Battlezone: CDB vs. Beatboks

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Charlotte's Queen of Emeralds
Emma (mind), Miss Martian (body) and Polaris (powers)

Beatbok's Old-Man's Justice
The shield (body), The Question (mind), Justice (power)

Stipulations are the same as Curryman's current tourney, including limitations on

Equipment & prep location of the "mind" pick are used.
The "powers" pick comes with inherent knowledge of the powers being used.
Any exotic powers from the "body" pick must be believably unlocked using the "mind." Only strength/durability/healing is standard, though other body-based powers can be unlocked.

Judges TBD

Length - 5 post limit (plus writeup, so 6 total).

Writeups inc.

Beatboks's Writeup

Charlotte's Writeup

ok off to battle

Charlotte I'm afraid has underestimated the vast changes my changed body will bring to this match. While it's true that Xama 1.0 would have been rocked by such an attack on the earth that is no longer the greatest source of Xama 2.0's power. no far from it he can draw on the energy of Order and Chaos that has flooded his body. this also meant those shields will withstand such an attack as they are much more powerful than ever before. Vic can tap this same power for his shamanism, he wont be able to work spells like a lord of order since he doesnt know them but he will be able to do what he does faster and with more potency as the power is within his body.

Also the whole invisible and illusion thing is a complete and utter waste when one has the vision of Fate who is able to percieve the true reality of everything. he can see portents of reality or coming changes of it in everyday events he could even see through mystically altered beings who appeared on every level to be what they were not. So from the outset I will have a great advantage as I will know exactly where you are while you think I don't. This will actually make the surprise attack mine as you wont be expecting it.

The power of my strikes will also be quite devastating. tapping the power of a Lord of Chaos and order that bathed Jared as well as able to use the Earth's ki will make my shields and blasts high herald level at the very least. I'm afraid it wont be I that will be off balance early on.

Now a little to my durability. While it's true I'm not as dirable to piercing attack Fate's healing factor makes him easily hulk level durability

scans will be forthcoming in my next post to support when I get home from work

Charlotte DeBel
Now... that is good. I'll be brief since I see no need to go into long rebuttals here.
Seeing through reality and causality
So... you see me, big deal.
Phoenix also claimed to be the entity who saw through all kinds of deception. Yet Emma managed to escape its clairvoyance/cosmic awareness. The Phoenix was utterly convinced that Emma died in her blast.

I'm faster than you
You said yourself that Fate IS slow. Nowhere near Mach 10 or anything.
So my city-wrecking blast WILL be the battle-opener in any case.
Empathic link
Urban shaman powers require working and existing contact with the city.
Wrecking it or cutting it from Earth's gravity field will work wonders in that it will create enough of painful feedback for my opponent.
And due to my speed edge it will happen faster than my opponent will have a chance to pray for anything.
City transmitting nothing but pain of it being destroyed will surely kick my opponent off balance. Even if your shielding stands this.
That will allow me to do either direct manipulation of your body (shields of Justice only protected him from direct blasts, not from the iron being ripped from your body) or shut down your mind.

You are in slow motion to me. Amping the shield that functions like a forcefield version of solid material shield (deflecting debris) will not change its nature, I'm afraid.
And I still wreck you with a painful feedback from my opener.

I lack physical speed yes, but then again since I can see what the future holds with just about any part of my amalgam
( plus I've already shown you how Vic sees the future and Tenison knows everything about a person just be being in their presence)

Plus even without the the dimensional travel of Tenison enhanced by Vic, using Fate's ability to travel spartial tangents (unlocked by Vic) I'd say being able to cover the distance that would take 6 and a half hours to fly in under 10 seconds more than makes up for any physical speed I've lost.
Instant transportation combined with precognition makes for killer reaction speed.

No matter how potent this opening attack is there is
1. No guarantee you will strike first even with your speed because of Jarred's/Vic's/Tenison's senses and my amalgam's teleportation.
2. Not a hope in hell it can put my amalgam down. First it would have to get past the durability of Jarred's HF tanksenergythatdestroyshundredsofdemonsfurtherfrot
He's tanked exploding aircraft, fire, blasts from dimensional entities, exploding dimensional vortex's ( that took out hundreds of demons BTW), thousands of volts of electricity, a tenement being exploded on top of him, and much more.
Plus get through the Shields of Justice.
who's power ( that he draws from the Aura/ki of his body will be vastly increased since his body is bathed in the power of the amulet of Anubis
An artifact so powerful even Classic Fate had a hard time defeating it's power and hand to draw on almost every Lord of order to do so.
His body is also bathed in the power of Nabu
An entity who in DoV fought and lasted longer against Spectre than anyone and was his final undoing.

