high herald match cadencev2 vs Supermutant

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Alright lets start this smile

You bring up a few of the best tricks Dr. Strange indeed has. Sheild of Seraphim (badass shield indeed), and the Crimson Bands (one of my fav spells).

There is also the Book of the multiversal gods Vishanti. As well the ultimate Eye of Agamotto.

So all in all some very useful abilities. However there is plenty to counter here.

Lets start off with the fact in one minuet, spawn will know alot about Strange. Spawn is a major telepath/empath. He was granted world level (the earth itself granted him this through Man of Miracles, the creator of the Image Universe) empathy powers. His telepathy is top notch too.

I bring this up as there is MANY characters (Dracula, Sentry, and others) who have overwhelm Steven Strange with psy assaults. Strange himself has very little feats of psy countering or attacking either. Nightmare commonly has assaulted Strange with mental assaults via dreams.

Long story short Spawn will have no doubt knowing what he needs to of Dr. Strange from the shadows. His Empathy works by feeling the evils of the world around him, and his telepathy is restricted to line of sight.

How the Empathy connection to the world provides a perfect spy network around him.


Another example.


Empathy of felling the thoughts of the world around him at all times.


Fact is he can feel Strange out pretty well, and through the network know of any use of prep he does ahead of time. Telepathy assault is a very useful option as well. Here Spawn uses it to put a magic user in his own personal Hell in his mind.


Uses it to cure inanity while pulling information.


Uses it to mentally torture Wynn by making think he is skinless.


Just a portion of examples. Spawn has world level Empathy, and has very powerful telepathy. So much so I can see Spawn mentally assaulting Strange as a opening option if Strange has no prep for it before hand. So while the Shield can counter energy blasts, it has never countered Mental assaults.

Now another counter to the shields and crimson bands of awesome is Spawn's teleporting itself. The Shield has shown no ability to resist attacks coming from one dimension into another. The Crimson Bands have never held a teleporter either. Examples of this Necro Teleporting included the fact it travels at light speeds, and into other dimensions.


While this makes him sick the first time he used it, he showed to use it fine every time afterword.


Here he uses it to teleport others with a look.


Most important spawn has shown the ability to use this teleport to teleport objects from people. Like how he uses it to teleport the bullets from Twitches gun.


Why is the above so important? Well Spawn can teleport away the Book of Vishanti or Eye of Agamotto unless there is proof this cannot be done. In short Spawn can disarm the objects of Strange in a fight. With these teleport feats I see no reason for Spawn to be trapped by Crimson Bands or not be able to get around the Shield of Agamotto.

So without posting too much of Spawn's feats, I can see two ways for Spawn to get pass the shields as well holding spells of Strange. he has a possible way to disarm Strange of his much needed magical artifacts.

I will leave it at that for now. There is many abilities of spawn i have not touch yet, and I think this alone can pull off wins for now.

First I need to add the correct scan of DS making multiple illusions of himself used in my prep.


Now then, 1st Post out of 5 since opening doesn't count. You stated the following during your opening:

You must remember this is Classic Strange, as this version of Doctor Strange (DS) is specifically mention in the high herald tier here. Furthermore, he did not regularly lose to anyone, so you will have to prove that. stick out tongue

With that out of the way, lets addressed your stated prep.

big grin

Thanks for falling right into my trap. Whatever attack you hit me with will now be redirected back at you thanks to the book of vishanti that is at my ready b/c of prep. Also DS will return your power back at you an hundred fold.


So if your own attack magnified a 100 times back against you doesn't outright kill or ko you, I think we all can agree it will at the very least stun you.

And while you are at least stun I cast the Images of Ikonn spell. As you can see below with just a few quick hand gestures, DS knocked out Galactus with it. The spell will reach into the darkest corners of Spawn mind to confront him with the ghosts of all he has slain, sort of works like Ghost Rider's penitence stare. And we all know that Al Simmons/Spawn has killed a lot being a past mercenary as you alluded too.


I really don't see how you can stop from getting koed especially with your lack of prep.

