

Don't usually get mainstream Superman books, to ocontinuity restrained, but I love his "Otherworldly" story lines; "What ever happened to the Man of Tomorrow", "King-dome Come", "All Star Superman", "Birthright".

Read Superman 700 earlier. JMS's 'Grounded' looks incredibly unimpressive.

"There are some people who feel you had gotten so wrapped up in that other world that you lost touch. How do you respond to them?"


"--I don't know."



You'll believe a man can fly walk.

EDIT: I changed to the picture so it didn't seem like I was making a joke about Christopher Reeve's be paralyzed. That didn't occured to me when I was making the post. The joke is about Superman walking around the world, not paralysis. embarrasment

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.