The likelihood that even the most potent blast you have is going to do any lasting damage is minor at best.

This is where your argument falls down. Vic's urban shamanism isn't wholly reliant on the earth at all. It's true that for MOST of his potent showings in shamanism he drew on it but that isn't the only source he uses.
He gained his abilities because of the hallucinogenic effect of the gasses he uses to bond his mask. In a similar way that the Indian Shamans use a smoke lodge to speak to spirits. His power comes ( or at least starts) from being in touch with the "other side" of life. He can also get power from spirits and does so for his spirit attacks. Most of his high end magic feats have been from drawing on the power of Earth as it is a much greater energy source than that of a single or few spirits.

In this amalgam I am not so limited. There is much power within the body of my amalgam for Vic to tap to work his shamanism. For one thing you can't get much more access to the power of the other side of life than being bathed in the power of one of the Greek gods of the afterlife. The Lords of order ( and hence Nabu) are also steeped in the power of spirits. I can get the scans if you'd like but this was shown when in JLA the Grey man was shown to gather the dreams and faith of man as power for the LOO.

There is now much greater power available for Vic to work his magic than he could ever get from linking with the earth from within the form of my amalgam.

Where once Justice's shields could withstand building leveling explosions ( though they gave they protected ) drawing on JUST the energy of his own body, drawing on the energy of both Anubis and Nabu that should withstand planet busting attacks. Where justice's blasts could vaporize or atomize a human they would now be a AOE attack that could take out countries. Vic's illusions which once merely altered perception would be amoed incredibly and border on reality manip ( they won't of course attain that level as Vic has never attained that level of knowledge).

Emerelda 2.0 May ( and indeed is) faster than Xama 2.0 physically but with precog ( which is now even better than before) and instant transportation nothing I can't handle.

She also has the physical advantages in strength, and piercing durability. Courtesy of healing factor and shields it is however nothing I can't handle.

Phasing may protect her from by energy blasts and my tentacle arm but not my spirit attack which is ethereal in nature and every bit out of phase with the physical as intangibility.

Charlotte DeBel
First, a shield in your scan served as well... a shield to shield some humans from falling debris. No proof that its configuration will change if you pump more energy into it. And the configuration with both shields and blasts being directed from hands... is not sufficient.

In fact, it's an old "speedster vs precog" debate. Only this time, a speedster ALSO happens to have some kind of clairvoyance (see psychic osmosis scans above).
The blast is to create a painful flashback and then (or simultaneously) a mental shutdown since no component of your amalgam has any defence against telepathy.
And a mental shutdown is inevitable.

Just a note for the judges, Beatboks's body pick is incorrect in my OP. I'm going to try to get another of the mods to edit it, but please just ignore it. The body listed in his writeup is the correct one, and it is different than what he used in curry's tournament.

the configuration doesn't need to change in the scan i showed a wall put up between the explosion and justice. the shield protected everyone before it collapsed. it will therefore prevent any direct damage to my amalgam as my shields now have exponentially greater power behind them. The inoy other way your blast does any damage is due to the earth link which I simply no longer need. Vic has a far greater source of power within himself than he'd get from tapping the Earth's ki to power his magic. It will still only be the shamanistic type magic he uses but due to the new source of power will be functionally on the power level of much greater mages.

Your also wring about no resistence to TP onslaught. Justice initially had mild Yp which was significantly upgraded in Newuniversal and by Exiles he was suown as full on psionic. he was shown to be resistent to PSI force as well. not I'll admit on Emma's level but I'd warrant up to handling miss martian even with Emma's expertise. plus as I recall Jarred resisted Nabu's attempts to control him also. I wont say I've got a solid stop hut you wont get an auto win that way. I was trying to find some of these scans issues last night and will have another look tonight to support

Charlotte DeBel
Emma was NEVER about raw power, darling. And "resisting" M'Gann as Prometheus did is nothing important here - it's no-selling a newb telepath. Newb is one thing. One of Marvel's top five skillwise - not the best idea.
Free to try where Legion's Moira persona failed.
Also, since magnetic/gravity fields are still affecting your character, I may well attempt to mess with you from INSIDE your shielding. Justice's shields have only stopped kinetic energy from piercing them, not light/electromagnetism.