But I'll continue for debate purposes as if you have not yet been defeated. Hey you want to mentally assault DS, please be my guest. Dr Strange has beaten Moondragon with mind gem in a psychic battle.

http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/scale_super/6/69579/1458596- doc_defeats_moondragon_with_mind_gem_in_telepathy_

DS also was able to break through his master, The Ancient One, mental defenses to probe his mind using the eye of agamotto. In our battle DS is already actively using the eye, so his mind is being shielded from any mental tricks and deceptions.


Speaking of the eye, just trying to probe DS mind will allow him to shine the light of the eye on spawn to imprison him like so.


Or use light from the eye to banish spawn back to hell.


Furthermore, it doesn't take DS long to read minds and use that knowledge against his enemies.


So DS can read Spawn's mind and finds his weaknesses like using a heavenly weapon against him or draining him of necro plasma.

As far as teleportation goes, DS is simply better at it than Spawn, and most of his mystical objects only work for those worthy, and he keeps them in a pocket dimension until he needs them.

Below DS daily routine is to teleport to different mystical places even the fabric of reality to check on everything.


Teleports fast moving jet to another dimension of tenticles.


Plus DS can easily follows other who try to teleport away.


Baron Mordu learns the hard way that evil cannot use most of DS enchantments and artificats.


And I really haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet.

http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j227/Lecturedog/Signage/MotivationalDr.jpg laughing out loud

Third scan of DS psychic battle with Moondragon fixed


Nice comeback. Classic strange, the good days. Now I have some stuff to work with, lets address them.

The illusions used in prep may or may not work. As I said Spawn is connected to the earth in its entirety, and able to sense and detect whatever may interest him all around the world (Japan, Europe, Russia, Africa, ect). So unless those illusions have feats of fooling the empathy and telepathy of a being like Spawn, I would argue it will be a waste of time.

Next for falling into the trap. Spawn rarely ever uses necro blasts as a form of opening attack. So there is little worry of Spawn giving the Book a energy to counter. Spawn attacks are mostly Chain, Cape, or straight up H2H attacks. He resorts to necro powers as needed in a fight due to the fact he has a counter.

Dr. strange will have his hands full of Spawn's suit attacks alone.

K7 Leetha as I touched on earlier is a living symbiotic suit, and stated as the most powerful weapon in the universe in later comics. Its is self thinking, and can act on its own accord leaving Spawn free to think about the next move.


As seen the Suit can fully work on its own when needed, and responds only to Spawn's thoughts. With a thought Spawn can whip out mass amount of chain attacks that can dismember buildings.


Dr Strange will have quite the chock of defending from this explosion of attacks since Spawn's chains are indeed on the super sonic speed scale.


Faster than Mach Speed Bullets by a bit. These Chains are also strength wise as strong as Spawn. Ripping rooted trees from the ground with ease.


Add to this is the cape too! The Cape is also a massive weapon that can grab, smash, and slice opponents to pieces. Here it is used to entangle over 20 Vampires.


Here it is used to slice apart the hand of Reedemer.


Add to this the fact the Cape is faster than Lasers as shown on panel.


Moved faster than the laser shot by Overtkill.

With all this said the Cape and chains is a physical problem that will attack Strange at all angles as a opening move alone. Leaving Spawn free to think of a clever use of powers on Steven himself. Spawn is also physically more durable, stronger, and faster than Strange.

Strength wise he can throw multi story buildings like baseballs.


Hold up the earthquake causing foot of Urizen.


Here he uses his strength to easy catch, and rag doll a large, powerfully amped Violator.


He can increase his Durability to remain un touch against a speeding car.


He can move faster than human eyes can follow.


So Strange with his peak human stats is at further disadvantage. I have not even touch the healing Spawn has. Strange meanwhile can be brought low with a blow making him a glass canon unlike Spawn who is more a solid Iron Canon.

The suit also has another function to it that I like to expand upon, Danger Sense. This danger sense has warn Spawn many times of danger, although it was not until later in comics he started to listen to it.


While both scans show Spawn being surprise attack, the Costume still reacted and responded to threats before Spawn knew of the surprise attacks. Sense there is no surprise attack here, it is safe to say the suit will actively react to any possible threat by Strange before he can cast a spell.

