Thor vs Superman....with Style!

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CPT Space Bomb
Are you ready for the most epic of beatdowns? Thor vs Superman for the 1,000,000th time!?

Well, this is all about who's got the most "fabulous" goin' on....

Who has the better/cooler outfit?




Zack Fair
Thor looks cooler, but Superman's outfit is awesome in MoS.

Thor hands down.


I give it to Thor - Marvel made a good choice in 2007, to make his outfit more like battle armour rather than tights, but Superman also got a great streamlined design. It's his best look yet, in the movie & comics.

Thor looks better in pictures but Superman looked way better in the movie.

For some reason, I believe that Kal's outfit looks ghey. Hence, Thor wins.

On a sidenote, Superman might have looked way cooler in his dad's armor, or the type of suits the renegade Kryptonians wore.

I gotta admit, they both nailed their looks better than anyone this side of RDJ's Iron man. Thor looks much better in the sequel, never noticed just how short his hair was in the first movie, they really got that right this time around.

I actually liked the sleeveless look Thor had in the Avengers during the confrontation with Iron Man in the forest. His look seems more refined in Thor: Dark World.

I do like Man of Steel's costume, but I would have liked it a tad more if the colors were a bit brighter. I'm actually hoping they go the New 52 route for the costume eventually in live action form.

The Thor sequel looks awesome from the preview.

Both have a great new look (well, Thor's is not that new anymore). But in the end, I pick Superman. 1. I tend to prefer simpler-designed attire; and 2. I'm not a Thor fan.

Both look awesome.

I don't mind Superman's outfit (Could use brighter tones imho) and it's a pretty good remake but Thor looks cooler as well as more imposing to me.

Superman's outfit is better. Thor has a cape that feels like a carpet. The body armor though nice, lack the right material. The hammer feels like a toy. I only like the sleeves from his outfit which they obviously took out later on. In Thor 2 though, it looks a lot better

I dig Thor's style better.

Thor's is better imo, though I think that's somewhat due to his costume being easier to do.


What both outfits have in common, is a chain-mail texture that is otherworldly. A featurette on YouTube describes the underskins of the kryptonian suits as being the equivalent of what medieval knights wore, back in the middle ages.

Am I the only one who thinks that Superman's costume makes his arm looks kinda short thus making him look UN-proportioned or something?

Anyways, Superman's new costume in MoS is leaps and bounds better than all of his previous movie costumes combined... even if his arms looks short or his body looks longer...removing the red undies was a good move, but the all blue makes it look bland.

With that said, Thor looks way cooler.

Superman's suit has the unfortunate features of having a creepy crotch bulge as well as that lack of a collar, which makes his chest-hair visible in some of the scenes.

So on those notes, he loses.

Yeah, the chest hair thing was something I noticed too. Seemed... iffy.

Was fine when he had a beard but looked a bit awful when he was clean shaven and the hair sticks out of his custom.

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