Using ambient psionic energy to augument my own reserves is also a variant here.
I redirect what is in environment. Onto you.
Doing the same while getting drained by Phoenix. A being that controls life force. In fact that was the scan I've forgotten to use against Id.

In order to win this you:
a)need solid proof of your character surviving mindrape/mindfry;
Cause willpower only gets you that far:
b) need solid proof that kinetic shielding of Justice stops anything other than kinetic energy. And that your character can survive without iron in its blood:
That is Magneto, not Polaris, but here he presents coherent explanation on how this feat works and how it is different from simply blasting you in the face.
c)that urban link disappears completely and destroying area around you will not affect you in any way.
d) that you can hide from telepathic clairvoyance (Emma, OTOH, was able to convince the Spirit of Life (aka Phoenix) that she was dead. And Phoenix is a freakin' embodiment of life. Think of it for a moment, darling).

On a road trip with the family ( school hols) so currently no access tk any scans that I can actually read ( was going to try and load some from my photobucket account but I'm not even sure if I have the right ones on my Iphone)

there are several reasons why TP wont cut it here.

first Nabu himself tried and failed to take over Fate and failed.

second the conclave ( several of the most powerful mages in DCU some like Dr Occult powerful TPers) couldn't read him or influence him. Nabu could control even Kent Nelson who even without his artifacts was a powerful TPer also.

Third is Justice was shown in exiles to also be beyond the reach of powerful TPers. most of the psionic feats I was thinking of was when his body was possessed by Proteus. Having said that he posed more of a threat to proteus than any other to that point. even to the point that Proteus couldn't TP detect him the way he could anyone else. Proteus absorbs the memories of those he takes over so having taken mimic whi could use all the xmens power to a greater degree than they could ( including Jean Grey) so the experience of Emma isn't giving you any more.

TP reall isn't getting the job done here at all.

As for the Pheonix force the Lords of order and chaos ore the force of creation in the DCU. the energy of their constant battle caused the god wave and created the DCU gods/new gods. Resisting the force of one of them trying to control you is at least equal to resisting the pheonix for e doing same. Unless your saying Emma's skill makes he more capable of mental dominTion the Ph F.

now to your other "attacks".
He Earth attack would have worked reasonably well against my amalgam prior to body change but not now as I simply don't need earth energy. Vic's shamanism is powered by spirit not earth. As I said to do a couple of his most powerful feats he tapped the earth as it's life energy is greater and allows him to do much more. When however that mind resides ina body that has been bathed in the energy of a god of the afterlife and a lord of order the the energy of the dead ( the two worlds he walks) hat is at his disposal is far greater than what he could draw from earth. why would he even go to the trouble to take longer to draw less energy and work less effectively than use the far greater more efficient energies within him??? It would be illogical and stupid to do so.

Justice's shields have stopped energy blasts. As for kinetic light and electromagnetism are also caused by movement of particles or waves as well. Wrap copper around iron and pass a current through it (moving charged particles) and you have an electromagnet. light is moving waves which exhibit the same properties as matter quantm mechanics. There is no distinction I'm afraid, nice attempted defection however.

I was under the assumption that you guys were getting your own judges. If this isn't the case, PM me and we'll work it out.

Judges are Oliver North, Damborgson, and (I think) Delph.

I'll be reading this over after work.

I have 2/3 judgments, and I've pestered the other recently. Should be done soon. Sorry for the delay!

Been waiting on the last judge. Alas.

But in the interests of not letting this go forever, both judges' votes that I have are for the same person. So...

Good job to both, sorry again for any delays, and congrats to Beatboks!

Charlotte DeBel
Well, congrats to my opponent. This was expected, as my effort was half-assed at best - bogged down by RL and mental exhaustion for semifinals.

But my opponent was truly worthy, so congratulations to him for this victory.

Originally posted by Charlotte DeBel
Well, congrats to my opponent. This was expected, as my effort was half-assed at best - bogged down by RL and mental exhaustion for semifinals.

But my opponent was truly worthy, so congratulations to him for this victory.
Thank you my lady. It was fun.
In hind sight when my first few body picks were denied for the tourney I should have just changed tack for all three picks instead of trying to adjust to make my plan half work.

Omega Vision
Congratulations on your first win in KMC, Beat.

For what it's worth, here's the final vote, making it 2-1 BB.

Omega Vision
ON for the 89 minute face saving goal.

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