After addressing Spawn's suit and superior stats, I will counter other points. You state Strange may use a form of Penance stare like attack. The difference between Ghost Rider Penance Stare and what Strange did is simple. GR PS attack forces you to relive and feel all the pain and suffering you caused. What strange did was pretty much stated a forced guilt trip illusion. Nothing new to Spawn. Spawn has had whole arcs based on mental, illusion, and physical scenarios of confronting his personal demons. He has done this in 5th Sphere of Hell where he physically and mentally was forced to relive his most painful memories with no hindrance to his sanity or spirit. He was forced to relive the memory of killing his own un born child by Man of Miracles. he has been forced by Violator into reliving the lost of Wanda as well those missions he did for Wynn and remain true to himself.

Point is Spawn has faced his personal demons many times, and never broke like Galactus did. Hell Spawn sense of spirit is so unwavering that he can absorb the sins of every person in New York City into himself, and hold onto that!


That alone makes me doubt the Guilt trip spell affecting Spawn on any level. Even if it stuns Spawn, his suit will react. Galatcus is not that great showing of the spell as he NEVER had to face his own demons
Now the argument of Strange possibly using his mental ability and Eye to trap Spawn in the astral realm. Well before that moment. He never really felt human emotions like guilt till then, he is a cosmic god that states himself how far remove he is from mortal concerns.

I poss this 1) Would it matter when Spawn's powers are Earth level? Has Strange ever done this to someone of his level? 2) Spawn's suit can still fight Strange while strange is mentally away preforming this feat. Again, a benefit of Spawn here is his suit can and does fight separate from Simmons.

Teleporting Spawn and vice versa would be fruitless. Spawn can teleport to various dimensions, including other Universes in certain crossovers. The argument I propose is he can and has teleported objects from people. You propose he cannot use them, which is fine. Spawn would not try to use them, he never has in character. He will see this Book, Eye, and Cape of levitation being a hassle for him, and has the ability to rob Strange of those objects. A tactic Strange has never countered to my knowledge.

So to recap some points made here again. Spawn has a huge stat advantage over Strange. Spawn can multitask over Strange via himself and his suit attacking at angles, directions, and with abilities strange has never had to dealt with before. Strange would likely have a hard time amounting effective counter attacks o spells due to this too. Spawn can teleport Objects from Strange from what has been shown thus far.

I still feel this is Strange's fight to lose without Spawn getting to heavy in his better abilities.


Alright, Spawn is bringing his A game , DS expects nothing less.

So, let's go over a couple of things.

DS shields are up, plus he has auto shields that react at the speed of light.

DS shielding has held up very well even against Mephisto in his own realm, while simultaneously breaking a binding spell by Mephisto. Pre Armageddon Spawn does not have more powerful stats and attacks than Mephisto in his own dimension.


So Spawn physical stats are neutralized by DS prep shielding spell and auto-shielding. Even Deathurge whose weapons can kill Watchers, had his attack blocked by DS auto shield.


Plus DS can amped his physicals to ZOM levels and beyond, if needed. But that wont be necessary, because I have had you on the defensive since the opening post.


Remember, our opening post ended with you trapped in the crimson bands of cyttorak. You basically stated that your defense was to teleport out of it. Even DS himself couldn't teleport of them, and he was in astral form and made clones to lead them astray. Plus as you can see below they move faster than the speed of thought.


Therefore, I just want to reinforce that my initial plan of attack is still in effect as has worked to perfection. And while you are in the crimson bands, the light from the eye of agamotto is weakening you and also aiding in your imprisonment.


Since the eye also reveals all knowledge and truths about you, from this point I could you banish you back to hell, or teleport you to heaven where Spawn is powerless. But I already decided to ko you with the Images of Ikonn. Your defense is that Spawn has handled guilt before and can sympathize with the guilt of others. That's a nice try, but this spell is about the beings that Spawn has slain getting him to feel their sufferings & pain, and not just simply being sorry over their deaths.

So yeah just to reiterate DS wins right here.cool

Just to add to Dr. Strange mental capabilities, he also mentally resisted the mind control of Adam Warlock with the mind gem. So, I hardly doubt that Spawn is capable of any mental attack greater than Moondragon and Warlock with mind gem.


So Spawn trying DS mentally would probably end up with Simmons getting mentally koed like Moondragon or his mind wiped like below.


