Mr Mxyzptlk question

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I didnt exactly know where to put this question so I figured since he is as Superman villain I would put it ere. Anyways ive always wondered if Mxy is powerful for a 5th dimesional being or is he the same as every other 5th dimensional being? Or is he weaker than average? I know in the new 52 he is a jester so that kind of led me to believe he is weak for a 5th dimesional being. Ay help is appreciated.

In general, Mxy is average for a being of his domain, at least that's as far as my understanding of it goes.

More times than not Mxy is portrayed as an average 5D denizen. There are a few issues where he has been depicted well above average, though.

Feat-wise, however, he is far and away the most powerful imp.

In new 52 it goes like this. Any 5D being can do whatever it wants IF it will learn the tricks. Mxy learned alot of stuff and whats more importants had better imagination. So yes, Mxy is above average 5D citizen. Its just many 5D people didn't care for tricks at all, if some does magic, ok its fun to watch, do it yourself ? Nah, too lazy for that - Cows are flying, Sun is warm, nothing better than my home.

He's always been portrayed as being an average Imp.
Feat wise, like galan said the most powerful from that dimension, but only in the 3D.
Its been stated that, 5D imps percieve the 3rd dimension as a sheet of paper, they can do what ever they want on that piece of paper, erase what they what, or just rip it to pieces and dispose it.
So say for arguments sake franklin richards was transported to the 5th dimension, he would be powerless.
The source of imps power is also complicated this is how many believe it is........
Mxy's power comes from VERY advanced imp tech, but because it is pretty much impossible to understand and thus it is percieved by the DCU as magic, it used to be just magic, then it got retconned to what i just said.
So if any other 5D Imp has the same tech or maybe even more advanced, they would be capable of what mxy is capable of and more

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