What is your favourite Batman film?

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Of all the Batman films you've seen including both live action & animated, which one's your favourite? Mine's Under the Red Hood.

Animated- Mask of the Phantasm

Live- Dark knight rises

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Batman Forever. yeah what ever go ahead and flame me. thats the movie of my childhood, i remember i had school the next morning and they were showing batman forever late at night. so i went silently to the living room and was watching the movie all night long. That night it was the best movie i have ever seen, today i realize its far from it, but the memories just left me biased.

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Wow, you're alive, Phantom stick out tongue

The Dark Knight
Batman 1980s
Under The Red Hood
Return of the Joker
Batman 1960s

No particular order. These are all equally great to me.


TDKR Part 2 (part 1 also great)


And others, including Superman/Batman animated movies (Apocalypse in particular).

The Dark Knight

Under the red hood

Doc Ock
The Dark Knight.

Mask of the Phantasm and Return of the Joker, even though I love the character I was never a big fan of live Batman movies, they've always been just good for me

Prof. T.C McAbe
1. Batman 1989
2. Batman Returns 1992
x. (Batman the Animated Series, best animated Series ever)
3. Batman Year One
4. Batman 1966
5. Batman Begins
6. The Datk Knight

Just epitomises what I think Batman works best as. Gothic, theatrical and a bit outrageous (to a point - BFvr).
The city, the people, the atmosphere and the look was perfect. Not to mention the casting and portrayals.
Batman transplanted into a more 'real and gritty' setting didn't work for me personally with BB. Maybe it would have if helmed by another director with a slightly different tac? Who knows.
However, this is speaking as someone who hasn't really read Batman and only absorbed bits through what little I've read or from animation.
The same way I am a 007 fan, but never read a complete novel - basing it solely on what I garnered from previous film and bits of novels.

Animated: Batman beyond return of the joker
Live- action : batman begins

Batman Returns, the movie that brought me to the dance, of curse id been exposed to Batman before but this was the first time id seen him played seriously and boy did I love it. That movie spun into the animated series which spun into the comics and beyond.

Batman Begins..I'm waiting for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016 It will be amazing film

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The Dark Knight

Under the red hood
thumb up

saurabh kanhere
the dark knight

Batman Returns

I prefer Batman 90`s (Batman 1989, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman & Robin) and I prefer Michael Keaton (as Batman)

Batman Begins, by far. IMHO, it is the most realistic of all the Batman films (indeed, of all the superhero films). Realistic and intense. If Batman had not existed prior, Batman Begins would've been the perfect intro for the character, like Kick-Ass for Hit-Girl.

However, favorite Batman: Kevin Conroy. That Bat-smirk is unparalleled in the history of animated superherodom.

1.Batman Returns (Pfeiffer,DeVito and Walken vs Batman lone! Can't be better)
2.The Dark Knight

batman staring micheal keaton
batman returns
batman forever
batman beings
batman dark night
batman dark night rises

Anmited movies
batman mask of the phantasm
batman under the red hood
batman dark night returns part 1
batman dark night returns part 2
batman unlimited animal instincts
batman unlimited monster mayhem

Batman: The Dark Night returns.

Batman with Jack Nicholson as the joker, saw it as a kid. I loved the dark knight

my favourite is old Batman

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