As for K7 Leetha, I'm glad I started this match with my shields up, b/c it's not harming me through them. The easiest way for DS to overcome the K7 is to simply bfr remove it just like teleporting the fast moving jet to another dimension shown previously. Then he can use a spell of entrapment to prevent it from merging back with Spawn


And DS cloak of levitation, while not as versatile as K7 does response to DS mental commands, has some shape changing abilities of its own, and is semi-senitent.


In Summary--

Spawn cannot attack me with necro plasma, projectiles, blasts or spells b/c they will be reflected and returned a hundred fold thanks to book of vishanti.

Spawn cannot attack me mentally b/c of eye of agamotto and would likely be mentally koed or mind wiped.

Spawn cannot attack me physically b/c of prep shields of seraphim and auto shields.

Spawn has no legitimate defense to crimson bands of cytorak and light of eye that weakens and can banish demons.

Spawn has at least been koed from backlash of Images of Ikonn spell.

If K7 does manage to try an attack me it will be teleported to another dimension, and if it somehow came back spell of entrapment is in place to prevent it from joining Spawn. And DS cloak of levitation will engage with it leaving DS free to counter.

So the only thing left is for Spawn to answer Doctor Strange's question



Nice one, CadenceV2 have officially turn this battle into what I wanted from the beginning, a sorcerer's duel against the Sorcer Supreme. smile His strategy is basically to throw everything and the kitchen sink at DS. Which leaves Spawn open to traps and devastating counterattacks that have already been mentioned. Now I will respond to each of his points individually, while continuing to strengthen my own points.

Originally posted by CadenceV2
1) Spawn can BFR Strange for a count out win.

The book of vishanti reflects all teleportation spells or energies back at Spawn, so he would only bfr himself- DS wins.

Furthermore, DS can bfr Spawn to any of these dimensions below with demons and monsters waiting to immediately engage him to prevent Spawn from coming back. Plus DS has spells that can block interdimensional travel.


Negative. DS artifacts and items are incredibly powerful and ancient, and has withstood countless centuries of battle with skyfathers and cosmic entities. And are lot of these items are extensions of powerful godlike entities, so Spawn would have to kill those beings first to stop their power.

Furthermore, DS has the power to repair/recreate his artifacts from almost nothing.


Not only does DS have multiple shields up, but he also has a sixth sense of danger knowing exactly where his attack is coming from. And he is quick enough to react against Silver Surfer's attempted blitz.


Agree to disagree on this. Galactus has never shown remorse for feeding, nor more so than me eating a hamburger. Yet the spell effected him, DS spells have effected everyone from The In-Betweener to the Beyonder.

Spawn will not fare well in a summons war with DS. He has summoned demons, Juggernaut, Ghost Rider, the Defenders, Thor, even Eternity to aid him.


Crimson Bands doesn't just hold you either, they can be used to vanquish like DS did to the Demon D'Spayre below. So while Spawn is in the bands he can be easily vanquished. And even if Spawn could teleport out of them wherever he reappears on the battlefield they would pursue him as shown previously. So he would spent a lot of time and energy trying to get away from them. Plus Spawn is imprison twice, once from the band and again from the eye of agamotto, and is being weaken by the light from the eye as well.


A simply BFR is much different than a banishment to like for instance the chaos dimension or mephisto's realm. DS has banishment spells that last until the spell is removed. DS can send Spawn in the sun like below. And the eye which reveals all knowledge to DS, could guide him to banish Spawn to the Deadzone, where Spawn has no power.


Not just energy beams, but magical energies, spells, etc are turned back on Spawn.

Cytorrak, yes the nigh omnipotent skyfather/elder god in his own realm could only crack DS shield of seraphim physically. So my opponent believes that Spawn is going to physically bypass a shield that has held up against elder gods, comsic entities, skyfathers, and the like in their own planes of existence, I think not. Also, Spawn is being attacked and subdued by the crimson bands and growing weaker by the moment from the light of the eye of agamotto.


DS regularly fights on multiple planes of existence against the like of Shuma Gorath, Dormmammu, Mephisto, elder gods, skyfathers, cosmic entities, mult tasking is routine to him. Plus besides teleporting the suit away, DS can easily evaporates K7 into nothingness with his spell of cosmic fire.


DS doesn't necessarily need hand gestures or verbal commands to cast spells. Plus even his minor spells are extremely powerful like below.


