Grant Morrison's Super Gods

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I know this should actually be in the book section, but since it's all about comics I thought here was the place.
I just saw it at my local bookstore yesterday:

I read some of it and will be buying pretty soon.

Reading through it amusing thing comes up early, when he asks why some characters are so popular today. He names the ones who have had recent film series, and he concludes with Green lantern. Seeing as this came out the same summer as that movie and he was writing this months in advance, I think he assumed that Green Lantern was going to be a huge hit. I think most of us thought it had a chance to be really good and popular, and not the terribly disappointing flop it was. Unfortunately, Morrison put his prediction out there in print for millions everywhere.

Hope he wasn't just being a good company man for DC at the time, giving props to an unreleased project.

Would be fun to hear Morrison's take, but in the past I've practically drowned in accounts of the cross-section between comics, mythology, and societal critique. It will be hard to blaze new ground that isn't well-trodden, even for someone as adept at writing as Morrison. As it is, the summary in that link reads like an update of Joseph Campbell, just with modern references to characters.

I own a copy.

It's really interesting and Morrison is a superb writer. Most of what I've read so far is about closely examining change within comic books against change in the social context at that time, which is all stuff I've read about before but never with the depth or wit with which Morrison parses through comic history.

That being said, I can only read so much at a time before feeling like I'm disengaging from the writing and then I have to stop because I feel like I'll just entirely miss the point of whatever paragraph I'm on.

It's really a series of essays, I guess, and that can feel pretty heavy after a little while.

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