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i posted three links the bottom one actually shows tid bits of the last page but if you look marvel has the full last page of Ultimate Spider-Man #160 online. The Death of The Ultimate Spider-Man....Peter Parker is no more. Whats funny is that his death includes him dieing in a situation without a mask for the world to discover Spider-Man is indeed Peter Parker. Any thoughts?

Kid Kurdy
He will return, just a matter of time. When the hype is over, the fans will start complaining about the new Spider-Man and sales will drop.

After that, Marvel will relaunch USM, which means a new hype.

By the way, who says he's dead ? He looks dead, more or less, but you never know with these super heroes.

i hope this new guy has mad skills

personally i never really liked the ultimate universe very much. im not sure why but it's just not as enjoyable as 616 imo. Although i will say if it were the only comics around id be able settle lol.

Kurdy i really hope that he stays dead. Not because of dis-likes but im sick of them trying to make "impacts" with these deaths then bring them back. I Freakin love Barry Allen but when he died he saved everyone and everything then rebirth....I was happy to see him back but was torn up because what did his sacrifice mean then ya know? So if he is dead he better stay that way.

Bruce I completely agree 100%. If it's not peter parker anymore it better be someone that kicks ass and is imo a likeable character. I don't know how they can capture the reasons i liked peter in the first place without making this new guy be a cheep knock off.

Normally Id think that death in ultimate universe is permanent... But after seeing how they brought back Gwen must say its no better than 616. So he might vey well turn out to be alive kept somewhere by shield or whatever.

Kid Kurdy
It would be stupid for Marvel to ignore ultimate Spider-Man - the real one - because he's pretty popular, and fans will never accept a surrogate.

It's probably just a matter of time. A month, half a year, two years, who knows, but he'll be back.

IF he comes back, I hope he's a little bit older, because he can't stay 16 forever.

peters not coming back for at LEAST a decade.

The ultimate verse now writers have to use characters that aren't over used in the 616.

anyone who thinks they would bring back Spiderman when Wolverine hasn't been brought back is silly.

Dead, in this case, is dead.

Decade? That's eternity by Ultimate standarts. What makes you so sure? Gwen didnt stay dead longer than a few years and she's a supporting character noone gives a crap about. In this case Ultimate is almost as bad as 616. We've already seen his spirit celebrating in Valhalla. Pete will be back in few years tops. So will Logan.

i really like spider man movie i am big fan of spider man smile

A new guy as Spider-Man? This is going to be ridiculous. Peter Parker IS Spider-Man. This guy Mike isn't going to fly for more than a few years before they bring back Peter and Mike becomes Spider-Lad or some other ridiculous super hero and is never mentioned again.

i am big fan of spider man lovely i really like this i never miss any spider man movie and cartoon as wellsmile

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