DS simply has better and more powerful magic. What's there to stop DS from doing the following to Spawn?

Alright last post, and I can finally lay it all out on the table why Spawn is superior in just about every area other than prep.

Let me counter some of this first.

1) Start off, How can Spawn BFR himself when his Cape is physically wrapping around DS? Its physical. How would that work? Can I see a example of DS doing this as its been explain?

2) While you say these objects are too powerful to destroy, Spawn's magic is transmutation and reality warping. Is there specific feats where said Objects resist that, or just assuming they can? I still see no reason they cannot be teleported away.

3)While its easy to say Silver Surfer blitz, we all know DS has human level reflexes in 99% showings when fighting. There is no proof he will light speed react, and I question the fact Surfer FTL speed blitzed him.

4) You sort of proven my point by bringing up Beyonder. Beyonder was only mentally staggered when Phoenix used all the feelings and emotions of the universe to force Beyonder to feel. Beyonder viewed life as no more than insects before that. It really is the same with Galactus, a cosmic abstract who states many times how he is above the feelings and emotions of mortals. So a rude wake up call of force emotion was just that. We will agree to disagree.

5) Dr. Strange summoning all those heroes is not his own power anymore than say Cyborg using a Boom tube to bring in Superman or Nightcralwer using Telport to bring in Phoenix. Spawn's creatures are summon creatures under Spawn's own power. If we played that game, then Spawn summons Man of Miracles. End match.

6) The Crimson Bands can follow Spawn wherever they want. Spawn I am sure can also break the Crimson Bands. Namor did.


Like Hulk.


Like Silver Surfer.


Heck Sentry was totally unfazed by them when Doom used them on him and Iron Man.


He could dispell them too with his Reality Warping Necro Magics like Man Thing did.


Either way the Crimson Bands are very flawed to use on Spawn as a solid argument. Teleprt out of them, super strength, magic dispelling, ect.

7) While it is easy to say the Eye of Aggy will tell strange all he needs to know, to find a Deadzone on earth is not that big of a deal to Pre Armegddon Spawn. Man of Miracles shows Spawn's true power, and through that Spawn is able to fight for a major time in the Dead Zone against equals to his own powers. The Disciples of Jesus.


As seen, Spawn grew past that weakness. So strange teleports him there, and thinks he is powerless. Surprise!

Also highly doubt any dimension will entrap Spawn who can multiverse hop via 9th Sphere where he meets all the major heroes of DC and Marvel trap in that sphere of Hell. I also saw that there is no evidence of Strange escaping a stated inescapable Dimension. The dimensions you listed I see no statement for as inescapable.


8) The shield as you proven can cover Strange's entire body, however in those scans he was helpless to cast spells or anything when doing that. More evidence to the fact Strange has to concentrate or use verbal/hand gestures for spells. I also see no proof that Spawn cannot use magic on Strange's insides or teleport inside Strange. None.

9) K7 Leetha is explain as the most powerful weapon in the Universe several times in current Spawn comics. It was the highest creation of suit by Hell. I highly doubt some Cosmic fire will destroy a suit that is connected to Hell Dimensions and Darkness Dimension. Infact lets put it in perspective how tough Leetha is. Here Leetha is apart of the new Spawn, Downings, and finds itself fighting one of the strongest versions of Spawn, the Omega Spawn. Omega Spawn literally destroyed the best of the best of Image heroes. Yet Leetha....


Good luck trying to one shot that Symbiot. It was design by Malbolgiaand the Hell King of the 5th Sphere to be the greatest weapon in the universe. Doubt your banishing or one shotting it.

Now lets finish this debate.

Spawn still has one major trick up his sleeve I have not touch on just yet smile Met Legion!


Oh yeah, sh!t just got real smile

What is Legion? When Spawn died and was ressurected, the Man of Miracles decided that every person that died at the same time as Al Simmons would have their soul put into Simmons. This was a huge secrete since day one, which fully explained why Simmons was the most powerful Hell Spawn ever! So powerful that even Hell Kings feared Spawn! Mamon who can create entire worlds or remake the Universe with his powers was slap down by Simmons.


Yes Spawn manhandled and scared for all time a being of multi world power and unlimited Necro. How did he do this? He was remade with Legion.


