Trying to find the name

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I am trying to find the name of a movie that was made either in the 70's or 80's. It is about a group of either teens or college students that go into a haunted house and they open a door in a basement that releases some sort of demon or devil. Then they are killed off one by one by the house. Anyone have an idea what this might be?

i think it might be the cabin in the woods

Sounds like The Evil Dead.


Sounds like cabin in the woods, but I'm not sure.

Just like Kazenji said, the movie you were searching is The Evil Dead...the one made in 1981!
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Evil Dead the orginal one. like he said with bruce campbell

Night of the Demons, maybe?

Trying to find the name of a movie that I believe is from the 80s. Around the same time as the Blob, I believe. I can't remember if it is creatures like in slither or little gremlin like aliens. I remember at one point there is a slime like creature in a home where a couple are having a party with their neighbors. The daughter comes home to all of them in bed together, but it is actually this alien creature that has consumed them but keeps their heads above the covers. At another point in the movie, a piece of this alien crawls into a blender where a woman is making salsa or margaritas.

Well the margaritas scene seems like the movie gremlins but i have a feeling i want say maybe the movie critters.

or try ghoulies

Late to the party (just found this forum today), but I believe the movie described by the OP, scarlettwynch, is "The Evil" (1978) starring Richard Crenna, Joanna Pettet, and Andrew Prine. Similar to "The Evil Dead" that came after it, the house in "The Evil" entraps the aforementioned stars and several young people that may or may not have been students of the character played by Crenna. I have one of the original VHS tapes of the movie and purchased the DVD on Amazon a few years ago, a double feature release with an even more obscure offering, "Twice Dead", also included.

Some of the more memorable scenes (SPOILERS AHEAD!) include a death by electrocution, Prine unsuccessfully trying to saw through an exit door, and when one of the occupants finally gets out of the house, he soon realizes he isn't going far as the earth below him opens up and swallows him. And then there's the Devil himself who turns up near the film's end, played by Victor Buono who died just a few short years after appearing in this movie. I liked it more than most.

The Evil

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