The precise count by twitch was 6000 hell Spawn exist within Simmons. It was not till right before Armageddon that Man of Miracles showed Spawn how to access these souls for better use of his powers, and for a army. Also in the scans above where Spawn is in the Deadzone? He was able to beat the equally powerful Disciples by using this army with his own power smile

Now your thinking thats outside interference. its not. These souls are apart of Spawn just as much as all the souls are apart of Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat. The big difference is Spawn can summon his souls as an army. Each Hell Spawn with the same Teleportation, Cape, Chains, and amped stat powers Spawn has had in his Classic Spawn days.

So Dr. Strange vs 6000 Hell Spawn and Simmons himself? yeah good luck with that Sorceror Supreme. This is more than a battle of two fighters, this is a Fighter vs a General and his self made army.

Also there is one other thing i like to touch on, Time Freeze.

While Strange can do this to a degree too with prep, he has never down this on a drop of the dime ever. Spawn showed the power too.

The fact is Spawn in a 5 minuet prep fight vs Strange is mostly all in Spawns favor. Strange has great showings vs Dormammu (mainly tricking Dormy to beat himself), Mephisto (even though he needs help against Mephisto every time), Shuma Gorath (lots of context here of Strange needing prep and fore knowledge to absorb Shuma's own power), or Zom (Strange needed Dormammu and Umar's help with that too) but overall this is the same Strange who Zom out on Hulk and lost. Same Strange with no prep who lost to Ghost Rider easy. Same Strange who had to run away from Zarathos in the Midnight Sons comics. Same Strange who needed the Defenders to stop threats like Dormammu. Same Strange who needed Franklin Richards help to beat Mephisto. Same Strange who needed Dooms help to free Dooms mother from mephisto.

I can go on forever, the point is this, Dr. Strange is a legit power house. However, he needs prep or help for his best feats. Spawn meanwhile beaten his uber powerful foes with no prep or help many times over. Dr. Strange is a Human being with fragile human parts. Spawn is a undead super zombie who can regen any body part in a instant as well has super stats. Dr. Strange is by himself. Spawn has Leetha fighting, himself fighting, and a army of his Hell Spawn that make Spawn up fighting.

There is just no way for Strange to win this. He is outclass in stats, in speed of casting spells, and overall versatile magic.


Oh, and he is ****ing Legion.

Final Post-time to bring out the big guns-

First let's briefly address some misconceptions my opponent has of the DOC.

DS has far greater then mere human stats and reaction times. One of the many trials of the Sorcerer Supreme is that he literally has to die. Therefore, he was reborn with the ankh an enduring life spell that increased all his stats to mystical levels and prevents aging and illness.


Also that's why he is able to take the physical punishment of the likes from Ghost Rider, Hulk, Juggernaut and so forth w/o any lasting damage. And below he isn't even using any shields, and is trying to reason with Ghost Rider and not harm him.


My opponent stated something about a black hole. Below DS closes a black hole right after resisting a supernova unharmed. Also notice how fast he does it. My opponent believes it take DS a lot of time and concentration to perform high end feats like this, but it simply doesn't. Classic DS is that uber.


DS mystical items allowed him to stalemate Adam Warlock for a while, who had the entire infinity gauntlet. If Warlock couldn't destroy or teleport them away with all of the infinity gems, Spawn must surely cannot. Plus Spawn will be defeated by them, b/c he has no answer for them as outlined previously.


Now let's get to the crimson bands. The scan of Surfer was not the bands but the rings of raggadorr, from hulk scan it can't be determine which, and for Namor that's a high showing for him. But even with Namor he was momentarily entrapped which is all I need for the images of Ikronn spell. Plus Spawn is trapped also by the eye of agamotto, which also is weakening him.

And as for Dr. Doom using the bands, well there's a reason why he's not sorcerer supreme.big grin DS defeated Dr Doom by reversing Doom's use of the crimson bands, before DS even became sorcerer supreme.


My opponent mentioned instant time freeze. Yeah DS has that covered too.



First big gun---Living Tribunal-----

Breaks free of the Living Tribunal spell twice, which had never been done before. This shows the power of DS magic as LT is only behind the one above all in Marvel in power. With power like this, Spawn isn't going to beat DS in this magical duel.


Second big gun----The In-Betweener-----

DS was able to defeat this abstract being in Eternity's realm, where the In-Betweener basically had the home court advantage. Again this show the power of DS magic, its something that Spawn has never dealt with.


There are other big guns like the Pre-Retcon Beyonder who stated that DS could have beaten him while he was drunk, but this is enough to show the power of Classic DS w/o turning this into a respect thread.

As for legion- Spawn will be koed or banished before he would even get a chance to use that as previously stated. However, if he did somehow manage to use it, DS would take his essence like Ghost Rider below and thank him for his new army to combat evil. stick out tongue


Furthermore DS has the power to call forth the light from heaven itself to kill Spawn.


And what was that about Spawn being able to use DS guilt or shame against him through touch for an auto win.



Really though the more exotic powers of both DS and Spawn never come into play b/c of my prep and simple yet effective plan of attack.

So basically:

1. Nigh invincible Shields
2. Eye of Agamotto allows Strange to see through all disguises and illusions, and the light given off by the Eye also weakens demons (like spawn)
3. Book of Vishanti reflects attack of spawn back at himself
4. Multiple illusions of myself to confuse Spawn, allowing DS all the time he need to counter attack and trap Spawn
5. Crimson Bands of Cyttorak to imprison Spawn
6. Images of Ikonn spell to ko Spawn
7. Defenses and effective counter attacks against my opponent's throw everything at DS and hope something work strategy

And Judges if you don't vote for the Doc, he will amp to galaxies bursting levels and well burst the galaxy. I guess that would count as a win.laughing out loud

also if you don't vote for me

Well done and good debate smile

You too Spawn is really tough.


Originally posted by Supermutant
You too Spawn is really tough.


lol Thank you.

God Cloth Seiya
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Oh, damn. Sorry. I've got like 8 PMs in my inbox from the last two days, either with writeups, requests to judge, or other matters concerning BZs. That piece of information must have gotten lost in the shuffle.

It's possible other judges haven't looked yet. I'll get Bada to edit it and will PM boks.

That many PMs, not surprising it happen. Your a popular man. smile

I think the only reason to pm a decision is too prevent it from influencing other judges, but I know that the judges we have make their own decisions with their own minds. So really no harm, no foul.

Originally posted by Supermutant
I think the only reason to pm a decision is too prevent it from influencing other judges, but I know that the judges we have make their own decisions with their own minds. So really no harm, no foul.

Right. Most matches just have the judges post in-match, and it's probably ok either way. Occasionally you'll see it handled PMs. But I did PM Bada about editing it, so hopefully it will be all good soon.

my vote is in.

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If your relying on me to make up judge numbers you'll need another. If you'd like to PM me who's judging I can solicit another judge appropriately

Good luck to you both

The judges I know about are Digi, Leo, and god Cloth Seiya. Badabing informed me that he had too much going on right now to be a timely judge. I'm not oppose to Cadence picking another judge, but 3 is fine with me.

Three is fine and avoids any chance of a draw.
So just awaiting god cloths ruling/verdict

Sounds good.

Hope God Cloth gives a ruling soon, I'm curious what others though of this match.

how has a third person not voted on this?? there MUST be someone out there who could read this thing tonight and vote on it....it's not very long.

Still waiting on god cloth's ruling/verdict
He did post to say he'd be away for a week or two and cadence said OK.

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Hope God Cloth gives a ruling soon, I'm curious what others though of this match.

If you'd like I'm more than happy to post Leo's and Digi's rulings so far in line with what Supermutnant and Digi said on the matter. Frankly it's been annoying my anal nature to leave those PM's in my in box fro so long.

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If you'd like I'm more than happy to post Leo's and Digi's rulings so far in line with what Supermutnant and Digi said on the matter. Frankly it's been annoying my anal nature to leave those PM's in my in box fro so long.

Please do.

and there we have it. The two judges rulings thus far

Nice breakdowns from both. Thanks for taking the time smile there was a lot thrown out by me.

When it comes to judging digi and Leo usually lay out a well articulated and comprehensive view. It's always pretty clear how they reach a decision.

I guess this match ends in a 1-1 draw lol.

looks that way.

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